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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 12:00am-12:13am CET

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ah, ah ah, this is debbie news live from berlin, the ukraine crisis teeters between warnings and wargames. moscow is staging military exercises close to the ukrainian border. i'll talk to head off feared rush innovation, take place in berlin. also coming up, i lena bear book calls for p starting her 1st trip to the middle east is germany's foreign minister. and at the winter olympics, american figure skater naked chen takes home the gold after pulling off an incredible 5 prod, drupal jumps. ah,
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i mind bluecross. welcome to the program. german chancellor olaf shelves has repeated his warning to russia that it face is severe economic and political consequences if it invades ukraine. the remarks come as envoys from russia, ukraine, germany, and france convened in berlin on thursday to find a resolution. meanwhile, russia and bela restarted joint military exercises not far from the ukrainian border. the russian defense ministry released these images of live, fire drills and heavy armor. the militaries of russia and belarus operating as one . it's not just ukraine, that's alarmed by the show of force. in berlin on thursday, the leaders of estonia, latvia and lithuania, met with chancellor schultz to discuss the strategic response to moscow's
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aggression in the region market. this is more important than ever to mobilise and to defend the values that are an essential element, uniting the graphs them allies, nato, guaranteed these since the ability for decades and made it possible. does shift collective security level that our contra st. george today. nato troops are all ready protecting the alliance is northeast and flank in the baltic states. in fact, soldiers like these germans, stationed in lithuania, close to russian territory. a part of what vladimir putin objects to germany has announced. it is beefing up its deployment, sending an extra $350.00 bundles where troops to join the mission. but chancellor shalt says dialogue is still the aim. we have anton, from what we expect from russia, clear steps to reduce the current tensions in the region. we need de escalation, and that's all the stuff to bought. the thunder. at the same time,
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we are ready for serious dialogue with russia on questions of european security. look, if a foreign over pish as a chart, the baltic countries are willing to supply lethal weapons to ukraine, such as javelin missiles, distant. in some cases, they would need the agreement of germany, which is reluctant to see more deadly arms going into the region. but russia's neighbors fear such qualms will be seen as weakness. diplomacy, and generating dialogue will have a chance only in combination with the credible to terrance and force poster. any failure in this would send an encouraging signal to russia and could lead to similar tactics and pressure elsewhere. at a separate meeting in berlin on thursday, ukrainian and russian officials also sat down together for talks. the hope must be that all the diplomacy will help to prevent war. the we have seen
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a flurry of diplomatic activity as world leaders attempt to avoid conflict and ukraine. french president emmanuel mark on what visited russian vlad president vladimir putin, moscow earlier this week. and germany's chance for olaf shells will make his own trip to the kremlin next week. earlier d, w asked defense policy expert sophia bitch. whether sholtes could hope to achieve more than mccrendon shows is in a really difficult position going to moscow because it's so difficult to see what a diplomatic offering could look like at this point. and my car faced the same issue. you know, to your point whether he's campaigning in the kremlin, i think we've heard throughout by caused residency. he has taken an interest in relations with russia and trying to be engaged at the kremlin. but it's less and less clear what a compromise could look like between rest and values and russian interests. at this point, you know, russia seems to want to know reinstated, policy of spheres of influence in europe's east. denying
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a country like you crammed the freedom to choose its own alliances, influence it's broader politics and, and foreign policy and europe and the u. s. i sort of sworn to protect the decision making autonomy and territorial integrity of ukraine. and any compromise on the status of ukraine would essentially undermine this, this stance of the west. let's get now, some of the other stories making news right now. the head of london's metropolitan police, chris said a dick has resigned following a string of controversy. no longer. london's mayor said dick had not done enough to address sexism and racism and the police force. she faced pressure over her response to the 2021 murder of a woman. i police officer president emmanuel macklin is calling for a quote, renaissance of the french nuclear industry. he wants to build as many as 14 new reactors to power francis transition away from fossil fuels. critics of raised
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concerns about the cost and the problem, radioactive waste. germany plans to close it's nuclear plants by the end of this year with blah case. fabian prime minister just trudeau is standing firm and supportive vaccine mandates as truckers blockade. a major trade route to the u. s. for a 3rd day. the ambassador bridge carries a quarter of all trade between the 2 countries. both sides are concerned about the economic fallout from the blockade. france and belgium have banned protesters from blocking roads and their capital truck convoys from around france or heavy to paris. inspired by truckers and canada, who's paralyzed parts of ottawa. a similar blockade as planned for brussels. police have been told to arrest those who violate the bad on her 1st visit to the middle east, german foreign minister. i'm lena bear bock has urged israel and the palestinians to restart the peace process. burbock started her trip with
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a visit to the holocaust memorial in jerusalem. the whole of names that yard the sham and memorial to the jews lost during the holocaust, their names, their life. stories under photographs are collected here. an archive of the millions murdered a culture decimated. it's the project decanter. any one who tries to deny or dime play the nazi genocide, anti semitism, germany's foreign minister on elaine a barrel book says the world must stand up against. especially to day. is this over one meeting to purplish going? this is our absolute obligation as a younger generation to keep the memory alive in especially as there are fewer and fewer eye witnesses among us. when tony send owned a sentence with our responsibility to raise our voice against anti semitism, and he's against hatred, down incitement against exclusion and violence both so that such
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a crime against humanity never happens again. little. the ne mia, he dogwood in the whole of remembrance bearable commemorated the victims. she laid a wreath on the stone crypt containing the ashes of some of the holocaust dead. brought to israel from the extermination camps. from ya, beacham burbock, travel to meet her israeli can to part year year le pete's and provide assurances that germany's new coalition stands strongly in solidarity with israel. but that doesn't mean the government's c i to i on all issues. little of this is just a long discussion, lou obama, things with more friends who in line with previous german policy bearable criticized israel settlements in the occupied palestinian territories, saying she considered them harmful and in violation of international law came to
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acknowledge both sides of the conflict their book ended the day's political meetings in ramallah. there she pressed the palestinian authority leaders to hold long postponed elections, saying that without them the path towards meaningful negotiations with israel, and the 2 state solution would remain closed. and earlier we spoke our correspond, tonya kramer in jerusalem, asked her about the impression burbank made there. why society of us her 1st visit as for a minister in do you have denison, she's not yet very well known here among the israeli public. and she's basically seen as that part of the younger generation of, to him politicians. so there was a lot of interest to see how she's going to position herself. maybe whether she has any other approach to, to certain topics. and the german foreign minister, a used to her 1st official visit here to basically i reassure is ready didas
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again. and i think there was also no doubt about that. that germany stanza, you know, side by side to israel. i it's a fundamental commitment to israel as well and to build on this specially relationship between the 2 countries. due to their, shad paused but both a foreign ministers at the is ready for a minister ya, pete. we seen that in the report and on and in about book, you know, they had a very cordial meeting. was a very friendly and warm and meeting. they also talked about their differences and mainly, ah, israel concerns when he comes to the are nuclear talks in vienna that are ongoing debt. but the german foreign minister also used the occasion to criticize israel settlement policies and also, you know, said there's a need to keep the 2 state solution life. so some continuity, but she also said her own agenda to raise an issue that for you, she don't hear so much. on these occasions, the climate crisis,
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skyrocketing prices are squeezing the budgets and purchasing power of millions of people in turkey. inflation soar to nearly 50 percent last month. contrary to mainstream economic wisdom, president righteous tire our to want has been demanding that the central bank maintain low interest rates. ah, we can't pay the bills anymore. the sign says 15 people in the east humble district of chic touch are protesting. high inflation plummeting exchange rates and exploding energy prices. daily expenses have skyrocketed, but the number of people protesting is to low police made sure of that by coming out in large numbers and conditions. the we are battling problems on all fronts so that we can barely afford food and clothing. everything has become more expensive than malaga him. is they? because she because of the way of getting back are spending. in particular, we're trying to save on electricity costs. people are also protesting in is tumbles
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trending night life district. cutty coy, many restaurant owners have taped their electricity bills on their windows for passers by to see their costs are now double or triple what they were a month ago. it will be, you know, where at the point where we're asking ourselves, can we go on or do we have to close down in many cities, people are burning their bills. the largest opposition party, the c h p, is trying to use the economic crisis to its advantage. the party chairman has to find solutions quickly because elections are coming up next year. ah, yes, figure skater. nathan shan has taken home, his 1st olympic gold. he delivered a rousing performance skating tail. john's rocket man, and his 5. yes, count him. 5 quadruple jumps. help him live up to his nickname. the quad came chain
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when the thursday's free skate with a world record score from the year. hi, chelsea. delaney has more with that of business, got more few soon. thanks very much. happiness is for everyone. human penises are very different from primates. penises, we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature, a there. and david and this is climate change, pregnant sex who happiness in 3 books, you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you too. can i hold your hand? mm hm. kings we have a lot in common.


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