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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2022 4:15am-4:30am CET

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i think it's an honor to bring glory to our motherland. one, no matter which nationality, you are as long as you bring jewelry for our country. you are our friend who has become an icon of wind to sports in china already. and her games off fall from ova off the ski began. she'll go for gold again in this slope, style and half pipe disciplines. you're watching d. w. a news live from berlin. chelsea delaney is up next with the business use allows ica, fixed a company called like dusty boots, muddy ties, and drones. we deliver urgent life saving boxes. we give our ever seem to reach
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those who need us the most. every books feeding their futures boxes with hope of life saving food and of so much more down roads with no names. we fearlessly deliver relentless promise to make every did every special not just next day. but every day, thousands of children still waiting for their delivery sponsor of box to day. so together, we can deliver futures. ah, could big tax throw in the towel on europe? brussels cracked down on tech has facebook honor meta threatening to shot in the you? ball google battles and in a new lawsuit in the block. also coming up the
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e. u is scrambling to secure its energy supply. f tension, thrive the piece of bike, or russia, or american gas come to the rescue. and will take you to costa rica where an inclusive weekend election is adding to political gloom and what's long ranked as latin america's happiest country. i'm chelsea delaney and berlin. welcome to the show. social media giant meta has warned it could shut down facebook and instagram and europe. if it is forced to overhaul and data privacy practices. the company said monday it has no desire or plans to pull services from europe. after warning, it would be quote, unable to offer a facebook and instagram in the block without a new deal, allowing it to transfer user data to the u. s. the dispute is part of the use bro, a regulatory cracked out on big tac. google, if also under the microscope and on monday was sued by swedish price comparison
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site price runner, the $2100000000.00 euro suit a legend. google promote its own shopping comparisons and search results. now for more, unless let's bring indians quarter our correspondent in new york. so yes, that is a pretty dramatic threat there from meta. is it actually realistic that facebook could instagram could be shut down in europe just it's not the 1st time that facebook actually puts in the air, so to speak, or talks about that pulling the plug in europe. so far we have seen a no action. if i look what's happening here on wall street with the stock price of met, the stock was down. good, 5 percent. so there is some easiness on wall street on the other side. if wald speed would believe that such a step is imminent, then we definitely would the stock price off met down by much more than a good 5 percent met. definitely has no intention to leave europe,
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but we for that before. and so depending on how those data laws are being written in the future, at least meta is saying they might be forced to uphold the plaque. how realistic that's really going to be as tough to tell at this point. well meanwhile, google is also getting hit by another lawsuit here in the you, but it's not the 1st and probably not the last given new legislation targeting the tech is operating in the you becoming a liability for google and other american texture. i am at least there is a lot of pressure going on and there's no question that the european union is putting a pressure on the huge digital companies. and there are no real huge digital companies in europe. the aim mostly is on those big at tech companies out of the united
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states, but the pressure does not just come from the european union. there's also pressure on a metal on google and amazon and the like here in the united states. so i would say it's not just out of the you, but regulation in general, actually is one of the bigger risks for the big tech companies here in the united states overall, patheon quarter. they're at the new york stock exchange in new york. thanks so much . now to some of the other global business stories making news u. s. low cost carriers, frontier airlines and spirit airlines have agreed to merge the deal valued at $6600000000.00 will create the nation's 5th largest carrier, but to airline to they are expecting annual consumer savings and are looking to expand services with more than 350 aircraft on order and analysis of climate pledges by german nonprofit new climate institute found that the world's 25 largest
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companies are not living up to their promises. the firms committed to reducing emissions by 40 percent on average, not the 100 percent suggested, and they're not 0 in carbon neutral claim did show. and b, m, w were among companies cited as having very low integrity commitment. the chairman of british grocery chain, tesco says the worst arising from the prices is yet to cotton bridge, should expect another 5 percent increase in the spring and initiative to cut the value out of tax or consumers has for now been ruled out by the government. and you and report says north korea's missile program is being funded through stolen crypto currency. north korean cyber attacks have stolen more than $50000000.00 worth of currency in the past 2 years. according to investigators such attacks are an important source of revenue for the nuclear and ballistic missile program. the report says,
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the escalating tensions between moscow in the west have race, concerns about the use energy supply. 40 percent of the blocks imported gas comes from russia. and while prices have stored to record levels and recent months, russian state run energy giant gas problem has failed to ramp up deliveries. up until now us liquefied natural gas. we played only a minor role in the use energy supply. but that may change as your appeal commission president or the lavonda lion said on a trip to poland. on monday, the bound somebody should be meeting, we are building a partnership for energy security with the united states, which is primarily about more l. n, g gas supplies. we are talking to other gas suppliers. for example, norway, about increasing their supplies to europe. pets were who's now in coaster rica, a week and presidential election has ended without a decision. the country's ex protestant and former finance minister will now face
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off in april, run off election long one of latin america's most stable countries. the tourist hotspot is battling rising economic uncertainty. unemployment corruption, rising cost of living more and more costa ricans are feeling the effects of the economic crisis. joblessness affects around 14 percent of the population. nearly one in 4 people live below the poverty line. trust in politicians has collapsed after countless corruption scandals. info, federal think local colder reagan's don't believe in what politicians say, not only because of their behavior, but also because of everything that the political parties have done. barnwell pillows, unless i feel i'm, we no longer believe them. we need decisive actions that show us that give us back confidence that we can trust them to help us get out of where we are. look at an ag daniels i do as i live down to from costa rica used to be
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a poster child before the coven, 19 pandemic, high quality eco tourism created jobs, and generated revenue. oil firms had to stay away. instead, there was massive investment in renewable energy's. nearly all of the countries electricity is green. the intention is to build on this success, to become the leading producer of green hydrogen. will little bought a kit. the name was when i'm a thes electric and we have an electricity matrix based 100 percent on renewable sources. with enough installed capacity to be able to dedicate part of this energy to generate hydrogen without affecting people's access to electricity. as well as persona ha lacrisha. last year coaster rico's economy grew around 4 percent according to estimates. and the recovery is expected to continue this
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year. but that won't be enough to make up for the effects of the coven 19 pandemic . in 2019, there were more than 3000 official affections and mexico city, but thousands more are organized privately, sometimes by force, from criminal gangs. the poorest families are the hardest hit. they spend about half their income on rent. the tenants of this apartment block in mexico city are locked in. his struggle with their landlord who did was indoors has lived here since she was a child for years ago. the owner of her building sold it to a mexican bank, ignoring the tenants. right of 1st refusal, the new owner hired on security, installed surveillance cameras and sent in thugs to intimidate them. lawyers were hired to force the $45.00 families out of their apartments. but 12 of the tenants stayed. they barricaded themselves on the roof to escape the constant harassment
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broken up. what is it possible it is to the how could they demolish the building when people live here, he turned the key and that was buncombe. he fell strategy and it scared a lot of people off. it'll flip back to the letter to hillary bank on me, said. although who did respond as and the other challenge regularly pay their rent, the bank is trying to evict them. the plan is to build new apartments and offices and the roman north, a district. one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the mexican capital gentrification as quickly spread to other neighborhoods in mexico city where housing prices have increased by 40 to 80 percent in the past year. according to n g o habitat international coalition, during the pandemic, 30 percent of the capitals resonance left the city due to rising, rents and services. the takeaway city government must do more to prevent
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displacement the radial made. it has to control speculation of ballistic lust yawn and promote land policies that take into account the need for secure affordable housing for the cities portion population. so they don't have to leave, not as i was, but i think was them it normally nothing back is a good sally. end of the less you that in 2019 there were more than $3000.00 official evictions. but thousands more are organized privately, sometimes by force from criminal gangs. the poorest families are the hardest hit. they spend about half their income on rent. gentrification is affecting more and more neighborhoods impacting mexico cities poorest residence. and a reminder of the top business stories for falling for this our social media giant meta has warned it could shut down facebook and instagram and europe if it is
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forced to overhaul its data privacy practices by the european union. it comes with ear, regulators tightened reins on big tack. and the escalating tensions between moscow and the west have raised concerns about the use energy supply. us liquefied natural gas is played only a minor role in the use energy supply, but that may soon change and that's all for me and the business team here in berlin for more from us, check out our website. debbie dot com slash business were also on the d. w. news youtube channel, and you can find us on facebook till next time. take care. a fairy tale me in china, the winter olympic games in beijing are set to be
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a big hit. no matter the cost or excitement is the government's main focus and surveillance is keeping tabs on inside china. beijing, controversial inter close on on d, w. the biggest tax scandal in german history cube. x, who an international network of bankers, managers and lawyers robes the german state of 1000000000. but a state prosecutor, hunt the tax mafia up to the top levels of bureaucracy. the 1000000000 bureau highest in 45 minute w o. oh
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gosh, please listen carefully. don't know how with today, go ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. blue shiner is experiencing a snows boy who.


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