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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is subscribed for more than just like ah ah, business d w. news live from berlin, u. s. military reinforcements arrive in europe. the 1st contingent of soldiers have touched down in germany and poland have been sent to beef up nato's eastern flags amid the crime crisis. also coming up a nerve wracking dig in morocco, where rescue was racing to save a 5 year old boy who's been trapped down a wealth since tuesday. and the opening of the winter olympics and aging fireworks
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light up the night sky and the chinese capital for the event takes place under the shadow authoritarianism and the pandemic. ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. us true, reinforcements have begun arriving in europe as fears over russia's true build up on ukraine's orders in crace. the 1st contingent of 2000 additional us soldiers arrived in frankfort overnight with others, touching down near poland border with ukraine. the white house says the troops will protect the eastern nato members from potential russian aggression. but russia says they're worsening already. high tensions in the region, deputies alexander phenomena explains what's behind the u. s. decision. ah, american f. 50 fighter jets arriving in estonia. a danish frigate deployed to
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support nato in the baltic sea. more and more allies are sending troops to eastern europe. it's not a choice, it's the masters as security expert, bruno, latino, and berlin. nato has to prepare for every possible military scenario. it is not unrealistic. for instance, to think that russia couldn't raise a border incidence with estonia to distract attention from an invasion in ukraine to be prepared. the u. s. alone is sending 1700 troops to poland and a 1000 strong units to romania. france wants to send soldiers terramina as well. the netherlands is considering deploying fighter aircraft to bulgaria. so to is spain, while the u. k made its patch troops to estonia and danish fighter jets have already arrived in lithuania, compared to russia's. nato presence in the region is still relatively small. but as
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the kremlin continues its build up around ukraine, nato, strengthening its defense posture. according to secretary generals told him back, the alliance is even considering deploying the new battle groups, in addition to the 4 multinational battalions already in place. in estonia, latvia, lithuanian polen. the 4 battle groups were deployed in response to russia's annexation of crimea. in 2014 nato members argued then that they cannot ignore russia, breaking international rules and undermining peace and stability. and now nato is confronted again with what they describe as aggressive behavior and its members are responding with reinforcements. putin's goal was to have fewer nato troops close to russia's border, but so far he has produced the exact opposite. the current crisis policy analyst alden a ransom suggest has galvanized the alliance brushes actions especially since 2014
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have i given nato a new impetus for it for its core mission, for which it was established to secure europe, to deter others from invading or advocacy destroying the security order in europe. and yet that doesn't mean nato will send combat forces to ukraine if potent decides to strike. in fact, the alliance has already ruled it out, but many members are increasing their economic and military aid for ukraine, with the u. k and poland, promising a new security pack of more. let's begin. d, w, correspond nick connelly in here make these nitro deployments to some countries in europe. what difference do they make for you crime? why think of anything, rebecca? they just show ukrainians. the value of being in nato,
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something that isn't on the cards any time, sooner even in the middle term for ukraine. right now. this is all about symbolism of the u. s. reassuring especially smaller nita members with smaller millet trees on that eastern flank on the board. with russia, i think the ukraine, it doesn't do much ukrainian recent weeks, has heard that all it can expect if russia does invade, ah, sanctions against russia, maybe more weapons deliveries and financial aid, but no need to mit. she boots on the ground here in ukraine to help you credit only . now this, of course all comes in context of the russian troop build up next to the ukranian border on the other side. how the, the numbers compare. i think it's very important point because it, there's been lot kristen from moscow of these u. s. troop movements, but they are tiny compared to what russia is doing in the same region. so these are essentially 2000 new troops being transferred across atlanta from the u. s 1000 being moved from germany to romania. this is pretty poultry. if you accept the
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claim from nato. joseph 3 are still to burg recently that russia sending 30000 fresh troops to bellows alone. visa exercises be held between pillars of russia in that country that also lies on ukraine's borders. on top of the $100000.00 russian troops or more along russia's border with ukraine. so these really aren't comparable in terms of scale. and this is very much a symbolic move, but nothing that really changes the balance of forces by the world. and i don't want to tell against the atmosphere very briefly and he can how concerned i ukrainians right now? well, there's a bit of a kind of disconnect between the world's attention on ukraine and lots of craning, seemingly going about their daily lives without too much of a change when you, when you talk to them, they often will tell you they are slowly coming up with plan b's, you know, taking cash out in case issues happen with the banks and they have to leave in a hurry. so there's a bit of a skit for an expense of a desire to keep on going, but preparation increasingly further the worst. all right,
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thank you. date of least nick holly and give rescue work as a morocco. have been working tirelessly for days to save a 5 year old boy who fell into a well crowns have flocked to the village of ingram to cheer on the rescuers. official say they are getting close to the boy, but that conditions a dangerous and the rescue is in a challenging phase. throngs of people watch as rescue was raised to save the boy's life. little ryan has been stuck 32 meters down this well since tuesday. that i him, i've done was, he was playing until the middle of the day. he was with me at 1st, but then i looked for him and couldn't find him up. after searching, we're realised that he fell into the well of it. now we are praying to god lonely, mister miss ellen. at less than half a meter wide, the well is too narrow to pull the boy out. rescuers use ropes to lower oxygen and
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water, as well as a closed circuit camera to check on his health. on thursday a rescuer was able to go down a parallel hole that had been doug to get closer to ryan watson up there. but i managed to communicate with the child and asking that he could hear me. oh that there was a response as can how and so i waited for a minute and saw that he began using the oxygen. once rescuers were able to dig down to the depth where ryan is stuck, they began excavating a horizontal tunnel to try and reach the boy. but the loose soil has slowed their efforts. gripped by the boy's terrifying plight, many have come to cheer on the rescuers or even to volunteer. but authorities of asked them to stand back and let them do the work. blood with many people from the regent came to besides the accidents, and some even spent the night that it to ryan touched them and every one is praying
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for him. a duma official said on friday that they were just meters away from reaching ryan, a police helicopter is waiting to take him to the hospital as soon as he is freed. african union laid as on gathering for a summit in war torn ethiopia, this weekend rights activists that calling on them to address war crimes committed by india and to grand rebels in the countries north. tens of thousands have died in the war which started a light 2020. the u. n. has repeatedly warned. the conflict is causing acute shortages of food and medicine in the region. the african union has attempted unsuccessfully to mediate rebels accuse it of favoring the governments. journalist maria, get nicholas, go as standing by for us now at the african union headquarters in at us, abba maria, the african union faces pressure to push for a safe fire in the whole country. ethiopia,
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what role is atheist conflict playing in this summit? well, the conflict in more than nikia is not officially on the agenda for the summit, but the sector, daniel, or general of the united nations. antonia gutierrez, at, did call in his opening remarks for a cease fire in northern ethiopia. but generally speaking, the african union has been quite silent. on this matter to be noted however, is the fact that ethiopia just lost its seat on the african union peace and security council, which means that in the coming months, it could be that we start seeing the african union being a bit more vocal on the, on the fuel prices. what is also a possibility is that the conflict in cuba could be discussed on the side of the african union summit. the african union, amber employ, a to the horn of africa. i was given a sandra as well as the kenyan presidents, are in addis ababa. they had,
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they repeatedly tried to start negotiations between the warring parties. well, we have to see and you know, whether a significant step will be taking in this direction. and it's unlikely that the african union summit will address it in a direct way. i have not the idea of in crisis and what other issues are on the agenda this way can particularly issues that men besides will be disagreeing on well considering discrepancies. one major discrepancy could be the accreditation of the state of israel to become an observer country to the african union. this is a decision that was made last year by the president of the african union commission . was that back? he's backed by several countries. this is morocco and the d r. c, but he's also facing strong oppositions. opposition from countries such as a south africa and algeria. traditionally, the african is a pro supporter of palestine and has called for the withdrawal of israel from palestinian territories. but analysts and diplomats fear that this issue could
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shift the focus away from more pressing issues on the continents to be discussed during the summit. and including the central cruise in africa, the latest one being in virginia fast. so in january and the response to the screws by the african union could be another point of discretion. some feel that the response has been inconsistent by for example, suspending countries such as molly and guinea but luck chad. so we have to see if any major declaration or any consensus will come out from these discussions and certainly some thorny issues being traded there. this way. can journalist maria get nicholas come in at us ab about thanks very much on the 1st gold medal of the beijing olympics goes to norway to raise young for one the women's sky avalon in dominant fashion. it's also her 1st individual olympic middle. now the winter games
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opened after a scaled back ceremony at beijing's iconic birds nest. stadium tickets was sold to international visitors all to the general public in china to try and prevent the spread of covet 19 another opening ceremony at beijing's birds nest stadium. haul must 14 years on from the 2008 summer olympics, 3000 performers took part in the proceedings. as athletes from around the world took a lap of ana in front of a reduced crowd, with only a select few allowed into the stands. many spectators instead enjoyed the fireworks from outside the stadium. disappointed that events will be held without fans. yeah, again, i really need some pity. we cannot go to watch the games. we didn't this out. if it weren't for covered, we would be very happy. in case you guys, yes, at all, sent it to the house being held on our doorstep. i really want to go watch the
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events and cheer for it. when it's a pity this time we can only watch our athletes on tv and on line that yes, but i will still cheer them on to yeah, jail. already, along with haiti, saudi arabia are taking part in their 1st winter games with both countries sending just one athlete. meanwhile, the usa have the largest contingent with $224.00 competitors at the games, but no diplomatic representation traveled to beijing. the political sub plots of these olympics is just as much part of the proceedings as the coven restrictions. all those attending events must wear and f, f, p to mosque and get tested twice a day. almost 12000 people are in the olympic bubble, of whom over 300 have already tested positive. it is still unclear whether all athletes will receive their p. c. r. test results in time to compete.
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many events will be held on artificial snow. the use of which has been heavily criticized due to the regions water shortage bought as venues opened that was to athletes organizes will hope that the sporting action becomes the focus of the headlines. engineers update this out up next. the push for a football. well come every 2 years in our shows, full life, say then ah ah, ah, ah ah, can i hold your hand? ah, it changed we haven't often, collin. can this become love?
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love i.


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