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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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you ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, a nerve wracking. dig in morocco, rescuers inch ever closer to a young boy who's been tracked down a well since tuesday. also coming up, austro becomes the 1st country in europe to introduce coven 19 vaccine mandates for all adults. i'm jagged, austrians without medical exemption will now be breaking the law if they refuse to get the jap. ah!
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hello, that i'm really mohammed. rescue workers in morocco are getting closer to a 5 year old boy who fell into a well. this is the 5th day. he's been stuck there. crowds flocked to the village of a crown to cheer on the team. digging a tunnel to the boy, a helicopter is standing by to fire the boy to hospital once he finally free. day breaks in all the morocco. after another sleepless night in a mountain town, hundreds watch on as a risky, tame tries to extricate ryan the earth under ground, growing stony and stonier, the closer begins get to him. miss long. hello maria, did i say bill? so it's very difficult process because of many problems related to the terrain at the site or no a dental benefee. now the well is less than $45.00 centimeters wide. and this is where ryan has been since tuesday rescue,
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as loring oxygen food and water to him. they've even managed to talk to him. now they're hoping they can pull him out alive after 4 days under ground. a year as it is, the lawyer had he like a blanket dilemma, is about to wouldn't i remember what he said to us? but then which of the above i had him speak myself, jim to get them skin. i think though they saw the light from our cellphone, and he said to us, dig me out. rooney, he begged us to bring him out of there, a little lonely. it's amazing. he survived the fall of over 30 meters. his father hallett says, since that moment, he hasn't slept a wink on those. okay, well no, to have people who love us have come to support us when they sparing no effort to save my child. didn't jordan collision to me as the day draws on? the crowds watching this meticulous rescue operation grow. they too anxious to know
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if ryan will be brought out safely. the fate of 15 year old, his transfixed so many people in morocco. and far beyond that, janice massage ball show me is at the site of the rescue operation and he joined us on the line. could you bring us up to speed of the situation at the moment? i rescue mission seems to be coming through a fusion right now. there is no energy and emotion police. are you doing anything from her? no. 5 year old days. what do i know? you can hear people seeing why kerry kerry
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equipment to go and pick it up, go to the hospital. just remind us how ran ended up. well in the 1st place, well we wait to see him come out of this. so he fell on tuesday in a, in a well outside of his home, supporting the well, very, very fine, less than 50 centimeter, diameter, and suspecting all over the area and the neighbors they, they looked at the, well i'm, it was a mix of it. and he was getting at the back of our data angle, the phone by recording video, all the way to the bottom of the well able to see him. he was able to recognize the latch and his his parents to pick him and have him.
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since then it's been a very complicated process. truck life. you're with them, the hill, very large scale where families, how that dan, and finally today, after so many of them and so many different strategies, they seem to have finally gotten through to him by building a tunnel underneath the 4th to meet well. and it's been a very, very delicate operation. today, it was all about centimeters, not meters. and we have been getting very, very no update as with regards to how close. # there are you mission and as you said, this is a very complex operation that these rescue work and talk to one to take and how they did it was really quite fascinating. can you just talk us through the terrain in the specific area in morocco and what made things so challenging
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the village of gun in the show and region. it's part of the mountain. it's very isolated. it's almost 8 hours drive from the capital at the $500.00 populated village. very, very tiny and quite remote village itself has. it's really but at the soil is very silly during winter and during rainy season as well as rocky. so you can imagine a well built into the mountain and with this operation they have been different. the can either get through the world directly to build beneath it to build parallel to it. there has been fears, landslide, they have been rock that needed to be slowly, either broken of bucking around to couple graphic technician types and also use their present their input
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sample cameras as well as you can find that has been provided to him in the very 1st click in the very, as they of the rescue mission, which was a month. yeah, we're looking at these live pictures right now. our artist of the scene was horrible. show me, i'm sure you're looking at the same because we are lots of cheering taking place as we wait for the delivery on to be freed from the shaft. can you also explain what were the different phases that this child was going through when it came to the condition? because we were, we understand that at some point raeann had lost consciousness. there were a mixture of reports about whether he was even able to get water or oxygen. yeah. so after the 1st communication or contact with the family and when you
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go informed and they started their rescue process on wednesday, there has been a constant attempt keeping him alive and trying to communicate with them and supplying him with oxygen. there has been a report of the thing in which we don't worry about that never quite the time. so we don't know if he, if he did have anything during those almost 5 days of of, of him been down back. his health situations was also a very difficult to track this morning, the chief of the rescue operations that, that they hope that it was the night. and it was difficult to to tell because of posture and how and how complicated it was to the rescue mission
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to get that. so there hasn't really been much update on his, on his health. we understand that now he will be put into a, into a ambulance. well, well prepared that will drive him directly to a to a helicopter and then directly to the hospital. and i suppose we will start getting more information about the situation and how does that affect you can be looking at pictures of her father at the moment who seems to be getting he's being interviewed by some of the local media there. what has his father and the rest of his family been saying about the situation? the father explained how they found him and how it was most at random situation as he just went to go on errands and disappeared in
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well, since the very 1st day, they have been appealing to the authorities for help and support. and they have felt a sense of camaraderie from the nearby villages, from people who have come all the way from morocco, not from different cities and haven't really had much sleep or rest during those 4 days now as they wait every single night, hope that he comes out of that hole, i just saw the father and the mother now walked through the car, you know, that was made by security forces and i suppose they will go and be the 1st people you know. yeah. and. and they are supposed to be with him, and that i'm good and that will carry him to the head. he called them to a hospital. the mother has been very, very distraught. a friends of the family said she has aged in this week like never before. she has, she has been very desperate. she has been constantly crying or passing out and
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grade son. so you can imagine how devastating this week has been on her, but it's good to see them ways to people as they finally seem to be able to be around here. and i read with their dentist and keeping us across all of those taking place in morocco where a little boy called diane has been tracked in a while for the last, almost 5 days. and now it seems that that operation has ended and we will continue to update you as soon as we find out when he has been freed. thank you very much. well, let's take a look at some other stories making use around the world. a powerful stall has hit eastern madagascar, bringing strong winds and heavy rains forecasters are wanting that cyclone bazzi right could cause widespread damage. this is the 2nd cyclone to hit madagascar in recent weeks. the palestinian prime minister mohammed retired hold for israel's
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accreditation to be revoked at the african union summit in addis ababa. israel's observer status was agreed last july. the 2 days i'm it will address other issues like the number of cause and qu, attempts in the past year. and lo covered 19 vaccination rates for me, you as vice president my pants has had back against his former boss. donald trump has been claiming that pence could have overturned the 2020 presidential election result. a pence now says that's wrong. it's a rare voice of descent within the republican party, which has refused to distance itself from claims. the election was wrecked. the invasion that shocked the u. s. on january 6 last year, supporters of donald trump stormed the capital building. spurred on by his claim that he lost the election because of fraud. inside a joint session of congress was counting the electoral college votes. outgoing vice
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president mike pence played the traditionally ceremonial role of presiding over the session. but the mob outside believed pants could do more. trump to day. still think so. this past week he said mike pence did have the right to change the outcome. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power. he could have overturned the election. pence has now publicly contradicted that assertion. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. the presidency belongs to the american people and the american people alone. and frankly, there is no idea more on american than the notion than any one person could choose . the american president left probably so. but with the next election more than 2 years away. it's clear who has the upper hand in the party.
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republicans have moved to punish 2 of their own lives. chaney and adam kim's anger for their roles and the democrat lead congressional investigation into the capital storming select. yet another sign of the grip, donald trump still holds in the republican party and his lingering influence within american politics. now the 1st gold medal for the bathing olympics has been awarded to no way to race. your hawk won the women's scaffold on off the dominating the race. she fought extreme wind and freezing temperatures to make a commanding lead against her the rest of her grip to win that olympic cold. but her medal cons during some controversy than a region was suspended from competing at the 2018 olympics after allegations of doping. a his reminder of our top story in morocco, workers are now on the verge of rescuing raeann a 5 year old boy who fell down
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a well on tuesday. we will continue to monitor the story and keep you updated as soon as we get more information on his release. that's it for this news our stick around. well, stories is coming up next and supporting like with these places in europe are smashing the wreckers stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and know also in book form b double use crime fighters are back.


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