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blue please listen carefully. don't know how to do good. ah, you matches. discover the world around you. subscribe to w documentary on youtube. ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah. hi class portal meets the high society at the snow polo. woke up in saint morris, switzerland. but more on that later in the program and with that, welcome to your max. let's see what else we have lined up for you today. with this smoked salmon from noways one of the best in the well a huge crocheted coral reef in the plate of what i will deal in southern germany. in france, this man is a kind of national treasure and for any one who loves fashion, he is to eat some level, some even call him the greatest fashion designer of his time. he is the 1st to be honest in paris, in a very special way, a total of 6 parisian museums have joined forces for a unique project. ah,
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the last ever showed by french fashion designer eve zillow home was held at the santa pompey doing paris in 2002. he passed away 6 years later, the age of 71. now the world famous museum is honoring said laval with an exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of the 1st fashion show presented under the name hold on for us, it was important that the san to le pompadour who took part in this project. he often visited our exhibitions, he knew them and they provided inspiration for his work. ha. and when the payment be due, had to close for renovation, so he donated funds out ebay participate. noel moss: i know this young eve sent home at the santa pompey due at the music door saying that the roof 6 major paris museums are devoting exhibitions to the celebration of
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fashion design. at the same time, all of them reveal his relationship to it, but i cannot remember us having presented a fashion designer at the louvre. it's a great honor, but he's part of france's cultural heritage at the loop of some very opulent 8 go to blazes from the 19 seventy's. eighty's and ninety's are on display. you do see i did the puzzle did. the idea was to present these very luxurious jackets, which are like jewels, seek your head for the box, you feel moms and which are very suited to this gallery of the leuva and other objects exhibited here. explicit on i get these sin of all was a visionary goose innovative creations revolutionized the fashion world. the music don't say is showing his legendary tuxedo suit for women, known as lou smoking. he saw no eve salon was a real art lover and
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a great art collector. so it was clear that we shouldn't just mount to classic retrospective as had already been done elsewhere. castillo comes every pure dijon sofa. instead we show how closely he was in dialogue with artists throughout his career. i've a careless artist to jehovah guy, back at the salt to pompey today. the influence about a slight pablo picasso and fred allajay on saint hall's work is evident. his mondrey, andreas wrote freshen, history in this dress, comes from the famous 1965 collection, which really launched at fashion house. what's not so well known is that the collection made mostly launch works known in france, and he saw no hall was quite modest towards artists. he said he honored artist as it was inspired by them, but didn't copy them mortally. all really inspired him. at
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the parasol quoted shows and january 2022. fashion designers influences and journalists all agree that you say local was more deserving. this unique approach, anyone working in session is inspired by a son in law because it's an amazing example of someone who's responsible for a lot of renewal of fashion designer. my only thing, it's one of my favorite labels and inspires me every time a fashion industry icon. also. he was a genius. he was a pioneer. he, you know, came up with silhouette that never been seen before. he was to 1st with a lot of things and i think he just kind of set the tone for categories at the tone for how women dress and visitors to these unusual exhibitions seemed to like what they see most or says it's a really great this museum presents many different kinds of art, and for me fashions also an art form from the deck, the eve, se lavoy exhibition runs until may at all 6 museums. it's
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a tour with something for everyone, not just freshen easters. the backdrop is priceless, the sport exclusive and the spectators all have well line pockets. snow polo in san morris is a huge event every year in this legendary winter sports resort. it is all about al, against speed and sportsmanship. this variation on the classics board of polo was invented by any tool godaddy received from switzerland and his son. tito is a professional player and ambassador of this international jets at sport. we accompany turn at this year's tournament, and apparently we brought him lug ah fast horses, elegant fur coats and expensive champagne. jeers at the snow polar world cup in san morris high class polo meets high society. one
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of the professionals hoping to win here today is tito garden seat from switzerland . google, how the, how do you push yourself the harder it is, but that's why we here. we do what we love. we love working with the horses now team colleagues in tito gardens. he's been playing follow since he was 5. he's seen as an ambassador for the international jet set sport to professional player. also organizes tournaments around the world. really his support, his fault polos just such an important symbol for me and i'd like to make it more accessible. that's why we put on events like this one in summer. it's your kids. oh, miami beach, louis. it's important that people get to know the sport and experience it for them . it's something for the whole family informed that many people think it's an inaccessible sport, but that's not the case if i tito's father latin. oh god, nancy 1st had the idea of playing polo on snow back in the 1998th,
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he even played with prince charles graham lloyd's and all the people dr. young or fog him. we held the snow polo. will premiere here on lake some of it in 1985, like the sports 3000 years old, but it had never been played on snow before when it's you and summer it's is known for its ice and snow and the span tastic late. so we tried it and it worked. i think it's been the sensation ever since. the whole world comes here and it's projected back out into the world. toilets, you besides the players, the true heroes of polo are the horses. so grooms take very good care of the animals, tito gardens, he is full of respect for the elegant creatures, the colossal with fallback. we can be as well prepared as we like if the horses aren't as equally well prepare, it won't work. honestly, that's why we train for so many hours cleaning every morning. we come to the staples and check what they've eaten, how they've slept. definitely, there is so many factors. feet as i can can. i was just like we humans are athletes . the horses athletes to top top athletes just like the classic version of the
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sport. snow polo is a match between 2 teens of 4. after a period of 7 minutes known as the ciocca, the horses are swapped out to give them a rest. the team with the most goals went, polo is a risky sport, so good equipment is vital. ab schieffer, here we've got the boots used in pola. they've got 3 layers of leather for protection, right? then we've got re pads in the goggles, really important. you can repay a volumes, but not eyes. so i protection is crucial as of jumps countries. y'all's den comes the most important thing. of course, the helmet. last but not least, the gloves and mallet swapped. that's it. now all you have to do is when the snow hello world cup on the frozen lake saint. moritz is one of the most popular society events of the year. drawing some 22000 people on this occasion. we last now partly fighting with friends, friends together, and we come every year i,
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i your ritual. so g as every one is incredible. they the atmosphere is i'm one of the co because i love horses. i grew up on a farm in california before i moved to new york, so it says connected to my heart. i love animals. but these are, these are athletes. so way to go horse is also here today malcolm warwick professional player and polo coach to the british royal family for a policy solvable sports. it's the most complicated sport you can play. it's for the most dreaded and you can play with the best lifestyle. look where we all here in summer. it varies your places where you can play such an amazing sport, such a beautiful location like american millionaire, melissa ganci is the only woman playing today. ah, even though it is mainly men who compete in snow, polo women can also take part. just try my best. all i can do and try to put myself in positions where i can do well, i, you know,
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i'm not as strong as they are. so i tried to get myself, and the advantage that i can do you talk of dancing and his team, azerbaijan, land of fire. when this years no polar world cup, the next tournament already awaits him on moscow's red square. it has to be nice and cold for this fish too. when it comes to salmon than of agents are considered the experts because the fish fietta at home in the cold waters of the atlantic of the coast of norway smoked salmon is considered an a region national dish. and frederick moore, la anderson is said to make the best smoked salmon in norway. ah, transforming this fish into good smoke. salmon isn't just about adding some smoke. it requires patience, dedication and passion, frederick mala anderson better known as the smoke. it has all of these. he said to
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make the best smoke salmon in no way. i don't know any fish that you can do so many different things. we a salmon for a so big old variety of dishes, of a product. so no i, i like salmon and it's it healthy. and it bring a work to the people. so i look, i love a salmon salmon find the perfect breeding grounds of noise, atlantic coast. the fish are also farmed here and also as fish market predict mala anderson turns salmon into a typical knowledge and delicacy. he runs frederick slicker, greek, or friedrich smokers, and says the secret is to lit the fish race $3.00 to $5.00 days until brigham mortis has passed. this is now 3 days old from harvesting. because we have to have it like this. you can see it's hot now. so if you, if you make
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a salmon to fresh, the soul will not go into the fish for your fainting north. you're doing a very good product. very fresh and so all of you gone only large fish land on his table. ideally, they should weigh 7 or 8 cables. the flesh of these fully grown salmon is thicker and more air matter. but since they must be filled by hand, most of the producers won't touch them. the precise salting process is a trade secrets, but it's carried out in these containers. instead of being dry salted, the fish is a most whit salt. with salt, this of a old, wild and recipe is more difficult. takes more time, cost more money. everything is bad about this or floating process, but quality wise, is, is, is the best. after 2 days of soaking into for the day to dry the salmon this
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margaret using a spatial mix of slow burning wood chips. the fillet spent several hours absorbing the smoke. they then hung to mature for at least 2 days, leaving them to hang rather than lie flat and shoes. the salmon doesn't become too moist and oily. use more, selma doesn't taste good at all. but after 2 days, 3 days, then it, it all comes together. the full meets the, amid the smoke meets the meat in the folds. so this is what if a, if a product that's alive, he sells his salmon around the globe. and right on his front doorstep, just 500 meters from the fish market. as the crow flies is the restaurant salmon here, his smoke fish continues to age and a climate controlled cabinet before heading straight to the kitchen. norwegian
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salmon has been the speciality of this restaurant since 2090. this is not so one is typically like norwegian dish because since i am from asia i, we are not really like into the smoke od leash. but since i came here, no way, this is very interesting for me to the and more knowledge. today kim combines the salmon with toasted bread spinach and approached dig, talked to with hollandaise sauce. if walla smoked salmon benedict, the smoker is always thrilled to see what can mistake his monday makes with his st . the source is no classic with salmon, but the salt is a classic. and this combination with all this classic together, if it's working very, very good to select for frederick mala anderson, creating smoked salmon is a science as well as
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a passion and motional regions would agree the c and semen of their passion. believe it or not, these, that a balls a wool could help the safe a curry reef at least that's the idea behind a project that 2 artists and sisters have initiated to draw attention to the dying of reefs you to global warming. they have crocheted whole coral reefs from wool in various cities around the world. of course, always with the help of lots of volunteers, like in bob, bob gemini, 4000 people, how to create a colorful underwater would. now on display at the museum freed up buddha who rules, algae and shells in all shapes and colors from a distance. margaret and christine, val times installations look like real coral reef. the works are on display at the fleet a border museum in bought in, bought in southwestern,
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germany. and when you get up close you'll see everything's made out of wool. we very much aim to make the work feel as lively and animated as possible. and i think the bowden, bowden people have truly achieve that goal. it is really a world bursting with vitality. and i don't think we had to try. i think i think when people crocheting when they do the curation they are putting life into it. their exhibition crochet coral reefs to celebrates the vibrant beauty and diversity of coral reefs. a fascinating underwater world that's ultimately fighting for survival. the 1st signs of this are already apparent, such as here on australia's great barrier reef. the slightest rise and see temperature has a devastating impact. the coral expels a protective color giving algy living in its tissues, leaving only the white calcium skeleton bleached coral. also features in the
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artists installation. as a warning to us all in the last twenty's or so years, there have been massive, lynchings of corals when lots and lots of corals go white. and that turns out to be because of global warming, that the temperatures of the car, the timbers of the oceans are rising. and cars are very tiny organisms. they are very sensitive organisms. and they can't really withstand more than one degree. rise in temperature for 17 years. the sisters have traveled throughout germany warning of the consequences of global warming. wherever they happened to be, they call on local people to crochet corals for their satellite reef. the members of zondaway stop lows group are keen to contribute to vincent enough to well, anything having to do with nature animals, he species extinction. i and my fellow knitters,
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we'll put our heart and soul into it and see what you must place for young slum. it because we also think it's important. i find it is i'll, i'll switch dish, unseen. her groups been working on corals for 6 months for them crocheting more about meditation than attaining perfection couldn't. i'm was my you only need to be able to do single and chain stitches and an hour uneasy to learn. and in any case, as it says in the instructions of the r, little mistake doesn't matter. gave an ish man incline a fee louder. so to finish, after all, quarrels aren't always perfect. are they? oh, emma, a quote contract is especially when you've got grandchildren. so i think it's so lovely when they say our grandma is doing something for the environment. she's really hip. yeah. oh yeah. just like the ladies from this group in handbook in more than 4000 people from german speaking regions have also sent their creations
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to the fleet aboard a museum. under the artist guidance, a crochet team incorporates the individual pieces into the satellite reef. here we are talking about hundreds of thousands of hours of labor and no individual artist could do this much work on their own. um, so it really is a collective collaborative experience and creation. all the crocheted corals share the same basic forms, just as in nature. new creations arise through variations in color, yarns and connections, an expression of vitality as well as a warning that the living coral reef needs are protection from the threat of extinction. not only the chorus in the caea threatens, but also the glaciers in the mountains, researches around the world are recording the melting of glaciers. our reports, i had like railings set out for his mission, europe to the max,
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to the largest glazer in iceland. ice gave the country its name and the but not your could. a glacier of us no less than $3000000.00 tons of it. ah, and iceland in the winter. it's a place of snow and ice extremes. this is the largest glacier in europe. but climate change is endangering of crevasses, ice cave and floating iceberg high time to explore them on foot or all for rob, a large wheel latin a year could glacier is actually an enormous ice, kept in southeast iceland with
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a volume of some 3000 cubic kilometers. no other glacier in western europe holds more. it stretches over 140 kilometers east to west, across the island, south east. the western tip lies over 300 kilometers from the capital. they can big along the southern ring ropes. my 1st destination is an ice cave at the glaciers edge i venture with the case can only be reached in a specially adapted chief. if all goes well, the trip takes about half an hour. but the weather in iceland is quite unpredictable. the road conditions too. we covered the final stretch of the journey on foot, watch the edge of the glacier. they so far it's gone,
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but we are here at one of your goods. 40 some glacier told the ice caves underneath our popular tourist attraction. particular the ice and the less oxygen it contains, the more intensive the color. ah. can you see the blue eyes here? the color of yes. it's, it's my billing. it's a pleading judy, guys. capes can only be entered safely during the winter months when the eyes overhead stayed. after it warms up, many of them disappear forever. in the summer time, the. busy temperature goes up, the ice is melting, and then we got water flowing. this is cutting the ice, which is creating the case,
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but also the, the glaciers are retreating because of global warming on. so when we go to the cave at the edge of the glacier the next year it's. ringback most probably gone, it's melted. now we have to go looking for new moon. the next day i approach europe's largest glacier from another side. richard bell is taking me to another glacier tongue. the higher we climbed, the ice you're in here, i'm beginning to realize the true dimensions of this glacier. the ice reaches a maximum of 950 meters thick. but like most glaciers these days up, my jacket is retreating required unless at the top of that large black ink left, it was kind of the level of the glass here. so it's gone back. yeah,
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i don't have to write us. i will send it is it's a very fragile us kat. oh, glad serious you lot. so i, we know that at signing gonna last another sort of 2 to 300 years and then most of it will be gone on our descent storm. took us by surprise at the foot of the vote in the year could glacier confronted with the vastness of nature. i suddenly feel very, very small liberals far more extreme than i expected with all the storms out there. and the eyes figures that was just really amazing. ah, he has a maybe you also have the travel bag now and if he wants to call this d, w back pack your own, just go to our website and there you will find all the info you need plus many more
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topics. thanks for joining us today. and see you next time, bye bye and with ah
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ah, with who thought and nature when to fight back
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against the destruction it has been subjected to in on everything is imaginable. wake up. some people in tune with nature, march 21 in 30 minutes on d w. well, go to the dark side where tech conglomerates have more power than the state. surveillance capitalism became the dominant economic paradigm. and it went from google to facebook from facebook. it became the default. 1 option in the tech sector. opaque worlds, the rise of big tech. 75 minutes on d, w one ah
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shlou where i come from, we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in the military dictatorship with just one tv shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journey. i had work and friends of many countries and their problems are always the same. for do social inequality, a lack in the freedom of the press. corruption, we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans on seaman white. both will have decided to put their trust enough. my name is jenny perez and i work at the w ah, a letter issue. when i arrived here, i slept with a sick of people in
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a room. 9th and it was harsh. fair. i even got white hair is learning the german language head. yeah. lots this kids to me and they built but trinity to and track to say that you want to know their story info my grants verifying and reliable information for my grants. ah ah isn't w news live from berlin? b where says russia now has nearly enough force.


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