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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 5, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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rob waterloo ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, chairs and jubilation in morocco. oh this he was a young boy who was trapped down a deep well since tuesday, details us and emerging have all the latest for you coming up. ah.
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hello that i'm bringing him home it. we begin with breaking news from morocco. wet rescue workers have pulled a boy from a well he'd fallen into and been trapped there for about 4 days. 5 year old ryan was carried by 1st responders to an ambulance is unclear what his health condition is. like. crowds have been flocking to the village of a crown to cheer on the rescuers. several attempts were made to lift the boy out of the well, but in the end, a horizontal trench had to be excavated to get him out. i picked up the we will return to the story once we can get hold of our correspondent in morocco. moving on, more us soldiers have arrived in europe as fears grow over russia's troop builds up on ukraine's borders. the 1st contin of 2000 american troops arrived near frankfort
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with others, touching down near poland border with ukraine. the white l says though, protect east and nato members from potential russian aggression. a kremlin says this will strain tensions in the region. will d w's? alexandra von nomine explains what's behind the u. s. decision. american f. 15 fighter jets arriving in estonia. a danish frigate deployed to support nato in the baltic sea. more and more allies are sending troops to eastern europe. it's not a choice, it's the masters as security expert, bruno latino, and berlin made or has to prepare for every possible military scenario. it is not unrealistic, for instance, to think that's russia cuts to raise a border incidence with estonia to distract attention from an invasion in ukraine
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to be prepared. the u. s. alone ascending 1700 troops to poland and a 1000 strong unions to romania, france wants to send soldiers to romania as well that never lance is considering deploying fighter aircraft to war guerria. so to is spain, while the u. k made its patch troops to estonia and danish fighter jets have already arrived in lithuania, compared to russia's nato presence in the region is still relatively small. but as the kremlin continues, it spilled up around ukraine, nato, strengthening its defense posture. according to secretary generals told him back the alliance has he been considering deploying new battle groups? in addition to the for multinational battalions already in place. in estonia, lard, fare lithuanian, poland. therefore battle groups were deployed in response to russia's annexation of crimea. in 2014 natal members argued then that they cannot ignore russia, breaking international rules and undermining peace and stability. and now nato is
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confronted again with what they describe as aggressive behavior and its members are responding with reinforcements. putin's goal was to have fewer nato troops close to russia's border, but so far he has produced the exact opposite. the current crisis policy analyst albin a ransom suggest, has galvanized the alliance brushes actions especially since 2014. have. i given nato a new impetus for it, for its core mission, for which it was established to secure europe, to deter others from invading or advocacy destroying the security order in europe. and yet, that doesn't mean nato will send combat forces to ukraine if prudent decides to strike. in fact, the alliance has already ruled adult,
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but many members are increasing their economic and military aid for ukraine, with the u. k and poland, promising and new security pack. a 2nd look at some other stories making use around the world. powerful storm has hit ethan madagascar, bringing strong winds and heavy rains full causes a warning that cycling bazzi ride could cause widespread damage. this is the 2nd sy cloned to hit madagascar in recent weeks. a dispute over ties to israel have overshadowed the 1st day of the african union summit in addis ababa, the palestinian prime. and is that mohammed chittaya called for israel observer status to be revoked? the 2 days summit will also address other issues like the number of coups and qu, attempts in the past year, as well as low covered 19 vaccination rates. austria is mandatory vaccine nor has gone into force after being signed by the president is applies to all
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adults except those with medical exemptions and pregnant women starting next month . austrian police will carry out spot checks for proof of vaccination, and fines will start from $600.00 euros now to the olympics and the loses underway at beijing's national fly. think center germany typically does quite well in this event. and since lose became an olympic sport in 1964, germany has won the most gold medals. he w sports reporter don jonathan crane went to find out why this is lose a sports where competitors hurtled down a hill that speeds up to a 150 kilometers per hour. early to find out at the bottom that the german has probably one in germany. we have a big lose traditional kits. they do the sport and everyone is on fire for the
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sport. i think this isn't very big advantage. germany domination lose like no other country at the last winter olympics in 2018 german athletes, 13 of the 4 gold medals on offer. so why is that? germany invests heavily and slow technology and infrastructure to support its lose teams. that includes 4 competition tracks more than any other country written crane . will it go up the kips can train on district a lot of and one of the important thing then reaffirm you're a really good protest that the other important thing. yes, moment of a we can train with the world's best if i'm doing well, he and germany than i know that i'll also do well, internationally. i will hold system with the coaches with the financial support. the whole package just works really well. sag latanya now was with any forth is one thing getting to the top, it's quite another trying to stay there. and that brings with it
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a certain amount of pressure. or does this needs to be mindful? it's not always easy, especially with a team as successful as germany. you have often were expected to be out in front at the olympics as we have been in recent years on. and when meddleson the boys and me, i are the countries are trying their best to catch up. but how do they find that magic formula? i think when we figure that out on the, on the podium a lot more. so i'm just different things with the equipment with this lad, and setups and things like that, i think is something that's really important until they do figure it out. it will be advantage germany in loose or less return to our top story, which has been monitoring coming out of morocco where rescue. ugh, has managed to reach a boy trapped in a well for the last 4 days. and we believe he's now been freed. jonas massage on
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shami is at the site on that rescue operation. just bring us up to speed on what's happening at the moment. hi, unfortunately. yeah, the body off fire. yeah. was there retrieved out of the well, and he was that declared dad. and it was not clear initially, people thought that he was alive, but shortly after he was transferred to the ambulance wrapped in foil and the, the american royal palace did have issued a statement where they they delivered the news and said that the king has spoken to his parents, it's a really tragic end, the village which had been celebrating this her doctor for free and grey and did not realize until now when they went to check their
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t v's and i read their phones and suddenly it's gotten very quiet and very grim and it's just a, it's just a tragic ending to such a dramatic story that lot of people had been afraid of and had been secretly hoping that oh, had almost felt that like that would happen. but had, you know, a clunk on to hope. yeah. it's the scene had taken days to try and reach brian and to get him out of his hillside and everyone had been anxiously waiting team to get him pulled out. yeah, do you have a sense of what have you spoken to anybody around the vicinity, what they told you there was actually not much going on. now. it was, it was a completely joyous environment. like i said,
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people were just happy that he was, his body was finally been there. freed and deb, it's were and people are actually hugging each other. some of the rescue workers had even said that they thought he was alive. um, so it's, it's quite still a bit unclear about when this transpired, and when i, when, when they, they found out. and i suppose this explains why the family was led into the tunnel 1st to go on see their son, which was, am i with now? what sort of explains that? yeah, that is absolutely devastating news i wanted, sorry. janice was about shami. they're speaking to us from situation on that rescue operation in morocco, thank you very much for speaking to us. thank you. now what, let's move on to some other news to austria,
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which is the 1st european country to mandate current of iris vaccines for all adults. the new law officially goes into effect off to being signed by the president. but enforcing it will be a challenge. resistance to vaccination is high among a full minority of the population and the threats of random checks and fines looks unlikely to sway them. he doubly is funny for shy reports from vienna. this patient is here for his 3rd shot against college, but taking a job is no longer a question of choice. starting today, it's compulsory in austria. sat that noted amendatory vaccination because normally every one should be wise enough to get the job automatically for those but only a few came for their 1st shot. the city set up mobile vaccination buses to increase that number. the willingness to get a job is stagnant despite the new bill. if being gig an infix,
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i'm against mandatory vaccinations because i believe this is a violation of human rights yet yet every one has the right to freedom right. even before the controversial bill was passed, security was died at vaccination centers. no other topic polarizes austrians as much as mandatory vaccinations. those who administered reduces inside can only do sue be security nearby. there's concern about hostile outbursts by anti vac service . tens of thousands of them have been taking to the streets almost every weekend, across the country to protest against comic measures. they are a minority but van, arising whose re switching radicalism says the protests should not be underestimated. story escaped unbroken and hot and keanda all connected. it's storming there is of or party argument which cannot be allocated to the organized why tween crowned sore to hooligan, ilya,
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and these are people from within the middle class, which has radicalized since the past 2 years. and not only since the mandatory vaccinations and this is very precarious, he sounds austrian government failed to reach this crowd, especially when its declaration last summer. but to call it crisis was over, was followed by a political crisis of its own when he checked septic. so it's a sun colbert feel if you make mistakes with regard to the management of the pandemic. mistakes of communication and have a government crisis triggered by corruption, then you face to crises, politically, to call up to him, and that leads in frustration to egg and miss atrocity since was among many, should even the swift currie shown bas. yeah, feel ok. that's when of hostile to on and doctor m miss torn austria expects an avalanche of flow suits by those unwilling to pay possible fines, starting at $600.00 euros and to be enforced from mid march. his reminder of our top story in morocco, the boy who fell into
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a well nearly 5 days ago has died. rescue workers have been trying to free 5 year olds, rayon from the shaft, in the hope that he was still alive, as it threw up to date, to stick around up next is wellstar youth . ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. the battle against cove it.


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