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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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w business b. oh, here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west. good stood with business beyond on you to ah ah, it says date ebony, news, my from berlin. she is an jubilation turned to pain and sorrow in morocco rescue as finally rachel boy trapped in a well since tuesday,
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but too late to save him. also coming up queen elizabeth mock. 70 years on the british throne, becoming one of the few monarchs in history to mock a platinum jubilee. and in the buddhist lager, robert leben dusky is at it. again. the poll chips in with another goal to help buy into an important win over the red bulls of lime fish. ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. we begin with tragic news from morocco rescue as were unable to save the life of a young boy who fell into a narrow well because were forced to dig a horizontal tunnel to reach the boy's location. after being unable to pull him out of the opening from above the 4 day if it was tract live by in morocco and around
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the globe. crowds chia as rescuers carry 5 year old brian to the ambulance. moments later, the joy turns to heartbreak with words that rayon did not survive as good as i can't describe how i feel that my cousin is gone. what can i say? yes, my heart is aching for him. it's too much my dain. if you my heart to him, may god be with him now. 5 days ago, ryan plunged into this deep well while playing nearby. rescuers liked day and night to save him. but reaching ryan through the now i shaft, proved impossible. instead, bulldozers and diggers scrambled to excavate the surrounding as they then dog
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a horizontal tunnel on the level web ion was stuck. thousands of americans came to the site to show their support. many stood together in prayer. the parents of ryan have since received a cold from moral cause. king mohammed the 6th who offered his condolences. it is a tragedy felt by the entire country. wiley and we spiked. journalist moss, i'm as shami. hay was neither side of the rescue operation in northern america. unfortunately, the body of ferdinand was there, retrieved out of the well, and he was that declared dead. ah, it was not clear. initially, people thought that he was alive, but shortly after he was transferred to the ambulance wrapped in foil and the, the american royal palace delivered, issued
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a statement where they are, they did of at the news and said that the king has spoken to his parents. it's a really tragic and the village which had been celebrating this her, her doctor for free, angry, and did not realize until now when they went to check their tv is and i read their phones and suddenly it's gotten very quiet and very grim and, and it's just and it's just a tragic ending to such a dramatic story that lot of people had been afraid of and had been secretly hoping that m. o had almost felt back like that with happened but had, you know, clung on to hope. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. one of the
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icons of indian cinema has died. singer latin languish count was 90. 2 years old. she'd been admitted to a hospital in mom by in january after testing positive for cove. at 19 mangus car had an extraordinary career spanning over half a century, singing more than 30000 songs in 36 languages. 16 people a day in mexico, victims of a territorial dispute between rival drug cartels. police discovered the bodies of 10 people on a street in the state of zacatecas. they found another sakes hanging in a warehouse. it's believed the gangs of vying for control of drug smuggling routes to the united states. cyclone bats awry has arrived in madagascar battering the island with strong winds and heavy rain authority side the cycle and could impact millions of people. many have already been evacuated. madagascar is still recovering from a tropical storm light last month that killed at least $55.00 people. i've
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been 70 years since elizabeth. the 2nd became quain. she's the 1st british monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee. no public appearances unplanned for sundays anniversary, which the queen has traditionally seen as a day of reflection on her father's death. by the queen had a surprise ahead of time. she said she wanted prince charles's wife camilla to take the title of queen consort when he becomes king. elizabeth's message reflects a wider acceptance of camilla's status as a royal queen elizabeth the 2nd during one of the countless public engagements of a 17 year reign at 95, the queen remains committed to her royal duties. elizabeth inherited the title when king george died while she was on an international tour, filling in for ailing father of tragic news,
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reached princess elizabeth and her husband, while in kenya and the new queen left immediately for london. she was back in time for the funeral. a year later, the 27 year old spoke to the nation ahead of her coronation. at my coronel, i shall denny tank myself. and will he all say that i want to ask you, oh, whatever your religion may be. praying for me on that pearl. and god may give me wisdom and strain the k as for fallen promising, i shall be merciful. the queen has worked tirelessly ever since. and despite the pump pageantry and royal scandals, just forge a bond of the british public, i think she has been up the amazing. i think she's overseen incredible change
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in the country in the world and she's held it together with dignity, courage, and house service. i think the queen's great you think she's a great role model. she's lived a long life, which is amazing. so yeah, i always look up to the green, mia, royal memorabilia and london gift shops and the queen's traditionalist appeal. but observe a say the age of monarch has also adopted to retain a popularity. she has managed to provide this sense of continuity and stability, but at the same time remained relevant because of the way that she seems to have understood that the monarchy does need to adapt and to change in order to thrive. and over time, over so many years and a such a period of change sheets, he has already worked to build a connection with the public. and it's the legacy that queen elizabeth will hope to pass on to future generations of windsor's ah. on the winter and
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olympics are now in the 2nd day of competition. a pandemic means athletes haven't had as much chance to practice their disciplines. as usual. it's forced many to find new and creative training methods. for the past 18 months. the german bobsled tame have been using a secret weapon located in a munich office building that in hopes will take them back to the middles podium in beijing. german bobsled athlete hans peter hanning. hoffer is getting ready to practise on the beijing olympic course. but he's nowhere near china, he's using germany simulator, which they created to give their team a competitive edge at the winter olympics. there's a mulatto forms. there simulator is really realistic. i wouldn't have imagined it could be as good as it is. it feels a lot like a real life bob sled. the simulator allows the athletes to train in a real bobsled mounted on a special platform where they see intricate digital models of real life tracks. we
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see all the driving lines in 3 dimensions. so we really have a complete picture of what is going on of the simulation. and this is why we can make a yeah, very good suggestions to book dr. us on how to improve. beijing provided the added challenge of an unknown track. so the simulator created its own mock up to help the german team keep up with their chinese competition, who've been practicing on the real course for the last year. picking line ups latoya foundation was a totally new track. none of us had been there, and so no one could share any tips or impressions for my coming here gave us a chance to get to know the track in advance on my calendar. and that was one of the song them getting an impression of the track here puts you at a huge advantage. it means you're a step ahead on the track in real life. it fuzzy on, they're gone to lunch with meadows. the germans, who have historically dominated bobsled, are helping this technology helps them to secure more metals in beijing. either way,
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the simulator has one major advantage for pilots. when they crash, no one gets hurt. to jam him for full noun, leg late is by and cranked up the pressure on 2nd place. dormant if i on sunday with when overlaps ish by the champions didn't have it all their own way against a committed visiting side. it was jojo nuggets, man, 2nd meeting with his old side arby leipzig after joining by and munich. and it's assigning that's proving popular with the by on fans light. so you didn't get off to a great start, very all on with a costly mistake. and thomas mila finds himself in the right place. at the right time. leipzig did fight back by ins, defense looking shaky this time, and under a silva putting the ball across the line. just before halftime, it was low, but leave on dusky, turn. the pole heading home his 24th goal of the season again, leipzig were able to equalize their top scorer. christopher unconquered,
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put it past montoya. but in the end, the final goal did belong to by an sash. now we sought deflected by lights eskoville and this results makes jojo nuggets 1242 as biased head coach against his former side. and well under way to buy ants 10 championship in a row. elsewhere, there was a big upset for alex berg against any on berlin. it was indians at 1st gang without their creative mastermind, max clarissa, who transform i transferred during the winter break announcement, took full advantage. i took the late in the 1st half, then andre homeschooled, a long shot for the home side. after the break to seal a to the a when and give out spec 3 big points in the relegation battle. let's take a look at all the results so far after matched $821.00. as we saw there by an edged pass lapse ation ounce berg bait any on berlin. elsewhere,
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frank set got the better of stuttgart feel. a felt and glad back drew mine's bait. hoffen heim and fryeburg lost in cologne. on friday had to bel entry with bonham and on sunday don't men play labor, cousin and vall spec take on fat. the world renowned at german artis gearhart, they stirred turns 19 next week his marking the milestone with a homecoming exhibition, the east german city of dresden, where he was born and trained and which he fled during the cold war is celebrating rich as work. it's a home coming of sorts just days before gary had wished us 90th birthday this self portrait online from new york's museum of modern art forms the centerpiece of this very personal exhibition, curated by the artist himself. it features works of personal importance. portraits of his family and ones with ties to his old home town dressed in. only the sledge, howard the trustees, putting us in his enduring connection to dress and mean
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a lot to us, had it for expense wound up ha leash. there was born in dressed in 1932 and studied mural painting here for his diploma. in 1956, he created this mural and dressed and hygiene museum. the authorities headed painted over half the flat, the former communist state of east germany in 1961 a few to the front of anguish. he felt restricted here. there were things that he wanted to do, that he knew he wouldn't be able to show here. and that weighed on him idle by him . so he concluded that he wouldn't be able to do what he wanted to hear in the east, thus than that he would eventually have to leave his whatever kills. although i wish there continues to be an active artist. he does not paint any more. this abstract from 2017 is meant to be his last painting. it is also part of the
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exhibition portraits glass abstraction. the exhibition shows a wide variety of objects ranging from glass works color panels and a reflective skull. some 40 works, including many owned by rich to himself, will be on display interest in through may the 1st that sinews update this, our state, you know, for a porter with a look at what's called berlin's cold boss. offering a warm sate, or accommodation in winter. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. i'm rebecca, written in berlin. thanks very much for watching.


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