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tv   Faith Matters - Vaccines for Africa - Namibia in the Pandemic  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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to morrow to day in 60 minutes on d. w. ah! what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get the out now. ah ah ah namibia. once a popular tourist destination, but the country is suffering under covert. mass vaccination appears to be the answer. oh both there the africa, seneca one was off, begin in may and the next door was in july,
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and now i went to and got his people to go, but it resumed bo 40 again. oh, i don't want to lose so many people. i don't want to see them die. i want them to live the neighbor inequities in vaccine distribution, a taxing the relationship between germany and the media. that's why you haven't hamish, they don't always have what we have here and is often they lack the important thing that would help us all get to the panic. they don't have them. and i feel very privileged here yet. ah, ah, the albert einstein high school in berlin is twinned with the hog again, bowl of high school in the namibian capital vint hook. namibian students were
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supposed to now be in berlin on exchange. but the coven pandemic forced them to cancel virtual meetings and words of encouragement, or all that's left will issue on such an issue. although it has been very, very difficult over the past few months with school, with free time, with all the things that you couldn't do about us. we can now see how quickly it's progressing, how quickly you can get vaccinated if you know how well you're cared for, medically aligned to how many people help you here, you know, and stuff is so much in the media. in winter comes up at our partner school. this is sometimes missing. thank he's much, they don't have adequate medical care. i'll cite an emergency. know she has all complexity of eyes travel wasn't possible in 2020. the namibian group was supposed to visit us in berlin when it became possible again, if we had high hopes until recently, now everything is crash, doggie,
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i ritual meetings can bring us closer, but there are no substitute for a real meeting, candace, under. when shall feel, hug again. bob hi is a prestigious institution and one of the largest schools in namibia. it students have an exchange program with its german partner school, which includes regular visits between vint, hook and berlin. but the trips have been cancelled for almost 2 years. due to the pandemic. ah, even face to face learning is in jeopardy. southern africa has been overwhelmed by the new oma cron variant. the latest student exchange trip has also been canceled. unfortunate. the educational value of twisting schools is precisely this personal experience of a foreign culture. that physical and that action or lead to because no money though it would, would come here. oh,
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our learners will go over with their teachers and then they interact, they stay with one another just to lend culture and all these. but this was not was disrupted. the schools have been twinned for more than 12 years. and the african partner students were to be on a flight to germany. instead, they've been locked down for months, remote learning. so oh, only and oh, did you feel sometimes oh, i understand. well, it goes, you can ask the teacher about meetings will not what reason me do i am the worker so it's all i've explained. you just have to be an employee. oh, the meeting myron i, i'm just coming to school this lead time. got money wise. anything
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ah, i did. it wasn't bad. 15 year old seka leaves very close to the school with her mother, aunt and 2 sisters. but zuka seldom has the place to herself. i hate to stay at home was 6 months at how long the lug down was and with 5 people give basically for homeschooling out, come tomato, men do my work like far from the tv or just on my bed doing my leg sometimes it would switch off in the middle of like class, or sometimes named in
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a door like low down. and then you like, just have to wait until it works. again. soccer has her own room, which is not very common in cut to tura. it's been hooked poorest district. her family had to scrape together money for online classes. some day my sister or mother would sacrifice and give me money for did they because i mean it schoolwork . it, this is so it is sacrifice, even though i need to buy, like, you know, a t shirt may be, they'll sacrifice it for me and give me the money to buy data. so you'll need and date there. you'll need a smartphone. you will need a like quiet place that that may be everyone can get in bed mostly date they like every week because it only last for 7 days. and mm hm. how much is it? $60.00 per month. yeah. $60.00 per week. ah, that's the equivalent of 3 euros 60 for remote lessons. this may not seem much to
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germans, but it's beyond the reach of many namibian emanuel, who, like soccer, should be visiting berlin now. also lives in cut a tura, but on the outskirts he has a half hour walk to school. he shares a room in this corrugated iron hunt with his sister. ah. washington. yes. okay. so it went back to family. nice. thank am i marsha. oh desiree vella bed was like melanie. explain this. why study terms? you my rooms a motion looking and this is my hands off with our bounce back. the now move. they made the site and
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out of state. yeah, i bought sandwich freshman with a unless any one of vint hooks lodge symmetries lines. just a few kilometers outside the city. it's saturday, the day funerals are traditionally held in many african countries. and oh, we filmed off to large gatherings of moon is an important part of namibian culture . we're again being allowed. every one attends the extended family friends of the deceased. all the neighbors looked down regulations here was similar to those in europe and almost everywhere else. even singing was forbidden and passed as often stood at the grave with just 5 or 6 close relatives. rosa that they're back there. hoster lorenz. coud said she k administered in germany for a number of years. and they said no and hung up. he's now been pastor in cut
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a tura for about a decade. no, no, no. what? yep. okay. i'm and the members of his parish were particularly hon. hit by the severe coven wave that struck namibia in 2021. 0, that's good. i mean, you know, july of boost swenson swenson from the end of may through june, july and august to 2021. we buried somebody every day lies vaguely shred it. it was really hard for me that we held a memorial service on september 25th for all the people we buried. yep. oh good year. there were about 82 names. 100 leave. yeah. it makes a site. there were funerals every day. one sunday i was at the ed group hopped by october 2021 less than 5 percent of the namibian population had been vaccinated. there was not enough vaccine to go around. besides,
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many people were afraid of the job. as a pastor, i do speak to my colleagues to go and be vaccinated me myself and go fully vaccinated and i'm really living well and i don't have any problems, especially my vaccination. wow. was the as far as the nigger and i did it to sure. there was no, no problem at all. so i think that's a nation can be done, but we have to stop all the media publications that i really gaming and, but any problems or people of relaxing wild conspiracy theories about cove it and the vaccines have also impacted namibia. summer begins here in november. the pandemic had eased a little, and professional soccer matches, restarted, even spectators were allowed. nobody could know that the oma crone variant was already on the march, and the vaccination rate was disturbingly low. we
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have a lot of boxes being produce as you know, over 6000000000 doses have been i finished it. however, most of doors that are being administered in the rich countries and most of the poor countries, and particularly in the african region, have less than 5 percent of the populations who have received the vaccine. namibia has a land mass, almost twice the size of germany, with the scattered population of 2 and a half 1000000 people. reaching every one for vaccination is not easy. the world health organization's kovacs program is helping rich countries of being asked to donate the vaccine, which the w. h. o, then distributes amongst the most remote areas of africa. that includes dreamy ups
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us some 300 kilometers from vint hook. but the w i chose representative in namibia discovered that the vaccination campaign was getting off to a slow start. people in this remote region had not been properly informed by 10 in the morning. just 7 people had turned up to be vaccinated in goodness. yeah, hang on, for instance, traveled more than 45 kilometers from the farm where she works. her boss, a white farmer, sent her to be vaccinated. in glenitia receives sino farm, the chinese vaccine. it has not yet been approved in germany. the former village school is the vaccination center for the next 2 weeks. the longer the center is open, the more people turn up for a job. it went away without the ah, the campaign. let me say,
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i didn't say add p. we lisa had picky bought over 2 weeks. if me love to come back again, my manager elect a 100 and avenue is funded. are people that that's it always. and if you like them in the end, some 1200 people in dreamy of this was vaccinated at least full 100 of those receive a 2nd job. oh, the others have to find a vaccination center in the next few weeks to receive their 2nd dose. then they have to figure out how to get there. but most importantly, is there enough vaccine available? ah, maybe the provincial capital go, bob is,
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has the only hospital with full medical can, but it's inadequate for a population of 70000 or tonight think because of h i v aids namibian zer, experienced with infectious diseases where we had the government pharmacist walks us through his vaccine storage in that organization. so of if, if they're stolen, where we are giving all of our lessons at the moment we're looking for. but which is also nationality. annella again, is that angular see no phone. let's see that they made them phases and jasmine barrow available. yay wise info. you know, from we have that on the one of those is dependent full
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length flavor. right, so we have level to the end of the as resident brown with live around $1000.00. it's a lot, but not nearly enough. so the arrival of a plane in july 2021 with donations from germany, is eagerly awaited the congo of mosques protective suits ventilate. as in vaccine doses east desperately needed so far, we received about a 150000 of us that come from the german government. and we believe that maybe more will become in the german health ministry. pledged more than 30000000 vaccine doses by christmas 2021 to the world health organizations kofax program.
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we cannot see that the the promise that has been made is being fully implemented here. because otherwise, we would not have the challenge of supplies. so supply is a major issue and the, the need to provide enough vaccines for everyone because we need to understand that unless everyone is protected, nobody else. oh, the lutheran church is one of the most active groups promoting cova vaccination in namibia. and it's voice carries a lot of weight. the churches efforts can be seen in ot, we're on go a provincial town, some 250 kilometers north of vint. hook,
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the silent parish girls club is doing a corona demonstration monster handwashing, testing the 14 to 18 year old girls say no one should be afraid of being vaccinated. with my mom. he tango, i see. story is tragic, but not uncommon in the media. her mother died of cove at 19 in may last year. she had wanted to be vaccinated, but there was little chance at the time. the girl struggles to tell her painful story, but it's important for the audience to hear it. her mother's death to covered through
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the whole family into crisis. a 18 year old kid tango now takes care of her 3 siblings. she earns what money she can buy, making clothes, which she sells in the neighbourhood. also. oh hey mrs. i wanted a wife. maybe a know, i mean i know me feel what happens like that shouldn't be an issue and she may be something that helps you to state that. oh, there law young a young we are yes to change. so i asked myself if i would change and it's my old one and my mom and out of this and he is a daughter of one of the members, the one that that this goes glad with me must her mean me herself,
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us in peace. so we also, the 2 of us went to germany. so as a teacher by profession that she lost her life or this year, you took of it. so now they are siblings are for was their father. now in our girls club i think the afford to 5 girls that close their parents. yeah. to duke of it. and then most of them are staying with the grandparents. if we, if 3 goes from the club, it also was the remaining only was the grand remaining yadda. the grandmother, it was a basket assembly. so our girls are really affected by his coveting. we are still trying to yard them to stay home. today, the girls club is hosting 3 visitors from partner parishes in vessel in germany through a valley. the pandemic has made visits like this one extremely rare. the girls club is an offshoot of this is me, a lutheran women's project. partnerships between lutheran parishes in germany,
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in namibia have existed for almost 40 years. ah, the stories of grief and bereavement are remarkably similar in both countries. ah, feler compensation for up. she didn't want, many of them weren't able to say good bye. this last close relatives and are still severely traumatized credit but keep it to themselves. question, they can't talk about it right now, and they'll certainly be a lot they'll have to work through in the future to it's not my whole home and be at a dad in shoals. his son is properly dressed for his confirmation. more than 60 young people are due to be confirmed to day. but then the alarming news emerges from south africa, a new apparently even more infectious cove at variant has been identified. omicron
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a, we back to square one. ah, be faithful. my sons come comes out. you really wanna be faithful. my door does come comes out. will it be wonderful? yeah. that the lord your god will hold you in his holy hand. young me be ins like teenagers everywhere, are enthusiastic uses of social media. pastor john is afraid they'll be hoodwinked by conspiracy theories circulating on the internet. and be discouraged from getting vaccinated is curry to mercy on the social media. on what's up on facebook was huge, it was big it. and if it is many bill was in a sort of them. and now i'll be bill the messages that were sent around was leg don't, did this mitigation. you will die after 3 months. don't dig this medicine,
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or the tide is, are all there was to, well, are busy. i'm assuming our ass away from the blood net that they want to take a while. a candy in it is only discouraging message. and that's why the people away in fear. again, there are parallels to the situation in germany, but in the parish hostile, a kind of boarding school where children can stay when their families live on farms . far away from the schools. the german visitors encounter a chilling consequence of the pandemic that german children don't have to face hunger nickina. this is where the children live or taken care of. they go to school will get 4 meals a day and can do their homework of no man that's their normal life. and i thought that everything has collapsed due to corona, the hostels were closed. like and even now not all children can be taken back night because physical distance has to be observed. so many children are at home when
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they don't get regular meals for so it's typical for families of 6 or 7 people to live on one person's income with fish. and if that's gone, the biggest problem that comes hunger. if the children go to school, they get something to eat there. the question of whether they should also get vaccinated seems of secondary importance right now. a group from the girls club tries to tackle the hunger problem in the slums of o t u r. on go. when they get donations, they buy food in bulk. then the young women distributed, providing a few dozen families with the essentials. some of the donations come from germany rep an elderly woman lives in this corrugated eye and heart with her 2 daughters and their children. her husband has died. the children's father's leave
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elsewhere hasn't been riding on the grandmother calls all 6 grandchildren together . she sees it as her responsibility to take care of them. oh, oh. oh. oh, with his co who happy as his am county i can deal with like a know people a daughter explains that the family has only $800.00 namibian dollars a month to live on about $48.00 euro. the pension money is $1300.00. but because of the london c, d t and d as big 5 years, vic, she's only getting 800, and that's the way they do their living. this was always my drew to come and help all kinds of people. and finally, i'm doing it for the 1st time, and it's very, i'm very happy to be doing this to be helping out people all the way i can
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very face to face such family going through a difficult time in i to this corona, for god's grace favorite game and gave a would hope go bless the lutheran church in namibia preaches, but also works to alleviate economic hardship. during the pandemic, it's promoting vaccinations. only about 14 percent of namibia, 2 and a half 1000000 citizens have been vaccinated once there is a need for vaccine to reach more people, there are some people who certainly is changing their minds to go for their vaccines. and if there is enough vaccination thing, i think that will be helpful. olva funerals continue, the none of infected are falling significantly. some experts say omicron leads to less severe illness,
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and many may have been unknowingly infected veil count has recovered in early february, but vaccinations still provide the best protection. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah
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ah ah ah, ah, ah. with who we know. it's he a to stay has become part of our lives, the kinds of 19 fires. they know where it really came from and how it spreads. while they had taken
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a giant towards getting to the bushes long cut it to morrow to day. in 30 minutes on d. w. 2000 kilometers in an electric camper. a check in special with alison at eric bella, the dw travel reporters and youtube ers drive across europe on electric power tourist highlight and insider tips and elect. you're buying road triple check it in 60 minutes on d, w. o. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corners. check
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hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot. d w. travel off we go. over the battle against cove, it the only common variant is putting health care systems around the world to the test vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax, data and reports? you know weekly coven 19 special. every thursday on d. w. b, can i hold your hand? ah, teens. we have a lot in common. can this become love of i don't got book an eye on me that that made they could have been i can afford official intelligence.
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combat loneliness high. i love stories from the future. starts february 14th on d, w. ah ah, the thursday w news line from berlin. germany's chancellor heads to the united states after being criticized at home for taking a backseat and effort to deal with russia to build up along ukraine's border of salt hope to reassure his us ally that he serious about deescalate in the crisis. ah,
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and india declares 2 days of national mourning for singing legend that among


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