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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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77 percent. every 10 on d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is, did every news live from berlin? on the brink, russia analysis, new drills of its nuclear weaponry. moscow says the exercises are flat and deny stroking tensions with ukraine. each side blames the other for artillery attacks in eastern new grade. this as russia snobs, a major international security conference for the 1st time in decades,
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leaving western leaders meeting in munich scrambling to find a diplomatic way forward on ukraine. ah, i'm like, ok, thank you so much for joining us. we start with the increasingly tens situation over ukraine. russia's military has announced extensive drills of its strategic nuclear forces. moscow says the exercises are planned and denies stoking tensions claim and counter claim continue. russia as this it's forces are pulling out from the border region, and a similar in conflict has flared up now in eastern ukraine, each side blaming the other for the artillery shelling. for months, these tanks signals the threat of a russian invasion to ukraine. now some of them are retreating from ukraine's
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bordeaux, rochelle, defense ministry, seeds, military drills. and these places are ovo. and that's all it ever was. ukraine doesn't believe it. when it was done was, liter not conformed the russian claim of troop withdrawals. this is not happening. that is only a movement of forces and equipment. we are watching the russian troop divisions, which number 129001. and if we add naval and air truly, this figure reaches 149000 when i'm going to give his full dead whiskers thaw, sort of maybe these tensions are storing more rapidly in east on ukraine for yours . the don boss region has been fighting ground between government forces and russia backed rebels. they blame each other for the damage of the conflict. caught in between many ukrainians have migrated to say 4 places. this village, for instance, has only 5 residence left. and this kinda garden was the target of
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a recent shelling. the show on your born you'll. i was knocked backwards. i immediately understood, there was smoke and windows breaking everywhere, but from yells upon your lot. bustled them through. all of this russia has announced for though military drools are starting saturday, they will be testing their ballistic and cruise massage. with president putin overseeing the operation. russia again said these are just regular drills and not a threat to ukraine. have you correspondence, mathias billing or is in east in ukraine, in the town? if it's there, i don't ask. that's near the front line. in the conflict between government forces and russia backed separatists are meeting us. we just aired a reporter where shelling has intensified in recent days in that region. she can talk us through at the situation there all along the line all
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along the contact lines shelling has intensified within the last 48 hours of shelling at night. and also in day time. um, we have a lot of reports on shelling from the separate separatist side onto ukrainian villages on this side. that's what turns more or less confirmed. we do not know what's the situation on the other side. the ukrainian army is saying it is restraining itself. it is refraining from answering the fire. the separatist saw these rebels in this in these are areas are saying that there is shelling, but they fail to provide any proof. they have also now announced that they will evacuate the civilian population from the whole territory. also here, we don't know what's really behind is this isn't information war 1st and foremost. so all these announcements are meant to create a certain situation favorable to the,
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to the goals that the each side tries to achieve. what are these goals is the most difficult question? what are they trying to do? and just so we do not really know what, what to think about all this. what we see is an intensification of fighting. the always see confirms that there was a lot more selling them for them than a long time ago. actually, a few, a few months even years ago. the u. s. marcia war is that russia could use these clashes that you're describing right now as a potential to plant a flag, a pretext to launch a new patience is this also something that the ukrainian government thinks as possible. yes, the u. u. s. has one for, for all of this for a long time, and the ukranian leadership, the ukranian yesterday, the gender. oh, who is in charge of this eastern front of the, or the of this part of ukraine where the fighting is happening. said that this is exactly what they are thinking is happening. the shelling from the other side is,
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is to provoke the ukrainians into a response which would then be used as the pretext for an incursion. this is what the general said. this is what the ukranian official ukrainian read out of the situation did have you corresponded mathias for reporting from eastern ukraine, but yes, thank you for your coverage. well, for the 1st time in decades, russia has snubbed a major international summit in southern germany. the u. k. u ukraine crisis is dominating the munich security conference, germany and the us have called for solidarity and the face of russian demands. moscow has sent no official delegation. it was last absent in 1991. this scheme, which of course is a lot a show of unity right from the start german foreign minister, and alina babble and her u. s. counterpart, antonio lincoln took to the states together, setting the tone for the 3 day conference to hide her does listen, is what i decided brought with
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a new war impending right in the middle of europe was then speaking with i'm russia issues and absolutely unacceptable. threat with their troops build up. i don't quite, you know, the ukraine about, but also via the all of us and our piece architecture in europe. these, the keys is as therefore this crisis is no ukraine crisis. we have to be very careful about our framing. it's a russia crisis or slang cheese. i think present hooton's been a little bit surprised at that solidarity at the way that nato has come together. the european union has come together. ah, we come together individually as partners we come together institutionally. as long as we maintain that solidarity, we will either way, whichever path president putin, truces will be ready to respond was of another country by to top. diplomats remarkably in tune rep for key is, may i vitale? clips go however,
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words of solidarity are not enough. and we understand that germany, united states, all france, support, but we need right now defensive where thank you for 5000 pounds, but not the mouth we can defend oh country. we're just with that. but again, germany says it won't send any weapons to ukraine, citing the historical burden of world war 2. like the u. s. it's hoping that can still be a diplomatic solution to this crisis. what exactly that would look like is the foremost question and munich, not just on stage, but also in the many conversations taking place all over the venue. but with russia absent, the west is more or less talking to itself. the african union has welcomed a european pledge to invest 150000000000 euros and infrastructure projects. you and
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african leaders have wrapped up a 2 day summit in brussels, their 1st gathering in nearly 5 years. security, sustainability and trade were all on the agenda. but the most controversial issue was access to coven 19 vaccines treatments. i 40 african leaders plus their 2070 you counterparts. this was one of the largest political gatherings of the year here in brussels. we're following travel bands and amid a vaccine divide. this summit was about rebuilding trust and working on establishing an equal partnership between africa and europe. they become a poet and a god of us on doing whether we're talking about climate protection, global health, the future of multilateral rule based order, peace and security, or migration. europe and africa can only find solutions to the big questions over time to get their help. when i get in
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one particular aspect though, the 2 sides were quite out of tune with each other, vaccinations, or rather the lack here of in the e u, which has the capacity to produce vaccines. 70 percent of the population has been inoculated against coven 19 in the african union, mostly dependent on deliveries and donations from abroad. just about 12 percent have received their shots, and we are talking about the lives of millions, hundreds of millions of people. and rather than the profitability of the few companies, it is not acceptable, but africa is consistently at the back of the queue in relation to access to medicines. a 1st step was made to day towards better axis. 6 african countries were selected to receive the technology to produce m r n, a vaccines. today, of all the vaccines applied in africa, one percent is produced in africa,
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of all the vaccines. and rightly so, the goal is in 2040 to have reached a level of 60 percent of vaccines produced in africa that are administered in africa. you has committed to delivering 450000000 vaccines to africa by the summer . many african leaders deem it necessary, though, to wave intellectual property rights, if they're to become independent from their northern neighbors. so far, that doesn't seem likely to happen. here's a look at some of the other stories in the headlines right now. a courts in india has sentence 38 people to death for a series of bomb blasts in 2008 more than 50 victims were killed in the explosions that rocked the city of alma dabbled in the western state of. gotcha, that canadian police have begun arresting protesters who have been blocking traffic in the capital ottawa for 3 weeks. demonstrators angry about covey. 19 restrictions
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have paralyzed parts of the city. the crisis has prompted prime minister justin trudeau to assume emergency powers. hundreds of people were rescued from a ferry that caught fire while traveling between greece and italy around 290 passengers and crew were on board reports say 2 people are still trapped in the ship's car deck. the rescue operation is ongoing and at least 5 people have been killed as fear storms battered, northern europe, fallen trees have cost fatalities in the netherlands. and ireland millions of people in the u. k. are being told to stay at home. record breaking winds have disrupted transport and knocked out power supplies across great britain, braving the stormy sea. despite warnings to stay indoors. some people in brighton on england, south coast,
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remain drawn to the forces of nature. storm unit is the 2nd major storm this week and its sweeping across northern europe with record breaking gusts of nearly 200 kilometers an hour causing power outages for tens of thousands of people. or thirties in the u. k issued a rare red warning for parts of southern england, including london, where sections of the o 2 arena roof were ripped off by the storm. so the message along with a loss to this office has the red weather, will stay indoors still here. this is the worst we faced in 3 decades sprinkler inadvertently put ourselves in the hallway. robeto's numerous flights were cancelled. and of the ones that did try to land in london heathrow, many ended up being diverted. train services were interrupted as well,
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leaving many passengers stranded is quiet annoyance. bob been able to see you when it was our firewall because i spent a little more time in my system before i had to back up. i'll try to make my way for have to contact. see, that's what i'll do. germany, france, and the netherlands also issued severe weather warnings, storm units as likely to cause even more havoc than its predecessor did just days earlier. at the winter olympics in beijing, china as free style skier, eileen grew as one her 2nd gold medal. the san francisco born scare was part of the u. s. d when she was younger, but switch to china and 29 team in the half pipe final goose sort higher than any other skier. she completed back to back ariel tricks her 2nd run was the best of the day securing the gold medal. and norway has claimed its 15th gold medal in beijing to set
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a new winter olympics record. your highness, sitting as bo one, the men's 15 kilometer mass, started by a flock to claim his 4th gold medal at the games bow dominated from the starts and held his composure to send his country into the history books, norway, canada, and germany previously share the record of 14 gold medals at a single gaze. you're wanting you to be news live from berlin up next to is due to be documentary iran from about interest in the global economy. our portfolio d w. business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. can analyze the fight for market dominance consist of a head with


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