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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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more life starts for june, 16th on d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is the w means live on pearl in a nerve wracking dig morocco rescue as inch ever closer to a young boy who's been trapped down a wealth since tuesday. also coming up, austria becomes the 1st country in europe to introduce a coven 19 vaccine mandate for all adults on jobs. austrians without medical exemption will now be breaking the law if they refuse to get the jazz.
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ah, hello, then i'm really muhammad rescue workers in morocco. say they are getting closer to a 5 year old boy who fell into a well. this is the 5th day. he's been stuck then. crowds flocked to the village of a crown to cheer on the team. digging a tunnel to the boy helicopter is standing by to fly the boy to hospital once he's finally free, day breaks and no the morocco. after another sleepless night in a mountain town, hundreds watch on. as a risky team tries to extricate ryan the earth under ground growing stony and stonier, the closer d kids get to him. long term amaya did us able so it's a very difficult process because of many problems related to the terrain at the
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site ordinary them sort of ality. now the well is less than 45 centimeters wide and this is where ryan has been since tuesday rescue, as loring oxygen food and water to him. they've even managed to talk to him. now they're hoping they can pull him out alive. after 4 days on the ground, a year is into the la had the like a blanket dilemma. it's better, wouldn't i remember what he said to us? but then, which of the above i had him speak myself to look at them. skinner, though they saw the light from our cellphone, and he said to us, dig me out. rooney, he begged us to bring him out of there, but the lonely, it's amazing. he survived the fall of over 30 maters. his father hallett says, since that moment, he hasn't slept a wink on this. okay. well no, to have people who love us have come to support us when they sparing no effort to
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save my child. the jordan tells you the machine as the day draws on, the crowds watching this meticulous rescue operation grow. they too anxious to know if ryan will be brought out safely. the fate of 15 year old, his transfixed so many people in morocco, and far beyond its well ere i spoke he jernace was sabbath. shaney was following the story for us on the ground. and he gave us this update on the rescue operation . hi, despite the earlier reports that they were indeed had made it to dispose of the operation came out about half an hour ago and said that there is still about 70 centimeters between them and that. so this is part of the conflicting report that we've been getting almost all week
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from different sources. and now it seems that the operation is still ongoing and that's it. getting more delicate by, by the minutes. and now, instead of it being a matter of meters in the 1st few days, now it's, it's a matter of centimeters and each update is about 20 centimeters. let's vary that the statements also suggested that it would be close to 2 hours until they reach again, and then he would be able to receive medical medical aid. also as i walk around the scene, there is a new vehicle for ambulance that just arrived. it seemed more ready and it could be the one that actually does transport him to the nearest helicopter, where he is planned to to be transferred and immediately receive all the aid back to me. and just remind us how ran ended up in this. well,
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in the 1st place. so this said dramatic rescue mission started last tuesday when 5 year old i n in the province of route in northern morocco, near the region near the town of sho, in had disappeared. he was nowhere to be found. and after his family looked everywhere, they, they, at the last place they looked, was the little well that today used for irrigation off their crops by dangling a phone to the bottom of the well with the, with the video on. and i was able to recognize the flush and communicate to his dad as the report showed. and from there, this very long 5 days have been started fast through. some volunteers will try to go into the well,
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the well is almost 40 me to div and less than 50 sent to me centimeter in diameter, which has made this very, very complicated. and due to the geography of the, of the region. it's very mountainous and rocky mission got tricky by the moments a with landslides, with fears off the well collapsing on the 5 year old as well as fears of him not making sense and being supplied with oxygen throughout these 4 days. today we are in the, in the 5th day and says its appearance and it has really gripped moroccans, his survival story. and everyone is just helping to, to conclude this story with a happy ending and he is alive and healthy. can imagine the rescue
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operation will continue to be quite challenging as we saw those pictures where it is still now quite dark there in the morocco. well, jonas mirabelle shaw me. thank you very much for the update. the mosque met. sorry madagascar is bracing for psycho bazzi right as it makes land form the storm gain strength as it blew across the indian ocean. strong winds reaching up to 250 kilometers per hour, have been forecast. there's already heavy rainfall along the eastern coastline of madagascar. authority say the cyclone could impact millions of residents. last week, tropical storm anna swept over the island, killing at least 55 people. well, let's get more on this from tatiana darcy. she is the program director at save the children full madagascar, and she joins us now. so could you just update us up on what the situation is like at the moment? oh,
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thank you thought sure i made lunch for being in that issue. cuz my mom gar, after on it, it brings me with the electric copy this morning this week, but it's really hard for not to get information back. and agencies have been preparing for this for some time. what measures are currently in place as well? the government does include a pre position for you. what can you help with? and they are now with tomorrow at palm in the weekend. you know, how long will you be? i can we are not sure that it will cover all the me a guest card for the next the
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and in terms of the immediate needs, what do you see in terms of the biggest, biggest challenges for madica's sca off the side clone being to get comfortable now if it, if preclude, and our we for not being on the we can go all of this looks like the damage. so it could be very difficult to go to keep it really. is there a plan to access some of those hotter to reach areas? um so yes, there are some in the older tal greatly reason because mother got we are to work for it to pay richer. i to not be able to do a pay. tatyana darcy, thank you very much for getting us up to speed on the situation there in madagascar,
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we really appreciate your time. thank you. thank you for work. well, let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. palestinian prime minister mark would chittaya called for israel accreditation to be revoked at the african union summit and addis ababa israel's observer status was agreed last july . the 2 day summit will address other issues like the number of crews and qu, attempts in the past year. and lo, covered 19 vaccination rates, turkeys president, reggie type ottawa has tested positive for curve at 19. he posted on twitter, saying both he and his wife have the ami con berry and, and are experiencing mild symptoms. he'll continue to work from home while recovering. we had a long week, former us vice president mike pence has criticized his last last saying donald trump was wrong to believe pencil could have overturned the results of the 2020 election. trump pressured pro pence to block congressional certification of results,
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the amount of to falsely claiming the election were stolen. no idea more on emerg to austria, which is the 1st european country to mandate cove at 19 vaccines for all adults. the noodle officially goes into effect after being signed by the president. but enforcing it will be a challenge. resistance to vaccination is high among a small minority of the population and the threat of random checks and fines looks unlikely to sway them to w fanny for shar reports from vienna. this patient is here for a 3rd shot against corbett, but taking a job is no longer a question of choice. starting today. it's compulsory in austria. sad that noted amendatory vaccination because normally everyone should be wise enough to get the job automatically for us. but only a few came for their 1st shopped, the city set up mobile vaccination buses to increase that number. the willingness to get
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a job is stagnant despite the new bill. if being gig and if weeks i'm against mandatory vaccinations because i believe this is a violation of human rights yet. yet every one has the right to freedom. right. even before the controversial bill was passed, security was died at vaccination centers. no other topic polarizes austrians as much as mandatory vaccinations. those who administered reduces inside can only do so with security nearby. there is concern about hostile outbursts by anti vac source. tens of thousands of them have been taking to the streets almost every weekend across the country to protest against common measures. they are a minority, but vanna rising o, who's researching radicalism, says the protest should not be underestimated. store is skipped and broken and hot and key on del finished. it's still there is a whore,
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party argument which cannot be allocated to the organized why. tween crowned flor to the william ilya. and these are people from within the middle class, which has radicalized since the past 2 years. and not only since the mandatory vaccinations and this is very precarious, he says the austrian government failed to reach this crowd. especially when its declaration last summer. led to corbet crisis was over, was followed by a political crisis of its own when he cracked septic, or since his son colbert feel. if you make mistakes with regard to the management of the pandemic. mistakes of communication and have a government crisis triggered by corruption than you face to crises, politically. call up to him and that lease in frustration to ed and miss ross. the tooth was among many, she even the swift currie shown percy ok, that's when of hostile to on and off to m. miss torn austria expects an avalanche of flow suits by those unwilling to pay possible fines,
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starting at $600.00 euros and to be enforced from mid march. vienna's focusing on those whose opinion could still be swayed the undecided the city put a billboard in various foreign languages in their latest effort to counter misinformation. and the 1st gold medal of the beijing olympics has been awarded to no way 30 hawk one. the women scaffold on off the dominating the race. she fought extreme wind and freezing temperatures, to open up a commanding lead over the rest of the group to win how fast individual olympic gold. but to metal comes during controversy. the innovation was suspended from competing at the 2018 olympics after allegations of doping. his reminder of our top story rescuing a 5 year old boy trumps down a wealth of day's work has say they are just centimeters away from brian who fell down the shaft on tuesday. we'll continue to monitor the story and keep you updated
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. well, that's the news for the sour stick around up next is duffle, which is taking a look at the business of crating and you can't the drug. thanks for watching of life . ah we're all set to go beyond the obvious citizenship and we're all live as we take on the we're all about the stories that matter to me, whatever it takes for lead from i'm following with


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