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tv   Close up - Snowdrops from Georgia - Trading Wildflowers from the Caucasus  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2022 8:30am-9:00am CET

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host of the 100 reasons pulse at to me is clear, remains to change the solutions or alpha. join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me to do for the van. ah, now drops one of your hoops most popular flowers. enthusiasts will pay several $100.00 euros for single bomb the delicate looking white flowers. harold, the start of spring, the percent bits. and if you start with a simple snow drop, then all of a sudden you're hungry for more. yeah. more for me here. mood, snow drops in asia to countries around the black sea in georgia, the laboriously hand picked from the mountains slopes, an important source of income for the local people that the plants are protected
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species. ah, it wasn't my fears that new laws will come and soon the buyers will no longer accept them about it and i won't be able to sell any more. bob. well, people prefer the mother. ah, no drops our $1000000.00 business into the george and pick is actually read the benefits of the plants popularity in europe. ah ah sipes less caucuses in georgia? this is where macedonia, it's a peak, snow drop bulbs from the ground every spring. she was high up in the mountains. the
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slopes a steep stinging nettles and thorns are everywhere. so she needs swear protective loves a simple sack hangs from her waist. snow drop picking has done manually in the caucuses, mostly by women. is a theme. i only pick the ones that are bundled together so that you can't get the single plants out of the ground to take her snow drops thrive on the nutrient rich, semi shaded forest floor. macedonia's daughter saw poor helps when she is not at school. it takes hours to fill up one sack harvesting on the mountain is much harder than down in the woods. if i come up at 11 o'clock, i only work until 5. it gets dark fast any later and i get scared up here alone. mother and daughter had home for the day, it takes
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a good hour to walk back to the village. it takes twice as long on the way up. rich, natural beauty surrounds them. of the population is poor. every day life revolves around the animals, the weather and the harvest. the average monthly income in georgia is the equivalent of around $340.00 euros. and here in the mountains, it's even lower residents here i the self sufficient or they go to buy to me or turkey to work as seasonal laborers. they're just a few dozen houses and market. all it's is home village crushed up the nearest largest city of but to me on the black sea is almost 50 kilometers away. about 4000 kilometers west is another world entirely. in the dutch city of harlem, people know precious little about rural life in the caucuses, but many do know about snow drops as a competition among the gardeners who has the most unusual flowers loose degroat,
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who has collected rare varieties for 15 years is often the wind up there about 20 known species and over $2500.00 varieties of snow. drops the wild georgian plant galant us vaughn. v is especially popular in europe. this is from the self to this one. here is also a bar. novi snow dropped her. it's called her elizabeth harrison. he was sold at an ebay auction for $725.00 british pounds in class. how. what special about it are? these yellow petal markings rather filming? that's why it's so expensive. actual retain felder, not many snow drop fans can tell whether the plants are cultivated or peaked in the wild and under protection. lose to who is unhappy about this. she doesn't want
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wild flowers to be torn from the mountain slopes for the sake of her hobby. forwarded all out a grill. i know a lot of them are picked from the wild and then they disappear. family. either a pictures of people with their arms full of wild snow, drops out of course nature, but is not ok. so there is an oil for these ones originally come from the wild horse that they've been cultivated and reproduced so that i can just buy them here from a breeder grey. ho. very read a craig or cope loose. the throat invests up to 2000 euros per year and her hubby, quite a sizable son, which is also getting him money back from online sales. the market for snow drops is huge and the netherlands is the leading country for flowers in europe. tulips, daffodils,
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hyacinths, as well as snow drops are all grown in the billions in green houses. but it's not enough to meet the demand. the dutch import $22000000.00 snow drop bulbs per year from georgia alone. nearly 3 quarters of them, a peach from the wild. they then end up in garden centers and d i y stores across europe. ah, the porter, but to me is located on the black sea, with a population of over 150000. it's georgia, 2nd largest city after the capital tbilisi, the cherokee river, some 400 kilometers long is very important to but to me it's here that manually to monitor has built up his business. is one of only 3 traders in georgia license to export snow drop holds to the netherlands,
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surmounted se trades and cultivated snow drops. and as of this year, wild ones as well, of the 30000000 bulbs he's permitted to expose every season 5 mckinney from the wild. his staff are often his friends and relatives from the nearby mountains. some on it say has no sorting machines. everything is done by hand. this means he can employ many workers and offer them futures. for many people, it's their only source of income. the boss himself comes from the mountains, so he knows the hardships of the local residence. the coven 19 pandemic has exacerbated the already precarious economic situation. i'd gives a samo. sure be ira that there are no jobs here in georgia. and last year,
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due to the pandemic. many people had even less income. i'm so i'm happy that i can provide jobs for so many families here in the region. there are almost $500.00 and all of them earned something. and one of the tribute summer and 300 others earned 500 and some even a 1000 laurie w. that see equivalent of between 80 to 290 euros for many people more than the average monk mountains of the lesser caucasus are about 40 kilometers away from some on it says poultry business for macedonia said this nature is her livelihood. almost daily. she goes to pick bulbs on the steep slopes. ah, this is so exhausting. that has come, i thought of it or even so daughter. so po wants to help her mother with the snow drop, harvest london if moment if it's really hard. now in spring delirium, i have nothing left to sell on the farm. so i depend on this work. colea. these
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mountain slopes are not protected areas, said the mother and daughter are legally allowed to pick wild snow drop bulbs. after the snow has melted, the area turns into a lush green, almost a 1000 meters above sea level. earth, i believe for what i think. yeah. the women from the village showed me this spot. i'm only one has helped mother me. what's known as a falcon. i often come here and if i go even higher, she there's plenty to pick up at one. 0, there are snow drops everywhere. we got them off. the lovely with a can be deceptive if it changes, conditions swiftly become unpleasant. and that's not the only problem. as so magically i had just pulled some snow drops from the ground and i saw a snake on my it's laid right alongside me, not
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a rush. the place is called nor jammah will have. i never went back again with my grill daughter. so po often gets bored up here. she dreams of but to me. but everything in the big city costs money and a mess or even feller look more whenever i'm not in school. i come up here with my mum though, but i'm taking my final exams at the moment, so i don't have much time later. i said, sometimes i just don't feel like it and i'm torn, i'm tired with a journey up here is the hardest part time it ties us out, tires. yeah. it's better here in the woods where it's not too hot. that civic level is for the work goes much faster with the 2 of them market on that. so leaves the smallest young plants. so she has something to peak next year. i am. she's careful not to disrupt nature's delicate balance. picking more bulbs would cost me more money,
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but then eventually all the slopes would be fully harvested. and she would have no income next spring. still at 8 she she manages together thousands of wild balls without having to plant or grow any herself as her from them to her. that was very hard work. and this took me 9 days. i killed a single sack, weighs 30 kilograms from the 9. the sacks a much too heavy to carry for long distances. a friend will drive up with his cheap in the coming days and transport the sacks into the valley. in the evening, the whole family gathers, macedonia's cooks for her parents in law, her daughters, her brother in law, and the neighbors, the vegetables and ch merilee, garlic chicken. maria,
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you can take this to the table and not rely on yonder 3 generations live under one roof. i. after the collapse of the soviet union, georgie became independent in 1990. 1 had freedom has not brought wealth to the residence of this village. still the 36 year old mother does not question her tough life. all medical i work because i love my family and children so i can give my children everything. i've other. hm. okay. one mcdonald sir is a we done. her husband died 5 years ago after next didn't so out he was a car accident that he was ill for a long time after that. and i was so worried about him and then he died. i met him up. oh,
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mom doesn't get back to me and i don't. i think it's good that the dad are not forgotten here in the chatter here, the wife we always remember and drink to them in our tastes. so that was the earth may be that sounds ought to people in other countries, but i like it, it was where a person only really dies when no one remembers him any more. so bag with never let us lou normally without the income of the working age man, a family would have to sell their house and farm. it's thanks to market dollars so that everyone can carry on living here. back to the touch city of harlem. loose to flute misses the snow drop auctions during the pandemic. she attended many in the past with her husband. and it's not any plans that are for sale. her husband has managed to find a few gifts there, too. were a bell. these are my earrings, aren't they?
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pretty the bank under matching, wrote a birthday gift for my husband. i really love it and often wear it in snow drop season. very pretty in sale, could start it up. mm. pin and out. cultivate snow drops in the open air, mostly native species. although he also sills vodo no vis from the black sea. he skeptical about them. you go 5 of steam, will you buy 5 or 10? verano vees and after 2 to 3 years, you only have 2 left. then 4 years later, they're all gone. if you get unlucky. but if you want something different from the typical snar drugs, you have to buy ver, unovia in the garden center, wouldn't know, but there is no guarantee of success with born of ease growing in european clay soil a just a disappointment. you felt her basic life indeed,
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the exposed clay soil, he bears little resemblance to the semi shaded forest flow and the georgia mountains, headed out breeds snow drops in their 5th generation. your friend wanted something to what? yes, yes. tell me. which i to love those. the like the pot took his customers to day a to dutch gardening enthusiasm, who were for a snare drums. well, it's either there are 30 here, that's 3 euros. i go for 30, not the one, then i'll take another banshee. his customers are always on the lookout for something you which is why he also cultivates gallon thrust navarro. novi, although working with this time is not sustainable. that is jamari because of that of it's, it's a better word. it's a pity. they're actually pretty plants, but they're more difficult to breed. was that? that's why so many of the bogs are imported, not because we always need new ones that are bullish on like either given you and
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all of the weather. in the caucuses, mountains changes quickly. 3 days of cold, rainy weather, mean the snow truck harvest, most white. the heavy woodland floor needs to try again. it's the same in the fields where snow drops are cultivated, planted like cool, no tobacco, more and more children, snow drops, a groaning feels like this botanist alias didn't beat, so gross no drops right by his child at home in cluster. he works for george and trade at mama lisa, man, it say, and ensure the government's guidelines for species protection are being followed. cultivated snow drops are also subject to checks idiocy. li beats, and he staff will closely with the ministry for environmental protection and agriculture. there are many requirements in us the way the government that the ministry stipulates exactly how many bulbs are permitted to be plucked
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from the ground is monitoring dom well then officials check the harvest to make sure everyone has followed the rules and our already or guardians. that's reasonable, they do that twice a year. i removed. gotcha. all those lula cielo beats are things that could help the mountain residence to plants, no jobs. i jumped in a jar, a doesn't have very fertile soil, mitchum, but the snow dogs can bring in additional income because they already grow in december of equal folders. i don't interfere with tobacco corn and other crops robust. i'm good luck of zip codes, algebra. meanwhile macedonia sax had arrived, a friend transported him from the mountain slowed down to the valley is promised that she is now waiting for the snow dropped trailer to arrive and collect the harvest ferrara. it's
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a quality passes must and she'll hopefully in some money the next morning in call, tommy a mountain village in a jar elicited beats his tops here and meets with the men who will collect the last sacks full of snow drop bulbs. go o w. he makes his final arrangements with his boss to trade up. ma melissa mon it say checking the quality of the harvest takes priority. the full they set off the group faces on home made bread, honey, and wine. oh god, her dog. 1 we were leasing an old song about a pretty girl. the singer wants to buy from her father for 1000 bank nights. oh, leon. ah.
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good spirits high as they drive along the embankment of the rhythm shot, his thought he was at the song, the good food or the home made wine that raised their spirits. it's about 20 kilometers to cluster. mark the let's as village don't pick up snow dropped bulbs from civil spots. all the bulbs have been picked by the farmers from the mountains. for me, the heavy rain is making macedonia to nervous. she has to switch the pickup spot from her yard to the cramp cellar. up with ocean was lit up soon. cedar bits will judge the quality of her bulbs. so richard that he will determine how much she and the she had a lot of warcry. so barbara metal is shelby's, ga, social desire. swamp of mcdonald is the only bulbs that are allowed for export.
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ones with the circumference of around 5 centimeters. it is should be the robber. they have to be golden in color that. busy will grow growth there's, when does argo this on is how it allen road. i'm seeing here a bulbs of really good quality them gets a good price, some services that can pick that exactly the right moment. i got, i researched all of this is approved for export. i probably honestly with the saga we've got that touch with somebody. i'm really happy that all my work is appreciated and was successful deposit and it was a good quality is not everything. my condolences bulbs will be paid my weight per program, the sax, all my different amounts. every kilogram counts square with each sack that's counted, her spirits rise. and so to does her income his spring. and everyone
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never saw $600.00 laraca and another 90 a shadow level. thank you very much. i will go you can bring us more of those. it's a, it's a house. if i was just, i'll use the money for my children and family. alack! sure, everything is fairly distributed. my marker doll, it's of receipts almost $700.00 georgian laurie for her bulbs. that's about 190 euros. it's a little more than half a month's salary and georgia for several weeks of hard work in the mountains. mm. the men move on, i have another 6 families on the pick up list for today. ah, this is where the snow drop bulbs gathered by macedonia through and the other pickers. and up together with botanist, elizabeth said, tried out,
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molly some on it say, make sure the bulbs are stored android, properly. soon, millions of bulbs we sent via truck to the netherlands. if you can't grab this part and tear off the roots, otherwise you damage the ball. they have to dry for longer than the roots will fall off by themselves. the ball workers have to turn the bulbs over every day. is the only way to make sure each ball gets enough air. the warehouse is a former poultry farm. the windows usually open. the only shot if it's dampened rainy outside. then march fans are switched on about the lobby of the hug. melissa, man id say, is proud to be the 1st georgian to work together with the netherlands. it wasn't easy to set up. he needed certificates from the state. georgia is part of the
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convention on international trade of endangered species of wild flora and fauna, which regulates the trading of snow drop bulbs. they considered and endangered species worldwide. traders have to prove how many bulbs are being harvested and he brought you gave them ups. these documents from the ministry are also on a cd is hilarious or the document show the exact gps coordinates of where we are and aren't allowed to harvest. doria that are gonna be affordable in georgia. any $15000000.00 while bulbs are allowed to be harvested per year. as determined by george and scientists, they estimate that at least 230000000 snow drops, grow in georgia, making trade sustainable. but environmental organizations, a skeptical wild harvesting, is not monitored everywhere. the georgia state simply doesn't have the means to enforce it. melissa monica, se since trucks full of snow drop bulbs on
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a full 1000 kilometer long journey from the black sea through turkey to the netherlands. ah pickering, georgia, and the equivalent of about 14 euros per one sec of snow troubles in dutch garden centers. this number of bulbs is worth 3500 euros. a price hike of about 25000 percent. the hand pick george in snow drops reached the netherlands after a week. they arrive in a small town of hills. at the company, c. s, vice bloomberg and the company has been importing snow drop bulbs for 4 generations. trader, john boat has been working directly with georgia for 10 years before that imports only will to to she intermediaries. now he can negotiate directly with his george
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and business partner. very diverse golda and auto mall and douglas diverse officer molig. either we have different buyers and different sales opportunities with retail the whole vehicle, but there are wholesalers who stock flower bulbs. and d i y stores oprah or they're a flower pot sellers. those are businesses where the snow drops are grown in pots so that the customer can buy them when they're in bloom, luna to so we also work with mail order firms and online shops, which deliver snow drops directly to customers via via vet shocks, of ology, in shirley, our life uncles meant the demand for snow drops in the netherlands, is greater than the domestic supply, which is why more and more bolts are imported. for trader john bought the quote, is to protect the species and necessary, but also obtrusive without quote,
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as he certain more wild bulbs would be gathered in georgia, which would destroy nature in the caucuses that quote, his make business more complicated. got out. may it help up your own small url hung cold when all the paperwork starts, it affects the export and the delivery time fooling. and it's a question of time after shall evening, okra and time is money, and it can affect the quality of the product at that cost. health matters, how local ish the course of on the quality on her product, lucia mar, darius free trade in the past. it was easier for the trade us. and i think it was also better for the product to liquor. marty the actual logo for the further charles baker. for the dutchman, one solution would be for snow drops to be played exclusively in cultivated earrings in georgia. but he still received lots of glances. vodo novi, picked from the wild in the caucuses.
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in the georgian village of cluster, macedonia's teacher remains uncertain. some piece of mind comes from the fact that family and neighbors stick together. tradition offers comfort tube and one very tasty tradition is catchy puri, handmade cheese field bread. mother, young widow has settled in her life. she has no interest in marrying again. oh, harder for her father. never, never know. but i was data adding on. i have never thought about that. i didn't degree, i'm the guy that was a gasoline law. she's all the board flowers with the earnings from selling the snow drops, she harvested as long as nobody has an empty stomach. life goes on in spite of all the uncertainty. mark, a dollar sir,
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is confident about her future. knowing she can rely on herself to get by only one thing sad and sir, well, my children don't. why to stay in the village. he'll go to that financing mowdy with they both what a study and live in the city, but okay, and then stay there. collection, when stuck with little the middle, they both see how hard i work, they must know, and that's why they say williams, you always have to work so hard out of us. we want to get away from here. the minority with market dollars. so wants to stay in the village and continue picking snow drops as long as she's allowed to fear in the mountains with less a caucuses in georgia. ah, ah, ah ah, ah eco india. one of the most ingested cities in the wild
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spangler a groundbreaking company has come up with a practical solution. they can bed conventional much slides into hybrid one, affordable electric vehicles, kickstart to the green transport revolution, b to b. in 30 minutes on d. w with ah ah
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ah, this is d, w is live from burden and russia analysis. it's withdrawing law troops from crime. beth france, ministry says drills and the russian controlled crimea peninsula have ended. they released this video, which appears to show military units crossing a bridge to the main that also on the program gradient present, a lot of minutes. lensky, i think class that february the 16th a day of celebration in response to suggestions from the west. but it could say the start of a russian invasion and it's a water line at the bell international film.


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