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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2022 7:15am-7:31am CET

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on berlin up next, we got world stories for you on course you'll find lots more on our website, all the information, all the news you want any time you want at d, w dot com my names terry martin from me and all of us here at the w thanks for watching ah ah, did ah i'm you can that i work that's hard
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and in the end is a me, you are not a lot as to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance of the what's your story? i mean, like numbers, women, especially and victims of financing and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in so migrants your platform for reliable information ah,
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this week on world stories, educating kids in war time, ukraine. a drug lords, hippos and columbia. we begin in germany where a report has revealed a cover up of abuse within the catholic church. that also implicates pope benedict victims describe life long suffering. my number's while my name is marcus eleanor. i was abused by a chaplain, 6 goals. marcus elton, i grew up opposite a church in bud hope and the rule region of western germany. his mother raised him and his siblings alone. the young clergyman from the church peter h took an apparent interest in the family. he invited 12 year old marcus to visit him in the parish house that is on bud montessori. he already had his bathroom on his own. he didn't have to undress much at all. he sat down next to me on the couch and after a few advances the blow started to hold for this little one. it didn't take longer
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. good lord, just a few caresses for him to show me how it was done, arden. and then i had to do the same to him, so i thought, orally, gratified, must listen to what you most welcome. does he not go god befitting worcester, like underfunded, should i started wedding myself again and hiding under the bed? strictly, i also drank a lot at that time because he gave me alcohol at the age of 12 and 13 from 12 quarts and the organ. the abuse continued in peter h went on to abuse. several other boys as well. a number of cases became public and he was even sentenced, but not dismissed. instead, he was transferred to rural parishes and bavarian. there he was supposed to undergo therapy, but instead continue to abuse boys there as well. only years later did these cases come to light. marcus, else nor happened to see a t v report about the abuse. it was then he realised his tormentor from back then it continued to abuse boys unchecked, rightly. i was actually feeling quite robust and strong at suddenly when i saw him on television,
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everything collapsed round me. i started having suicidal thoughts. i. i didn't know what to do. i was at work a dog noise was what if i told wilson what is martin's reuter just of that singer, the former archbishop of munich, and later pope benedict was in charge of the diocese and bavaria. at the time. either he knew about the abuse cases and covered them up for peter h, or he violated his duty to oversee the parish. peter h is now retired and lives once again in the rural region, about 10 kilometers from the scene of marcus eleanor's abuse is thanks again. i think it's every night and day, lots at night and the foreman nightmares oxen during the day that i could run into her somewhere for victims were traumatized for life elsewhere were never freely real rebels needed a loss wolf bought. where was god wellness? happy not just to made the to all of us shoulders. why didn't he intervene with griffin marcus eleanor has never wanted to enter a church ever again. ah,
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china as persecuting weeker muslims and ethnic minority and the u. s. one man is trying to raise awareness of their struggle, which includes his father's fake these mountains remind book ra, keen, very much of home. he left china 6 years ago to start a new life in the u. s. everything seemed to go well until his father, who remained in china, was promptly snatched from his home during the night of october 25th in 2018. his father owned one of the biggest rigor publishing firms and our king believes that his fight to protect the legal language. and culture was the reason why the chinese government put him in prison. arkwin says his father was like a best friend supporting him financially in the us. this lady is here
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to see him again. i vish u. s. government and euro. they can do more to pressure on china. about the jan, the genocide after his father was detained, will grow our keen open the restaurant in the larger area. he needed 2 lands after the bigger region in east dungeon. john, where he grew up. surprising, not many people know about vigorous even. there's so many news on the media, so like i have to attract them to create like curiosity. then that's sort of this t shirt. i think it helps a lot like people they ask about vigorous they googled riggers. some of his customers already know a lot about the topic. others are just about to find out. as an american, i feel
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a responsibility as a conscientious consumer, to understand that the weavers are inextricably connected to american consumer ship and capitalism. that there are so many companies that have direct or indirect relationships, to weaker labor through the forest detention and force labor camps that the chinese are inflicting on them and have been for so long. so i am definitely interested in knowing more about them and i plan to google la wicker later today. ah, ukraine fears of russian invasion, people in the east, in particular have been living under a threat. but everyone should be prepared even if they're far away and including children. deadly bombed munitions via our we are not in the military facility,
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but to school. mine awareness training by the police with the kids at school number 259 in the ukrainian capital. here. the kids are told that explosives can come in all shapes and sizes. you know, i'll go ahead with them. it looks just like an ordinary soft toy, but it contains an explosive and any contact picking it up, touching it or just walking by can set this off. the kids are curious. all this is new to them. well armed conflict with russian back separatists has been going on for years. the front line is far from here. but given the latest escalations, this school wants to be prepared for the prospect of conflict. some of the stuff have seen this before. history teacher or lena yuk, of liver comes from
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a town that is now occupied when you move in this not only in the don't sure all the different, even though we never thought we would need this kind of knowledge. but then suddenly, in june, 2014, the school came under fire by the kids were in close. we found out later it wasn't the army but separatist fighters. this became our daily reality. actually. me this a bloody on anything happening. and ukraine gets broad coverage days. this will drill is no then an alarm goes off, meaning the building has to be evacuated. this time it's just a drill, but it is a realistic scenario to have been frequent bomb threats against schools all over ukraine in recent weeks. they were all 4th alarms, but worries about the safety of school children and ukraine are growing.
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i think it was so it is why it's important to do this. pupils we missed this will not know what to do with this message. for this one. we used to have wired rules. now we are training for minds and long was that is more interesting when you, when you leave my parents constantly give me advice in what to do when everyone hopes the children will need to put that training into practice. but they have to be ready for the worst. ah, when colombian drug lord, pablo escobar, died, he left behind a private do multiplying offspring from his hippos are threatening the ecosystem. birth control should help
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a legacy of drug kingpin pablo escobar. and a problem that has grown over the years, columbia's hippos, now the largest population outside of africa, which is their natural habitat. the so called king of cocaine, brought 4 of the packet arms to his ranch. they've now multiplied to more than 90 and a causing havoc. they like it here, especially in high summer, when the hippos gather i know it, i know badly. they swim out there and then reappear somewhere else. well, they rammed my boat and tips it over because you can't see them at night. like i know the males are so aggressive, but one hit my boat with a big bang them yet. but when? well, over like our only i glenmarie the hippos in columbia and now the subject of public
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debate. animal rights activists insist that the large mammals are completely innocent. but environmentalists criticize the effects, the hippos have on the ecosystem, and the indigenous foreigner, scientists support an end to the hippos. don't them a lot of that from those over on follicles sounds rather harsh, but we must clearly state that it must be done. i think that we from the academy must be able to explain why this must be done benefits, even if no one is happy about it, or you, no one wants to kill the hippos, but it's the lesser of 2 evils. in this scenario, mile may north america, almost. the environmental agency has started with harmless birth control, a contraceptive that works with both male and female hippos law seating. the medicine donated by us animal welfare authorities is given by injection
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regarding, well, now we must wait and see how the medicine works. then we will know if it really will lead to fewer ca, of been america's care on up on his him. but young hippos often disappear even without medication. the semi aquatic animals have achieved a kind of cult status among people who wish to imitate pablo escobar. yeah i those gay killers too. if the little ones have already been taken away, they were sold. there are a lot of rich people in this country who wants i have something like this. the last young hipaa was brought to a man who is said to be very powerful, own people with boy rosen. so now there is a market for these exotic animals in columbia and a lack natural enemies. that's why this is the largest, hypo population outside of africa, where they are indigenous ah,
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the 77 percent. this time we discussed over fishing, a huge problem on the coast of many african countries. but who's to blame and unregulated fishing fleets or local fishermen using illegal methods to stay afloat? and if the livelihood loved the home of the 77 percent next on d w. we know that it's here to stay and has become part of
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our lives. the convent 19 via they know where it really came from and how it spreads. while they had taken a giant step towards getting to the bushes of mom, kind of it to morrow to day. in 60 minutes on d. w. now we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat. hot spot for food chairs and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go. hello and welcome to another edition of your favorite youth program that 77 percent. this is a platform for africa, young majority. i'm your host, eddie, my god junior,
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if you're ready like eddie the let's dive right in.


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