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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CET

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oh this is g, w, news ally from berlin. the risk is high. the threat immediate. that's a top us officials latest warning about a potential russian invasion of ukraine. the biden administration is urging americans to leave you pray, now saying there will be no rescue if hostilities begin. also coming up france bands, freedom convoys as hundreds of protesters opposing corona virus restrictions, head for parents, driven by what's happening in canada. and she, while the winter olympics with a record breaking performance,
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but after doping controversy this 15 year old russian figure skater, now wait to hear, if she'll be allowed back on the ah and welcome to our viewers around the world on michael oak, who the biden administration is sounding the alarm over potential russian incursion into ukraine, saying the risk is now high enough? the threat is immediate enough. moscow didn't denies having any plans to invade, but with more than a 100000 troops station near ukraine's border and a ramp up in military drills. western allies are worried and attack is eminent. u. s. president joe biden is due to speak with russia's vladimir putin later today in the hope of averting all out war. more activity on all sides of the ukraine crisis . russia's ministry of defense released footage of navy ships arriving in
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sebastopol bay on the black sea in the russian annexed crimean peninsula. they're here taking part in large scale landing drills. the situation makes many ukrainians uneasy. it's not a pleasant feeling. believe me, to understand that you and circled by the russian troops from bella ruesch, 1000 kilometers more than 1000 from the east. and the last couple of days, sir, russia actually closed the entire a z o c. and the, the particles to blake seed actually excess graham ports to the black sea. the united states wanted citizens out of harm's way immediately president joe biden has urged all americans to leave ukraine. if a russian attack on ukraine proceeds,
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it is likely to begin with aerial bombing and missile attacks that could obviously kill civilians without regard to their nationality. a subsequent ground invasion would involve the onslaught of a massive force with virtually no notice communications to arrange. a departure could be severed and commercial. transit halted, while civilians pack up security forces are coming in the other direction. around a 1000 us soldiers arrived in poland to add to the $4000.00 service members already stationed there and on romanian black sea coast. a 1000 strong strike force rolled in from a u. s. bass and germany. nato secretary general was there when they arrived. he spoke of the importance of boots on the ground as a deterrent to russia's military build up, which he called unjustified. so the combination old military buildup, threatening rhetoric, ah, a track record of using force against neighbors. of course,
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that's the reason for her being a cedars to concerned and her being vigilant and ready also to ah, react if her there once again, it used force against the ukraine. although the u. s. hasn't sent ground forces to ukraine. it continues to supply weapons to the beleaguered country. part of a $200000000.00 security package meant to keep this crisis from escalating into an outright conflict. i'm joined now from brussels by our nato correspondent terry schultz. a terri, the bite in white house seems to believe at this point that outright conflict is where this crisis is. in fact, heading are they sharing the intelligence behind their thinking? with nato alex they are michael as they have throughout this crisis last night. nato ambassadors met in an urgent session at 7 pm, pretty unusual for a friday night here in brussels,
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and to share the details of what was coming out of washington. and i think we need to be really careful to underscore that the white house isn't saying with 100 percent certainty that they believe putin has made the decision to invade. but something happened yesterday that made clear to me, michael, just how credibly allies are viewing these new assessments. and that is that until now, european governments and the european union as a whole, had resisted advising their nationals to leave ukraine. the u. s. has been doing that for some time, but the you said this is so damaging to ukraine. it's, it's terrible for the economy. it leaves ukrainian citizens feeling like sitting ducks, and we just don't see a reason to do that at this point yesterday. that all change and european governments, one by one, started advising their nationals to get out of ukraine. so that's something that has clearly changed. now the latest is that the u. s. is even evacuating it's diplomatic staff from the embassy yet another alarming sign. but i would also like to add that the you ambassador to ukraine might be masika says it's fake news that
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he is leaving, and he's staying put in queue. though the signs are all there, we shawl, the nato secretary general. in our report there of course wellbeing, welcoming a u. s. troops to romania nato is ratcheting up its military posture in allied countries that border ukraine. how much concern is there that any russian military action could spread beyond ukraine's borders? well, there's a lot of concern because nato is ratcheting up his forces in response to what russia is doing. russia has now sent more forces, not just into ukraine, but into beller roost. nato says it's the highest level of military assets deployed and beller is since the end of the cold war. and that again, borders, nato countries. so there is concern, not just that the kremlin may decide to come into nato territory. that's a really big step. and one that no one is suggesting that russia really is considering at this point. but even the instability and the uncertainty is a security problem for nato allies and, and for europe as a whole. so nato is,
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is for, is putting these forces. they're putting more troops, more military assets to deter it, not just a russian invasion into nato territories, but to try to deal with the instability and the insecurity for nato allies that's nato's job to reassure it's member countries that so terry schultz and brussels thanks very much terry and for the latest developments in the ukraine, i am now joined by dw corresponded mathias berlin, go in kia mathias for days. now the u. s. has been sounding the alarm that a russian invasion of ukraine could begin at any time, including during or immediately following the beijing winter olympics. what's been the reaction to this warning in the capital? well, as you can imagine, people are taking this seriously. people are very worried about their future developments. i'm the people also very worried about the western allies
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are ramping up the situation or somehow adding fuel to the fire. but the overwhelming feeling is that there is something might really be happening and people are getting prepared to it. we've also heard from official sources that the a territorial defense forces. these volunteer brigades have recruited a lot of new members. many people have made the decision to join them. there is some kind of resolve to resist within parts of the population. and also the government has slowly shifted its tone before it has been down playing the imminent risk. now they're saying that there's always there is there not sounding the same alarm as the western allies, but that there is a shift in tone, which is, as you well know, washington has warned americans in no uncertain terms to leave the country and is already preparing to evacuate its embassy in key of the vast majority of ukrainians
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. of course, don't have that option. how are they reacting to dish while they're, they're staying behind. as you said, they don't have this option. and their voice is saying that they feel abandoned by the western embassies evacuating their stuff so quickly. and also of course it adds to the feeling of alert that people are having here. um there is no heavy criticism but the people are mentioning that they had dont do not have this option. they would have to stay back a region continuing to be on edge their d. w correspondent, mathias burlingame in kiev with the latest. thank you. look now at some of the other stories making world news at this hour. mere moore's military government has begun releasing prisoners as part of an amnesty to mark the country's union day. around $800.00 prisoners are due to be pardoned. miramar has
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been inter mall since last year's qu, with more than 1500 protesters killed doing a military crackdown and over 12000 arrested. a court in canada says authorities may remove protesting truckers who have blocked the busiest border crossing with the u. s. it says the truckers must leave the ambassador bridge by saturday evening, days of demonstrations against vaccine mandates for drivers have paralyzed cross border trade. and the truckers protest in canada has sparked a copy cat action in france. thousands of protesters are, are heading for paris in so called freedom convoys. the city has ban demonstration shang, the risk to public order is too high. but opponents of krona virus restrictions are determined to reach the capital. french police are preparing for anything
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as convoys of demonstrate as descend on paris. members of the self styled freedom convoys are hoping to blockade roads in the capital to protest against coven measures. many have been inspired by similar truck protests in canada, which have shut down central ottawa and cut off border crossings into the us. but the french convoys a made up of a range of vehicles, driven by citizens who are fed up with frances coven restrictions. is you know, little, i'm here to defend all of our freedoms, and i'm especially against the vaccine policy, of course, an old q r case, whatever they all plan on. i'm out there, douglas fed up with the dictatorship faith imposed on as the 2 years. and it's important to support people in this movement. while frances vaccine pass is a common source of anger, demonstrate as represent a mix of causes, rising energy prices or another major issue,
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an echo of the yellow vest to protests that rocked the country in 2018 and 19 with presidential elections only a few months away the french government has expressed some sympathy with protesters, but it doesn't want the movement hijacked by political opponents. the government also eased restrictions further on friday, announcing that mosques will no longer be required indoors from the end of february . but for many making the long drive towards paris, it's too little, too late. while the international olympic committee says it expects a decision on a russian figure, skaters stoping suspension before she is due to compete again on tuesday. earlier it emerged that a 15 year old camilla value eva had tested positive for a band substance in december. that could stop her claiming a gold medal for dazzling performance on monday. and keep her off the ice for the
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rest of the games. after a stunning jump on the ice, a crashing fall into controversy. on monday, camilla valley eva became the 1st woman to land, a quadruple jump at the olympics, helping her team when gold. on friday, the international testing agency announced that she had previously tested positive for a band hot medication that could potentially increase endurance. but it's not clear the 15 year old will be held responsible, according to sports journalists and doping expert. how you set out. if it comes to get, get a decision about if she is guilty or not, you have to consider that maybe she didn't know about it. she at green's camila ever might be a victim of her own to rush rushes olympic committee is standing by valley ava. and her asking why it took weeks for a swedish laboratory to deliver the results of a test taken on december 25. russian politicians are also backing the star skater
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saying she should hold her head high had used as a, i want to say to camella, we stand with you because none of this change is my attitude towards her. and i think that's just as true for millions of fans to me, camilla valley ava is the best in the world. and tampa foreman's program is 2nd to none of them is paulina, he wouldn't have been you them couldn't say value of his face will be settled in a case being considered by the court of arbitration for sport. the outcome will decide whether she can return to the ice in beijing for the individual figure skating event, for which she's a gold medal favorite. a reminder of the top story were falling for you. the u. s. is warning that russia could invade ukraine at any time. washington is pouring more troops and armor into eastern europe, and president joe biden has told americans to leave ukraine. now.
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you're watching the w news up next in avatar opera without real life singers. it's on our show shift, living in the digital age. a michael oak, who from me and the rest of the team here in berlin. really appreciate you watching and stay with the w ah. interest, the global economy, our portfolio, d w business. beyond here, the closer look at the project, our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. just of ahead with the w business beyond on youtube, the battle against cove it.


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