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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news live for the u. s. wards, a russian invasion of ukraine could come at any time secretary of state, and to me, blane can call some more dialogue as president biden tells americans to leave you cray. now, as things could go crazy quickly, also on the program for africa in its battle against covey. 19 as the continent gets, its 1st vaccine, manufacturing plant, head of the world health organization tells the w. it's a promising start. rolling out the red carpet,
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the felon international film festival is back in business. all eyes are on the live screenings, and who will win the golden? ah, i'm fil gale. welcome to the program. you are a secretary of state and to be blank in has urge more dialogue to resolve tensions between russia and the west over field invasion of ukraine. we're speaking in melbourne following a meeting of the quad alliance that includes australia, india, and japan. he made it clear that tensions with moscow have reached a dangerous level. simply put, we continue to see very traveling sides of russian escalation, including new forces arriving at the ukrainian border. and as we said before, we're in a window when an invasion could begin at any time,
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was russian troops and ships in circle ukraine. nato has been bolstering its eastern flank since ukraine's not a nato member. it's unclear what the alliance would do if russia does invade. the secretary general of nato against dalton berg visited the block c port of constantia in romania. as a 1000 us troops arrived at the military base there. we continued to reinforce our eastern flank with more ships with more plains, with more troops. and we also ready to quickly reinforce if needed to increase the nato response force on we can deploy more forces on short notice if needed. well let's look at the big picture with alexi melnick, who's co director of foreign relations and international security programs with the rsm cough center as a think tank based in care. welcome to
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d. w. do you believe that russia is about to invade you crate or, well, we can, we have different opinions about the both russia, russia in pain or rushes else. but there is, there are certainly such plants and there are. so we started such intentions, but it is going to happen and money is going to happen is a big question. and so what is the end game then? what will success look like for president putin in this conflict? well, it just be the same question like 2 or 3 months ago, i would say that the pudding and game and the cooking, the just objective was ukrainian independence to get to claim as a satellite to get in here of employees. but after he's ultimate them to nato and the united states, and regarding the latest statement, it's like, well, he has much visions. he wants to be respected,
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he wants to be hurt. but unfortunately, his demands simply are not acceptable by the way. so it's a big geopolitical game, and you can't unfortunately, is in the center. ok. nato's providing reassurance to taste and members by bowstring. true numbers there. but what do you think the alliance will actually do if russia does invite? well, certainly, if the alliance will keep supporting ukraine and on political, diplomatic and even military technical level. but also certainly elaine's not going to sams boots on the ground and what is more important. ukrainian authorities just never asked for soldiers. and so we have plenty of a very strong moved down, you know,
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the high level for us to defend the country. but we do need international support. right. and if you talk about the ukraine being ready, it's obviously it's going to be outgunned by russia. can they actually defend the country? so, well, a ukrainian defense reforms, re sure, been congress since 20, at least 2016 is more to reach military balance or to, you know, get full man man power. similar to what the russian, our aim is mostly defense and deterrence. the price for possible any possible invasion to the level that the school's been. if you calculate to change
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the family's cause, been if you come right if, if a invade, it has to cost them daily because russia now has about $130000.00 troops that you kind border there war games going on in they bring about a rose and i'm naval drills in the black sea, effectively blocking ukraine's ports. so as you see this unfold, i, you actually worried? oh, well, oh, it is. it's not a pleasant feeling. believe me, to understand that you and circled by the russian troops from bella swan follow them kilometers for more than one. follow them from the east. and the last couple of days, russia actually closed the entire as o. c. and the, the part of the blake c actually access the cranium ports to the breaks. and you can understand that this is not very pleasant. at the same time i lean to
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you, i haven't noticed anything unusual. i don't just on the supermarkets, funny conversation my is my friends and colleagues. right. so it looks like i like that other. com. but again, it is something that you really feel is not even thinking about under. so life goes on alexi melnick from the rsm. cough a center. thank you so much. thank you. we'll take a look at some more of the store is making that news around the world, starting in iran, where people have been celebrated the 43rd anniversary of islamic revolution as some even setting fire to us flags and talks aimed at reviving the countries 2015 nuclear agreement, i resumed this week with us urging tech ran to reach deal quickly with hotline president abraham raise. he told revelers that tara was not getting its hopes on the 30 countries have committed to protecting the world's oceans from harmful human
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activity. the initiative drawn up at the summit, tom francis at atlantic coast talking to plastic pollution in particular, business and political leaders have promised more action to clean up the seas and preserve marine life canada. ontario province has declared a state of emergency over the truck is processed as paralyzed the capital blocked trade with united states. ontario's government is threatening steve fines and jail sentences and drivers and their blockade. protesters want the canadian government to scrap vaccine mandates for truck drivers. and the 1st cove in 1000 vaccine manufacturing plant on the african continent has opened in south africa. vaccination programs around the world have delivered more than 10000000000 doses subsaharan africa, tracing and massive shortage in the long term hopes are that cape town based off region bio biologics. biologics will be able to increase local production,
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delivering an affordable product, and reducing it dependency on imports. ahead of the world health organization tedra that gabrielle says, the new plant will help africa become more self sufficient in producing vaccines. this will not be just for a technology will be good for a chevy, malaria t d. so this is an investment, and that could possibly be a game changer in combating them. so this is big and what it takes, the key is as they were saying, the quality of it so that you know, all we have to do is done. and the heavy distribution or production and distribution of the w corresponding or
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increase was able to get a 1st hand look at the production site, a replica of the more diana vaccine, that is what the m r and a vaccine have for africa is trying to produce they were hoping for a technology transfer with would dana, but that hasn't happened. that's why and collaboration with south african universities and institutions. they made their own vaccine using information available in the public domain. it's an agenda as not committed to technology trans that hit and in many aspects leaf that needed anymore. so this is the same thing that will develop technology that will be transferred to multiple other organizations, loan middle income countries, building sustainable capacity and capabilities. but it is also an entity that has a long term deal on the design and development and production of novel vaccines. new vaccines essential for the burden of disease in loan mold and middle income countries. companies like biotech have been critical about that approach as they
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have been about the idea of way, wing intellectual property rights for vaccine production. but south africa and the world health organization are supporting this initiative. because the only option we have is to saxon so we will and it's in good hands. the baby is in good hands as we have seen that. and we have identified also some of the challenges we will address those and then move on. this center will be a center that rings almost everybody together. so we will work together, and it's not either or we can use all options, by the way, to make sure that we have all the tools to fight this pandemic. but also the per se for the future. what is clear, though, this is a long term project that will probably not have an impact during the currents pandemic. clinical studies are likely going to take years. but so far, africa has only producing less than one percent of the vaccines that are also used here. the w h o is backing an initiative that wants to bring that number up to 60
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percent by 2040 increased. let's take a look at some more developments and they, a pandemic starting in australia where people will now need to receive booster shots in order to count as up to date with their vaccinations at the netherlands is aimed to drop most of its restrictions by the end of this month, the government says record infection levels of only lead to limited hospital admissions. and protesters against the vaccine mandate and tough current. various rules have occupied the grounds of new zealand parliament for a 4th day. a legal battle is under way of the winter olympics in beijing after confirmation that star russian figure skater, camilla valley ava, recently tested positive for doping. only this week, sheet that the russian olympic committee team to gold in the team event that the medal ceremony still hasn't taking place. russian anti doping agency at 1st suspended valley ava van lifted that suspension and allowed her to compete in beijing. the international olympic committees trying to reverse that decision by
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appealing to the international court of arbitration for sport valley. this next shadow event is on the 15th of february when she's favorite to win gold in the individual event. here in berlin. now europe's 1st major international film festival of the year has rolled out. the red carpet organizes the staging, the bel another as a live event with in person screenings, 18 films from 15 countries are buying for the top prize. the golden bear among the contenders, the star french director francois, although it almost feels normal. walking down the red card cameras last left and right. but everybody here is aware of how special it all is this time around was so excited to put on the suit again. to get dressed up and to leave the house. nice to to meet reporters, meet colleagues, and watch
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a good movie. wouldn't suit me. interested in that movie is oh wow. results. pizza on cousins. i'm a forceful chamber play about love, obsession and power starring daniel men. oshea impressively channeling the late design of anna fuss binda. reversing the gender roles of the original de movie becomes a passionate homage to the german director. a deeply troubled genius revered abroad, but according to his own, all but forgotten at home. this is his 8th and tree in the competition and he's hoping to win his 1st golden bear. but even if his stellar ensemble leaves empty handed, this surely will be a festival to remember for everyone involved and then on before we go, just times take a look at the return of the las jamita said carnival to otherwise capital monte v. dad, he likes, has returned to the city streets has been cancelled last year because of the
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pandemic. and things this year were delayed slightly thought that was because of bad weather clothes named chum slates. out of the colds from ancient practice of beating drums of cold community to get a set you up to date, lo, world news of the top of the hour. next on the w, i'd documentary looks at the multi $1000000000.00 business of green energy. ah ah, i hold your hand ah, can this become of i am not okay. i can artificial intelligence. combat loneliness high and i love stories from the future starts february 14th on d w. ah.


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