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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2022 9:00am-9:30am CET

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a ah ah ah ah, this is dw is coming to live from berlin. germany's chancellor head to the white house for crisis talks on ukraine aloft, sholtes has been criticized for not fully supporting allied efforts to count russia's troop build up on ukraine's borders. he's looking to reassure the us of
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germany's result. also coming up canada's capital ottawa declares a state of emergency as protested protests against covered vaccine mandates, paralyzed the city. the police chief calls of the siege and chinese tennis star punctual i gives an interview at the beijing olympics denying. she accused a communist party boss of sexual assault. but did she speak under duress? plus synagogue declares a special national holiday today. ah, football fans and the capital dakota celebrate after the senegalese team when their 1st ever title at the africa, a couple things ah
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hello, i'm terry martin. welcome to the progress german chancellor of schultz has arrived in washington for talk sure to be dominated by the 10 security situation in europe . shows his 1st meeting as chancellor with us present. joe biden is being overshadowed by the threat of a new russian invasion of ukraine before leaving for the wes sholtes said he would discuss with biden how to continue to make clear that military aggression against ukraine would have a high cost for russia. for linds nato allies, including the us, are unhappy with berlin's refusal to provide ukraine with defensive weapons, but short stress that the decision is in line with a longstanding german policy on arms sales. if honestly gillham's for years, the german government has followed a clear course of not delivering to crisis owns on not delivering lethal weaponry to ukraine from one to forget. that was my predecessors policy. it was right then and remains right by the way. and this is really important to me that the majority of german see it exactly as i do as the government does. and as my predecessor
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deadening says, that but not everyone sees it that way and their voices are very loud at the moment of mine. but my duty is to do what's in the interest of the german people. and what in this case is also the view of the citizens of this country on this longest, with germany under pressure for not taking a harder stance toward rushes build up military build up along ukraine's borders. schultz is washington trip, could be tense. the german leader will be looking to show that he is committed to the western alliance. the w's, oliver solid reports a surprise winner of the german elections. and on the other side of the atlantic, a surprised you, as president. ah, darling, the solid all of shoulders expected in washington is 2nd trip since the election. but his 1st since being sworn in us chancellor, he'll face a challenging geopolitical situation and some different opinions to
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a close partner and ally. but there are many topics germany in the united states can find common ground on and with a looming war between russia and ukraine. the y tells ones germany to play a more active role in the crisis. and there are more contentious topics to be discussed. china and russia closing ranks, the u. s. ones, germany to take a tougher stance on both countries. the russian gas pipeline north stream too may be on hold, but it remains a thorny issue. and our view continues to be that stopping the nurse, him to pipeline is a critical pret, credible piece. we hold over russia at this point in time. and the u. s. would like germany to take a more active role in ukraine threatened by russian troops. germany has never been an easy part under germany with a new government and the government that is composed of a historically, 1st of a 3 way competition. it's sometimes hard to explain to countries that have
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a presidential democracy like france or america that a german chancellor has less power, less power about reliability from a solid german chancellor and perhaps a tougher stance on russia and china. the american wishlist for all of shoulds is long for more on this, let's bring in stuff on my sta. he's a russia and eastern european expert at the german council on foreign relations. thanks for being with us. stuff on the white house says russia could attack ukraine any day. now. what's your threat assessment? yeah, i think it looks like the director is really preparing warm to real crying. and i think putting is also driving himself into this war. i think he wanted something from the u. s. and nate to which she could not get it if you don't want to lose face on one point, needs to to, to have a war. he needs to show
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a week to read. however, it looks like it can be a hybrid, mixed hybrid. what we've real or it can be a small more. but i think it's getting every day more dangerous. germany has drawn a lot of criticism from its allies for not providing weapons to ukraine. the u. s. has been much more hawkish, sending troops to nato allies around ukraine. do you think the u. s. and german leaders can pawn common ground regarding the crisis at their meeting today in washington. i think they will show unity. i think it's important also to what's russia and to show that they are on the same trick. and i think germany will support in the end economic sanctions. also sanctions on north suite 2. and i think they are, they are, they will have a common position on, on weapon supplies. they will not agree. definitely not. i think so has made it again clear that germany will not sent a sent weapons. but i think on, on other issues like, like sanctions and they will show unity. there is
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a lot of diplomacy going on right now. german foreign minister, alina bob baba is with her check slovak and austrian counterparts in key up to day for talks with ukraine's government. what do you think will be on the table there? i think it's a, it's the discussion about how to support a crane. it might be also about m energy supply or photo and electricity supply for fo, crane. it's also about supporting m wet with crane reference. maybe other countries are doing it but, but not, not germany. so i think german might, germany might not be against it if other countries are doing it, but i think it's also about showing that finally germany and, and do european union is more active on this country. so it's not only up to the u . s, but it's, it's about european security and to shows the unity with smaller countries, especially in central eastern europe. i think it's very important for, for,
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for germany and europe. may i ask you what a solution to the ukraine conflict short of war might look like? i think it's very difficult because there, there are different approaches see from the ration site. they want to have. now these guarantees of their fair influence or no nato enlargement, and they will not get it from the european and western cycles on your side. i think we, we want to have a process with russia one on the, on the european security order on, on arms control and confidence building measures. and i, i think this is the only solution to print in russia into a negotiation process about a future of european security order and, and to show, maybe russia was a respect and way that the u. s. is willing to talk, but to have these kind of a high level for mot when negotiations are going on and russia is in the
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end, the process also in which it maybe get something. oh which, which gives us some kind of guarantees. but again, i think putting, putting has driven himself into a stay in maine, and he might really need this war to, to not to, to be seen as a weekend or week person shop. and thank you very much for your suspect. that was dr. stuff on my sta at the german council on foreign relations. thank you. well, our correspondent, matea sperling is covering the story force off from the region he traveled to the front line in eastern ukraine, near areas control by russian back separatists. he sent us this report from the village of, from the thing, the village school of ranita, the last village here on ukrainian control territory is close to the frontline. it has come under fire before. now the classrooms i m t not because of the war, but because of new coven restrictions,
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the war is something people have been living with for 8 years. they will not a border pushed on that they knew they were going to wire commerce at the time the children go to school the to the speech, but we don't know what will happen in 5 or 10 minutes. she or to morrow. nice more . so we're always worried, the always scared saperstein listed are just a few 100 meters down this road is the last ukrainian position with who is in the line. the fi of the opposite side. there is a heavy military presence immigrant. a ceasefire is in place, but shelling can sometimes be heard at night. let him could read for the extra saturday. we already know her sheets and when, so we just sit at home and you said it was worth
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a few years ago. we always hit in the cellar when there was fighting it. sure, but that was then the shelley shifted with the key to lovely. but with the latest russian build up, a bigger escalation is on the table again. discomfited on. so when things come down, we bought a house here, oh chest. but now we don't know what will happen deduction. ukrainian territory ends with the last houses of the village. behind a small river lies the demilitarized strip. the pedestrian bridge is the only link to the next village in this so called grey zone was shorter. the next village is not small. people come here every day to work. and kids go to school. one of the people who crosses the border every day is teacher ludmilla car truck. she is from
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across the river and does not want to give her your name because her life depends on good relations with both sides. shelling is even more frequent in her village. there on board, the yell was on that of my work is here. i come here every day. yes, it's hard. yes, it's dangerous, very dangerous. well, i cannot just quit work and leave. i just can't wait for the lymph. she says she has not yet lost hope that somehow this conflict might come to an end. peaceful single look to smother stories making headlines. they at least 10 people have died after a cyclone, hit se madagascar. nearly 50000 people have been forced to leave their homes. the storm has brought widespread flooding to the indian ocean island. it's the 2nd storm to hit madagascar in recent weeks. australia has announced its reopening
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to fully vaccinated international visitors starting february 21st. the country shut its borders at the start of the pandemic nearly 2 years ago. since then, entry rules were only relaxed in november for skilled workers and students. canada's capital city has declared a state of emergency. the mayor of ottawa says a blockade by truck drivers is threatening the safety and security of residence. their protest began after they were told they needed to get vaccinated to be able to cross the u. s. border but it has gathered wider support in a country where many are weary of corona virus restrictions. ha, making themselves heard in canada is capital. these protestors have paralyzed, central. ottawa, in the cities mer, has declared a state of emergency. the so called freedom convoy started as a protest by trucking at
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a new coven 19 vaccine mandate for crossing the border from the u. s. but it's growing into a rallying point against pandemic restrictions. and the government people should be able to make their own choice to take the needle or not take the needle and not lose the job, not lose her house, not lose her income. just for the vaccination. us who is mad, said the situation on the straits, was out of control. as demonstrate as outnumbered police. there are reports of protesters displaying confederate and nazi symbols. we have a series of urgency where we have to put all options on the table. and that may include some violence, we want to minimize that. but at the end of the day, if the people are not going to leave, we're going to have to be forced to leave plain and simple. this cannot go on for months and minuses. this is causing such havoc and such grief, but the movement has gained international support and millions of dollars in
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donations through its gofundme page. the crowd funding site has now removed the page and said it will re fund older nations. many auto residents have said, members of the freedom convoy have harassed them and complained of non stop horn blaring. some have staged counter protests. i just have to stand up. i was born just after the 2nd world war and i heard this like not to be free and they are thing freedom. they're afraid they don't know what it is, not to be frank. about 90 percent of cross boarded truck is and almost 80 percent of canada's population a fully vaccinated. but these loud minority say this, staying put in till coven 19 restrictions and lifted chinese tennis star punch wife seems to have retracted her controversial sexual assault allegations and
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her 1st appearance in western media. since she made the accusations in an interview published to day and the french newspaper liquid, she said sexual assault. i never said any one had sexually assaulted me in any way . the former doubles world number one had previously alleged on a social media post that she had been forced into sex by china's former vice premier. the post was swiftly deleted and hung, then disappeared from public view for 3 weeks, sparking concerns for her safety bunk bed with a cheap of the international olympic committee on saturday in beijing. more on this, let's bring in journalist javion credit for in beijing. so fabi and punch white is now saying she never made any allegations. so how does that square with the detailed allegations that did appear on her social media count? well, it does not align at all. there are obvious contradictions. i mean, it's
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a strange plot twist here. she now says that she never raised those allegations. she also said that she deleted the social media post by herself, and she even said that she was always accessible. she never really disappeared. so basically, everything online, nothing to see, but i mean, the post is well documented. i mean there are some nuances, whether it was translated in a right way. some argue that she didn't say i wasn't a foster to have sex. some other say the right translation would be, i was pushed to have sex, but it was really quite obvious. and she was not accessible by any international organizations. so am, it's really not very credible at all. and in, in the interview, those crucial questions. what she actually did mean was not really of people under duress, in china have been coerced into making false public statements in the past. could this also be the case with puncture? why? i mean, i don't want to speculate, but yet those are false confessions. they are quite common, they all were also televised on state tv here. but i mean,
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i guess her case cases may be more complex than we know. i mean, fact is that and she was always the company. and during those interviews, an official m. m a statements from am an official, basically government officials and she's under extreme pressure. that's for sure. but also we know that from her social media posts previously that she's also a proud patriot and maybe am it's her mission or intention to basically am not damage her home country. i mean, we don't know it's the speculation. and just briefly, a tongue met with the chief of the international olympic committee, thomas bar. what rosie? i osi playing in. getting to the bottom of this i mean it, torres, tomas, back on the i o. c m. have previously all kind of a mediator of the propaganda apparatus here and to must be shown repeated repeatedly that he is not really capable of and voicing open critique against the
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government. so am, i mean i think he's not really helpful in getting to the bottom of his family and thank you so much. i was our correspondent, probably in crest brother in beijing. india is observing 2 days of national morning following the death of one of the country's most beloved singers, laptop mon gosh, car passed away at age 92 after being hospitalized with coven 19 last month. molly would stores and india's prime minister all pay their respects at her funeral india moines, one of its greatest cultural treasures for decades last, among gash, gars, voice provided the soundtrack to bollywood movies on the lives of her fellow indians . mourners packed the streets for her open air state funeral in her home town of moon, by bollywood superstars rubbing shelters with the sporting and political
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a lease to pay their final respects to a musical icon, prime minister and arrange. a modi said he was anguished beyond words. by her death, a mighty alina who lives well. she may not be present physically amongst us, but her voice and love will always be present on her melodious voice will always remain with us. i might, as i met with a heavy heart, i pay my respects to nato said i needed oh, through her musical talents laza, my guest, gar became known as the queen of melody and the nightingale of india. her influence was felt across generations. oh,
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i saw on my feet in her hardcore fan and o my mother, he's the she thinks well, very men. so he used to sing and that among escalade them to love i and every day. silly sinner mekaux soon who's bumps on coming. he cannot believe that he is normally boys. that is the school up in the indian kid that has the youth to touch as the armed forces. he because everybody with that in this country with a guns to lose for latter my guess car as her funeral pyre was live, a great art has gone. but her voice and the thousands of recordings she left behind, keeping her flame alive. sports now in senegal,
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have won the africa cup of nations for the 1st time ever after they beat 7 time champions, egypt in sunday's final in yonder cameron. it was a troubled start for senegal with star man saddle money failing to convert a penalty in the 7th minute the game. so few chances after that and with neither team able to break, the deadlock went all the way to the penalty. shoot out as fate would have it. it was audio money who scored the winning spot kick, redeeming his earlier miss and securing senegal there 1st ever. i've con title johnny here in the studio to discuss the final and the tournament is our app con expert from d. w or sports law day and a week later date. this is huge for synagogue winning the african cup of nations are sadie money is obviously their star, but he couldn't do it all himself. how did synagogue get this bar? it's interest in exist overdenture for cindy gal. they had lost twice in the final
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before and coming to the 3rd fine. now there were the favorites and the plague. well, but you also have bookkeeper at 11 d of chill. c to think for saving will do been out to cheeks of egypt. and inside your money converted the winning penalty. and on the sidelines, you could see the joy of their coach or lucy say who 20 years ago lost the penalty in the final, against coming in the 1st final against cameroon. and they could, i wanted them, but i do see had to wait 20 years as coach to, to finally leave the title with this idea of who so it's a great story of redemption or for, for single. the finally become one of the big teams in africa because with a so long with all their talent, a window for stuff on title means a lot to synagogue egypt. on the other hand they, they won the title many times. they almost did it again, but they bit the dust. the final. what went wrong for mohammed salus site?
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mohammed sellers, egypt a time when i was wanted to win for a record extending 8th time and you saw a team that lost their 1st game against nigeria and the championship were not expected to go this far. but they played very steady football. they did all, they had to do 2 grand out victories. but they just, i mean they're one to penalty kicks against abby coast and cameroon, on their way to this find out, but didn't work out at the end of the day. it's unfortunate fella has wanted to win something for his country when everything else. uh, premier league champions league for liverpool with egypt he still has to wait for so but, but egypt are the most successful team in that continent. and they, they just have to keep trying. there were tragedies and milestones in this
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tournament. what stood out for you at a con, 2020 to. well, it's unfortunate that to me and i sent it out really great with, despite all the covey problems leading to the championship, we had a really good open ceremony. and then fortunately had the course of people, but it people died. are you invested in the game between when coming on played but a really low point for the championship? and then we also teams like i'm in tunisia, losing tripoli as testing positive to covey. during the championship. we saw commerce also losing that the i go to part to to call it, but it was a really good championship. really. a lot of thank you so much charlotte. are we from d. w. sports in germany's bonus, like as sundays, early match saw a blow out win for by a layer occurs and against homes. hi,
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bruce dorman 5 to the final score there. the result that deals a heavy blow to dork men's tidal hoofs spirits were high endorsement ahead of the game. but in just 90 minutes time fans would waive their title hopes. good bye. it only took 10 minutes for leave a coupon to take the lead following chaos, indictments defense manuel icons. he poked the ball beyond his own keeper. a nightmare start for the swiss dot one did get one back quite quickly. thanks to yet another on goal. this time by jeremy frank pung. but just 4 minutes later of and i can't flew on votes, found the back of the net after great combination play to retake, leave. ugh, was in sleet. the goals just kept coming. a fantastic re kick by a little but underneath made the score 3 to one heading into halftime an injured elling. holland was too stunned to speak. leila couldn't showed no mercy. instead, great finishing with units antis. smashing home the 4 to one. and it was the
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frenchman who said the abbey, who's gonna leave a cousin's 5th of the night. dot one did score one more themselves, but that was purely damage. limitation 5 to, to the final result. an embarrassment for dot month in front of their home crowd. they now trail by and by 9 points leave. i was not the other hand hat themselves a night to remember and celebrate you. watching d. davina is from berlin up next sports life looks at why a world cup every 2 years, instead of 4 could rec, the football world. i'm terry martin. i ah ah ah,
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