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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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we've got some hot tips for your bucket list ah magic corner trip hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel we go ah, all aboard the glacier express in switzerland. my colleague, hannah hold takes an exciting journey through this scenic swiss out. we'll find out more about her trip later in the shout. i want to welcome to another edition of your max with me, your host, megan lee. here's
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a look at what else we've got coming up. deliciously deceptive crocheted art from the u. k. what's the appetite for more and how a blind italian chef still continue to poke in his successful rest. cinemas in berlin are rolling out the red carpets again as the berlin film festival . the ballina gets underway despite ongoing corona, virus restrictions. 18 films are in the running for the golden and silver barrow wards. and even though digital technology leads the way in promoting the movies, some production companies still advertise with old fashion hand painted cinema posters. austrian artist goods val lean, is one of the few cinema poster painters. keeping up this unique tradition here in berlin. whether a sigh or tragic comedy giant movie posters can be seen all over berlin and not
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just during its international film festival. goods valley and helps films make a big splash. the movie poster painter is one of the last of his kind. he refer, i love film and it's one of the most important things colon, it's art really from ownership. i don't differentiate between art and film, ionic or me. it's a great art form. you could call it pop art or popular culture. we'd be lost without movies. some of involve smith at his berlin studio. he's making a poster for the cities, film festival. the bad, the knowledge. first, he sketches the outline or the 5th of his art. i don't use projections much just enough to give me some orientation on this huge canvas afterward line one because up close things look different than they do from far away. those refund me the hardest part is getting the proportions right because the canvas is 5 meters high
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and 9 meters wide. that's $45.00 times the size of a standard movie poster. goods melvin uses a spray gun for the larger surfaces. he goes through 20 leaders of paint per poster 5 i leg, you're out how to do it. while i work, there is no plan. everything is improvised. filters are every picture is different and poses different challenges. flawed in terms of color on structure. so i just try to get it right as quickly as possible. normally, it takes goods valjean, 2 days to complete a commission. his hand painted film posters, costs 800 euros apiece. he said, great story in his precise technique using a paintbrush to bring out the details as if the machine was out of it's a mixture of everything that had sun. you must be extremely bit while and flexible like a ballet dancer able to jump around. so i think everybody, you have to be able to with all at the same time, one and also know how to paint that was banned on. even if it sounds like i'm
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exaggerating that you need courier read because when you stand there in the morning facing a 9 meter long white canvas that needs to be finished by the evening, you have to be able to just office. we'll jump right in. and we'll start on spring aqona. nod oh, good saline study painting in vienna before moving to berlin. he made his 1st movie poster in 992 and has painted over 2000 more since then. his artworks are almost hyper realistic. the ownership freshman book and other good mod have letter 30 years of experience. i said, john, i can say the difference between a print and a painted poster. what is that you abstract alice off? oh whoa captures absolutely everything. every little structure to whether you wanted to or not reminded of whereas i accentuate the things i feel need to be stress is it's a form of reducing things to their essence of surveys,
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english other all that's missing now is the writing. then the giant bell, and now the poster will be done by lean, is assisted by rosita cutter that they've worked together for 30 years and only parted company when a film proved too successful. prevent benefit that i am runs for 3 or 4 months in all the cinema i fuel, then we simply have nothing to do for that long while titanic was the worst of all . no one saw it coming, the film came out of nowhere. suddenly we were unemployed, were 3 month on its loss. but it's not just block clusters that make life difficult. if you are movie theaters can afford to commission hand painted movie posters. so valiant craft is threatened with extinction. but that just makes him even more determined to carry on that. so to get as much rangers and under stress i ever since prince started being may right hon. his. but my aim is to be better than
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a print gun. that might sound arrogant. that's what it's really true. it's opposite . what i learned is, i'm generally better than a poster because i'm better at getting the point across colma, it's more personal hazardous yet i'm just as quick and older than i can make them just as big holes can also cause. good goods. faleen isn't sentimental about his past movie posters. once the film they promote has left the cinemas, he simply paints over them. one of the best ways to see europe is by train and if you want a really memorable ride than a trip to the swiss alps on the glacier express should be on your bucket list. will the train cars have glass tops giving travelers incredible views of the mount landscapes? while the journey from saint morris to sir mot in switzerland takes about 8 hours, which makes it the slowest express train in the world. your max reporter hunt home all hopped on board for the latest installment of europe by train.
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ah, no, just it mountains and glistening glaciers, rocky gorges and stunning ski slopes. this is train travel at its peak. hi there, i am hannah, whom. oh, and today i'm traveling on the glacier express. the twisting track travels through some of switzerland's, most scenic landscape, which is why it's often described as one of the most breathtaking journeys in the world. i'm starting my journey in st. morris and winter sports resort. beloved by the jet set. it's airily, the sun is just rising and it's minus 10 degrees celsius. but hopefully it will be worth it for the gorgeous winter views i've been promised. our 8 hour long trip through the swiss alps begins and sent more. it's continues through core and matt and break and ends in their mat. the route connects to ski resort towns often
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viewed as the winter playgrounds of the rich and famous big glacier express calls itself the world's slowest, fast re averaging just 38 kilometers an hour. it passes through $91.00 tunnels and crosses at $291.00 bridges, including the land, faster viaduct, a unesco world heritage site. the train is making a somewhat longer stop to switch engines. so i'm going to see if i can have a quick chat with the train driver. carla went back hello. can you tell me right about what it's like to actually drive a train like this line is they all snow? it's quite challenging. of you need to have a good concentration and an overview of the root all as well as know the mountains
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and where the dangerous parts are for i hurry back on to the train just in time for lunch. the glacier express prepares all of its food on board in this tiny kitchen. it offers a 3 course meal of traditional swiss cuisine that goes perfectly with the surrounding scenery. a verena mikaela has worked on board since 2018 guess within the gas. our international comment, there are new gallons and every day, which makes the job interesting. it, we get to exchange stories which makes the day so enriching the fluffy. how could i help? then she serves me a traditional schnapps, the dishes to mow just for digestion. of course, a good to go in the glacier express wasn't always
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a luxury tourist attraction. it started running and $930.00 as a way for locals to get around. but only in the summer months. the vast amount of snow and ice made it too difficult to operate in the winter time. in the early 19 eighties, miss west began to recognize the trains tourism potential. the railway line was overhauled so it could run it year round, the glacier express became one of the world's most successful and well known tourist trains. several hours into the journey. we reached the highest point on the line that over out pass at an elevation of 2033 meters. no wonder this is also a popular ski area. this is definitely the most amazing view
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so far. like being if i had a snow globe. so if so got a few more hours to go. i think i'm going to try and explore the train and see if there's anything else to see. so i'm sitting in 1st class for this even an extra class. excellent class. let's go take a look, arrive tickets for these seats. kostin. i watering 650 euros. so unsurprisingly, there are only a few people in this carriage. i order and a crony at the bar made with regional swift jim 300 kilometers later, the train reaches its destination. after 8 hours, we finally arrived in 7 months. it was like a winter wonderland. gorgeous scenery, but now it's really time to stretch my leg. i even catch a glimpse of the famous matter horn just as the sunsets over this beautiful village
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breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and it's also served as inspiration to one artist in the u. k. you mang lew liked to crochet and embroider, but she took it to another level by turning her english breakfast into 3 d. art. embroidered edibles is her latest project and we met up with her in london to hear more about it. oh, anguish breakfast with bacon, eggs and beans. poor. how about some popcorn or broccoli? tasty though. they look these foodstuffs are best not eaten. british artist you mang, lou created them with a needle and thread. think of a food has their own character. for example, like him, my baby bulkley, i made,
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i want to let people feel relaxing and it felt really peaceful. and for example, like my fide ag, it's really energetic and worn. so i wanna transfer all of the fillings to my audiences. so the idea of food inspired embroidery came to her over breakfast in 2020, and the series embroidered edibles was born. she posts the finished works on instagram . her goal is to create $301.00 pieces and total. it's actually really good kiva, a 3. 0 one a is a computer language is a, it's like something like me direction. so at that time as a new direction. you mang lou, who's originally from the chinese region you not studied at the london school of bashing to day she lives in bristol, england. she takes her inspiration from the culture and landscapes of both countries. i went to dolly, it's
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a by minority re jane china. so i went to a pod, can i met the locos, who was doing the amazing punch nato in boyd, eva, i just straight away, i being attracted by their work enthralled by this handiwork. you mang lube began to teach herself the punch needle technique. unlike normal embroidery, it involves working with loops, ideas developed a night rate vents it into my own like techniques i think that push them through as into the base fabric. and now i will get a lot of loose in the flood. and now i just a tray man as copay to the of fi. no. look that what at what the artist is fascinated by diverse textures and by the unique nature of a variety of fruit and vegetables in particular they have oh, different like touch you,
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tasha. so someone really smooth osama has this kind of really thumb different, like it. so face, i feel like they, they want me to use many dose to tow that do to tell that different stories about them depending on the size and the effort required. the artist can work up to several months on an object. she uses silk or cotton thread for all her projects. smaller works have about 10000 loops, while larger ones have more than 100000. i designed it, my own best po, punch, nieto goes to the, the mog here was really big and it is like this wise, really delicate. so you can quit a more in detail house occasionally. you mang lou also accepts commissions and she can imagine working with fashion houses and other companies in the future. but her heart belongs to this main project.
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now i'm thinking that these poacher is more like a lives high poacher, so i will keep making more odds would no i keep all of them because i, i really hope that one day i can exhibit them all of them into in that category. optical illusions, which wet the appetite for more, in this context, playing with your food is quite all right. when something's so easy to do, how often have you said? i can do that with my eyes closed or i've cooked that there's so many times i can do it blindfolded. well, for one chef in italy doing things without sight is his reality because he is in fact blind. instead, antonio, chuck, to law employes, all of his other senses to rain over his kitchen. and the results are not only tasty, but they're very inspiring. ah,
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antonio taught the law can smell every single ingredient. although he cannot see, he can create the most demanding dishes. for me it's not a problem that i can't see because you can also see what their hand is. holy money . every morning, the italian chef bakes his sour dough bread with sausage or cheese filling on board dol amanda shoe line. never actually think about the fact that i can't see that i will completely blind rubber didn't benzo my. i feel like a normal person april. he said, no, i'm sure you're maybe it's because i so much enjoy preparing these great dishes, higher courses, spend that happening. but it's, it is cuisine traditional italian with a dash of fantasy in the village of bell videos that in say, near the adrian coast, you will find his restaurant. lots have ad mandojano. keep on the menu such dishes
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as many for you with pet. got enough milky with truffles or asparagus quiche with bacon. he hears if the onions for the spaghetti carbon nata give to hot and smells when the pasta water boils. you won't go. i feel with the work that the bacon is getting harder now. sticking a bit to the pan and slowly getting crispy or i can smell and here in water it grim . it doesn't mean i'm better than other cooks. again, it is just more concentrated. ok, because i'm not distracted. i thought and rely completely on smell touches and hearing the thought, a thought as a young man, antonio chuck the law, was already working as a cook in his birthplace, near naples, along with his wife. he opened his own restaurant in david etta austin se in 2001 on new year's eve, 2005. he was hit by a firework in front of his restaurant. lost his eye sight. ah,
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he refused to retrain. returning to his kitchen to test out if he could still manage there as a blind man. she'll be dogged least look if i noticed immediately that i could still handle the knife and go me a knife as my frantic will rejoice in the beginning, i often cut myself a but not any more gay and realizing that my hands could still handle the knife pretty well gave me courage. i broken away, i learned quickly to belay and chop again your main dinner. and that's when i said to myself, if i can cut blind than i can do other things to recording, he wrote a book about his story. it boiled in by the law, which means the darkness in the pan. when shopping, his keen sense of smell and touch helps him to assess the quality and freshness of the ingredients and make the best choices with in the kitchen. almost
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everything remains as he last saw it before the accident. in the beginning, a cook would assist him. but in the meantime, antonio chuck the law, does almost everything on his own. again, his wife manolo mariani helps with some tasks. her husband, sudden blindness was a great shock to her in wonder for a world class. today, i didn't know where to start again. how to go on. everything had changed drastically. all just thought was among the mean though, when with time you find a way you have to keep going got the, the me that a full stuff with their children were born after the accident. antonio has never seen his son. he doesn't only run a restaurant, he enters competitions, does cooking shows on tv and teaches budding chefs. ah, the 60 seats in his restaurant are almost always book
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a restaurant whose reputation reaches far beyond the small italian town. good. sort of buddhist, very good and none of us would have guessed that the ship was blinded. galena compliments, it tasted great ring. the specialties here always surprise me. there is always something new on the menu with occasionally antonio chopped. the law greets his guests personally. but mostly he doesn't have time to spare from the cooking before his accident, his ambition was to earn a michelin star. and despite his blindness, he still hopes to achieve this one day. and finally, we turn our attention to a polish artist who likes to play with dolls, but not in a pretty. in pink world. monica must tova cat shoots, morbid ghost like portraits of her subjects to roach evoke
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a range of emotions. while her photos have an eerie and sound quality about them, but they also fascinate. as we found out when we visited her in krakow lou these dolls are not toys. they're so realistic. it's almost creepy. especially when polish artist monica ma, stoddick, sets them up for a photo shoot. they capture something, a theory, or you could almost expect them to come alive. i may be to $80.00 collector and photographer those photographer. so b, j. d, those are my passion. actually. i spend the like, already, like more than 10 years of my life, where photographing b, j. d, or ball jointed dolls come from asia. they can be arranged and all kinds of poses
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thanks to their ball and socket joints. monica owns over 25 of them. she gets a russian artist to paint their faces and body parts, according to her exact requests, a new character is created for each modem, so you can exchange to eyes sas. so i, she can look, you know, aside oh, in front. so you can change the color of voice, size of ours and so on. so again, it would be like a different face and a different in a different character. the dolls are often dressed in taylor made clothes. this dress, for example, was sewn by an artist friend. there are different sizes of those. so sometimes you'd say, you know, hard to find the right dress because sometimes the dress is too big or too small.
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the leather boots are color coordinated with the dress. monica wears gloves, so as not to smudge the dolls delicate makeup. she wants her photographs of the dolls to stimulate the viewer's fantasy. ah, his daughter, you know, are so inspiring for me because they are not smiling at city. they are pretty serious or even said old crying yes, so it as soon possible to canada, a more serious stories, not about toys, but actually about the people. yeah. about to humans emotions. she showcases her artworks on instagram and at exhibitions. like here in her hometown of krakow monica often stages her photo shoots in derelict buildings or abandon sites that i should have. she came and looked she has the dolls
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evoke an uneasy feeling in me, but what i was in cali? fear exactly. otherwise, i wouldn't be here long to diagnosis good of those about it. many of the photographs, feature groups of dolls resembling families or siblings monica, my stove expos combine, a fairy tale look with a morbid atmosphere. there hauntingly airy and they certainly fascinate and way that we come to the end of another shall be sure to check out our website for a chance at receiving this, the handy dandy d w backpack, and also follow us on social media. as always, thanks for turning in with the against with,
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ah ah, with
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who it is about breaking stereotypes and standing up for identity for getting every day in kenya. we meet a young woman. i think the interesting my surrounding albin is the german company is robert and morton. i'll be back with us in the studio for lunch. i don't ever let anyone talk, you know, the 77 percent in 30 minutes on d, w. mm mm. can we transition to green energy
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without collateral damage? where will the raw materials for future technologies come from? and under what conditions would they be? perhaps brave new energy world. natalie quoted so green after all. in 75 minutes on d. w. o. a . in the mon, the low end. ah
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ah, you cause i'm a cool, cool breeze. i live but it was just me in the moon. hello. ah frank food, a whole lot. international gateway to the best connection, self road and radio. located in the out of europe, you are connected to the whole world to experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and drawing our services be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe waterloo.
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ah ah, this is d. w. use live from berlin, germany, advisors, citizens, to leave you, craig. the foreign ministry says germans should check whether their presence in that country is essential and if not to leave, as soon as possible is comes as the united states warns russia that it rep warned that russia could invade ukraine at any time, a glitter audi are back on the red carpet as berlin's international film festival fairly now, all eyes are on the live screenings and who will win the golden bear.


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