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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, an urgent call for de escalation. the german chancellor visits the russian president, chancellor shult, welcome president putin's announcement that some troops are being pulled back from the ukrainian border. but to night, nato says it has not seen anything looking like de escalation. also coming up, afghan of sans universities reopened to female students. but with strict rules, we will take a look at how young women are fighting to get an education under the tale bought.
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and we don't know how much, but we do know that britain's prince, andrew had settled a sexual abuse lawsuit with his accuser. virginia jeff rip ah, i'm bring up to our viewers watching on p b as in the united states into all of you around the world. it's good to have you with this on this tuesday, and we begin with the latest western leader traveling to the kremlin, pursuing peace. to day german chancellor, olaf shoulds met with russian president vladimir putin in moscow for talks aimed at averting a war in you. great dis, hours earlier, the russian military and else that it was pulling back some troops along that border champs or shoulds cold the news promising, but the head of nato was warning. it is too early to talk about anything that looks
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like de escalation. it's his most important trip lot to date arriving in moscow. olaf shots once to do what he and his political party historically consider one of their key tasks. building breeches with russia and a bridge is badly needed just a day ahead of what some belief is. the date, russia plans to invade ukraine, while shots made his way to the kremlin, the russian parliament sent a strong signal to the west. members of the duma asked their president to recognize the to break away regions and eastern ukraine as independent and move that could kill off what remains of the men's piece process. putting in words, a fever, difficult preconditions for shots as crisis talks with vladimir putin held at a distance due to cov, it concerns the leaders looked for ways to close the gap between russia and the west. when speaking to the press, afterwards, both emphasized eddie termination to diffuse tensions associates more to gus for
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courageous and responsible action is now required from everybody. thus volitional. sorry for mine. again, i want to say one thing for my generation war in europe has become unthinkable. and we must in sure, it stays that way of cover at starting is heads of state and government. it's our damn responsibility in our job to prevent a military escalation in europe. why tumor do it union can usually do we want war or not? you enough, of course not. we, that is why we have made proposals to start the negotiation process is will, this should lead to an agreement of providing equal security for everybody, including our country. if you grew share and local thermal, so more talks are needed for a diplomatic breakthrough, and yet they are small signs. the threat is subsiding. over the course of the day, russia announced it was withdrawing some of its more than $100000.00 troops along the board. of with ukraine. if those claims to now to be true,
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it would be the 1st sign of de escalation in weeks or earlier we spoke with our chief political editor michaela coroner. she is travelling with chancellor schultz . well, it appears that that wasn't necessarily a deep discussion about it, but it certainly is a sign and it would make it much more difficult to now go into a full offensive a just 24 hours later would be make signals also to russian public because that's not forget that vladimir putin is speaking to russians when he is in international press conference like that. we also had told from the defense ministry that some of the objectives of those maneuvers as it was called and were met. so that would allow for that step, at the same time, a stern warning from getting a putin who said he didn't want wool. and either that t, yes, he would still engaged in further talks. at the same time, he would not allow it to happen, that things get changed,
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which had difficult to do for the russian side. so he would see those dragged out as he put it. so a bit of time bullet through diplomacy for now was still very uncertain. and math ahead that was because because now they are in moscow, here are some more stories that are making headlines around the globe. this, our russian opposition figure alexi. the vol may have gone on trial again and a new case that could see his prison term extended. he's currently serving a sentence and a penal colony, and russian. prosecutors are accusing him of stealing $5000000.00 from donations to his charity. amnesty international has described the trial as a sham, formal campaigning for south korea's presidential elections has begun. the 2 main candidates are leisure. i'm young of the ruling mins you party and unit soak yield of the conservative people power parties both face and uphill battle to gain voter support. after a series of scandalous,
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lawmakers in ethiopia have voted to lift the country state of emergency earlier than scheduled. as mediation efforts continued to end, the conflict in the countries north, a 6 month measure was imposed in early november as to grant forces fighting the government moved closer to the capitol on his not up. and the police in honduras surrounded the home of the former president. after the united states demanded his extradition, the u. s. is accusing one, orlando, and, and as of corruption and involvement in drug trafficking and, and as left off his last month following 8 years as president. he denies all the charges that have heard from any of the company. will staying on that side of the atlantic. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is using emergency powers to end protests against coven 19 pandemic restrictions. police have cleared a blockade of truckers at a key border crossing into the united states. but the truckers are still blocking
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much of the capitals, downtown business district to they are the was police chief resigned, a big criticism that he waited too long to take action. ah, it's a headache that canada's government hasn't been able to shake, protested in parts trucks, still digging in outside parliament and clogging the streets of the capital, otto at elsewhere, convoys of vehicles did a mobilizing some border crossings. as the nationwide protests entered, the 3rd week, prime minister just in trudeau invoked the emergencies act. it gives the government broad powers to intervene. the police will be given more tools to restore order and places where public assemblies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities, such as blockades and occupations. as seen in our ambassador, ridge and elsewhere. these tools include strengthening their ability to impose
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fines or imprisonment. cheeto rule that using the military and set the measures would be time limited. with canada on the con wave, subsiding, it has already started removing some cove in 1000 restrictions. the protest is key demand. on monday, the province of ontario announced an end to proof of vaccination requirements and capacity limits. the businesses that the premier made clear. this was not a concession to the blockade, paralyzing the capital city. today's announcement is not because of what's happening in ottawa or windsor, but despite it to those who are still there to those of you who are there with a sole objective of causing disruption and chaos will be serious consequences for this lawless activity. oh, what started his protests against vaccine mandates for truckers has grown into
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a rallying point for opposition to candidates. government provincial authorities have hesitated to move against. the protest is citing the threat of violence and a lack of manpower. they now have federal back up that protest to say that's not enough to make them back down. so let's take a look now, some of the developments in the corona virus pandemic. thousands of nurses have gone on strike in sydney, australia, demanding better pay and more staff to cope with. the rise in oma crohn related cases. hong kong chief executive says there are no plans to impose a chinese style. full walked down the territory of seeing of search in new cases and the road health organization warning that many eastern european countries with a low vaccination rates are facing a tidal wave of omicron cases. a corona virus cases here in germany have started to fall and the o micron. very it, it is causing milder cases. there seems to be
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a consensus now that it's high time to follow neighboring countries in western europe and eas, restrictions with plans for most of these restrictions to be lifted next month. early signs of spring in berlin, and hope that it will be a season with fewer restrictions on public life. the army crown variant and vaccines have re shuffled the cards with less severe cases of coven. 19 the health care system in germany is weathering the current wave. well, new cases also appear to be slowly dropping. and with that grows, the prospect of easing restrictions. missing global cubby epidemic conditions can come to an end in mid march, but with 2 provisions. we need to establish a legal basis for the mosque mandate because that's the most effective preventive measure. and we need an emergency strategy for the fall in case there's a new mutation. the key for the haps fights and annoying would also hold a draft proposal with a 3 step plan has been circulating. at 1st,
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the number of people allowed at private gatherings would increase, and any one wearing a mask would be able to enter stores. then access to restaurants and bars would again be allowed for the unvaccinated. with a negative test and clubs would be able to reopen. finally, from march 20th all far reaching preventive measures would be lifted. experts caution against the freedom they style free for all their v sticks upon the most important point for me is that a full reopening is not necessarily linked to the date of march 20th, but that it is determined by the infection rate among the population and hearts less than ever fertile, but despite the calls for prudence, politicians, state leaders, and healthcare experts all agree the time to loosen up restrictions is nearing chancellor's shots and the leaders of germany. 16 states are set to meet on wednesday to decide on possible next steps. afghanistan's public universities have
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reopened their doors to female students for the 1st time since the taliban take over at last august. and there are strict conditions. women will remain segregated from mil students. the country's female students are hoping that the taliban will keep another promise to allow them to complete their education. for half a year. cyrus att dot was not allowed to go to university a few days ago. but taliban allowed state universities to reopen. it was a new sorrow, had been longing for a muscular corticoid it. we sat at home and worried that it worried that we wouldn't be able to study again worried about the future that we didn't know if our university would ever open again. is that none of us knew what was going to happen . she took ag o'clock. we wanted to accompany sorrow on her 1st day back up the university. but we, we refused permission to film there. so while saragossa after stood apc's, we had in state to a private islamic university,
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it too had been closed. he were allowed to film. we met cather. myra shut absorbed her. she's also relieved that her causes and now restarting. oh no, that made the body to day, but what i never wanted to give up hope. oh, my friends and i tried to do as much as we could from home. billy, now i'm urging all willing not to give us an idea. we've lost 6 months, but now the universities are open again and things are moving forward. hold them up, i'll put that last and anyway. there are some new rules in the universities. women, a men unlike before, are not allowed to study together. this shit is martina, i think the aim is to create a safe environment for women. so now we have to separate women and men here. however, in our university we never had a problem with women being harassed by men instead of the lucky. oh, all that matters right now for cut amana is that she can go back to university for
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the future. she hopes that the taliban will keep their promises and allow women to take on positions of responsibility and politics or yeah, it is that regularity bio, they can, every one living in afghanistan should have the opportunity to serve the country in some way. the hard for example, i believe women should be involved in the government in the future that, that, that i think now mccoy was shyly as though it's a wish that cyrus a duck chairs over the last 6 months. women like her to take a backseat. with the reopening of universities, she hoped several once again be given a stronger role in society. it was her and i expect the international community to make sure that the taliban respect the rights of women in afghanistan. and i expect the taliban to allow women to work to allow us to study again and to ensure that women do not face discrimination. they're still a long way to go. but with the reopening of universities, many women are hopeful,
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of better times ahead. i'm joined now by pushed on to ronnie's director of learn f . ganna. stan, it's a nonprofit that focuses on women and children's rights. she joined me tonight from wellesley in the us state of maryland. good to have you on the program. so tell us, what is it like right now for women in afghanistan who were trying to get an education? thank you. thank you for having me right now. the fact that schools are supposed to been in the mood or the new year. and the fact that you think, i think it's a good thing that and we need to welcome at the same time, i am still skeptical about the fact that once it's completed, then ward will women be able to join? the workforce is all the same time. what about the schooling? the last one whole year i can make, yes, it would be good that you just talking about the whole point them if there was not . what about them? what would be the technical issues that are coming along?
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yeah, i mean, are you convinced that the tell the bon are really committed to reforming themselves? i mean, even if women are allowed to get an education, is there going to be a place in society for them to utilize what they've learned? i think she did right, and i'm going to court her on this big enough to expect them on the phone with those women if they really want to work. but i want to think that they are the owners of one of the have to accept women in workforce and they have to make sure that they get it. that is, there is no way around it and the meet excepted are looking at right now. when it's on that island. there are, there are women who are not allowed to even simply eat. so there are the programs that we need. it's simply challenge, but we can always is there a post on it? is there
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a role that foreign governments can play in this issue of helping women get the education that they want and deserve? i think the community and the international community, i would say, man, has a lot of influence. begin at 1st start by making sure that the p for teacher salary be forced to fall and running to opening the school. and most importantly, every time i see this is the internet isn't going to like all the, all of them are not listening to us. when you are taking them off the same can less for that travel and the you when you were ok with back me be put them on the same list. wendy, are stopping go from going to school. and i think the thing that the international community could do, but the international community is playing the snow game and making like, you know, they're putting women at the pedestal here and now the women are becoming pulled into most of them. he ended up very good point. i started to ronnie with learn if can stand just on
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a we appreciate your time and your insights and for sharing the good work that you're doing. thank you. thank you. oh britain's prince. andrew has reached a settlement with his accuser, virginia do frame, and a sexual assault lawsuit of papers filed by you for his lawyers did not disclose the amount of the financial settlement. virginia drew for a suit the prince for damages, claiming that she was trafficked by the late jeffrey epstein and forced to have sex with the prince. i hope when she was 17 years old. or for more now i'm joined by our correspondent charlotte chosen bill. she is in london, she's covering this story for charlotte. it's good to see you. why has prince andrew agreed to this settlement and do we know why it is now? of course those details haven't been disclosed. that means that we can only
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speculate here as to some of this will come as a bit of surprise, surprise both candidates, including prince andrew's team, had suggested that they wanted to take this case all the way to trial prince andrew saying that he wanted to clear his name in court, both public clean, very good font. if you speak to some legal experts in the us, they were saying that announce of court settlement was always the most likely outcome here. indeed, out of court settlement in cases like this, all very frequent in the united states. now on the question of timing, there are some advantages for prince andrew in settling this case. now we know that he was facing a deposition next month. and of course, a trial potentially later this year, both of which could have been the damaging to his reputation. if more detailed, why release they could have been hugely embarrassing for prince andrew. and indeed, not just prince andrew, the royal family. why association as well. they are likely to be breathing
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a huge sigh of relief today. this case has reached a settlement that there won't be the public spectacle media frenzy surrounding a trial, particularly this of all, this is the jubilee year for the queen. she's celebrating 70 years on the throne. the summer to have big celebrations mocking that i think many will be relieved that there won't be the spectacle overshadowing those celebration. and obviously people are asking, do we know any details about this settlement? a bits buried light on detail this and this, this is very, can very carefully worded statement. you mentioned the top that when you were introducing this that prince, andrew has made a substantial or rather making it that stands for the nation to mischief phrase, charity and support. is victims, right? the, some for that has not been displayed. so i'm sure you can imagine there is a flurry of speculation about what it is. we must also be very clear that this
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supplemented by no means any admission of liability from prince andrew, not quite surprised. he had kept the guard cli from the thoughts, the noise, seize allegations, so no surprises that there is absolutely no admission of any kind. in this statement. there are some interesting lines in it which i was pointing out. prince andrew, for example. it said, it never intended to malign, missed your phrase character, and he accept that she suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of on the public attack. so these would have been very carefully what town payments and they are likely to be all the will here, at least in the short term, both camps refusing to say more. and indeed buckingham palace tonight, not commenting, to correspond to show some pills from london tonight. charlotte, thank you. the french screen legend, isabelle pear will not be able to accept her honorary golden bear and lifetime
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achievement ward at the berlin film festivals. because she has tested positive for cobit 19. but we have a look at her long and impressive career. in a career spanning more than 5 decades, isabel repair has appeared in over $130.00 films of various genres. she's gained a reputation for playing, intelligent and audacious characters, often with a chilly reserve. at the age of 19, she was already acting alongside european film stars, such as eve, montague, and a whole me schneider. she soon became the muse of art house director clutch. i point them little with her quiet, distanced acting style. she hints at the hidden depths of troubled characters in the piano teacher, she played a neurotic woman who engages in a sado masochistic relationship with one of her music students. her deep despair never rippling the surface of her tightly controlled self possession. the
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performance earned her golden palm award at the 2002 con film festival. in the 2016 thriller l, she played a video game producer who was raped. her character refuses to be a victim and seduced as the rapist pulling him into a game of guilt and revenge. that role earned her an oscar nomination and a golden globe award in 2017 cementing her international reputation. isabel repair has also been a frequent guest at the melina. she's appeared in 7 films and the competition all highlighting unexpected facets of the actress. 6 in 2002, she displayed her comedic talents in the sambal film, eat women for which the entire cast one a silver barrel warrant that up. just like did you go with black people?
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wow. in 2018, she showed her vulnerable side and the playing a philosophy professor whose husband leaves her for a younger woman available to the heaviest repair, avoided the cliches of the jilted wife, whose life has turned upside down, showing new perspectives. oh, blue. and this year's belly knowledge is the world premier of her new film about joan in this tale of love, life and memory is a penitent, past stars alongside german actor los idaho, and gives yet another extraordinary performance. but he w's nicole. truly. she is at the barrel in all fours. and i mean, this is of the best news. is it? i mean, the gift of honor turns out to be a big no. sure, because of coven. huge disappointment hearing tonight. and friends, i mean is i believe they're receiving the honorary barrier was really going to be one of the big highlights of this year is barely now,
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especially with her being such a festival favorite. well, she is fine. so the balla, as you can see, is going ahead and she will be joining via video link. this is of course, extremely unfortunate, but it's not a shocker. i mean, the organizers knew what they were signing up for when they decided to move forward with this festival. in the middle of a pandemic, she will be sorely missed to day at the press conference for her new movie about jones and the cast and crew sang her praises saying that her acting was a planned epiphany. that her picture should appear next to the wikipedia entry. for acting and that working with her is truly magical. well here in berlin, that magic will only be seen on screen today. well, that's better than nothing and as a, the, the show has to go on. so tell me, what did you get to see on screen? did it well,
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some more magic to be honest, a god bless him on broad her 2nd feature film to the barely 9. it's called al, got it as and it said in a small town in rules spain, in catalonia, and there we meet this to lay a family, a family of peach. farmers who have to come to terms with the challenges of a changing time. and she master fully depicts the tensions that emerge, especially among the different generations in that family and trying to tackle this transformation and, and the crisis. it is a world that really makes you wanna stay. it really sucks you in. and that is in large part because of the great ensemble, it is easily the best cast i have seen at this valley nala. and that is because she chose to go with amateur actors only all the people that appear in the movie are actually from the area that is depicted in the movie. and it's all people who have grown up on farms and work the fields for their entire life. so they're very
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familiar with the problems that, that are shown in the movie. and a more than just, you know, a swede acting gig. it really seems to be for them away to take the plight of small farmers in rural areas, not only again but around the world to the big stage brand. all righty w's to co polish there at the building, only to co. thank you very much. you're watching the w news live from berlin after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day to night. we're talking about the prospects for peace in the crisis over you crate. be right back
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w o interest, the global economy, our portfolio d w business. beyond a closer look at the project, our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes, get us to that head with the w business beyond on you 2 dogs are more intelligent than most people playing with psychology professor john pillay has proved it.
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how you ask with scientific studies, of course. do you i'm doing pretty good. go take tina good carol paul, out into the secret of the friendship dogs and us starts february 25th on d w. o. the day began with russia announcing that it is withdrawing some troops near the border with ukraine, but kiva nato later said that they needed to see it to believe it so far. they say they've seen nothing in moscow. president potent today again hammered his demand that ukraine never joined native standing next to him. german chancellor, olaf sholtes, who reminded us nato membership for ukraine is not on the agenda and won't be while he and prudent are in power. but then again, he said,


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