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tv   Doc Film - The Billion- Euro Heist - A State Prosecutor Hunts the Tax Mafia  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2022 1:15pm-2:01pm CET

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united states and is something was, was really striking after this meeting and leading up into it nic. and that's that until now, european countries had really been resisting the usaa move to pull it, said it to pull their citizens out of ukraine to advise them to leave. and once this intelligence just started coming out yesterday, you saw many, many european allies doing just that, starting with norway, then the netherlands and the u. k. and now of course, we've seen many more including germany. and that says to me that this intelligence is very credible that the u. s. was able to share with allies exactly what it was that was leading them to believe that indeed an invasion could be imminent. and we just saw, of course, for her, the nato secretary general, and that report welcoming american troops to romania tomatoes, ratcheting up its military posture in the allied countries that the border ukraine . how much of a concern is that any russian military action could spread beyond ukraine's borders?
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well, one key factor is that it's not just a russian build up on the border with ukraine anymore, which provides a bit of a buffer chip to nato allies. but currently there are russian and beller, russian military drills going on, and that has brought more forces than have been seen in belarus since the end of the cold war. according to nato and bell arisen borders, nato allies, directly latvia, lithuania and poland. and so you do now have this russian build up not buffered by ukraine, but right there on nato allies. and that makes the baltic states and poland very, very nervous and romania as well. and that's why you've seen the u. s. and other ally send reinforcements to these border countries, a deterrent to russia, a warning to russia, that you may not step into nato territory and where they're waiting for you. and just a really quick final question, if i may of let them reputed and joe biden never spoke, speak on the phone today. what can we say to each other to make things better? i don't know,
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so it will make things better. but you'll certainly hear the u. s. president reminding vladimir putin that, that all teed up are these measures both by europeans and by the united states. that would cause pain to the kremlin is something that they've said that they would be sanctions like, have never been used before. that would really not just hurt the oligarchs, i mean, but would also hurt ordinary russians. i mean that the united states has said that that, that they would really trot out some sanctions that they have not been willing to use before. and that's something that president biden will be making clear to president putin. there is still time to change your mind if you have, in fact, decided to invade ukraine. and i would highly recommend that you do that. all right, terry schultz in brussels. thanks so much. time for looking out. some other stories making news. mean mars military government has begun releasing prisoners as part of an amnesty to mark the countries union due around $800.00 prisoners are due to be pardoned in mar,
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has been in turmoil since last year's crew with more than $1500.00 protesters killed during the military crackdown over $12000.00 to risk, mexico's president has vowed there will be 0 tolerance after another journalist was shot dead, a bear lopez who ran an online news website was killed late on thursday. his was the 5th such killing this year. mexico routinely ranks is one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists. protesters blocking a key bridge between canada and united states over vaccination rules have defied judges order to leave. protesters want the canadian government to scrap vaccine mandates for truck drivers. the blockade has paralyzed a key north american trade route for days and the truckers protest in canada has sparked a copycat action in france. police there say they've stopped hundreds of vehicles heading for paris in a so called freedom convoy. the city has been the demonstrations saying the risk to
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public order is too high, but opponents of corona virus restrictions are determined to reach the capital. french police are preparing for any thing as convoys of demonstrate as descend on paris. members of the self styled freedom convoys are hoping to blockade roads in the capital to protest against coven measures. many have been inspired by similar truck, a protests in canada, which have shut down central ottawa and cut off border crossings into the us. but the french con boys am made up of a range of vehicles driven by citizens who are fed up with frances coven restrictions is you know what it's, well, i'm here to defend all of our freedoms, and especially against the vaccine past. of course, an o q archives, whatever they on the fly, no not, not directly fed up with the dictatorship they've imposed on as the 2 years. and
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it's important to support people in this movement. while frances vaccine pass is a common source of anger, demonstrate as represent a mix of causes. rising energy prices are another major issue. an echo of the yellow vest protests that rocked the country in 2018 and 19 with presidential elections only a few months away. the french government has expressed some sympathy with protesters, but it doesn't want the movement hijacked by political opponents. the government also eased restrictions further on friday, announcing that mosques will no longer be required indoors from the end of february . but for many making the long drive towards paris, it's too little, too late. time for sports now and return to the beijing winter olympics, where the united states has prevailed for to, to over canada, in a clash between ice hockey heavyweights, the group stage meeting was missing north,
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america's n. h. l. stars, after the pandemic forced the league to stop its players from attending, but to youthful side still provided an entertaining game with the u. s. now driving in the driving seat, i should say in group a there has also been more joy and begging for the american snow border. lindsey jack bellis picked up her 2nd gold of the games. the 36 year old teamed up with nick baumgartner to secure victory in the inaugural snowboard. cross mixed event. he did his job by winning the men's race. jack ballad. jacqueline bellis rather than benefited from 2 rivals crashing in the women's race. she added gold to her individual title on wednesday. jack bellas and baumgartener had waited 5 and 4 olympics respectively for gold, no and dw corresponded. jonathan crane joins us now from beijing to tell us more. so jonathan, more gold for jack of bellas. she waits, 5 games and 2 golds come at once. indeed,
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what's that expression about london buses? i think you can say the same for lindsey jack about this. can you see rates ages for all metal and then to come along? i want this really is the redemption story of these games that i said that limited jacket by this to you say that because she doesn't see it like that. but just to recap, 2006. you made her then picked 80 in the snowboard cross, she was cruising to victory. it was in her graph and she showed her to drive the fell. i only got to so what made of 2010, 2014. she crashes out in the semifinal 4 years ago in pure china. she misses the bronze by 3100 of a 2nd. everyone thinks that's it. a career is over. she's not going to get to go metal. and then 4 days ago, she finally does in the individual. and today she's followed up with another one in this team really with nick baumgartener and they have a combined age of 76 years old who says snowboard? it's a young people, nick, that is hope for south rosen or johnson. listen, you are at the ice hockey today. what pique your interest there.
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well jeremy were taking on china and i have to say it was a really interesting match because germany rent 3 now up and you saw that was going to be a china last the previous match against the united states. 8 now. but china came right back into a historic moment, spencer fu scoring china is 1st ever, i limping goal in ice hockey. and, you know, we've been seeing the signs inside the stadiums. they've largely been quite the atmosphere today. inside the stadium was fantastic cheers of giant throughout, which is a chinese expression of support and cheering that team on i'm in the place just interrupted when china finally got they got they got another one that they can quite hang on during the day as you'd already mentioned the united states and canada, the 2 heavy weights, i really in that group faced off and it was the united states he prepared for to, to said they really are the team looking like they're going to qualify for the next rounds. and we hear that ukraine can stay out of the news even at the olympics. can
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you tell us about that? yeah, that's right. this is or to do with a protest last night at the men skeleton event. now we were expecting athlete protests but not necessarily on ukraine, maybe about china and human rights better. yeah, this was a skeleton athlete by the name of the loudest laugh harris cabbage. now he held up a, a post to say no war in you cray. and he was basically saying, look, any normal person just wants peace, don't night. but the i see actually for beats protest during the competition for today with its rule 50 and, and, you know, protect your political neutrality. but in this case, it has come out and said, look, this is just a gesture of peace. we see the mass of clothes. so at least some common sense has prevailed here. yeah, i think, i think that's the message. most people would agree with jonathan crane, forest reporting in beijing on the limbic games. thanks so much and sticking with the games, a hearing over a possible doping suspension for top russian figure skater at the games will take
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place on sunday. earlier it emerged that 15 year old camilla valley ava had tested positive for a band substance in december. that could stop her from cleaning a gold metal for dazzling performance on monday and keep her off the ice for the rest of the games. foster a stunning jump on the ice, a crashing fall into controversy. on monday, camilla valley eva became the 1st woman to land, a quadruple jump at the olympics, helping her team when gold. on friday, the international testing agency announced she had previously tested positive for a band hot medication that could potentially increase endurance. but it's not clear, the 15 year old will be held responsible, according to sports journalist and doping expert, how you set out. if it comes to get, get a decision about if she is guilty or not, you have to consider that maybe she didn't know about it. she at reno camila ever
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might be a victim of her own to rush rushes olympic committee is standing by valley ava and her asking why it took weeks for a swedish laboratory to deliver the results of a test taken on december 25. russian politicians are also backing the stars skater, saying she should hold her head high. had you felt that i want to say to camilla, we stand with you because none of this change is my attitude towards her. and i think that's just as true for millions of fans to me. camella valley ava is the best in the world. in tampa. foreman's program is 2nd to none of them responding as he would giving you them good and say value of his faith will be settled in a case being considered by the court of arbitration for sport. the outcome will decide whether she can return to the ice in beijing for the individual figure skating event for which she is a gold medal favorite. and here's a reminder, the top story we're following for you. the german government has joined several
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other countries including the united states and britain in advising citizens to leave you crepe. as soon as possible comes after what the united states warned that russia could invade at any time. watching dw news, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news clinic spicer watch with with
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who are in good shape. the right person, it is to carrots. hell, enter moment is bad for your eyes. thought can you do to improve your eyesight? look at modern therapies and everyday me. oh about healthy eyes. i'm in good shape,
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a dw ah, great cinema. great posters. won't resize the 70 square meters, hand painted or him. it's just a matter of to be good. one of the last post to painters, in lieu in 60 minutes w. o. in every day counts for us and for our planet. global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities, reader,
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how can we protect habitat? what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions over stains, said in our ways global ideas, environmental series included 3000 on d, w, and online. i eyes are often called the windows to the soul. when we feel connected to someone, we look deep into their eyes. they can supposedly also help us tell if someone is being honest with us in this episode of in good shape. we'll explore the world of optic health and separate fact from fiction. and how about lesson know methods
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for the eyes healthy. welcome to in good shape. ah, ever wanted to take a deep look into your own eyes. you can at this berlin photo studio using a picture of your iris. oh yeah, there's so much more to it than what you see at 1st with fascinating cancer like looking into your own so, and i was it. but some people also believe you can see much more in the color and structure of the iris. we're going to take a closer look at this and other related theories.
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oh, followers of era, dollar g claim that the iris provides insights into our entire body from the lungs and stomach to heart diseases ah, is keep touch safety. there are small number of illnesses that can be seen in the iris, but they're mostly inflammatory diseases of the eyes, which then involve granular, almost or deposit or other change. there would abdomen either systemic diseases that erode doubters, claim to see can definitely not go detected. there come and if any teeth nice deck and oh, which theories about the eyes are true then we asked people from a variety of countries. my parents always told me not to play video games as video games could cause my prescription to go higher. i've sadness, stop so you so i just come now. i know that you shouldn't play computer games too
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much, even though don't stare at screens too much because that's going to be of that's gonna make you lose your vision. have miss emma? i've always wondered why display screens are bad for your eyes image out of the organs in this looking at a screen damage. your eyes is august. the concern was that the blue wave length component of light could be harmful to our retina. but fortunately, these problems only arise at a far higher level of exposure. you may show, we won't have to wear blue protected glasses, blau shots. but in of seen going longer off, i'm beach. i'm looking at a screen means looking the same direction and from the same distance for a long time. here, this is all we also know from studies that a blinking frequency is lower. her eyes dry out more easily, lena is, and that can cause problems such as i $52.00 eyes and burning eyes on them. you don't miss all the bend. oh, it doesn't usually cause long term damage and you can prevent the feeling of
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dryness with regular breaks. the best place is outside where the air is more humid . the simplest option is to just close your eyes for a short time. and what about this classic? it's a healthy do it in, in dark places, mine a motor. my mother read books under the cover is with a flashlight, isn't as it is on, and that's why she has problems. now he again had this problem. it is reading in the dark bad for the eyes. that's it's, it's not harmful as such, but it can be a strain on your eyes and truly all been, it was headless when something is bright and the contrast is good and it's easier to say thank you very much. if you're reading under the covers standpoint, dimmed light, or you're really focusing your eyes, then you have to exert the more i mean, i'll should almost more than to me. i don't think so. screens and dark lighting are a strain but not harmful. in the case of children, however, that is not the case, thus t, since even now bite when deep intensive,
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close proximity attitude with eyes, whether it's with books or computers, can lead to the young i becoming more nearsighted and school age. so i was book thus, thus younger i'll get him should either door stack. there was very clear evidence that when children outside more could during school recess, this contributes to their eyes, developing healthily and becoming less nearsighted. august of isn't to advocate on vinegar quits, easy ah, this vitamin a rich vegetable is said to be really good for our eyesight? carrots i love drinking carrots. you sold herself fiendish as a perfect of always. her dad, ethan keratin blueberries, are gonna help her to see better in the dark places. i was eating a lot of carrots when i was a child because my, our site was read. my mom said that cares of course. hell, if they can, dick, i think carrots are very important for eyes, but i don't know why those are carrots. good for the eyes is which i
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mean i broke the body, needs the vitamin to produce visual pigment. see far as pigment helps the sensory cells to detect light in least watson or, and vinzini. and if you don't consume enough vitamin a like to be due to mount nutrition or to certain intestinal diseases. all mr. ben, at some point on your eyesight might actually be impaired. hacienda martin, the 1st sign of this one is night blindness, or se soon mixed with on or not. it's got i my there was this woman who fed her husband 2 kilograms of carrots every day. he had a toxic reaction to him. so here to normal, healthy nutrition is advisable. you that you don't need to eat excessive amounts. i'm almost yes, no excess, even doors and ha ha quits. ah, one possible reason behind the persistence of this belief dates back to the 2nd world war the bridge as didn't want the germans to know that they had invented
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radar. they prefer to suggest that their pilots aid a lot of carrots, which explain their accuracy in the air. over in colombia, this fruit here is said to have special properties. says that the view put lemon juice in your eyes to young leg babies. then your eyes will be like blue or green. ouch. as of this and yahoo! we now know that i color is primarily determined by genetics, the nature she kinda wanted to practice. though you can't turn eyes blue that way with your eyes done with my eyes guns closet, it's just a myth that doesn't stand up to any scientific scrutiny. this is yep, we focused on oh, so for healthy eyes, take regular breaks from screen time. get enough daylight and eat a balanced diet. ah, laces. like these are used for
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a wide variety of purposes. we most likely to see them at light shows or at supermarket cash registers will scanning bar codes, but some lays is a strong enough to cut through metal. others i used for medical procedures like skin rejuvenation, and lasers can also be deployed to improve people's vision. so they no longer need to wear glasses and shine to lose passionate about tennis. she's played since she was a child. and she's also worn glasses since elementary school to help with her nearsightedness. but they're less than ideal for tennis with tennis, her skin, i love playing tennis, but wearing glasses when i play in the annoying, they're always sliding down when i run and they get dirty and rained on. plus, i always have to worry about a bow hitting me in the face position to comment on the 26th old student were
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content for a long time, but she suffered from dry eyes and conjunctive ideas and couldn't stand them anymore. that's when she decided to undergo laser eye surgery. this procedure is used to correct vision disorders and is usually performed on healthy eyes. it's not medically necessary for the surgery. there's an extensive preliminary examination to find out whether or not on a styles. eyes are healthy enough to endure the surgery. her vision, retina, and pupils are carefully measured. the shape and thickness of the cornea is also very important. as this is the part that will be altered by the laser. to halt. if one of kind of fight is all not, we definitely want to avoid making the cornea to thin nicholas another risk is infection and the 3rd risk is that it will have to be corrected. again, this was my mental among those of the main risks. how closing to, vom understand was eyes are healthy and or cornea is thick enough for the procedure
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. naturally, huffman respectful, of course i operations come with risks, but i think everything will be under control. and i just can't wait for that moment when i can see without glasses the dentist. her laser surgery is booked for a few days time will find out later how it went. ready zack flare from lands back is also near sighted. she's just. ready about to have ice or drink at the munich university hospital. i want to be a police officer, so i need better vision to pass the entry requirements. i'm a bit nervous at the moment, but i'm okay. is, i'm a flare is only 18 years old. but laser eye surgery is legal that this young age up is there a downside to having the surgery? so young always because the i changes throughout our lives, it continues growing for quite a long time. and the length of the eyeball changes which can worse than
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nearsightedness. but if there are changes, we have enough tissue as a buffer for follow up treatment. on the one off of the other professor meyer uses the smile method on sal replaced numbed i. that's when the laser cuts a small linds shape piece of tissue called a lenti q within the cornea. professor meyer then removes the lenti q via a small incision in the cornea, and correct so nearsightedness in the process. the surgery only lasts a few minutes and it went well. cool. there's a strange feeling in my eye, but it's not so bad. it's definitely a lot better than a trip to the dentist. when problems occur, they usually appear directly after the procedure. this includes light sensitivity and dry eyes. this more slow, we need to identify problems right away and treat them as required. we can administer eyedrops as tear substitutes the entire process last 2 to 3 weeks longer if necessarily a correct of eye surgery is expensive. the costs vary between
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a few 100 to a few 1000 euros. post operative care is very important as well. 40 year old ellen talk has come in for a post op check up the lease of surgery on her eyes was performed by professor daniel cope. he used the logic method, which involves cutting into the very front layer of the cornea. the surgeon creates a flap and opens it like a lid. then a 2nd. glazer re shapes the cornea underneath the flap. finally, the flap is closed again and sealed in place. it's been 6 weeks since ellen's procedure blue. i hadn't. i never felt any discomfort. like there was something in my eye or that my eyes were dry right from the beginning. it was a perfect result. again, laser procedures have been around for decades with constant advances in technology . long term studies on the logic method have revealed that more than 95 percent of
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patients who undergo the procedure are satisfied. but there's no guarantee of a lifetime of good vision you'd have meant could in middle age, everyone start to develop pres, be opiate. this is where the eyes gradually lose their ability to focus on nearby objects. that's when people start to need reading glasses. laser surgery can't prevent that is a font that to tennis player honest. dined on her surgery, went well to doctor vine of id fung, used the smile method for her laser eye surgery. the entire procedure took less than 15 minutes. that says under sierra sanisha also the small incision is still open, which means she won't be able to drive for the next few hours. but when she gets home and rests her eyes for a bit, you all know she'll notice that she feels better with each passing hours. but from storm it, stronger vessels ish mac dismiss atlas blended on i'm experiencing a bit of glare. other than that, a slightly milky haze, but it's already
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a lot better with no glasses. and the entire operation was so fast, it's crazy for bias as a slums and ana gets picked up by her sister in a few days, her vision will stabilize the decision to get laser eye surgery is a very personal one. was crucial for all patients is being able to make an informed choice. and now we'll take a glimpse into the future of medicine. many people only know, see, read as a tasty side dish. research has, however, believe that the plant has a wealth of medicinal potential. seaweed has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. it's healing benefits already being researched on animals as an alternative antibiotic and for healing wounds. can see we'd also help our eyes the waters of germany's baltic sea coast, our home to some real treasures of the natural variety. there are 1800 different
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species of brown algae. one of them grows on strings right here on the seaweed farm run by inez lanka and her team. the marine biologist believes in the huge potential of sugar help or in latin sa carina letizia not as i exam. so seaweeds are so fascinating because they really are the oldest plants in the world. you have to think about the time scale and how they've been able to adapt to underwater habitats and sometimes to the shore zone. to unpack the sheer diversity of natural active substances involved is amazing. ok stuff, hulu. seaweeds are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which is why they're considered a healthy food option. japan is a country with a high consumption of seaweed and also one with a long life expectancy. could there be a connection?
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does see we'd have more uses than just holding rice together. might even strengthen our immune system exactly how beneficial seaweed is to our health has not yet been comprehensively studied. but scientists like susanna alban are convinced seaweed contains a treasure trove of medicinal compounds. de paula and titan, whose brown algae contains certain polysaccharides or long chain sugar molecules, which boast a particularly large number of biological activities. and that's very exciting for potential pharmaceutical use in the long term. the to the shikes was in together with biologists. alexa clinton her and her team, susanna, album, is conducting research on those long chain sugar molecules from the cell walls of the algae, so called fu coy dunn's are found in varying concentrations and compositions in all
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brown algae. and they can evidently stop a common aggressive eye disease known as age related macular degeneration. the condition is caused by damage to the macula, the point of sharpest vision on the retina. abnormal new blood vessels develop under the retina, driven by special growth factors. the vessels rupture burst and leak fluid or blood causing damage to visual cells, which then die. the results is blurry, vision, or even blindness. the i just there are different manifestations of age related macular degeneration in the worst kind, the wet variety, a growth factor called v g. f plays a role. and what we were able to show very early on is that some food coins can actually inhibit vgm chron. but which for coins from which algy can best prevent this pathological growth. a question the researchers want to answer that for coins also have another positive property. they apparently protect cells from oxidative
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stress. in the i oxidative stress is caused by exposure to light uv. radiation is considered a major cause of age related macular degeneration. laboratory tests have shown that adding for quite ins gives i cells and improved capacity for surviving oxidative stress with, as it goes on. what i really hope is that to food coins will enable us to develop something that can be administered much earlier when the patients are still asymptomatic. us here we ophthalmologists might already see that there's a problem even if the patient doesn't notice it yet. if we could introduce who coins at that moment and we might be able to prevent vision loss happening at all. that's our dream. which is why for coins are being systematically studied, the long chain sugar molecules come in a wide variety. even the process used to extract them from the seaweed has an effect on their chemical structure, as,
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as the time at which they're harvested and the sea, they grow in size to hide, gnashed off the high solidity nutrient content you ve, exposure, title, range and wave height all of these factors have an impact on the food coit in content, and as such, the quality of the few coins we're good on spine. the quality of the active ingredient has to be consistent if the seaweeds are to be used to make medicines. so there's still plenty of work ahead for the scientists when it comes to harvesting the full potential of these very special plants. ah, do you have a question then write to us whether it's about nutrition, exercise research, or therapy in good shape. we'll ask the experts just send us an email and the digital consultation can begin.
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dry eyes are a common problem worldwide. studies show that in this era of lock downs and an increase in work related screen time, the problem has gotten even worse. make sure to take breaks regularly and to stay hydrated. but if your eyes are read for prolonged periods or if they heard head to your optometrist want to get rid of those unsightly red eyes. no problem on a computer at least. but it's not always that easy. this ophthalmologists practice sees patients on a daily basis complaining of genuine red eyes. among the possible causes. a burst blood vessel in the conjunct time a membrane at the front of the i leading to a tiny hemorrhage on the surface. would often looks alarming is in fact in most cases harmless medicine pads and that manages act. most patients have
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a fairly mundane reason for a red eye. it might be anything from a dry eye to a foreign body or a perfectly harmless sub conjunct tyver hemorrhage. these kinds of things account for most red eyes by the way to deal. now. it was a foreign object that prompted alexander yackel to see the doctor today. he's an organ maker and had a work related accident. megan, i was using a handheld circular saw to cut a plank of wood. and as i was looking down at the saw, a chip flew straight into my eye pretty straight forward. but it really hurts session. as walking from the doctor, removed the tiny splinter with a cotton wool bud and checks for signs of damage to the cornea. after giving the patient eye drops, she applies blue light to reveal any injuries. fortunately, alexander yeah, cobb is unscathed from the incident. and you don't wear goggles, no, right. when the chips started flying, i remember thinking it would be
1:52 pm
a good idea to put them on, but it was too late. the doctor's next patient is here for a follow up check. she also had another typical injury. this time, not from a foreign object, but a self inflicted wound. the redness in her eye has since faded lessons homeless. it's been of course, my finger sledge. i'm really not sure what happened. and then i fell a stab in my i lost and piping off. what you get this quite a what when people are doing their make up, for example, in another frequent one is parents who are playing or coddling with their young children and end up with a finger in there. i. it's all the problem. minor injuries to the cornea, usually he'll on her own within 24 hours. with more serious injuries, the patient should be given. antibiotic eye drops in order to prevent and infection and other harmless, but still painful, affliction or style, which are caused by a bacterial infection of the eyelash follicle or eyelid gland. the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen. d all noodle on my eyelids were red, and you could see
1:53 pm
a little lump and it scratched terribly on my eye and it still does. this is additional disorder. style can be treated with a special ointment and they normally go away without any complications. but you should see a doctor if your eye remains red and you have symptoms such as itching a burning sensation pain or a sensitivity to light. in these cases, the cause may be more serious, red eyes or a very common symptom, but household remedies like camomile t should be used with caution. decrement english one and on to wharton. patients come in with a swollen red eye and tell me what they've tried, and i think, okay, they've tried a cam, a mile tea bag keyboard, but that can often cause allergic reaction. so it's better to avoid that option. vitamin based on niched mom. so remember to keep camomile tea bags where they belong in a cup of hot water. and now it's your turn. take out that work out
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mass because his personal trainer acadia with a new exercise. hello, all you need is to day a met. and away we do turkish get up. where is this name from turkish wrestlers, these 200 years ago, the same exercise to show us how strong they are. and we do today exactly the same for this exercise. you need to wait. i take today what about what you can take, whatever you want to spend your leg. straighten you arm. bring the other hand to the side, then sit up. wait is on your hand. heaps high. bring the straight leg bag words on to your knee. then stand
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up and you go back down again into a lunch. bring the weight on your hand. bring the leg forward. sit down fully controlled, straight to the leg. try to accumulate 6 reps, meaning 3 reps on every side, but you change after each other. so you do one side, when you have finished exercise, to change, decide. i love this exercise because you need to be fully concentrated. this means you're being in the here. and now with this exercise, you train your full body, you train your legs, you train your arms and you train your mid line to stand up. and when you go back down again,
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time to get up and go. that's all for today. see you next time on in good shape dw health program with
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. ah, this is deed of you, news live from berlin, germany advises its citizens to leave ukraine. the foreign ministry says germans should check whether their presence in that country is essential and if not to leave as soon as possible. this comes with the united states warrants, russia could invade ukraine at any time. and at the beijing olympics to veteran american snow border show, it is not such a youthful sport. after all, we speak to our sports corresponding in china to will also give us the latest on some big controversies.


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