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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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ah, yes, b o this is d, w. news lie from berlin to night. the ukraine crisis between warnings and war gaped moscow with staging military exercises close to the ukrainian order all talks to avert a possible russian invasion, continued the german chancellor warning russia not to underestimate the resolve of the west of the coming up to night. germany's foreign minister handling a bare bach begins her 1st official trip to the middle east. with a visit to jerusalem's holocaust memorial. anne berlin's international film
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festival rolls out the red carpet. but it's not quite a return to norm. ah, i brink off. it's good to have you with us on this thursday. we begin with new yet familiar warnings from the west for russia to night german jazz are all i've showed says that russia will face severe economic and political consequences if it invades ukraine. that warning came as envoys from russia, ukraine, germany, and france convene to day here in berlin. at the same time, russia and its close ally, bella rues, have begun wargames, involving tens of thousands of troops. the russian defense ministry released these images of life, fire drills and heavy armor, the militaries of russia and belarus, operating as one. it's not just ukraine that's alarmed by the show of force. in
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berlin. on thursday, the leaders of estonia, lapierre and lithuania, met with chancellor shelter to discuss the strategic response to moscow's aggression in the region. now it is more important than ever to mobilize and to defend the values that are an essential element, uniting the best a lives nato guaranteed peace and stability for the case and made it possible to achieve collective security level that our contest enjoy. today. nato troops are all ready protecting the alliance is northeast and flank in the baltic states. in fact, soldiers like these german, stationed in lithuania, close to russian territory, a part of what bloody mir putin object state germany has announced. it is beefing up its deployment, sending an extra $350.00 bonus for troops to join the mission. but johnson michelle says dialogue is still the aim. we haven't found was that we expect from russia
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clear steps to reduce the current tensions in the region. we need de escalation of the stuff to bought, the stronger. at the same time, we already put serious dialogue with russia on questions of european security. look foreign over piece of the shot. the bolted countries are willing to supply lethal weapons to ukraine, such as javelin missiles, assistance. in some cases, they would need the agreement of germany, which is reluctant to see more deadly alms going into the region that rushes native b. as such, qualms will be seen as weakness, diplomacy, and generating dialogue will have a chance only in combination with the credible to terrance and force poster. any failure in this would send an encouraging signal to russia and could lead to similar tactics and pressure elsewhere. at a separate meeting in berlin on thursday,
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ukrainian and russian officials also sat down together for talks. the hope must be that all the diplomacy will help to prevent war or earlier french and german diplomats took part in what is known as the normandy format. talks here in berlin with their counterparts from russia and france. the talks are aimed at easing tensions over ukraine. i asked defense policy experts via bash, if european allies such as france and germany, if they have much influence over what vladimir putin is going to do. well, that's a good question. i mean fans and germany obviously influential powers in europe and they are important voices in this crisis, not least because. busy they would suffer under economic sanctions, should the country get to that stage? and you know, they have often cast themselves a set of mediating powers and relations with russia. germany has historically often pursued the role of a diplomatic mediator. my call has to out his presidency,
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attempted to forge new negotiation, pat smith, putin, and now they are trying to exert influence. for instance, as he said to the normandy forum, the benefits of that farm is that we have ukraine and russia both at the table at the hope is that we can use it to come to a diplomatic solution. revived the so called minsk, a cards that were struck after russia last and made it ukraine. but they are notoriously ambiguous. they are interpreted differently by all the parties, and they have never been fully implemented in the end. i think the tax can only succeed. france and germany can only succeed if russia engages as a good faith participant, which is less than clear at this time. that's a, that's very questionable on position at the moment. we know the biggest counterpart to bruton is of course you as president joe biden. how much influence? again, that france and germany have on the white house at this moment? well, the u. s. and the europeans have been really closely coordinator in this crisis. i
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would say an increasingly so no one wants a war and as a western alliance, we have opted for this sort of 2 pronged strategy of to terrans. and the one hand and dialogue on the other hand, early on, you know, in the us and russia have engagement bilateral talks of am, control issues and confidence. building measures in france and germany have in recent days will increase the intensity of their own diplomatic efforts. you know, we've had my call in and moscow and he has, we have shots as conversations out with the leaders of the baltic states today with the hollins president and then his plan trip to moscow. i think those conversations are important because france and germany are really strongest when they have the credibility and legitimacy are representing some sort of broader european interest . and for that, it's incredibly important that they close the engage with and listen to the interests and concerns of other european states before they speak to moscow or for that matter to, to washington the you know, earlier this week the french birds emmanuel micron. he was in moscow to meet with
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vladimir putin and it's important to note that mack, ron is facing reelection in just 2 months time. he's been criticized for maybe campaigning, if you will, at the kremlin, the german transfer he goes to the kremlin, next week, should, should he do anything differently from what we saw micron do this week? shows isn't a really difficult position going to moscow because it's so difficult to see what a diplomatic offering could look like at this point. and my call faced the same issue, you know, to your point where the he's complaining in the criminal. i think we've heard throughout because presidents, he has taken an interest in relations with russia and trying to re engage the kremlin. but it's less and less clear what a compromise could look like between rest and values and russian interests. at this point, you know, russia seems to want to more reinstated policy of spheres of influence in europe's
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east. denying a country like you crammed the freedom to choose its own alliances, influence it's broader politics and then foreign policy and europe and the u. s. i sort of sworn to protect the decision making autonomy and territorial integrity of ukraine, and any compromise on the status of ukraine would essentially undermine this. this stands of the west. on her 1st visit to the middle east, german foreign minister, angelina bare bach, has urged israel and the palestinians to restart the peace process their bog started her trip with a visit to the holocaust memorial. and israel. the whole of names that yet the sham and memorial to the jews lost during the holocaust. their names, their life. stories under photographs are collected here. an archive of the millions murdered a culture decimated. it's the project decanter. anyone who tries to deny or time play the nazi genocide, anti semitism, germany's foreign minister on alena,
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bab book, says the world must stand up against, especially to day as this over omitting to her flesh cooling. this is our absolute obligation as the younger generation to keep the memory alive in, especially as there are fewer and fewer eye witnesses among us. when tony sent wound a sentence with all responsibility to raise our voice against anti semitism and against hatred, down incitement against exclusion and violence. so that such a crime against humanity never happens again. the ne mia dockwood in the whole of remembrance bearable, commemorated the victims. she laid a wreath on the stone crypt containing the ashes of some of the holocaust dead. brought to israel from the extermination camps.
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from yad vashem burbock traveled to meet her israeli counterpart year le pete and provide assurances that germany's new coalition stands strongly in solidarity with israel. but that doesn't mean the government see eye to eye on oil issues. it's a white glove. this is just a long discussion loo obama. things with both of you. more for zoom. in line with previous german policy bearable cris sized israel settlements in the occupied palestinian territories, saying she considered them harmful and in violation of international law came to acknowledge both sides of the conflict. burbock ended the day's political meetings in ramallah. there she pressed the palestinian authority leaders to hold long postponed elections, saying that without them the path towards meaningful negotiations with israel. and the 2 state solution would remain closed while you're abs 1st, major international film festival of the year has begun. despite surging corona
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virus infections here in the german capital, organizers are staging the berlin international film festival as a live in person. yvette 18 films from 15 countries are vying for the golden beer top prize. around 250 films will be screen cinema seating has been reduced. and there are vaccine testing an mask requires my colleague stacy bevin. she is dell, there among all of the glitter audi tonight is going to see you stacey. and you know, this, we want us, we want to say that this is a return to normal, but it's not completely is not completely, but it was still an exciting opening. and there was a lot of glitz and glamour on with a crush of international press here. and some of the stars walking out in the men in their taxes and the women in their shimmery dresses. it was really nice and it's
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my 1st red carpet. so it's even better than i expected and you know that i love you . burnt garth and back to you, but i feel now being around of as glamour that i had transcended you go huh. yeah. but when what's in here? that'll change once the light goes out here. that's okay. i can tell you've been drinking the billing all a coolie. that's fine. tell us about started. i'm headed to tell us about the movies that are going to be screen for the next week and a half or so sir. but you mentioned there is going to be 8 teen going for the major prize, the golden bear. and one of those films is playing as having its world premiere to night after these festivities are over. the film is going to play. it's called peter von can't. and it's by the french director front while we son. and it's based off of a movie called the tiers of petra font count. and this is kind
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of attribute to the late german director, rear burner fast vendor. there's another movie that i'm really interested in too. that's getting a lot of buys. it's a thriller and it's called the outfit and it's about a tailor that gets entangled with the chicago mom. you know, i'm a chicago girl. it's, you know, i'm interested in seeing how that goes now beyond beyond your stellar eyelashes, how will this years bill, with allah look, pandemic if you will. well, it's sure it's going to be shorter. so it goes from tonight until the 16th. and then from the 17th the 20th will be for the public. so at the 16th is when we'll, we'll have our winners. and there's less of a hollywood presence here just because of, of corona and there aren't that many hollywood films represented. so yeah,
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it's different. and you know, the co bed rules apply wearing a mass having to kate the co, the tass showing the ethan vaccinated. yeah. so and, and also you can't get the ticket. that ticket counters you have to order them in advance. okay, that's all good to know. and who needs hollywood when we've got stacey blevins there on the red carpet. we'll be talking with you next lie. fancy a fancy to night this you are. stay the baby. she is fancy. or there's a reminder of the top story that we are following for you. this, our several nations of joint talks here in berlin, a dead ending the crisis over ukraine, which has rolled up sholtes warning russian not to under estimate the determination of the west to avert a conflict. you're watching the w news coming up next us inflation that a 40 year high talk about taking a hit to europe buying power. chelsea delayed as more in dw business news of next.
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i'll see you tomorrow with hd. ah got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w travel off we go eco, india.


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