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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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ah, ah ah, this is d, w is coming to line from berlin. russia prepares the stage, the biggest military drills with neighboring bella roost since the cold war. the exercises come as tensions continue to mount over ukraine with the u. s. accusing russia of further escalating the crisis. moscow denies its planning and invasion. also coming up on called enters and strict new locked down. the city implements mainland china is 0 corporate policy as it struggles to deal with soaring case
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numbers. and hopes are high, that code 19 won't steal the show as the belly. now the film festival opens today in the german capital will have a rundown of the festivals most anticipated film. ah hello m terry martin. good. have you with us? russia is starting joint military drills with its neighbour bella, roost to day. nato says it's moscow's largest deployment to the former soviet countries since the cold war. the exercise has come as tensions build over what some western countries fear our russian plans to invade ukraine. the us is calling the joint military drills, escalate, tory, but russia claims the forces will return to their bases when the drills finish in 10 days time. the u. s. is also deploying more troops to eastern europe, but their presence is largely symbolic. diplomatic moves are also kicking up
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a gear more on those in a moment, but 1st, this report there bolstering nato's borders. on wednesday, u. s. troops arrived in south eastern poland. the united states has also begun moving its forces from germany to romania. around a 1000 nato troops are expected to follow in the coming days. denmark has also announced that its enhancing, its military preparedness, deploying fighter jets to the baltic sea warrior. but many western analysts do not see nato's actions in response to the more than 100000 russian troops, a mast near ukraine's borders as a direct defense of ukraine. now in terms of numbers, this is meant to be a symbolic show of resolved that the nato was united, and it will defend its members if attacked. for ukraine, we've provided arms and training, but we're not providing any direct forces. nobody is further consignments of
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british weapons have arrived, and ukraine. britain has said it only intense them to be used in self defense. speaking in berlin on wednesday, german chancellor will of shalt set a dual approach was needed. adding that while all diplomatic channels must be pursued of a d, alice must be prepared to act it. russian forces crossed these borders and into ukraine. let us now are joined by the w as german political correspondent, john julius held deli here in berlin, and our correspondent and key of mateus boating. mathias ukraine's foreign minister says diplomatic efforts are bearing fruit, but the pentagon says rushes troop build up on ukraine's border. is continuing. is there any consensus in ukraine on the threat level at this point? yes sir, there is a sensor, there is a consensus. the consensus is that rushes to build up is menacing and that russia
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is preparing to launch an attack or is preparing in a way that they could be ready to launch an attack within a very short time. but that they are not at and seeing their last preparations that would be needed. ukraine is somewhat in a difficult position here because, or the threat is perceived as real and ukraine. once the world to understand that and what they need, all these weapon deliveries at that at least their assessment in order to may be, deter irrational attack or to counter somewhat counter it. of course, the russian military is a superior to the ukranian and they wouldn't have, it wouldn't be a fight on par. but at the same time they do not want to spread panic. so, um, there is a situation there there, there that the wording is always that russia might attack very soon, but they're not seeing any imminent preparations for attack. julio, german chancellor olive shots as continuing his diplomatic offensive by hosting
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multi party talks here in berlin. tell us about today's round of diplomacy to day on the schedule is the 2nd round of meetings of the so called norman div format. and that means there are policy advisers from germany, france, russia, and ukraine will meet in berlin after a 1st meeting that happened in paris at the end of january. the normandy format was established in 2014 to try to bring an end to the conflict in eastern ukraine. and that led to the so called minced minsk agreements of 2015, which are ukraine and russia accuse themselves of not respecting and implementing this meeting today. or we don't have that many details about what we've heard from a government spokesman. is that or the will try to push for further dialogue and
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the escalation, but also to try to see these minsk agreements fully implemented. and should he understand that shots is also due to meet with the leaders of the baltic states, estonia, lafayette lithuania, which all border russia? are they likely to get the kind of support they're looking for from germany? because of the geographical position of these 3 countries. they are in a especially delicate situation. they border with russia. they border with bell roofs, where the military exercises with russia are currently taking place. and these countries don't see russia and russia attacking them as an immediate threat or possibility. but they are afraid that if that were to happen in ukraine, that they would be next. now the countries have ask especially lead to whit lithuania for an increased troop presence by germany in the country. germany leads the natal battle group that is present in lithuania with around 550 soldiers. and
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germany's defense minister has promised this week that germany is prepared to send an additional $350.00 soldiers to lithuania, to try to reassure it's partners. but whether that will be enough and whether the countries are going to be asking for more and whether german is willing to give more, we will see this evening at this meeting, mathias, russia and billers are entering the hot phase of huge wargames in melrose involving 200000 troops. how is this being seen in care of it's of course, seen as a maneuver of intimidation. it's seen as, as a, as a preparation and other preparation to encircle ukraine. the russian troops are now in the, at the eastern border. the border between russia and ukraine on occupied in the occupied territory of crimea. and now that in the northern part of the
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boat border between bella roost and ukraine. so of course, this is seen as part of this military build up, although russia denies it has anything to do with it. a tear spilling and tear. and julia saw deli in berlin, thanks to both of you very much say holding some of the other stories, making headlines around the world today. voting has started in elections in several indian states including its most populous who ta pradesh, their cheap minister, you'll get other young up is seeking re election for his and do nationalist b, j. p party, which is also in the ruling party at the national level. victory there would boost the party ahead of national elections in 2024 police in new zealand. capital. wellington arrested more than 50 people protesting against corona, virus, mandates and restrictions. several 100 demonstrators had been cramp, camped out for 3 days in front of parliament,
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round 80 percent of new zealanders are fully vaccinated with jobs required for some frontline staff. president of mexico says he wants a pause in relations with spain. andre manuel lopez abra door says deals with spanish energy firms by previous governments put mexico's state utility provider at a disadvantage. president plans to strengthen state control of the mexican energy market, have raised concerns among foreign firms about protecting their investments their school in an illegal blockade. of one of the main border crossings between canada and the u. s. is starting to have an adverse effect on the economy. a small group of around $100.00 anti backs or truckers is preventing traffic including supply parts for moving across the key bridge. the truckers say they will not move until the government scraps all covered restrictions, including a mandate for the drivers to be fully vaccinated to enter canada or than 80 percent
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of canadians are vaccinated. the ambassador bridge would normally be humming with traffic that these protesters have brought that grinding to a halt for 3 days now they've been blockading this key border crossing that part of the so called freedom convoy that started in opposition to man tree cove at vaccinations for truckers but as since snowballed into a broader expression of anger with pandemic restrictions and canada's government, the white house says the blockade is concerning. the ambassador bridge is canada's busiest link to the united states and accounts for about 25 per cent of trade between the 2 countries and said, the blockade poses arrest to supply chains. for now, many trucks being forced to detour nearly 2 hours to this alternative bridge purchase as well. so paralyzed the heart of canada's capital for nearly 2 weeks. they say they won't leave until old pandemic restrictions scrapped. stand up for
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our freedom, stand up for our children, our future. no mandates, no vaccines. unless people choose to take a box with more than 400 trucks blocking roads, most businesses in the area have been forced to close. prime minister justin trudeau said his government won't change course or cannot stop a pandemic with blockades. you cannot end a pandemic by decree. you can't end a pandemic by legislation. you need to end upon demick by relying on science by public health measures and by vaccinations. and even as canadians are tired and impatient for it to and we're going to continue to be there for them to support them through it. and to make sure we do everything necessary to enter this police, have seized thousands of liters of fuel as part of efforts to break the blockades.
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the protest as appeared, determined and unsettling in full. the long whole german foreign minister under leon about buck has kicked off a 3 day trip to the middle east. the green party politician arrived and israel late on wednesday night is the 1st stop on a tour that will include the palestinian territories and jordan on friday. and egypt on saturday, she's due to meet with both israeli and palestinian leaders today to discuss the middle east peace process. this is bab box 1st visit to the region since taking office in december an injurious lindy, w. tonya kramer is standing by for us, tanya. alina bell, bach is kicking off her trip with a visit to yod beacham, the holocaust memorial in jerusalem. tell us more about the significance of that. wow. yes. she said in her 1st church as a foreign minister here to the region, and she has made
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a point in her statement. chester before arriving here, that is very important for her that the 1st visitor, the 1st station is israel and she buys to wednesday night. she was 1st meeting with some israeli civil society personalities, but her main days, today's a very short visit and she is right now here in yet with him. you standing here underneath the yet for some, it's a very rainy and cold day over here and to slim. she said she wants to remember and you know, the shared past and she wants to make sure it's a future generations. i will remember that. so it's very important for her to be here. this kicks off the day a, so to speak, and then she will continue to meet with a is, was foreign minister your la pete. and then with the prime minister, natalie bennett, and moving on to a my la meeting, there is palestinian leaders and then she would continue her trip to jordan and then to egypt. now this is bev box. first visit to the region is foreign minister.
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she's meeting both the israeli and palestinian leaders. what's her stance on reviving the middle east? peace process was quite interesting because in her statement again before leaving, she said she wants to talk or with her old lead as he is. she's meeting about prospects or the future of a peace process. now we all know there has been no peace process to this for many years. and also of course, this current israeli government, or with israeli prime minister, natalia bennett, has said, you know, there will be no palestinian state under his watch. also, the current government in israel will have some difficulties, probably to come to a, you know, common policy as it's a government out of writing center and left parties. but nevertheless, she wants to talk about it. she also made a point to say that's why she goes to jordan and egypt because they are stake
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holders in the peace process and of course, meeting with palestinian leaders. now there have been some high level meetings between israeli politicians and the palestinian leadership. but at the moment, i would say it looks more that, you know, there is a sense that this is for containing the conflict rather than finding solutions here . tony, thank you very much. that was our jerusalem correspondent, tanya kramer, there before britain voted to leave the european union supporters promised regs, it would bring benefits. but just over a year, after the u. k. completed his withdrawal from the e. u. a review by british parliamentary by a british parliamentary committee has found that briggs, it had only made trade more expensive and complicated. none of us prime minister boris johnson is still defending the departure the statistics say otherwise, but prime minister barak johnson is still trying to paint briggs it as
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a success story. he's appointed european union critic, jacob re smoked to become the so called briggs, that opportunities minister, and he told parliament that you were to blame for any possible problems resulting from the post for exit trade agreement. the country to the way it is being applied by our friends. it does not require that all foods and all medicines, little upon to be systematically checked in the way that they are mister speaker, and we must fix it. and we goodwill. and we common sense, i believe we can fix fitness to speak of it. if our friends don't show the requisite common sense, then of course we will trigger article 60 that we need to spending the current deal with the e. u. something brussels wants could lead to a wider trade war. the current situation is already bad for businesses. according to a parliamentary report presented on wednesday, it found the only detectable impact of briggs. it was more trade barriers between
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the delays at the border, the extra cost, extra paperwork. a lot of businesses are saying that it's been a real struggle for them. so we said to the government repeatedly before breakfast . and again, in the report, you need to step up and support small businesses. the report found that while big businesses can handle the hurdles, many small companies are struggling with the new systems. the same old story with this government. get it a mass, protect my, an off working people to pick up the bill. the truck drivers say long lines at the border, a role ready the new normal, the parliamentary report, one things could get worse. once trade and travel returned to post pandemic levels . thirties in hong kong are imposing their toughest restrictions since the start of the pandemic. as infection numbers explode, most venues including schools, gyms, churches, and hair salons must close. cub 19 cases have almost doubled to hit a new record high hundreds q to get tested as hong kong prepares
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for some of its toughest covered restrictions. yet, as many countries shift their approach to living with the virus. hong kong is pursuing a 0 coven strategy. in line with the chinese mainland, but a sudden surgeon cases is complicating matters. the government responded by announcing tough new restrictions on tuesday. here, closing has salons and banning public gatherings of more than 2 people. at this moment, we still feel that this is the best strategy for hong kong using all our capacity and i'll means to ensure that we could to achieve the dynamic as 0 target. but the announcement of new restrictions and disruptions to inputs have caused food prices to skyrocket. as fee, as of a shortage gro residents of feeling the pressure some have begun to question
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whether the cities 0 coven policy is worth the damage that it's causing. now like all the veterans are closing everywhere as the economy is already getting making packs. so i guess living with a code that would be the best solution and the easiest way id definitely it's going to follow mainland, right, because it doesn't have any other often. so it mean when one hong kong to continue to lockdown them, hong kong has to lock down. for now, there is little that hong kong 7500000 residents can do. but wait, and hope that case numbers begin to fall as soon as possible. for more, let's bring in our correspond at phoebe kong in hong kong. phoebe what's the latest on these tough anti covered restrictions? while hong kong now is suffering from the most of fear, i'll break since to pandemic,
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began in 2020 is the 5th wake of infection in the city that lay over pena. over a 1000 cases were reported yesterday. and in that 980 cases i reported to day heating a record high, so on there are mast hastings and being conducted across hong kong. as i'm standing here, i'll next to one of the testing stations. we can see long lies on cooling up to wait for testing. our people have to wait for hours up to 6 hours or to conduct a compulsory testings if their residential areas were, are detected and virus, or infection. i'm so starting from today, the government is imposing the most aconia meshes are seems to outbreak began, and that our, our public gathering of more than 2 people and our private gathering of over to families, that band and also a series of strange and measures that house lawns and religious venues like churches and templates have to be shut on. the government is or so are laying out
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of that same path in 2 weeks requiring or citizens our people in hong kong, but have to show their proof. our fascination are to enter many private venues and public facility. so the government is or is really are trying every mean to eliminate the virus from the community. how or hong kong hospitals and critical infrastructure fairing in this current wave of infections. phoebe oh, wow. see, i see that these are pressing clubland, facing the hong kong government and that according to the authorities on the occupancy rate of the isolating, i shall lation bat at public hospital. is this reaching 90 percent and emergency wards are or so on. getting of a went to so on public hospital is, is really out running out of the resources to accommodate new patients. oh and we're talking about over at 1000 patients are getting factored every single day. and so the government is now trying to transfer some patient of mile or even no
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symptom to some mex, shift isolation, our facilities in a bit to east a burden on public hospitals and also eyeing on hotels to accommodate new patients . some exposed even suggest on the so co reverse isolation strategies hoping are to accommodate other do infections. their critics say that china's 0 covert policy, which now applies to hong kong, is doing more harm than good. what's your impression there? oh, wow. the have been a debates on whether a hung coach to stick with the so called dynamic c or infection policy adapted by mainland china on not a some expos, an economist suggesting that and such policies not sustainable, especially when the hong kong has already paid a huge prize to contain virus, but 2 years on that to flight that down of by 90 percent, many shops have to shut and close down and some financial rating institution. even
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a lowered hong kong steady beef grow forecast this year already. so such policy may compromise hong kong position as an international aviation and financial hub on. but on the other hand that hong coast chief executive paradigms do insist on a late. i'm sticking with the i c o coated policy a. she thinks this is still the best option for hong kong, because more than half of the elderly haven't been fascinated. so that's why it's not suitable for hong kong to leave at the virus as the rest of the while is doing so. baby. thank you. phoebe kong they're in hong kong is a look at some of the other latest developments in the crone of iris pandemic. germany has recorded almost a 120000 deaths from the corona virus. that's according to the latest figures from the countries public health institute. it's reported nearly $12000000.00 infections in the course of the pandemic. anti virus measures and parts of japan have been
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extended until early march restrictions, covering tokyo and 12 other administrative districts were due to lapse on sunday. and british prime minister boris charleston has said he's considering removing all remaining corona virus restrictions a month early, including laws requiring people to self isolate. if they test positive, johnson said the move would be possible if current encouraging trends in the numbers continue. berlin international film festival opens this week despite high numbers of corona virus cases here in the german capital with last year's festival happening mainly online screenings, this year are being attended in person, but seating capacity in belli now, the cinemas will be limited to 50 percent. all parties and receptions have also been called all the red carpet is ready for the 72nd edition of the berlin international film festival. but unlike in past years and will be thronged with far
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fewer fans, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. it's just one of the measures men to allow the festival to take place despite pandemic restrictions. organizers are standing by their decision to hold an in person event. we don't want to make our festival up and, and put people in danger. that's something we we don't want, so we followed the instruction. we will be given by do tori, to as long the instructional will match with our project. we will go hon. this year's jury for the main competition is headed by american director m. 9 shah milan . he says he's looking forward to taking on the new role. berlin for me is always kind a, had a right or wrong. it has this kind of, ah, iconoclast, quality it as this kinda um, breaking, breaking norms. rebellion that those are the filmmakers that go to berlin. the festival kicks off with a latest work by french director of fall swell was on pita on conte is based on the
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film, the bitter tears of pe tough on conned by late dyna. vanna fust binda attribute to the german director. it stars french actor is din ye men or she and isabella. jenny? a jenny colleague and compatriot, isabella bell, is this years recipient of the golden bear award for lifetime achievement. the french actress will also be seen at the festival and her latest film about joan, alongside berlin hometown favorite last, idaho. this is on also generating buzz. is the thriller the outfit starring oscar winning british actor remark, rollins as a tailor gets mixed up with gangsters and 19 fifties. chicago don't be involved in whatever it is you. do you know exactly what it is i went through? well, it's a cautious return to the red carpet after years of pandemic disruption. the battered movie industry is hoping even this year's scaled back event could be an
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important step on the road to normality. you're watching dw news from berlin, coming up next we got our european affairs program focus on europe for you. i'm terry martin for me and all of us here. dw, thanks for watching. with
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who cleaning up after the eruption clearing out tons of long could be via home la. paloma has finally been extinguished despite the devastation. many residents are optimistic. they want to reclaim what for volcano? took their home, focus on europe next on d,
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w. and to the conflict, so sebastian, 6 months since the taliban seized power of the killings another human rights abuses of gone on multiplying my guesses week from cowboys shop. you long taliban director general a performance do they really believe they can play nice with al qaeda? and the west, at the same time, everybody common flames with conflict zone in 60 minutes on d. w. o. o clay, hold your hand. ah, it change has been often come in. can this become love of i don't got book an eye on me. did
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that way they could have been, i can artificial intelligence, combat loneliness. i like to see yankee. i love stories from the future. starts february 14th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, hello, and a very warm welcome to focus on europe. it's been called the most dangerous moment in europe since the end of the cold war with russian troops massed at u cranes, border fears of an invasion have put european nations on edge away from the front lines. it's hoped a flurry of diplomatic talks will diffuse tensions. nato members are.


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