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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CET

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ah, we have the love in common tongue. can this become love over down go can i on me? they thought they could, it did and i can artificial intelligence. loneliness. i love stories from the future store to february 14th on d w with ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, presenting a united front against russia, germany united states, our close friends, reliable partners,
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and we can count on one of us president joe biden, and german chancellor, olaf shoulds say they stand united in their response to any russian aggression against you, kate, ukraine. and they will work together to find a diplomatic solution to the stand off. meanwhile, french president emanuel my call makes his that diplomatic push and moscow, after talks with president putin back hall, says the next few days will be decisive in efforts to avoid an escalation of the ukraine crisis. also coming up at the beijing winter olympics, one of the big stars of the games us born, i lead to claims gold for china in the sky, big air with a breathtaking trade trip. she had never completed before and rebuilding from the ashes. people affected by last year's volcanic eruption on the spanish island of la paloma plan to build back better. ah,
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ah, i'm see me so much gun as good to have you with us. diplomatic efforts are intensifying on both sides of the atlantic to resolve the ukraine crisis in washington. u. s. president joe biden. hell talks with german chancellor, olaf shots by the stress that germany is a reliable partner and that they will work together to try and find a diplomatic solution. meanwhile, frances president, emmanuel, my car, was in moscow where he sat down for talks. with lighting there, prudent, the russian president said he was willing to compromise. michael, who was due, and ukraine shortly said the next 2 days would be decisive in efforts to avoid conflict. an urgent diplomatic push weld ladies met in the russian good and us capitals in an effort to diffuse tension over ukraine in his 1st visit to washington, his german chancellor. oh, laughed shalt sat down with you as president joe biden to pursue what they called
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a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. i have been very, very straightforward and blunt with president putin, both on the phone and in person. we will impose the most severe sanctions of ever been imposed economic sanctions. i think he has to realize that it would be a gigantic mistake for him to move on ukraine. the impact on europe and the rest of the world would be devastating. one of the biggest targets for sanctions is the nord stream to pipeline project, to bring gas from russia to germany. biden said in clear terms, he would shut it down in fresh invades. but shots made no such guarantee, vowing only a unified response would be united. we will act together, and we will take all the necessary steps and all the necessary steps will be done, but all of us together will you commit to day to turning off and pulling the plug
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and nordstrom through. you didn't mention it. you haven't mentioned that, as i already said, we are acting together. we are absolutely united and we will not taking different steps. we would do the same steps and they will be very, very hot to russia. and they should understand, with at least 100000 russian troops massed along ukraine's border. berlin has faced international criticism for its cautious response. unlike some of its nate, her allies, germany has rolled out sending weapons to ukraine. meanwhile, in moscow, french president emanuel mack wrong focus sunday escalation. as it rushes vladimir putin reiterated his demands for nato to stay out of the region. but said he was willing to compromise if he were a deeper luxury and a number of ma, crohn's ideas and proposals which are probably too early to speak about. i consider quite possible to use of forming the basis of or further joint steps,
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the leisure measure firm years. my struggle for 3 as far as we are concerned, that we will do everything to find compromises that suit every one. micron will hold talks in kiev on tuesday before heading to berlin. a long wake of diplomacy for european leaders hoping to avoid conflict. and let's go right to key of our correspond. and nick connelly is standing by for us there. hi, nick. good to see you. as we just heard, the french president is meeting with the ukrainian leader today. they are meeting within this hour after my car, i had that long meeting with latimer put in yesterday. what do you think we can expect? well, sunni, the fears here in care of all that. michael will try and browbeat ukraine into making a big concessions to russia to basically take this escalation off the table. that would be basically am some kind of moves on the piece persist in ukraine that would satisfy the russians that would maybe allow elections to happen before ukraine re
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gathers, control regains control that region. so basically cementing in that russian influence in easton, ukraine. that's the big fear here. and certainly that of those 5 our spent in moscow with putin, that macro had just said that really hasn't taken away from those fears. we didn't get much in the way of concrete steps and plans, but there was a sense that was taught from the macro camp of circled finland, ization of ukraine. and back in the cold war, finland was under pretty st. extreme. m a. there were terms that busy didn't allow finland to move to close to west to a native ore the you, you, although it formerly kept its independence, it was limited in what it could do. and the talk of some kind of similar model for ukraine has caused a lot of fear and anxiety here that there were seeing france breaking away from the kind of western unity we've seen in recent weeks about supporting ukraine's freedom to choose its allies and its path in the future, that would have very serious implications for ukraine. how are people, they're reacting to all of their sir? diplomatic activity? was it?
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there was an extraordinary disconnect. last few weeks where you had the wills press, talking about these russian tanks, russian soldiers, all ukraine's borders. and being him key of basically it felt like life is normal and people were talking about your new restaurant openings as much they were talking about. the threat of war and i think some slowly, now that is really filtering through the fact that this escalation isn't pulsing as previous escalations have. that russia indeed is seemingly sending further troops to better routes and increasing its military hold. right? you transported, you see people talking of withdrawing money from banks, keeping foreign currency at home, should they needs to leave in a hurry and increasing nervousness that this is not just another blip. another kind of conflict, as we've seen many over the past 8 years since russia and excuse me. but this is generally something more serious. and that if you know the worst would happen that ukraine might not be able to rely on as much support from western european countries as it is thought. des nicolai reporting there in chia for us. thank you.
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now to the winter olympics and one of china's most promising winter sports stars has taken her 1st goal at the beijing game with a breathtaking freestyle ski jump she had never completed before. in competition or practice. american born eileen booth took 1st place for her adoptive country and the 1st ever freestyle. the big air competition at the olympic games are winning, move in bold, spinning 4 and a half times mid air. the 18 year old only recently began representing china and has found plenty of new admirers in her adopted country since making the switch. she, as though been criticized by some us media for her decision. and here is a closer look now at one of the big stars of these winter gates. hi. lean due is one of the best known winter olympians in china. despite the fact that she was born and raised in the usa, she's one of the home nations most promising medal hopes at the 2022 games. gu is among the many foreign born athletes. competing to please
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a new set of supporters in beijing. higher for sure. it's not to be ruled out that they will, may be looking for a platform that's bigger and brings them more personal benefits account her thought . this also proves that china's sports and commercial environment is superior to the united states. sure your, your make well 18 year old girl represented the u. s. at major events before adopting her mother's home country for competition back in 2019. she's become a store of teen china, which features more foreign born recruits this time around than at any previous olympics. i'm not either they represent china and they bring jewelry for our country. i think it's an honor to bring glory to our motherland. well, no matter which nationality you are as long as you bring jewelry for our country. you are our friend who has become an icon of winter sports in china already.
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and her games are far from over. off the sky began, she'll go for gold again in this slope, style and half pipe disciplines. database or it's correspondent, jonathan crane is in beijing and watched goos heroics. he also spoke to her about her afaik feet and told us all about a very special day for china at the games. i think it's fair to say the chinese fans absolutely love eileen. she really is the golden girl of the spacing olympics . and she really didn't support them today. in the big competition, she was trailing, going into the final run and needed to pull something special out the bag and see more than to live at landing a job that she never even tried before. much to the delight of a few 100 chinese fans watching now afterwards. do told us that she speaks to her mother before her runs and she was told by her mother phone try anything risky, don't do it. just be happy with the silver meadow. and she said, no,
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i'm be showing that she went and did it, and then she's got her 1st goal of this competition. she has 2 more chances to win gold medals and these and then pick games for the moment. she says she's just going to soak up the moment, enjoy the med around her neck and focus on wants to come a bit later. austria is mathias maya became the 1st man ever to win an all pine ski in gold metal at 3 consecutive olympic games. my are placed 1st in the men super g event adding to gold medals and so she in 2014 and john chang 4 years ago. he raced down the hill and just under one minute 20 winning by just 400 of a 2nd. in football setting goals, victorious team were treated to a hero's welcome when they landed back in the capital, the car after day of winning the africa cup of nations. for the 1st time. ah,
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den thousands of fans flooded the streets to celebrate the historic victory and president monkey, sol declared monday, a public holiday single beat egypt for 2 on penalties in the final and cameroon. after the match ended milner. now a month long while kenneth corruption on spain's atlantic island of la palmer last year, devastated homes and villages in the lava path. several 1000 people were displaced by the comedy, her russian, that you see here. did these nickel reese reports on the challenges and opportunities as islanders begin to rebuild their lives? noises with trucks removing tons of ashes up. breaking through the quiet english manchester cleanup works in full swing after the historic eruption of the committee via hovel quino. also on the roof of this bar, i benefitted the wida. we wanted to open again in 10 days, but that's impossible because there is no motor way any more and distances have
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become longer with homer for suppliers. it's challenging. he left there is no running water. there's also no garbage collection. so now we hope that we can open in 15 to 20 days video. nobody moves around 2000 residents have come back to the areas that were most affected by the rupture unethical. but if you have okay, know, they will have to repair a lot, but they still have a home hosted garritano lost everything only carsa liter, a mint at my house is literally a few kilometers from here under the lava april. but i couldn't tell you exactly where any more. it's as if this were just one big black desert hero. it's impressive and i'm just impressive. now the architect lives in a flat. despite his plight, he is eager to rebuild the village of told, okay, below the lava all buildings have been dea located. they could be built in their
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former location and may be built with 7 made from the ashes of the comedy via ha, casey and echoes of everything that we could build on the lava could be ecological and sustainable. but i also think there could be a protected natural area for the lava lauer. a big part of it could stay alongside what was once the village of today. okay, call me or what's now at the new village of today. okay, in this case we all know we're, we're really broke in ithaca so but this new tilt, okay, is still a dream at the moment. the lava that you can see here, right behind me is partly still hot. scientists have measured temperatures of up to 200 degrees celsius in there, and that's not all. the volcano is still producing gases. and this means sometimes there is the smell of rotten eggs in the air that sulfur dioxide. so the authorities also need to be aware of the air quality here, because if it gets very bad,
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they need to evacuate people from the affected areas. and these factors can also intervene with the current works to free one of the islands main roads, from lava and rocks. it will take years for this area of the island to recover. the government is planning dense, a housing now that there is less space building on the lava is not possible for now . hasa garritano knows that, but that by meadows like him, are eager to move on and restore le pam us identity. coming out next, global traitors were covering that was a lot of cargo still stuck in traffic jams. chris cobra. the details on the w business. they tooth one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach her.


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