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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CET

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mascara off to build in band german language programming of russian state road costa r t. due to its lack of license, the deputy director general to pay to limbo called the move by moscow. a teufel overreaction, and promised legal action. and use update vis alba. stay cheered. now for business with rob watts will have more news at the top of the hour. go away with super. i'm just kinda, i think that's hard. and in the end, these are me. you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with the smudges reliance of it. what's your story?
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have you wasn't, i was women, especially a victims of violence. i love to take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, amazon takes what facebook loses. the market values of the tech tightened swing by hundreds of billions of dollars after 2 very different earnings reports, or what the wild ride shows us about big tech. also coming up the winter olympics are getting underway in beijing. but will cobra 19 spoiled the party? i'm chelsea delaney and berlin, welcome to shell. 2 of the world's biggest tech companies are facing diverging
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fortunes just one day after facebook, parent meadows valuation fell by a record $237000000000.00. amazon is on track again, almost as much in market value, things to, and yearly 20 percent stock rally. and after hours trading, that's after the e commerce giant that its profit doubled from earlier to $14300000000.00. the earnings rise comes just as amazon prepares to hike its prime subscription prices in the us. amazon serge bucks a trends seen in the wake of metaphor, where a number of tech stocks are heavy losses. now let's get more on this from our report of robots who joins me in the studio. so rob, we've seen really the big, big differences and the performance is facebook, amazon. what's behind that? yes, a real tale of to tech giant. amazon has got its own problems, you know,
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problems that are being seen by all sorts of companies know, supply chain problems and such. and actually, amazon is, was the thing. it's growth slowing. it really well at the height of the pandemic when people were locked in at home and, you know, they, all they were doing was just ordering offline and getting stuff sent to them. but since people have an acid about, once again, i was and started see that slow down, but it's made up for any pitfalls with really good performances in other parts of its business. for example, it's ad sales have risen by about a 3rd during the last quarter. what, what amazon does, it allows brands to pay extra so you can see their products 1st, when you sit on amazon website is also seems cloud computing business day very well that's growing by 40 percent during the last quarter. and that's really one of the big engines of new growth for amazon. it's behind, you know, netflix is website mcdonald's website there was storing that data on amazon's service. so that's all making up for the real problems that we're seeing at amazon in terms of its growth. sorry. so amazon also is preparing to hike this
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subscription price for prime. what is driving that decision? well, i mentioned the challenges that amazon is facing, and it's really trying to spend its way out of those problems. for example, there's a real recruitment squeeze in the united states. companies are struggling to get people amazons late. it's money down and it's been offering a signing on bonuses to try and get people to come work for it. also their supply chain problems that i'm talking about. mean that delivering goods to people at the sort of pace that people expect from amazon has been tricky and it's been spending more on deliveries to try and make up for that problem and take on the extra costs the it's facing. it's now looking to it's millions of prime subscribers and it's increasing prices just in the united states. an extra $2.00 a month or an extra $20.00 per year is hoping by doing that, that it can start to claw about the extra money that is having to spend elsewhere. and amazons raised its prices before it raised them 4 years ago. and the 4 years ago before that didn't see too big a drop off and subscriptions as
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a result of that is hoping that this time, you know, overall it will pay off. all investors obviously seem quite confident of the strategy with amazon, basically on track to gain a fortune today. facebook, other tech companies not doing as well. does it still makes sense to refer to all of these companies as big tack? is there really a diverging field here? well, i think you group big tech at your peril on the thing, the fortunes of meta and amazon over the past 2 days of really showing that the differences in how they operate that makes the difference. it keeps one of them, a soaring surprise and the other one sees it. absolutely plummeting, but we've had another good example of it as well over the past couple of days. so snap, which snapshot that messaging service where the message disappears after a certain amount of time when facebook posted these disappointing results or other matter did. shares in a snap also took a hit. people thought, well if it, if it's bad news or facebook is probably bad news for snap as well as social media, but then snap came out with its 1st ever quarterly profits. and after that,
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it shows the sword by 58 percent. chris, it's it's, it's different to facebook a, the isn't facebook. so in all the areas where facebook struggling, snappy, seeing it's uses grow, it's also not getting the tick tock effect that facebook's getting particularly in in india with picked up and you know, is banned. snap is growing really fast, so that's an example of how you can't group even social media together. so you certainly can't group old big tech boots robots from 2 to even us. thank you so much for being here. now to some of the other global business stories making news bass and p 500 experience it's worst day since february 2021 on thursday with the 2 for point 4 percent fall largely driven by plunging tech stocks. the sell off led by metas record collapse, was also evident on the tech heavy nasdaq, which last 3.7 percent. the u. s. automaker ford reported nearly $18000000000.00
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and net profit for 2021 despite ships shortages and manufacturing slowdowns income was boosted by steak and electric trucks. start a vivian. the earnings fell short of market expectations, however, and shares fell nearly 4 percent fein socialist fled. government has achieved one of its major labor reform goals by mistake. a single vote was cast by a member of the opposing party. in error tilting the tight vote in favor of giving a quarter of the country's work for stronger employment protection by law. the vote cannot be reversed. now the winter olympics are officially opening on friday in beijing, but it comes amid a resurgence of co 19 cases throughout the country. the timing is bad for businesses that we're hoping to cache. and on the games, they could face a prolonged period of uncertainty and the months ahead at
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this sports store, just a stone's throw away from beijing spurts nest stadium, rex, filled with winter gear, featuring the chinese flag. businesses are hoping national pride will help boost sales in the run up to the winter olympics, all to laser hackery overall. it's good but things may become uncertain. anyway, now business is mostly done online. so was the big concern for brick and mortar retailers in particular, is the resurgence of coven 19 that's put the chinese capital on edge authorities have imposed fresh restrictions on people traveling to beijing. visitors need to take a nuclear test within 72 hours of arriving. organizers of the game also announced last week. the tickets won't go up for sale to the general public, meaning fewer visitors are likely to come, despite not having to rely on foot traffic. online retailers are struggling to
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government data, showed consumer spending on physical goods, which accounts for the bulk of e commerce grew at its lowest pace on record. in 2021. china's locked downs and other pandemic controls have cast a shadow of a consumer sentiment and economic swan that the high transmissible, etc of the armor chron variant means tougher and more frequent. cobit restrictions could be in store. recently, beijing reported it's 1st locally transmitted case of the amazon strain as authorities step up efforts to prevent it spread. businesses banking on a boost from the winter games may be left disappointed. still, china is high in the event as a long term driver for growth. at this factory engender cohen her a province, which will host some of pin competitions. workers churn out about a 1000 pairs of ice gates a day. it's located in the purpose built park for sports equipment, set up in 2018. nearly all of the goods manufactured are exported overseas for
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city hopes the games will raise its profile as a center for the winter sports industry. and madonna, we're still emerging in the future. we should increase infrastructure and construction strength and investment attraction, and attract and cultivate more industrial projects to settle in the park. despite the challenges that have come with recent outbreak of coven 19 over all factory production and china has remained resilient. but to keep factories like this gliding ahead, they'll need to avoid disruptions brought on by china's tight pandemic restrictions . i didn't catch mar who authored that report is with us now for the in the olympics. are officially opening today. and of course, coven 19 is hanging over. all of this does do beijing's containment strategies seem to be working so far. yet within the bubble,
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i guess you could say, so am, i mean, but still they are more than 300 cases from incoming travelers, a participants of the olympics m some half tested positive at the airport and but some have later tested positive when they were already inside the bubble, but the safety concept is quite a severe am for example, daily testing, but also a plenty of current teen facilities. also lot of um service roberts to minimize the human to human contact and it has prevented a large infection cluster within the bubble. but also in that was the purpose of the olympic bubble. it has prevented infections from spreading to the rest of the population. and the daily numbers within the 1400000000 chinese people is roughly the same as with indoor limpid bubbles. so yeah, the numbers are quite low. so far beyond in your report, you mentioned in businesses and how they feel about this. at the tokyo effects last summer, businesses actually did see increasing sales even without foreign visitors,
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thanks to a lot of enthusiasm among local customers. is that olympic fever heading china yet? well, i'm rather pessimistic or, i mean there will be, am yeah, partial growth for some sponsors, for example, until sports. it's the clothing brand for the olympic team. they will probably benefit from it. the ski resorts, i mean that's a winter sport, the boom, and that will be a benefit. but in general, the i'm, i think it's rather plea because you have army. kron lingering around the threat of omicron in a 0 covert country is so they are trouble restrictions in place at people really only trouble when it's absolutely necessary. and the domestic consumption is also really not a great at the moment. and most of all, i mean during the a 2008 olympics yet, and paging you had for example, lot of olympic fever em. but now i don't notice any of that for to give you an idea . and people are talking more about the recent football team loss against vietnam
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of the chinese team, and not so much about the opening ceremony. so it's really not a big topic you for far beyond just briefly, these olympics are also being boycotted diplomatically by countries like you asked you to china's human rights policies. will that take the shine off of this for fishing? were for the leadership. it's basically disturbing. i mean, they want to pro, propagate the message that m. yeah, the rising china is here, am opening to the world, but of course the boycott them tells you a different story. however, here there's a lot of censorship and the population doesn't really know much about it. at all, i didn't catch my thanks so much. now, earlier we brought you news of more massive profits at amazon. well, one of the ways founder, jeff bezos is using his valve is making waves at the dutch port, a broader damn, a gigantic yod, reportedly being built for the amazon founder is so big that part of
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a historic bridge is such to be removed to let it pass local officials say the middle section of the crossing will make way for the vessels, 40 meter mast. when finally takes to the seas, it will be the biggest sailing yacht in the world. and that's all for me and the business team here in berlin for more from us, check out our website, g, w dot com slash business until next time. take care of the battle against cove it. the oma covariance is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating, while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax, data and reports cove at 19 special?
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next on d w. ah, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listened to their stories. reporter, every weekend on d w. o . turkey has developed its own vaccine called took aback. how effective is it? welcome to this coven, 19 special on dw love. so on the show julia fagin gives us the rundown on the various corona, virus vaccines. how do they work and how do they differ.


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