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tv   Sports Life - Why a Biennial World Cup Could Ruin Football  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2022 2:15am-2:30am CET

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following for you, the moroccan boy who fell into a well 5 days ago died before rescuers could pull him and emergency personnel had been trying to free 5 year old ryan. from the narrow shaft in the hope that he was still alive. the effort was tracked alive by viewers in morocco and around the globe. that's your news update this our up next is our show sports life. with a look at why a world called every 2 years. instead of 4 could rec, at the football world, there's plenty more for you on our website docs, d, w dot com. and you can follow up on our social media accounts. i pop up for lease in britain for the team here. thanks for watching. see at the top of the next hour, take care. ah, with
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unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of people's shiny new player holding the world cup every 2 years instead of 4, though by any old world cup may feel weird at 1st and having more of a good thing really be so bad. anyway, plenty of people think it's a great idea. the fans want to see meaningful matches and this is the same for, for the players. plenty of people stand to benefit from it. need to be einstein to know that if you do to world cups and 40 as he was babel the revenue and plenty of people think it's the dumbest idea they've ever heard of. the joy of the world cup has value precisely because of its rarity, much like the acme, that insured i spent prom night playing fifo, all alone, the 2 year world cup cycle, a suckers newest problem, that just won't go away. and this issue can't be solved by occasionally washing
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your face. so what is the proposal? why does it have more support than you might think? and just why might it destroy the sport we know and love deeper, has enlisted one of the brightest minds in football to work out their plan. legendary arsenal coach, an enemy of jackets everywhere. arson, venga, the idea is to curb but balls crushing fixture congestion. to make the game more equitable for smaller countries and to give the players a much needed rest. ah, if the problem is having way too many games that doubling me amount of world tops for both men and women is an obvious solution. details are subject to change and fif. i didn't respond to i request for a concise written version of the plan. but from what we gather, the gist is as follows. the proposed ponder,
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eliminate smaller competitions to emphasize the meaningful tournaments, like the world cup and continental tournaments. currently, their international breaks in september, october, november, and march plus the typical tournaments in june and july vendors got 2 proposals, either condense all of the qualifying into one big old $4.00 to $5.00 week break in october or to shorter breaks in october and march. there'd be a guaranteed 25 days of rest after tournaments in june to make this possible smaller competitions like the nations leak would presumably have to be scrapped while people has proposed cutting down on qualifiers to big tournament. no matter what happens, world cup qualifying will be reformatted to make way for the expanded tournament in 2026. this would cut interruptions in the club season and reduce back and forth travel for players, especially those that cover long distance. this is a mixed bag for clubs who can stay constant international breaks, but probably aren't too jazzed about month long qualifying. and the premier league
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has announced it's against the proposal. but the plan is so controversial, not because it condenses fixture breaks it because it doubles the frequency of the world cup. here again in the precise b filter to be determined. but the idea is for world cups to occur on given years and regional tournaments like the cota, america, and euros to occur on odd years. some of these tournaments like the ap connor gold cup are already held every 2 years. and look, i'm one of the few people on the planet that unabashedly loved the gold cup. but having spent my formative years going to a, by any or tournament, i can't see it was any better for vendor. and he thought, do you have a point fixture? congestion is a huge problem. seems like there's always a match on in every fuse. and there's some new competition according to fi pro. the international players association, the pandemic has only further exacerbated fixture congestion with the likelihood of players, fewer than 5 days recovery after games of 10 percent. the pro has taken
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a stand against a proposal which had called a turning point in how the game is run. all the pros, also conscious of the overload of fixtures. the proposal could bring me. this is a real concern for the player to have to cope with near non stop travel and play. that's both increased injury risk and it's clearly cut down on the quality of the game in the last year. so port pedro alone played 589 matches for club and country in the 2021 season. the existing problems are basically mainly the mountain. huge amount of traveling and problems to basically go from one continental delta and come back in the fresh state and
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play a grain straight away again for coupling. and it's not just exhausting for the players . according to ca. yes, football observatory, a majority of soccer fans think there are too many matches on, especially between national teams. but doubling the number of world cut won't help that even if smaller competitions are gotten rid of the immensely popular continental cups aren't going away anytime soon. and doubling their frequency, you won't help either. condensing international brakes is an interesting idea, but it's a solution you can implement without a biannual world cuff. people argues it's not just about giving the body a break. many former players have come out in support of the initiative because they really having had so few cracks at glory played from my national scene for 14 years, but only managed to qualify for one woke up. and i, i would certainly jump, but the chance of, of having the opportunity to quantify every 2 years,
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twice as many world cup skips players twice the opportunities to achieve their dreams. and only a monster would want to deprive any one of their dreams. but fifo has already ensured that more nations will be represented in the world cup by expanding it from $32.00 to $48.00 teams. starting in 2026. just because you have more frequent world cups doesn't mean it will magically be easier for teams to qualify. in fact, it's probably going to just be more of the same to account for this infant. tina has even floated an idea where teams can't qualify for 2 consecutive world cuts to help ensure a broader participation. if there's one thing soccer needs, it's a 2 tier system to further entrench inequalities. and no matter where you're from in the world, very few fans can actually afford to make it to the world cup anyway. unless fi fi actively works to make tickets more affordable or with partners to help make tournaments more accessible. this won't change any time soon.
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ah, i mean people's overall argument is simple people of the world cup. why not double its frequency doesn't and know that math does seem pretty air tight. it misses the point. most of the world cups magic lies in it, being in a rare seismic event. any though, this isn't just about a shot at glory. it's about footballing justice, foot smaller teams of oh, so much more for building countries. it is an opportunity for them to flip them. most of us have maybe we can dream about. they not toward cope one de la la day is one of d. w. sports is experts on african football and has been covering cops response to the proposal while footballing, superpowers in europe and south america have spoken out against the proposal. many of its backers are nations with much fewer resources and silverware to their names . many of going to phase want they did the app, the like the idea of a by any i would co so half really once it and the idea is they're sending it as
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an opportunity to africa for the. ready full cost to live more money so that the continental football locally and, and give more money to the smaller if he's wound wound reached to what call many countries see this as a means of even the playing field generating more revenue and providing both more opportunities for meaningful games and chances to qualify for the big show where they've historically been cut out. bangladesh, mount eaves, napoleon, sri lanka, f a, it's put out a statement supporting the proposal. it's easy for countries on top of football, screwed chain to defend the status quo. for players, fans in officials that can only dream of ever attending a world cup. this could make it a reality that also means important payouts for players and cash strapped affairs when they participate in the tournament. again, easy for well off europeans to bad,
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and i at is this simply a question of footballs, halves, and half mout, squaring off, don't footballs, downtrodden deserve justice. it's true that the soccer world is appallingly inequitable. this has to be fixed, lining people's pockets probably isn't the best way to do that. sure, most people's revenue does filter down to a phase and increase revenue means more cash for smaller nations. but why should we believe that this money will suddenly be fairly shared, even if the african, if is get more money every 2 years, the problems are still did the human rights play as to europe every, every year. and in domestic leagues, astroglide in many african punches, are partial in south africa, a perform egypt, and morocco. so the problems are still there. and how to resolve this. we've been with more money every 2 years is still an issue that needs to be discussed. a real football robin hood would ensure that resources are justly divided and spent specifically on growing the game. it's health from supporting poor leagues to
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training coaches and building out infrastructure. otherwise, cash has a way of tending to disappear in global football. and you don't need more world cups to divide soccer's money more equitably. they're in no way mutually exclusive . which brings us to the bald swiss elephant in the room with mrs. about as play in the cash grab as cash grabs debt. we will however, in all the discussions and analysis put the sport think element as a priority, not the commercial element. the sporting element, we know very well. don't need to be einstein to know that it should do toward cups and 40 as she will babble. the rebels are given that 95 percent of keep us revenue from 2015 to 18 was generated by the 2018 world cup. it's not exactly stunning met thief. it happens to think doubling the number of world cups is a good idea. but this reflects one of the biggest
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problem with fever and other stakeholders. for them, the world's most popular game is a personal piggyback. this outlook leads to terrible decisions like hosting the world cup and guitar, or i don't know having a world cup every 2 years. i mean, i'm personally from relative footballing men out of the united states, and i still think it's a terrible idea. frustratingly, the proposal was initially supposed to open up a debate about how football is organized and went down to the word to decide though, what is the best for food, but honestly, much of faith as proposal is pretty interesting. condensing, international breaks, playing more meaningful matches, and fighting for grassroots support for smaller footballing nations makes a lot of sense. sadly, it's all attached to the bright new biennial world cup plan. and though for many of us the sounds insane, it can't be laughed off. some of the bad ideas and football like making woman players wear skirts or the european super league might have been brushed away.
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others like the guitar world, copper champions league reforms weren't so watch this space were far from safe from one of the worst ideas going and began him to hold find all kinds of gender high society enjoy indulging in sophisticated town to think more. it plays a low infer why and i, and i'm very hard with on d w in important question, following a sudden cancer diagnosis, which treatment and drugs are most effective?
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ah, cancer research is in full swing in and what are the benefits of the new cancer drugs are and what risks do they come with? the business of home in 45 minutes on d w. they work today with love and banning thing away from them, but i'm not going to have to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything today. just getting are you ready to make the german then join me right? just do it on d. w. o .


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