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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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ah, starts february 25th on d w. ah, ah, this is d w. news lie from berlin, u. s. president joe biden is convinced that russia will invade ukraine. we have reasonably, the russian forces are planned into an intend to attack ukraine in the coming week . coming days that warning after another day of high level talks with western allies, but does biden still believe diplomacy has a chance. moscow, meanwhile, denies planning an invasion as it prepares to test
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a ballistic missiles. at the same time shelling and explosions are reported in ukraine, separatist control to beast plus deadly storms. batter, northern europe, and britain is bearing the brunt record winds rip the roof off a stadium in london. ah, i'm pablo vulgarly, as welcome to the program. us president joe biden says he's convinced that russian president vladimir putin has decided to further invade ukraine. he said washington had substantial intelligence to back the claim. biden gave the warning after a coal with leaders of major u. s. allies. we have reasonably, the russian forces are planned into an intend to attack ukraine in the coming week . the coming days, we believe that they will target ukraine's capital o'keefe,
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a city of 2800000 innocent people, make no mistake. if russia pursues his plans, it will be responsible for catastrophic and needless or of choice. united states and our allies are prepared to defend every inch of nato territory from any threat to our collective security as well. we also will not send troops in to fight in ukraine, but we will continue support ukrainian people. while the kremlin says russian president vladimir putin will personally oversee military drills near the ukrainian border on saturday. drills that will also involve nuclear capable missiles. now, meanwhile, must go back to separatists in eastern ukraine, have begun evacuating civilians to russia, claiming the ukrainian army is planning an attack. ah, warning to the people of de nets that it's time to go off. the heads of the sept is regions announced evacuation plans with the dental guy in the woods president of
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ukraine. vladimir zalinski no, soon ordered the military to go on the offensive implemented plan to invade that done yet. and do hon ask peoples republics territory, hulu? they wouldn't have new and as of today, february 18th, a mass centralized evacuation of the population to the russian federation has been organized. women, children, and the elderly are among the 1st to be evacuated, packed on to buses, bound for russia's neighboring roast of region, despite yet again denying any plan. military action. author belie reiterate that the military and political leadership of ukraine doesn't plan and are not conducting offensive operations in ukraine's east. the only option for the occupation of the people in territory that is acceptable to us is the political and diplomatic one. it will leticia according to care. it's the separatists of up their attacks. and it's homes like these on their side of the front line, lou. hence that have been caught in the firing line. local say,
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shelling has escalated lately. what's written of your new book recently? it has been quiet of books and then the last 2 days, every now and then they shoot. like every now and then they shoot la la la la la la, la tour, rule. sure. the denotes to has seen increased attacks, a car bomb was detonated in the heart of the city on friday evening. the reported owner, the head of the cept just regions military was not inside of the time. the explosion comes just days of us and its allies warned about potential false flag attacks by russia. so president putin, the solution to the current crisis lies with kevin. just to lose was you a key. all key of needs to do is sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of dumbass and agree on political military, economic and humanitarian measures and the conflict. and the sooner this happens the better. but unfortunately, right now, we are seeing the opposite, an aggravation of the situation and on both of them. but with kevin,
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its allies still warning of impending russian invasion, de escalation appears a distant prospect. well, the w correspondent, fanny for shar, joins us now from keith. i finally got to see you. now, you as president biden claims. russia's invasion plans include an assault on cave, and he signs there. the fee, ukrainian capital is getting ready for a russian attack. well, ukrainians orders citizens here would like to believe that kia will be prepared if there is an assault. but the official line here from the ukraine government fact just yesterday, the brain and the, the fastest of you, great study parliament that they do not expect a major assault and care for in fact, any major escalation yet. however, all eyes right now are on the territories in easton, ukraine. those are that are being controlled by separatists. and obviously we have all heard reports about intense a clashes. they are lab,
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search of violence. and that is exactly what makes people here concerned whether that conflict in the east that's been going on for years is 2014. how that is going to food escalate and whether that will actually to a big escalation. but for the moment here in key as everything is calm, but it is a 10th com, people simply do not know what is going to happen if any of touched on it there. and we're seeing this uptake in hostilities in eastern ukraine with reports of explosions and shelling. and could you tell us a little bit more about what's happening? what's happening there? that's exactly where the picture gets blurry. pablo because they are claims the counterclaims ukraine is saying that actually the separatist, i going to stage, may be a terror attack on their territory under occupied territories, to use is of the justification to invade ukraine. while on the other hand, the self proclaimed republics of done yet, and the hans, their leaders self proclaimed the this is a so are saying, no,
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we actually want to evacuate everyone here as soon as possible to what russia, because they are fearing an alleged invasion by ukraine, and the question really is in this wolf information of back and forth of the accusations on both sides. what the locals on the ground are going to believe. and as this escalation is progressing, unfortunately, it seems likely that people are going to probably panic and things are going to develop into different direction. you do not know yet. right, well, the u. s. government has actually mourned that russia could use those classes in eastern ukraine as a pretext to launch an invasion. is it something that the ukrainian government is concerned about? well, the intelligence services here say that they actually know or have information about the fact that the separatists are planting mines in critical infrastructure in social infrastructure bosses for example. and a warning residents of don. yes, not to use any public transportation at this point because this could be used as
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a terrorist attack against them to then again, have a justification for the separatist back by russia to invade russia. novia food at that munich security council meeting yesterday at the munich security conference meeting rather yesterday, that the international community is not just very, but this really, really concerned that russia is not playing out all of its influence over the separatist regions. trying to still make sure that there is a desk. elation in fact france and germany have issued a statement yesterday that there's no ground to believe these allegations that ukraine is going to invade the separate regions. and the really cool for a strain here and still hope that there is a space for the escalation and diplomacy. funny fish are in cave. thank you. well, i made those warnings that russia could invade within days. ukrainians, living here in germany, are worried for their families. back home depot hughes loveday, right reports,
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but he had lavish molina at vs calling her grandmother and ukraine cinema. she's lived in berlin for 4 years, but right now it's hard to be away from her family. she's worried they might not be safe in ukraine creek. the war is already there, i'm afraid may be that it could go further by thank eat paulinus, mother and grandmother are in keith fall from the russian border. but in the worst case, paulina says she tried to bring them to germany. she calls it her plan b. she's more worried for those who don't have that possibility. my who kiner and some people don't have friends or daughters who have a plan b, e. and when you think about all of those people, it's really difficult during the day with me when of course, compared to the pressure they're under. i'm only feeling a tiny amount. paulina organizes ukrainian fell nights at this cinema
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in berlin. often it's mostly ukrainians who come along. but paulina says that with ukraine in the headlines, the most recent event drew a more diverse audience. he. he who owns it. we want to give germans and other people who don't come from ukraine. a chance to come into contact with ukrainians. going back, it's our goal to build that bridge when, when they feel is, is a vocal van vitale. olenick often comes to the ukranian movie nights here. he's lived in germany for 30 years and also feels nervous about the situation in his home country. this is shawn and i know and when we get an uneasy feeling and to switch on the news every morning. i'm still homeless. don't be afraid. there's been an attack and there should switch in fargo, or even an invasion goes in, but she won't stop before naughty. vitaly was among those at
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a demonstration in berlin, urging germany to protect ukraine. about 330000 people in germany, either from ukraine or have ukrainian roots with fear still high that russia could invade ukraine. many like paulina a glad that the world is paying attention. this is amy would it's actually good that people are more interested in ukraine. now. man, lots of people forget that we have war there. now they're remembering paulina visits have family in ukraine every couple of months and she's already planted next trip. she hopes until then they'll stay safe. while the ukraine crisis is also dominating this year's munich security conference, d. w will bring you live coverage of the event in about 2 hours from now. and let's move on. let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. canadian, please say they've arrested more than 100 protesters who've been blocking traffic in the capitol ottawa for 3 weeks demonstrators angry about cope at 19 restrictions
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have paralyzed parts of the city. the crisis prompted prime minister just intruder to an act emergency powers. wildfires are still spreading in northern argentina after burning more than 6000 square column kilometers over the past week. emergency teams are fighting more than a dozen blazes that are destroying farmland and ravaging a major national park. the region has suffered months of dr to anti temperatures. mal, i, we has declared a polio outbreak after it detected the 1st wild case of the virus in africa. in more than 5 years, the strain is linked to one in pakistan where the virus is still endemic. polio targets the nervous system and can cause paralysis within hours. it can be prevented by vaccination. well, at least 9 people have been killed as a 2nd. major storm swept through northern europe on friday. strong winds have
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uprooted trees, damaged buildings and wrecked at reeked havoc with transportation across the continent and effected here in germany. a motorist was killed after his car was struck by a fallen tree. the storm has hit the u. k, particularly heart, causing at least 3 deaths and leaving over 100000 homes without power. authorities have issued the 1st ever read whether warning, calling on citizens to stay indoors, braving the stormy sea, despite warnings to stay indoors, some people in brighton on england, south coast, remained drawn to the forces of nature. storage unit is the 2nd major storm this week and its sweeping across northern europe with record breaking gusts of nearly 200 kilometers an hour causing power outages for tens of thousands of people. or thirties in the u. k issued a rare red warning for parts of southern england,
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including london was sections of the o 2 arena roof were ripped off by the storm. so the message along with a loss to this office has the read weather will stay indoors. so here, this is the worst only based in 3 decades is for the polio inadvertently put ourselves in the hallway. robeto's, numerous flights were cancelled, and of the ones that did try to land in london heathrow. many ended up being diverted. train services were interrupted as well, leaving many passengers stranded. it's quiet annoyance by i've been able to you. well, it works out quite well because i have to spend a little more time with my system before i had that back up. i'll try to make my way. i have to take a taxi just went out to germany, france and the netherlands also issued severe weather warnings, storm units is likely to cause even more havoc than its predecessor did just days
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earlier. i'm certainly stormy here. berlin overnight. well, that's all for now up next our tech show shift. it looks at high smart cities are driving the energy revolution and there's plenty more world news analysis and debate, as well as sports and business news for you on our website, d, w dot com. and you can also follow us on our social media accounts on pablo phone alias for me and the team here brand. thanks for watching. see the top exam with these places in europe are smashing the wreckers stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters, discover some of you ropes, record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form the munich security conference 2022.


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