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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. down the hedge. more life starts february 16th on d, w. with this is d, w. use life from berlin, a nerve wracking dig in morocco, rescue and say they are close to reaching a young boy who's been tracked down a well since tuesday. they have to be careful not to trigger at landslide. also
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coming out, u. s. military reinforcements arrive in germany and poland. they've been sent to beef up. they goes east and flanks amid the ukraine, crisis. fuss at the winter olympics, as bob site gets underway, the historically dominant german team is hoping it's high tech training methods. ah i've been fizzle and welcome officials in morocco say they're closer to reaching a 5 year old who fell deep into a well. this is the 5th day. he's been stuck there. crowds have flocked to the village of e grand to cheer on the team. digging a tunnel to the boy, it's now entered, a challenging phase of the operation. day breaks in no the morocco, after another sleepless night in a mountain town, hundreds watch on as a risky, tame tries to extricate ryan the earth under ground, growing stony, and stonier,
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the close said digging, get to him, look her lie. malia did us able to move, it's very difficult process because of many problems related to the terrain at the site. well no, he didn't organic enough. the well is less than $45.00 centimeters wide. and this is where ryan has been since tuesday rescue, as loring oxygen food and water to him. they've even managed to talk to him. now they're hoping they can pull him out alive after 4 days under ground. a year as it is, the lawyer had the like, if i could kill him and it's not the, wouldn't i remember what he said to us? but then each of the above, i had him speak myself to think of them. skinner though they saw the light from our cellphone, and he said to us, dig me out. rooney, he begged us to bring him out of there. about the lonely, it's amazing. he survived the fall of over 30 meters. his father hallett says,
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since that moment, he hasn't slept a wink owns and came woo, no to have people who love us have come to support us while they sparing no effort to save my child danger them collision to which as the day draws on, the crowds watching this meticulous rescue operation grow, they too anxious to know if ryan will be brought out safely. the fate of 15 year old, his transfixed so many people in morocco, and far beyond as well as the world wides journalist more sal shami is at the site of the rescue operation. how much closer are the rescue as to saving the boy? ah, hi, it's looks so quite eminent at the moment that there is an ambulance on site or a passage that has been done. the crafts have been pushed back. people are praying
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and chanting and the rescue team has gone into the tunnel so. so it's a though we've heard that it's been eminent in the past a few days. it looks now that it's sam. this is it. can you tell us more about the equipment they're using to save the boy? ha, ha ha, they've used all sorts of equipment from mca been attractive to cut it down the mountain where the well, it's bad, but they also use an apple graphic equipment, diffuse the family cameras that use the oxygen to apply the well to supply again with oxygen in the well and they've also used drills and them and hand tools. so it's been a very long and complicated process and there, there seem to be no shortage of fact kind of equipment use depending on the challenges that keep rising. and it's a huge response to a very isolated part of the country and of the world. what are the chances of
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bringing him out alive and well? well, everyone's hoping that they get this and things that they've been praying and hoping for. people have locked into this isolated town for the last 3 or 4 days with little food and sleep. hebron is only praying, they know that their chances are very limited, but they've been encouraged by the signs of a reaction from diane and some of the sit in this morning. i rescued to him that there's high hopes at the chief fair of the rescue operation mentioned. so there is, there is a lot of hope, but obviously it's been 5 days so ah, ah, there it could very well possibly go, go the other way. most up i can he cheering in the background there, there. there are huge crowds of onlookers and volunteers trying to help. how's this story managed to capture the world's attention?
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oh yeah, i think it's the fact that, you know, the, this little hero, right. anne, who had managed to survive a fall into a full, almost 40, meet the deep. well that's it. with that is that so tiny, it's almost that you sent to me for an diameter that makes it almost impossible for anyone out there to get to him. he has been able to communicate with his family. he has been able to show signs of fast strength and death and life. so ab, people are just taking on this little guy as their hero and as something to rally and not just north of martha, where most of the people are, but perhaps in morocco and the rest of the world, most of how deeds his parents actually managed to find him, you said so far on the ground. how did they come across the spot where, where he went missing? what he's that said is that he had just gone to ask for an errand. and
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unfortunately the well that defy me to use is for irrigation. and had been left uncovered and after searching for a young man who had disappeared on tuesday morning in am i, you know, in nearby houses and neighbor, a neighbor. but they, yeah they, they looked at the well as the last option. after dangling a phone, all the way to the, to the bottom of that well, with that with a video camera they saw and i am responding and talking to his dad. and that, that was just that almost the worst scenario for them and from dad began to sob 5 day story now of trying to rescue him with watching pictures. there was a very enthusiastic crew and crowd cheering on their efforts. let's hope that they are successful. thank you very much for your reporting, their journalists, most op l. shami and we'll bring you the latest on that story. we'll be following
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it all day for you here on the w. u. s. reinforcements have begun arriving in europe as fees increase of rushes. troops build up on ukraine's borders. the 1st contingent of 2000 and additional american soldiers arrived near frankfort overnight with others, touching down the poland border with ukraine. the white house, as though protect easton, nato members from potential russian aggression. the kremlin says the learning strain tensions in the region. the w's, alexander phenomena explains what's behind the u. s. decision. american f. 15 fighter jets arriving in estonia. a danish frigate deployed to support nato in the baltic sea. more and more allies are sending troops to eastern europe. it's not a choice, it's the masters as security expert, bruno, latino, and berlin. nato has to prepare for every possible military scenario. it
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is not unrealistic. for instance, to think that russia couldn't parades a border incidence with estonia to distract attention from an invasion in ukraine. to be prepared. the u. s. alone is sending 1700 troops to poland and a 1000 strong unions to romania. france wants to send soldiers terramina as well. the netherlands is considering deploying fighter aircraft to wil guerria. so too is spain. while the u. k made its patch troops to estonia and danish fighter jets have already arrived in lithuania, compared to russia's nato presence in the region is still relatively small. but as the kremlin continues, it's build up around ukraine, nato, strengthening its defense posture. according to secretary generals tolten back, the alliance is even considering deploying new battle groups, in addition to the 4 multinational battalions already in place. in estonia, latvia, lithuania and poland. the for battle groves were deployed in response to russia's
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annexation of crimea in 2014 natal members argued then that they cannot ignore russia, breaking international rules and undermining peace and stability. and now nato is confronted again with what they describe as aggressive behavior and its members are responding with reinforcements. putin's goal was to have fewer nato troops close to russia's border, but so far he has produced the exact opposite. the current crisis policy analyst al dinner ransom suggest has galvanized the alliance brushes actions, especially since 2014 have a given nato, a new impetus for it, for its core mission, for which it was established to secure europe, to deter others from invading or ab ashley,
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destroying the security order in europe. and yet, that doesn't mean nato will send combat forces to ukraine if prudent decides to strike. in fact, the alliance has already ruled it out, but many members are increasing their economic and military aid for ukraine, with the u. k and poland, promising a new security pack. it is unlikely that the arrangement will be something like nato ish. where do you k and poland would have a duty to defense ukraine. i think what we will see is corporation in terms of military training, financing, making sure ukraine has a military means also to defend itself. according to nato, it is all about defending its members. that is the reason for the reinforcements. the alliance says russia denounces them as hysteric and destructive. both sides, however, say they are open to more talks. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making world news. us vice president,
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my pants has criticized his last boss saying don't trump was wrong to believe pins could have overturned the results of the 2020 election compression pins to block congressional certification of results after falsely claiming the election was stolen and people, austria is mandatory vaccine laura's going into force after being signed by the president. it applies to all adults except those with medical exemptions and pregnant women. starting next month, austrian police will carry out spot checks for proof of vaccination. fine start from 600 euros. madagascar is bracing for a powerful cyclop, it's full cost to hit the islands east coast in the coming hours. authorities, one, the impact could be severe with winds about the 260 kilometers an hour. posit madagascar, still reeling from deadly flooding off the heavy rainfall in recent weeks spot. now the 1st gold medal of the beijing games has been awarded to norway. teresa, yo,
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how one women's sky, athlone in dominant fashion. it's also her 1st individual olympic metal. the pandemic has meant athletes haven't had much chance to practice their disciplines. this is forced many to find new and creative training methods. for the past year and a half, the german bobsled team has been using a secret weapon located in a munich office building. they hope it will get them on to the middles podium in beijing. chairman, bob sled athlete hands peter hanning. hoffer is getting ready to practice on the beijing olympic course. but he's nowhere near china. he's using germany simulator, which they created to give their team a competitive edge at the winter olympics. and those them a lot of room where simulator is really realistic. i wouldn't have imagined it should be as good as it is. it feels a lot like a real life bob sled. the simulator allows the athletes to train in a real bobsled mounted on a special platform where they see intricate digital models of real life tracks with
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the or the driving lines in 3 dimensions. so we really have a complete picture of what is going on in the simulation. and this is why we can make a very good suggestions to book dr. us on how to improve. beijing provided the added challenge of an unknown track. so the simulator created its own mock up to help the german team keep up with their chinese competition, who've been practicing on the real course for the last year. he's gone picking line ups with no bob asian was a totally new truck. none of us had been there, and so no one could share any tips or impressions for my coming here gave us a chance to get to know the track in advance on my calendar and almost one of the song them getting an impression of the track here puts you at a huge advantage. it means you're a step ahead on the track in real life fuzzy on the bon financial models, the germans who have historically dominated bobsled, are hoping this technology helps them to secure more metals in beijing. either way, the simulator has one major advantage for pilots. when they crash,
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no one gets hurt. so canal and in the buddhist league a match they $21.00 began in berlin on friday, night relegation candidates. hatta and bolcom fought out a rule at his frank at ease at both. would he opened the scoring with a hit or on 23 minutes? now, jimmy did well to redirect stefan gilbert's, which is free kick. but all of them introduced sebastian poto at half time, and he took advantage of a gold keeping clang to secure a point for the visits as a news update the sound of the next report. it takes us on a night bus that's helping the homeless in berlin. and been visible and thanks for watching oh people and trucks injured when trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away.


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