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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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oh, smart nature, ah, for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hedge. moral life starts from june 16th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, it says d, w, news live from berlin, b u. where says russia now has nearly enough forces in place to invade ukraine.
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washington sent thousands of its own troops to bolster nato allies, as it warned, tens of thousands of people could be killed in any russian aggression against its neighbour. also coming up, the nightingale is no more. india declares 2 days of national mourning for a singing legend. lots of manga shit who dies weeks after contracting, coven, 19. and queen elizabeth mock. 70 years on the british throne becoming one of the few monarchs in history to mark a platinum jubilee. ah, i'm rebecca writ us welcome to the program. united states intelligence officials say russian has now in place 70 percent of the forces in need to invade ukraine. according to the right,
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a large scale russian invasion could kill as many as 50000 civilians and prompt a refugee crisis in europe. meanwhile, the u. s. is stationing some 30000 troops in neighboring nato member countries. a contingent has already arrived in south east in poland, near the ukrainian border, and now the batch is expected to land. they on sunday fell join efforts to protect east and nato members. from potential russian aggression by the kremlin continues to insist, there is no plan to invade and says, the presence of nato troops will only increase tensions. let's bring in database correspond marina strauss, marina, the u. s. estimates, russia would have the entire force. it needs to invade ukraine by mid february. does a, the, a, you and nato agree with that assessment? that you and nato both institutions here in brussels have not reacted to this assessment yet. it's also a sunday morning, so maybe there's more to come a bit later or at the beginning of the week. but both institutions here in brussels,
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nato, and you said they're of course prepared for every possible scenario. for example, when russia really decided to invade ukraine, the you, of course, is not, doesn't really have military power here, but they say they have prepared a set of sanctions in case russia really tries to, to move forward o u. s. a bolstering troops by 3003000 us soldiers to european allies in eastern europe. and that means that in comparison to more than a 100000, on the russian side, what is the u. s. and nato hoping to achieve with such a small deployment divide and administration says that the troops are actually enough to, to, to deploy a wide range range of actions, including i'm setting a full scale invasion to capture kit, for example. so apparently they are prepared, it already sets with the,
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via nathan's, tracy says, and of course, the number of troops, the nato and the u. s. are deploying right now, is not the, i'm not the only number. the troops are at the eastern flank of the european union . they already troops stationed in poland, in lithuania and law. we are, and in estonia, because business read the east and flung the european union close to battle, roost close to russia. and they have been stationed there since the annexation of crimea a couple of years ago. and to those trips that is that true presence and, and in fact the increased troop presence from the u. s. assuage fears on the european side. i mean, how have eastern european countries been responding? it's in europe in countries are in general, a very fearful when it comes to what they call a russian publication. and in poland, for example, the moot is very positive to words, nato, and 2 words. u. s. troops. i said they're already troops stationed there,
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and i ones are traveled to to poland. i'm too close to the border with a you crow too close to the border with better bruce and colleen and grab the rush, next clave and there people told me they are very favorable of us troops being stationed there, there for you. more safe. if the u. s is stationed there, of course, with this new threats of russia possibly trying to invade and crane. these countries in the u at the east flank are also more fearful off possible publications or even invasions in the future by the rest of the site or at marina. thank you. david brussels correspondent, marina strauss. and let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world rescue as in morocco have been unable to save the life of a boy who fell into a narrow well. workers were forced to dig a horizontal tunnel to reach his location after being unable to pull him out of the opening from above the 4 day if it was tract live by viewers around the world.
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16 people are dead in mexico, victims of a territorial dispute between rival drug cartels. police discovered the bodies of 10 people in a street in the state of that could take us. they found another stakes hanging in a warehouse. it believed the gangs vying for control of drug smuggling routes to the united states with india now, where millions are mourning. the death of one of the country's most iconic saying is latter mangan car has died at the age of $92.00 after being hospitalized due to a cove at 19 infection last month. ah, ah! known as the nightingale of india lotta mangas cows, lilting, voice dominated the waves. for decades, the hollywood superstar received dozens of movie awards and sang more than 15000
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songs in her career. and is home ministry has declared 2 days of national morning with flags around the country flying at half mast. i'm joined now by day w correspondent, namisha jas. while namisha, what a reactions in india back to the news of her death record remembrances and can sort of inform memories, all the scene go off warning in from across the country. and i don't mind eating the evidence even now at national. focusing on all the people who told you as a member, a member of the voting in the bright minister, himself put out a treat. seeing that the deck of that i have left a massive void in the countries, gradually, history has got it now across the country, that is a black will be flying on hawk boston. that is going to be a funeral this evening with the doors. and there's going to be diesel morning, one right there with it. a song jack, what are night you use?
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it would each decade and it's definitely a good jesus right across and yeah, and how many do you remember one? yes. such an icon in india, but for the people around the world who may not have heard of her, tell us about the significance of latin america for indian music and cinema lender because she is mainly recognized as a li boxing the she sang for the music checks that we often see in boyhood movies, when the big shows are all the actors and actresses. but the voices often guns like i'm dish, but many gold metal. many of those remember it or do you find that your doctor, but she is remembered as the nightingale of india. she had, she sang from the young age of her again to provide support to her family gets active or 40 languages. she won many national awards and that's when it's been was, and she was actually one of the people who bought for the institution of those been mom was that was be back thing. good for not given that amount of respect when she
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was came into the industry, she also broke into a b, a dominated industry and is now one of the most recognized workers in indian cinema . and in thinking, i would like to close out by talking about how one beamed, which remembered, oh, you said if you did all the 3 grants on the moon, on the honey and the universe put them together, you would still not create always like her. and this is no and go to members of that has beautiful such a sad type in a database. that message is while in delhi, thanks very much. queen elizabeth is mocking 70 years on the throne. the 1st ever platinum jubilee for a british monarch. no public appearances have been planned for sundays anniversary, which the queen has traditionally seen as a day of reflection on her father's death. i think i might just put a knife. i have to read it a rare public appearance this weekend, but remaining ever committed to her royal duties,
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even at the age of 95. while queen elizabeth celebrates the 70th anniversary of her reign, it's also a poignant moment. and that's because she became queen after her ailing father, king george. the 6th died on this day. in 1952 are tragic moors reached princess elizabeth and her husband, while in kenya and the new queen left immediately over london. she mourned with the eyes of the world on her and again, last year, when her husband prince philip died, the queen has worked tirelessly for 7 decades, forging a bond with the public in britain and around the world. i think she's been up see amazing. i think she's overseen incredible change in the country in the world and she's held together with dignity, courage,
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and her service. i think the queen's great you think she's a great role model. she's lived a long life, which is amazing. so you always look up to the green here in a statement to mark her jubilee. she's announced she wants her daughter in law to take the title of queen consort. when her son, prince charles ascends the throne, essentially shall be known as queen camilla. the monarchy is often seen to represent tradition, but the aging queen has been able to adapt over the years. she has managed to provide this sense of continuity and stability, but at the same time remained relevant because of the way that she seems to have understood that the monarchy does need to adapt into change in order to thrive and over time, over so many years. and a such a period of change sheets, he has already worked to build a connection with the public
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a legacy that queen elizabeth the 2nd will hope the rest of the royal family can maintain the winter olympics is in its 2nd day of competition. and any zealander, as might history and beijing after she banged her country's 1st ever gold at a winter games. so he said aus casey not claimed gold and the women's snowballed slope style on a course designed to resemble the great wall of china. the snowboarder scored 92.88 points on her final rum and landed back to back 1080 spins over a tough field of competitors and german football league late as by and cranked up the pressure on 2nd place, dormant with a win overlaps ish. it was you, your nuggets, man, 2nd meeting with his old side arby leipzig after joining by and munich. and it's assigning that's proving popular with the bi on fans light. they didn't get off to
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a great start, really all on with a costly mistake. and thomas miller finds himself in the right place at the right time lives. he did fight back by ins, defense looking shaky this time. and under the silver putting the ball across the line. just before halftime, it was more what they went off. ski's turn. the pole heading home his 24th goal of the season. again, leipzig were able to equalize their top scorer, crystal fountain, cuckoo, put it past montoya. but in the end, the final goal did belong to by an sash. now we saw deflected by lights escobar, y'all, and this results world renowned german artist care how to wish that turns 19 next week is marking the milestone with a special exhibition interest. and it's a homecoming of sorts just days before gary had wished us 90th birthday this self portrait online from new york's museum of modern art forms. the centerpiece of this
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very personal exhibition, curated by the artist himself, had features works of personal importance. portraits of his family and ones with ties to his old home town dressed in. only the such howard and the trustees put in us and his enduring connection to dressed and mean a lot to us had his food council and a bar leash. there was born and dressed in 1932 and studied mural painting here for his diploma. in 1956, he created this mural, had dressed in hygiene museum. the authorities had had painted over half the flat, the former communist state of east germany in 1961. as soon as he sent off, and as he felt restricted here wanted more, there were things that he wanted to do. that he knew he wouldn't be able to show here. and that weighed on him idle by him. so he concluded that he wouldn't be able
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to do what he wanted to hear in the east thus, and that he would eventually have to leave his whatever kills. although i wish there continues to be an active artist, he does not paint any more. this abstract from 2017 is meant to be his last painting. it is also part of the exhibition portraits glass abstraction. the exhibition shows a wide variety of objects ranging from glass works color panels and a reflective skull. some 40 works, including many owned by rich to himself, will be on display interest in through may the fast. oh, that's a news update this. i will have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour . i'm rebecca, as, thanks holding ah,
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