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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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global 3000 on d, w, and on the line with this is the w use lie from berlin. the diplomatic push to end, the ukraine crisis intensifies the leaders of france, germany and poland. united nav resolved to prevent war. they called on russia to engage in meaningful dialogue. also coming out. security forces in canada, struggle to contain a protest by truck as against the government's cove at measures. the demonstrate is blocked, the busiest land crossing into the united states. we get the latest from the
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beijing gapes where snowboard stars show white for for gold metal. some other top athletes struggle and is he, one of germany's most important contemporary odyssey show is get out of the turns 90. we look at what makes his work so unique and find out how he celebrate. ah, i'm been fissile and welcome european leaders, a stepping up efforts to prevent russia from invading ukraine. french president, mama in manuel mccoy is leading a new diplomatic effort to engage all parties in dialogue. he's been holding talks here in berlin, after meetings in kiev, and moscow mccoy says there's been no breakthrough, but that he's helped a fuse tensions. moscow denies claims it's planning an attack, but is continuing to amass weapons and troops at the border. with you credit in the
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palaces of power, europe's leaders are engaging in a diplomatic push to defuse the crisis on ukraine's borders. the leaders of germany, france, and poland tried to show a united front in berlin. while the guidelines of our common goal is to prevent a war in europe. but deployments of russian troops on the border with ukraine is very worrying. and our assessment here is very much the same as is our position here is does he didn't oh, glossy, the meeting followed a diplomatic, let spy, emanuel micron, who pushed for further talks on visits to moscow and kiev local missouri. i believe that we have concrete, practical solutions that will allow us to move forward. we have had the opportunity to discuss this together. i've also had the opportunity to discuss this with president putin, as i have done with my european partners and several of our allies. oh,
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it was you lose, it was one of those practical solutions could be resolving a long running conflict within ukraine's own borders in the east and don bass region. ukrainian soldiers have been fighting russian back separatists over 7 years ago. france and germany helped negotiate a p steel between ukraine, the separatist forces and their back a russia. but the ceasefire agreements, the so called minsky chords never held. now experts think these diplomatic channels and the minsk agreements could be revived. there is one try, which is a circle, normandy format, which is about the implementation of the minster agreements about the us. it should sure of ukraine and a quarter his credit as be known as successful in rejuvenating, of almost which every resource back in november that was, that was pretty much dead to us at 1st dr. young trial is the more broader
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discussion on the circle secuity architecture in europe and this above alms control . this is about confidence and security building measures, but a reduction in weapons and troops along ukraine's border and in eastern europe looks unlikely. the kremlin denied reports that putin told micron. russia would not further increase military tensions and pull troops out of bella bruce later this month. meanwhile, mall plains carrying us soldiers touch down in nato member, poland. while the diplomatic channels are still open, the build up of soldiers in the region continues. well, let's talk about some of the developments with theresa fallon, director of the set of a russian europe, asia studies and brussels. we've heard from mccaul saying that they have concrete, practical solutions that will allow them to move forward. do you have any idea what
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he's talking about that? well, that's quite interesting because it seems that the kremlin has already tried to step back. what micron has said that he got out of the kremlin so i think that's worrying sign. also after he went to kia, they both present zalinski of ukraine and also as an account stepped away from the idea of the finland ization. that's almost a bridge or 2 about trying to put you can on this path. maybe they did discuss this, but i think in the public domain, that is something extremely sensitive. and because of 8 years of war and 14000 deaths in ukraine, it's actually made ukraine more pro western. so this idea might have reached its sell by date, this idea of a finland ization of ukraine is so sensitive because there's also this kind of growing nationalism and you can because of 8 years of war, maybe the stuff should been taken far earlier. and in addition to that, i mean putting couldn't resist taking a little job as president of crime,
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saying that after 5 years, 5 hours of dialogue with him, it was torture. so it's kind of a mixed message at the kremlin, is sending in regard to my crowns. meeting with him, what about this talk of proposing a neutral status for ukraine in order to satisfy rushes security demands? what do you make of that? as i just mentioned that i think that this is one possible offering, but will the ukrainian public agree to that? and then also sends wearing messages to both sweden and finland because they fear that the door to nato could be closing. their status is neutral and what will be the bigger security implications for the region and many. and let's say that if you get that now to pretend he will ask for more in the region, because let's remember his 2 grand agreements that he's asked me to end. the u. s. for is that all troops move out of central and eastern europe since 1997,
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any country that join nato. so this might just be the order to a much bigger change in the security landscape. russia and beller was conducting joint drills in belgrade. how do you assess this in light of a crisis? i think it's an extremely worrying message because if you look at the map here, it's not very far at all from beller ruse. and in addition to that prism a chrome, so that was one of the things that he received from president putin, that there would be some form of de escalation because that's what everyone wants to see in order to continue dialogue. but president putin didn't really say that that would happen. he says that he's moving troops or doing exercises, nothing to worry about here. but if you look at the strategic map there, i mean that's an incredible pincer movement. and it means that perhaps developer is, is far more in moscow's orbit than other people are comfortable with, especially other countries in the region. what about the western build up of trips then which has begun to, is that the right signal to be sending?
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well right now there are about a $130000.00 troops that rosa has put into place. the west is kind of putting in $300.00 troops to germany, for example. so i think it's, it's a sign of assurance because these are members of nato. but i think that this doesn't even come close to what russia is doing. theresa felon director of the center for russia, europe, asia studies. thank you very much for being on the show. appreciate it. thank you. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has bound to bring an end to a truck, a protest against pandemic restrictions. now, in its 2nd week, the protests of paralyzed parts of the capital ottawa, bringing the business district to a standstill and blocking the busiest border. crossing with the u. s ottawa police are requesting back up from across the country almost 2 weeks into their seat in these protest is brush off another frozen auto morning. each day the hundreds of camped out truckers adjoined by support is the movement that began in response to
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a vaccine mandate has grown into a catch old anti government sentiment. the truck has say they're staying put in till they get back what they call their freedom power determine are you to continue to the protein while if you take a shot of my drug, you'll see my tires are of thought is that all your auto residents have faced harassment and there are reports of hate speech. after a court order has stopped, the protest is from constant honking. the truck has began revving their engines instead, filling the air with diesel fumes. police say they have slowly started to regain control of central ottawa seizing fuel supplies in an emergency parliament debate. prime minister justin trudeau defended the government's pandemic response. we've been working with provincial premiers right across the country to
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bring in the kinds of restrictions, the kinds of mandates that have saved canadians lives. everyone is sick and tired of lock downs of the measures. we have to do of the sacrifices we've had to make. but canadians have continued to step up over the past 2 years. been there for each other, been there to get vaccinated, more than 80 percent of adults are fully vaccinated and as being broad support for government measurements. but sympathy has grown for the protest is as canadians tie of restrictions, rallies have sprung up around the country. in solidarity protesters have partially blocked. the busiest border crossing between the us and canada. a quarter of all trade between the 2 countries normally crosses the bridge, sparking fears of shortages. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making world news. you are secretary of
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state antony lincoln has arrived in australia where i had talked with his counterparts was try the japan as india. the 4 nations make up the quad, which keeps an eye on chinese influence in the asia. pacific discussions will focus on topics like vaccine distribution and climate policy. indirect talks between iran and the u. s. same to providing the 2015 iran nuclear deal. every started in vienna or after a break of just over a week. official say the talks made significant progress on to president trump. the u. s. unilaterally withdrew from the packed in 2018. thousands of argentinians have protested against the deal with the international monetary fund on repayment of a 40 full $1000000000.00 loan. the i m f as a great to defer payments on activists to say the conditions for doing so will hit the poor. hardest, firefighters in oklahoma city in the us have been battling a massive blaze at a construction site. the cities fight apartments that the fire was in an unfinished hotel or apartment complex and parts of the building had collapsed. no injuries
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have been reported. the main suspect in the 2015 paris terror attacks is expected to take the stand today in his trial, french broken, national cellar up islam is the only surviving suspect who was in paris on the night of the events on november 13th he in 19 others are accused of planning and carrying out attacks on the stadium, bars, clubs, and restaurants in a night of terror in the french capital. a 130 people were killed. i spoke to t w's, lisa louis, who's down at the courthouse. i asked her what we could expect from today's hearing . well, today, sarah does love the only person he was in paris on that 13th november in 2015. he will be questioned by judges, by lawyers about his radical estate, radicalization. they want to understand how he got to that point. when was the tipping point when he decided to participate in these atrocious attacks here on
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french. so in 2015 now, other suspects have been questioned over the past few weeks on their personal way of radicalization. some decided not to speak out, not to answer any questions, but others have given some information at that. will it help understand that in a process that and that made that they came to that decision at many people believe that thought i'd, as i'm will speak out today because he has been quite outspoken since the beginning of the court case. he and paris and you've been attending these hearings from the very beginning, back in september what, what has this trial revealed so far? well, they have been 5 months of tries so far, and i think it's fair to say that about 5 weeks with, with the testimonies by civil plaintiffs who are really the most intense, where you understood the human impact of these horrible attacks here in france,
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people were telling us about how they got injured, how they got out of the basics and music, or for example, how they were taken hostage. how they lost the loved ones. but we also heard from days that were not physically harmed. sometimes didn't even see anything, they just heard the blast or felt the breeze of a bomb exploding. and that alone had such a big impact on them on their lives that up until now. some of them actually haven't been able to rebuild their life. take to say to hold down a stable job because they just few threatened and they don't feel safe wherever they go. now, thanks for your reporting. the w. louis in paris, tanya has been under locked down for a week after confirming its 1st cove at 19 outbreak, and it's still recovering from last month's volcanic eruption and suit army. between disaster affected most of the island states,
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100000 inhabitants in some way. target ended locked down last wednesday after several covert cases were discovered. it's believe ships delivering aid brought the virus to the country which had previously been free of the disease. in london, the talk in high commissioner to the u. k. is to the low paid on the top of a far will to we up and all 3 disasters of hit your country. the volcanic eruptions . unami good now cove, it. how serious is the situation? oh, thank you. having the new show. it is truly unfortunate that following the the volcanic eruption which cause the tanami several days now it is in time. so it provide a challenge in rebuilding the country to suffer. and now they have with my team as well. the timing couldn't be worse. how are they coping?
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how are things coming with both this, these natural disasters and if they were locked down, the reports were received and we didn't is, is that the once once to, to repeat and rebuild it as fast as you can. but luck restrictions and protocols restrict any, any other efforts toward rebuilding and, and bringing in technician to, to fix the cable and communication. is there any way around this to try to get ahead with building measures? for example. i mean building is something you do outdoors anyway. i mean,
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surely they can't just put everything on hold for the after the, the prime ministers in time. he was, he was in the point that the very fact that they can hope effort towards building just as of it, i'm sure will come up with plans to alleviate this problem. let's. so let's hope they took a high commissioner to the u. k for donna. thank you very much for speaking us today. on d. w. thank you. what lead us scientists and big companies are gathering in france to boost their efforts to protect the oceans. over the next 2 days, the one ocean summit will seek to raise the international communities ambitions to
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protect c life and tackle the impact of climate change. also on the agenda, the threat of plastic pollution on the oceans. it takes millennia to decompose yet production is at an all time high. it's on the surface and deep down on the sea floor. plastic waste is found throughout our ocean. a recent study reveals that more than half the world sea turtles and as many as 90 percent of all sebra swallowing, many creatures get tangled up in it and die. and se researchers this classic pollution has grown exponentially. undergoes as august i think is our biggest concern is that there's no end and flight to this crisis. and we know that plastic production is going to rise steeply over the next 40 years. we know that investments have already been made in increasing plastic production capacity. and
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we also know that once it's in the system, once it's in nature, it can't be retrieved again. that because plastic 1st breaks down into smaller pieces then into micro and nano particles in scientists. warren, that even if no more plastic were to enter the oceans from now on, the amount of micro, plastic within them would still double in the next 30 years. many countries or have insufficient waste management systems and it needs to be a priority for politicians to put on production volumes need to be limited. plastic must be used in ways where this as durable as possible and it needs to be reused as much as possible. we need a circular economy and we need it globally. the united nations environment assemblies meeting and i roby at the end of february. one key issue will be whether countries can agree on an international plastics plan. let's take a look now at more stories making bold news. at least 14 people have been killed and dozens more injured in
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a landslide in columbia. the incident followed heavy rains in a mountainous region in the center of the country rescue teams. they, they fear in you mud slides could follow. laurie driver under the influence of alcohol has left a trail of destruction in the german state of bavaria. the driver rammed into more than 30 cars in the town of foot, several cars and even a house called fire. police arrested the driver at the scene, saying he was clearly drunk. he and 2 other people were slightly injured. for the pope benedict has asked victims of sexual abuse in the catholic church for forgiveness, but he denied any personal or specific wrong. doing an independent report released in january, said that benedict had failed to act against clergy members in full cases of alleged abuse on to the olympics. snowboard star shown white has qualified for the half by final americans in pursuit of a full gold medal. there was some early struggles for the 35 year old,
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but he did make it through denounced in the run up to begging that he was going to retire after the games. white is competing at his 5th winter olympics. you'll be useful scholars one, a jonathan crane is also at the games. even go to see show wide inaction. what was that like jonathan? dash, that's right. we've come up to the mountains today to see sean white like every one else. really because the area in front of the half pipe was absolutely packed. but actually we very nearly certain for the last time in competition because after his 1st run, he was struggling. he made an uncharacteristic mistake. had to wait an hour before to go before he got another go to make it all right and you know the sign of a tree champion, isn't it someone under pressure then delivering, he did that. he admitted off to it though he was feeling no versa between those 2 efforts. now he is in the final, he knows he's not going to be the favorite. there are a lot of younger snowboard, as many of whom were inspired by shore white's who are better than him will capable
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of performing better tricks. but to be on the podium, potentially, in a few days time, he ranked forth at the moment, would be a huge achievements in a way and a great way to and what a, an illustrious career he has had. and it's a good sign that he still gets the nerves contrasting displays over to all the top americans. indeed, i will start with mckayla schiffron at the outline ski. and after the 2nd event, she failed to finish. this one was the slalom. it's her favorite event. she was the gold medal favor for that. she just did mr. gate really not meant that she was disqualified. she was inconsolable on the side of the course for about 20 minutes afterwards. kind of a very analytical favorite. she doesn't quite know what's going wrong here in beijing. she's kind of questioning herself 2nd guessing everything, doubts now whether she will continue to take part in these olympic games. there were more events. she was scheduled to take pots on pots in, on the flip side,
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a brilliant story for lindsey jack ballier in the snowboard, cross a 16 years after she 1st tried. she's finally got an olympic gold medal. she's on pretty much everything else. there was to win the sport, she hadn't managed to coat at the olympics. she said it wasn't about redemption. it was just the case of the stalls aligning for her. so she said, and it was an incredible feeling, a brilliant moment for her. just briefly, let's talk about your performance. what's it like getting around to report on a bench in a pandemic where you've been getting used to the public situation. everything's fenced off here. we're getting a test every day. that part of things seems to me out to work quite smoothly, but just trying to get around the different locations, the 2 mountain venues is problematic. i didn't get back to my hotel until 2 30 in the morning last night because were waiting for the shuttle buses. they do take a while. i'm but you know, we're going to persevere. that's what we're here today. i'm glad i got a good night sleep, just one of us at least, jonathan crane it you sleep. good reporting from let's not an olympic feedback
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turning 90 is something to be proud of. jasmine paint again, hot vista is celebrating that milestone to day bomb between to will was he studied, aren't in east germany, then fled to the west. it was a driving force in the post war odd. st. few artists have explored the myriad possibilities of painting as thoroughly as the multi, talented god collector. his expansive approach to art has made him one of the most important contemporary german artists, which there has been influenced by both pop art and photo realism and his trademark is that he's constantly changed his style. in 2015, his work abstract painting, 599, sold for $46300000.00. setting a record for a work by a contemporary artist. as the food services, i always feel like it's nothing just shoddy work. but on the other hand, oh, it's better than the others. yeah, definitely. yeah, we're something like that. ah,
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cricket us body of work is marked by disruption. he 1st gained fame in the 1960s, with photo realistic paintings. part of an art movement called capitalist realism. he painted blurred reproductions of newspaper photos, this via the tides one. at the time, the assumption was that painting had become irrelevant, superfluous, on that side. and during that period, he succeeded in asserting the importance of painting over photography by their portal coffee to wagner. vista has repeatedly used his art to penetrate the heart of german society. he has sparked public debate, as with his serious depicting red army faction, terrorists, or with his beacon ow cycle. an abstract rendering of the horrors of now to them? mister hutton, as is to my, my main interest is in paint as i have a certain freedom doing what i want to get her to push us as painting as
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a form of thinking for 5 decades. he made abstract art. his squeaky paintings from the 1980s are especially in demand. fetching astronomical prices on the art market, but at least has withdrawn from public life since 2019 and stopped creating large format, oil paintings due to its physical demands. now at 90 years old god placed on has devoted himself entirely to drawing and the oscar nominations for the 94th academy awards have been announced and fixes dark west in the power of the dog . directed by jane campion is leading the feel with 12 nominations, including one for best picture. it's followed closely by favorite mind, the sy fy fx june, which receive 10 nominations. that is also in the running the best picture price. and a reminder of the top story we're following, floyd, germany, france, and poland have expressed their commitment to the sovereignty of ukraine. leaders
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of the 3 countries in this part of ongoing talks aimed at ease intentions. i've read russian military build up on the ukranian border watching t w news from berlin eco. africa is up next. and there's plenty more on our website, d, w dot com. i've been fizzle, and thank you very much for what the problem with, [000:00:00;00]
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with who he go africa. you can only protect what you know is the motto for an maybe as if you're ref conservation with many people know are too little about these animals and doesn't get into bookkeeping. and when they see any more, for example, it's, you can use an infant that your rock conservation foundation wants to change this
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eco africa next on d w. oh, okay, the battle against cove it, the only variant is putting health care systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports release? you know, weekly coping 19 special every thursday on d w. ah, william, how to think on it. gonzalez, will i and was high and if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the trail. i would not have put myself and my parents in
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that danger to god. it's a theme of the akita slater, who love on central hospital, on the liberty to give them i had serious problems on a personal level, and i was unable to live there with you want to know their story info, migrant, verified, and reliable information for my grants. ah, with what do you offer among sharia buds? aren't at fear to have in common. can you guess that is right? they are all featured own today's program. i am sandra tree no video here in


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