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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. russia announces its withdrawing more troops. the defense ministry says drills in the russian controlled crimean peninsula have ended it. it's released this video, which it says shows military units leaving crimea to return to their home based also on the program a day of unity president vladimir zalinski leads ukraine and celebrations in defiance of suggestions from the west. that to day could see the start of
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a russian invasion. and could germany see an end to corona virus restrictions, as case numbers for politicians. and scientists say it's time to plan a path back to normality and it's awards night at the berlin international film festival styles and audiences are back to spite some pandemic restrictions which film will when the golden bear me show you some of the fact ah, i'm good had off us, well come to the program and we begin with the latest developments in the crisis over ukraine. russia says it has begun withdrawing troops from the crimea territory . it annexed from ukraine in 2014. the russian defense ministry says military drills in the region are over and that tanks and soldiers are returning to their bases. yesterday,
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the kremlin announced it was pulling back some forces from its border with ukraine . western allies have welcome that statement, but a say they need to see evidence that it is actually happening. meanwhile, ukraine is celebrated a day of unity called by president vladimir zalinski. people paraded the flag at the olympic stadium in the capital here. there also, there's also been being there being encouraged to fly the flag from buildings and to sing the national anthem. some us officials had previously warned that today might see the stars of a russian invasion. and mister savanski had an upbeat message for his fellow ukrainians. hello, we are all united by our wish to live, to live in peace, to live a happy life with our families, parents and kids. we have the full right to all of this, because we at home here in ukraine. nobody will love our home as much as we do,
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and nobody can defend our home as we can. i wish you a happy unity day, my blue yellow ones, a happy day of unity of ukraine in the east and west in the south and north. it works only together, and when it works, we are strong. she to see you as president vladimir lensky speaking there. and so let's bring it now. did you correspondence? mathias berlin, who is in the ukraine in the city of revenue. but he has russian troops. i said we withdrawing from the border and now also from crimea. is this the de escalation that we've been waiting for what it could be, but ukrainian authorities are careful. they have said that they do not see the final proof that they're really withdrawing yet. they're still looking at all the information, so they're really careful that they want to be really sure that it is really
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happening this. russia will be in any way if, if russia starts with drawing now, it will also be able to bring them back quickly. so this is a why ukraine is really careful and is waiting for it, but you can feel a certain deterrent here anyway. it also, the ukraine is still holding a military exercise that's taking place where you are right now. what is key of trying to say with this? so this military exercise has just finished, the president has come here. he has watched this exercise and he's had talks with the soldiers. ukraine is of course, saying that it is going to stay prepared. this crisis is nowhere over. ukraine has been at war for 8 years and any other form of incursion beat a military incursion,
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or some kind of cyber warfare, or any of this can still happen so. so the signal, of course, the president is trying to send here is that ukraine is, is still prepared and of, and there may be also making use of all the attentions they have been getting on this day that has been pinpointed by some western services as the day of a possible incursion. today is also ukraine's day of unity. that's a public holiday that was just invented 2 days ago. how are you finance celebrating? how are they reacting to it? yes, the president, 2 days announced this day off, a national unity. that is of course, another reaction to this to this state that has been said by the information that was leaked by western services that they are flag rising ceremonies all over the country. a lot of official activities and some ukrainians also have been putting the national flag, for example on their cars are celebrating in the street,
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but it's a working day. it is not a holiday, so you will not see masses of you craning celebrating this war, that the fact that this war didn't happen, or some kind of a victory. it's, it is a way to, by the government to give this day a different spin to, to, to send a different message to the world from this message that we've been hearing for the last few weeks. that this is, this country is at the brink of an invasion in correspondence, but he has billing of that in the ukrainian city of witness. thank you very much. that is a western leaders remain skeptical that russia is really ready to stand down. the european union is urging moscow to take real steps to deescalate tensions and to follow words with action. meanwhile, nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels to reaffirm their commitment to
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alliance members in eastern europe. nato chief installed back says there is no evidence. russia is really backing down. we have heard the songs from moscow about her readiness to continue diplomatic efforts. but so far we have not seen any the escalation on the ground. on the contrary, it appears that russia continues, the military buildup. that was a nato achieve. yes, store back there and from, for the you, from a brussels where nato is headquartered. let's go to our bureau chief there, alexander fernando, alexandro, natalie. the store, but clearly not buying putins gestures. how is natal preparing for the road ahead? while we have to say that nato allies are remain concerned, that is what we heard from defense ministers arriving here in brussels. that is also what do you ask?
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ambassador to nato told us in our interview bet juliana juliana smith also stressed to data. nato allies are still open to a dialogue and are still hoping for a diplomatic solution. it to the crisis, however, they remain skeptical. they want to verify whether russia is really pulling back some troops from the ukrainian border. and they say as to deter russia from invading ukraine. and that is why near to nato allies are sending reinforcements to nato's eastern flank. and this is also important. an important topic here in brussels defense will speak about an additional multinational battalion ad that could be established in romania, a battalion that which resemble those already in place in the baltic states and in poland are summer. we know that one of pollutants key demands is guarantee that
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ukraine will not join nato. so western leaders have rejected that. so far a, do you see any signs that nato is ready to take any other steps to ease putin spheres? well, nature is saying very clearly, a dad said they want to keep talking with russia, that they would be ready to speak about her trust to building measures when it comes to military drills in europe when it comes to true. and so for it's quite is ready to speak with russia about the deployment of miss isles and are about arms control. and dad is something that, as said, the russian president vladimir putin suggest it, russia could be interested in. but as you mentioned, the question or the main demands that russia has expressed
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a demand to stark. nato's is through expansion, or to say that you, queen, we'll never ever become, and nato member. those demands are definitely off the table. without the tension with russia is also on top of the agenda. in strasburg, today we're a european commission president, also a funder line address parliament them. what did she have to say about the current stand off? well, it's quite interesting that she spoke about energy supplies in europe. as you know, 40 percent offer you are p and gas is coming from russia. and she accused russia of not being a reliable energy supplier any more. at the same time, she stressed that because europe is or has started to diversify, it's energy as supplies. we are safe in this winter. europe has enough supplies to be able to use them even though gas prom should decide not to deliver at the
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requested amount of gas anymore. the ws brussels bureau chief alexandra phenomena for us. thank you very much. like some start not have look at some of the other stories making headlines to day. amnesty international says to graham fighters, deliberately killed civilians and gang raped dozens of women and girls in ethiopia as i'm horror. region, previous investigations found evidence of abuses committed by all sides in the year long conflict. in brazil, flooding and landslides, half killed, dozens of residents in the hills above. rio de janeiro, firefighters and resty workers are still searching for survivors. thirties in the region have declared an official disaster. the former honduran president, one, orlando, an and this is in custody after a stand off with police at his home, the united states is demanding, he be extradited,
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accusing him of corruption and drug trafficking. he denies all charges a month after a massive oil spill in peru, authorities say less than a quarter of nearly $12000.00 barrels spilled into the pacific as been cleaned up beaches near the capital. lima remained deserted, and the local fishing industry is at a standstill. germany asked all of shows and the regional state leaders are meeting to talk about easing panoramic restrictions. infections and germany have started to fall and just under 3 quarters of the population have now had to vaccinations. some politicians want to ease restrictions while others are against any rapid relaxation . early signs of spring in berlin, and hope that it will be a season with fewer restrictions on public life. the army crown variant and vaccines have re shuffled the cards with less severe cases of coven. 19 the health care system in germany is weathering the current wave. well, new cases also appear to be slowly dropping. and with that grows,
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the prospect of easing restrictions. missing global. com. yep. adam conditions can come to an end in mid march, but with 2 provisions. we need to establish a legal basis for the mosque mandate because that's the most effective preventive measure. and we need an emergency strategy for the fall in case there's a new mutation, probably keep it in haps fights and annoying would also hold a draft proposal with a 3 step plan has been circulating at 1st, the number of people allowed at private gatherings would increase and anyone wearing a mask would be able to enter stores, then access to restaurants and bars would again be allowed for the unvaccinated. with a negative test and clubs would be able to reopen. finally from march 20th all far reaching preventive measures would be lifted. experts caution against the freedom they style free for all their v sticks upon the most important point for me is that a full reopening is not necessarily linked to the date of march 20th,
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but that it is determined by the infection rate among the population. and how it's less than ever fertile. but despite the calls for prudence, politicians, state leaders and health care experts all agree the time to loosen up restrictions is nearing chancellor's shots and the leaders of germany 16 states are set to meet on wednesday to decide on possible next steps. easing panoramic rules is also on the agenda for taiwan after nearly 2 years following of 0 covered strategy. authorities may lift entry restrictions on business travelers. next months. the hard line approach has helped the island keep reported grown of ours cases on the 20000. but there's a cost to $2.00 couples whose love crosses borders, t w's joy sleep reports from taipei. it has been over 700 days since i ran then and has singaporean boyfriend more as last met in person. she can't afford to leave taiwan because of the strange quarantine ruse when she returns home. and morris
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can't come to the island because the body is closed. 2 years apart have been hot on a couple. is a good we can only see each other on the screen. whenever i see couples on the street and i feel very sad because my boyfriend can't be around to him at home and i will play at 1st. we thought the border would be closed for 6 to 12 months, longer than that, it's already been 2 years. and taiwan is still under tight covey to rules that then hold on. under the sierra covert policy, taiwan has kept a sport as seo to since the beginning of the pandemic. all forms of terrorism, all band and transmitting to another country through taiwan is suspended. only residents are allowed to enter the island. every one must quarantine for 2 weeks and south isolate for another 7 days despite being fully vaccinated. i'm in the major international airport in taiwan, but you can barely see any passenger in the arrival whole. this used to be one of
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the busiest apples in the world, but passenger for them dropped to a less than a 1000000 last year. the was in for decades. morris can only fish a taiwan if he and i really get married. but they con to, unless they meet face to face many by national capos are stuck in the same dilemma . you, again, i go, it is unfair. i mean, we're not married, but we're also a couple like, like every one should have the right to be with their loved ones. i could understand the closed border policy 2 years ago, because we didn't have vaccines at the time with the marine. but now almost everyone's fully vaccinated and the new variants are much milder. yet the same policy remains. i can't accept that with my beautiful cove with restrictions, half and a to come less long distance relationships and the past 2 years. i renamed morris i one of the few capos still surviving love from afar. european union's highest court
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has rule that brussels can cut funds from member states, a disregard democratic standards. the case has major implications for poland and hungary. the uses both countries are undermining the rule of law in areas such as judicial independence and wants to slash billions of euros in recovery funds that are due to receive by our corresponded barbara visit is at the european parliament in strasburg. barbara, what makes this case? so significant this case is so important because now the door is really open for the european union. finally, after years of a legal and political battle, particularly was poland and hungary, about democratic values, and the rule of law. finally, they can against those 2 countries, they can sanction them if they come to illegally sound finding that a corruption is ramp and particularly in hungary,
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those are the accusations. and that are the judiciary. the independence of said this judiciary is undermined. that is happening in both countries. now though that is the thrust of this whole thing, the european power parliament did european union, particularly in the parliament who are powerless to and looked on as both country sort of went more and more autocratic in authoritarian in their rule. and now they can was hauled, always draw money from them. that is, of course, the ultimate sanction in the you. we know that so is it now ok there. poland and hungary or will have their fonts cause now that we don't know yet we might do later in the afternoon because the european commission has really been dragging their feet. they have just not done anything. they could effect that last year, even before this verdict because the regulation was already in force. but they for political reasons, out of the father for consideration,
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for political peace within the commission and within the you, they didn't do anything. and parliament is really furious about this in action. i talked to parliamentarians here about their opinion on this verdict and what they think should be happening now. let's listen to what they have to say. i think it's a good day for the rule of law in europe and, and now it's high time that the commission is using the new mechanism. and finally starts really acting on the rule of law, preserving the, your rule of law in europe. i think it's time that there is no rebates, any more on the rule of law in europe. well, this takes away the last excuse of the european commission not to act in this rule of law crisis. european parliament has been pushing for this mechanism to be used for over year now, because it has been a legal instrument for over a year. now really is the time to use it to fight against the rule of law crisis and the european union. baraha, poland, and hungary,
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reacting or we've seen some reactions from hungary already of quarries. so over the weekend, victor auburn spoke about is g hot. that the european union was waging against hungary, so he is sort of fair stoking the fire is and, and turning this whole thing against it into a culture war. and that has been his strategy all along. whereas it's about to ramp and corruption in hungary. that's what the european union says in poland. they have been so far more careful. there were certain signs that the polish government might be a willing to compromise and sort of withdraw some of the regulations and, and some of the judicial regulations that and that have been a question here. but we will see if the e commission now goes ahead and really against 2 countries, or we can of course, expect a strong pushback from both countries to w corresponded barbara based on strasburg before us. thank you, barbara. let's have
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a look at some ortho headlines. britain's prince. andrew has reached a financial settlement with his accuser and her sexual assault lawsuit, virginia to fray claim she was traffic and forced to have sex with the royal when she was only 17. the amount of the payoff is not known. as you, as gun manufacturer that made the rifle used in one of america's deadliest school shootings has reached a historic settlement with victims families, remington arms has agreed to pay $73000000.00 to relatives of those killed and the 2012 sandy hook. massa. the family of a filmmaker killed on set last year, our suing re actor, alec baldwin, lawyers claim baldwin ignored safety rules before firing the gun. that ended elena hutchins. life during work on a weston. a criminal investigation is continuing. tonight
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is awards night at the berlin international film festival. the spied pandemic restrictions the stars up back on the red carpet and audiences back in front of the silver screens. so which will will scoop the bell. and alice top prize, the golden bear bar. let's have a look at some of the contenders. the standard performance of the festival came from german turkish actress milton captain as the title character in robbie a corners versus george w bush, e. oversized jobby, a corner c 4 with george v bush. no. just looking inquisitive deaf i don't trust via ish o had ins on her. it's the true story of a loving mother who fought for 5 years to get her son released from guantanamo prison. the missing behaving. if i showed you, but i will describe it misty. this is a give you the gummies though, because really captains robert is
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a force of nature who doesn't lead anything. german bureaucracy, social norms or the u. s. government stand on the way of getting justice for her son. justice is nowhere to be found in robe of gems. the debut film by mexican bolivian director natalia lopez, gay ardo, a moody impressionistic look at the violence and brutality of the mexican drug wars . the film divided critics. but many agree, it was the most visually arresting film in berlin this year in both sides of the blade, french director clare denise managers, to be both stylish and intimate. her story of a woman caught between 2 men is deceptively simple. but the performances by julia be nash as long so london are subtle and emotionally devastating. the berlin festivals most moving love story is the chinese film returned to dust
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director li. really john's gentle tale follows a pair of outcasts and a forced marriage. as the e count in existence in a series of small villages, there constantly uproot it as farming communities are torn down to make way for urban expansion. nessa to see that politics are subtext. here the real story in return to dust is the growing love between mar and glee, ying, an affection that is never sentimental and all the more affecting for its restraint . or did i use film expert scott roxborough reflects on how the pandemic has influenced this year's festival. here in berlin. the 2022 belly nala held in the midst of the crone of iris pandemic has been a bit of a strange affair. and the film shown here seemed to reflect the sense of alienation, andy, longing for connection, that i think a lot of us have felt of the past 2 years. the movies have been less spectacular and epic and more intimate and introspective. last
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a celebration of the magic of cinema and more reflection on the people we miss. and on the things we've lost, scott boxborough that now before we go, he has good reason, never tundra estimate a man in his fifties. the greatest surfer who has ever lived as in experiencing something new abyss week kelly slater here is competing in a world surf if a league event at the age of 50 is celebrated. the milestone just days after winning at the famous pipeline. yvette. that's incredible. feet means that this event at sunset beach is not just part of some sentimental retirement, or it means that slater 1st one, the world title in 1992 goes to the new surf season. as the number one ranked server in the world of the page,
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50 off, sell, congratulations from me. you're watching the w. c. as a reminder of the top stories we're following for you right now. russia says it has begun withdrawing troops from the crimea territory. that's moscow, annexed from ukraine in 2014, the defense ministry says military drills in the region on out, over and that tanks. and so just returning to that basis. moscow has also announced some troops pulling back from ukraine's bullets bots. western lead as remains skeptical that russia is really ready to stand down. nato chief against stoughton back says there's no sign of de escalation on the ground. he watching dw news from a berlin, that's it from me and the news team don't go away though, made in germany is op next. and i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the all. and remember this plan, people,
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well news analysis and debate as well as sports culture and business news for you on our website is of course on d, w dot com also to follow us on social media. we are on facebook and instagram at dw news. i've got office i spoke with ah,
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with ah, with who need to hear from the corona virus pandemic have been devastating for some businesses. deliveries have been brought to a standstill and many jobs are in jeopardy. has globalization run its course? or are there new opportunities for our topic this week long cove, its effect on business so made in germany next on
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t w eco, africa. it's usually very quiet here. but when shell searches for oil, things get loud. so loud creatures are killed. and the fishermen then our lives will be finished. our 4th with alive will be finished. can oil exploration in south africa be stopped for good eco africa. in 60 minutes on d w. ah, they've had it for for decades. the people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end to the violence. how
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did it come to this? for g, like with this is an unprecedented story. with the great documentary series, iraq destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d. w. a . ah, do you remember the beginning of the pandemic? many of us thought it would be over in a few weeks or months. we bought puzzles, baked bread, hunker down inside and waited for it to be over. all around the world, there were locked down empty streets. public squares without


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