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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, an appeal for de escalation at the munich security conference call on your show to do or to serve on withdrawing forces from the border. so ukraine. nate achieve in stockton burgess moscow to stop its preparations for war. but is it listening? russia skipped the conference for the 1st time in decades as it builds up it's forces near ukraine. us defense secretary lloyd austin,
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arrives in vilnius to reassure nato allies in the baltics that the western alliance stands behind them. we'll hear from our correspondent in the lithuanian capital and at the winter olympics, sweden strike golds as they be britain in an epic man's curling final. we get the reaction from beijing. ah welcome. i'm want to get jones good to have you with us. the ukraine crisis dominated the agenda at the morning session of the munich security conference, as russian troops continued to mass on ukraine's borders. western leaders stressed a message of unity in the face of a possible russian invasion. in every speech, one theme was clear that europe is currently facing the largest military build up since the end of the cold war. we have also speaking at the conference,
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you commission president or sir lafond ally and said that there is a real danger for war in europe. but that western lead us that e e g a to find a diplomatic solution. did use chief political editor, misha isla griffin. i have the chance to speak to fonder line in munich. let's listen and commission president found ellen. you were in that conference call with us president joe biden. he expects an imminent attack by rasa on ukraine. where does europe, where does the you draw the red line at this moment in time? so we are completely aligned with our friends and partners. united states, the u. k. and canada, on the very simple fact that in case there's any further military aggression by russia against ukraine, we will respond with severe consequences of massive costs for russia. and here, there is a complete alignment. we still hope that diplomacy has not spoken his last word. we hope for the best,
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but we are prepared for the worst the assessment at the moment is that russia's trying to create a pretext to actually respond to something that happens in ukraine. this is potentially hybrid will fair. so when would be the moment that the you have a decide has to decide to take action? well actually, if you look at the past week's month and for ukraine even years, that's been constant hybrid attacks. for example, cyber attacks that have intensified no aura, building a false narrative, trying to find a pretext for increased pressure by russia towards ukraine. and therefore, what we do is the moment we see the development of a false narrative for false flag, a pretext for an operation. we debunk that, we make it public, to make it almost impossible for russia to build on these false narratives. and the 2nd part is so important, we are offering on the podium to speak together. and so to let diplomacy work and to find a solution,
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i think this combination of the most and how much is the policy you policy? how much does your policy have to be driven by its high energy dependence on rasa? because 40 percent of gas imports come from that. indeed, 40 percent of the important gas is rush and gas. and this is a dependency that is not sustainable. mainly we saw the irrational behavior of gas from not to deliver increased gas when demand is rising and prices are rising. and therefore, we have been reaching out to the world to have more diversified suppliers and reliable supplies. and the response is good. we had re record high of ellen, g deliveries from other parts of the world. now in january, we know we can count on our friends and suppliers from elsewhere, but russia so that we now know that we, on the safe side for the rest of this winter,
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what russian gas is concerned in case that days accompanied disruption. very, very final question. what are the chances of a real hot conflict at this moment in time? what's your assessment days? a real danger, but we do everything possible to have diplomacy be dominant and find a solution or telephone align commission present. thank you very much. so lead us in munich, said there was still a diplomatic way out of the ukraine crisis for moscow while discussing the implications of a potential russian attack. nato secretary general against dalton, burke told the security conference that the western alliance was a defensive one. he said it was united, but not threatening russia or any one else, and that russia's demands would not result in a division in nato, a called on russia to de escalate tensions and engage in dialogue. there were concerns over false flag, pretext for a russian invasion, something
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u. s. vice president, kamala harris, raised to as we have said all along, there is a play book of russian aggression. and this play book is too familiar to us. all russia will plead ignorance and innocence. it will create false pretext for invasion, and it will a mass troops and fire power in plain sight. we now receive reports of what appears to be provocations. and we see russia spreading dis, information, life and propaganda. d, w correspondent, konstantin egg joins, has and the lithuanian capital vilnius, where the us defense secretary lloyd austin, arrived today. i'm at the russia ukraine crisis. constantine, we just now heard the u. s. vice president kamala harris,
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they're mentioning russia's playbook also saying it's a spreading of false information. what does the specter of a potential russian invasion and ukraine mean for the baltic states when the baltic states was saying all along, starting from 2004, see that if you great full stand the baltic states and poland next and in this respect, although it's natal territory got lots of fine, including propaganda war. this was essentially always in the back of russia. that's what people here in building official. thanks and last summer, when quite a big number of 1000 refugees from the middle east was allowed by the russian authorities closely like russia to try and reach the way in and lock the and gordon. this is an attempt to probe ne,
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to isn't like nato's board up in the east and lloyd austin a u. s. defense factory. now and again, this is actually meeting natalie. then it's been in official, the president, the prime minister, the defense minister, but also defense ministers of other to both estates law and estonia in an effort to kind of coordinate job response and gave russia intentions become mobility. and also, i think it is, it, is it of a reassurance to the bodies? yeah, and while this is going on, the criminal says that russian president vladimir putin was supposed to attend and apparently did military drills involving nuclear capable missiles. what is the significance? well, i think that's here, it is seen as a retching up tension without crossing you know, the red line making the russian presence felt and reminding the world at russia is
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the 2nd biggest superpower. and in terms of nuclear weapons, it is a threats and this threat, although i don't think that anyone including lloyd austin here in venice. ah, speaking about in our 3rd world war and they will. but it is seen as part of this playbook, which is a combination of information warfare, political threats, and deployments. lloyd austin here in vilnius, gave some detail additional details to what president barton yesterday revealed that his press conference. he said that u. s. intelligence shows that a russian troops a low grade in bulldog or taking up positions or rather forming themselves into combat formations. and this is an additional information from the u. s. intelligence, which a lot austin publicly share here and been it might still be a question. i'm confident i got that in vilnius. thank you so much. it is
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a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. canadian police say they've arrested more than a 100 protesters or have been blocking traffic in the capital ottawa for 3 weeks. demonstrators angry about covey, 19 restrictions of paralyzed parts of the city. a crisis prompted prime minister just intruder to an act emergency powers. dozens of migrants were turned away at the border between chile and bolivia. chile has tightened its controls and you migration law has come into force. among others, it allows the return of migrants without documents. jelly has experienced a growing influx of people from neighboring countries on the past year. wildfires are still spreading in northern argentina after burning more than 6000 square kilometers of the past week. emergency teams are fighting more than a dozen blazes that are destroying farmland and ravaging a major national park. the region has suffered months of drought, and ty,
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temperature's rescue, as in greece, i say to people who were stranded inside a burning ferry for more than 15 hours. so for hundreds have been rescued from the ship which caught fire while traveling between greece and italy. some 290 passengers and crew were initially aboard 11 people are still unaccounted for at the winter olympics in beijing, the russian olympic committee team beat sweden and a dramatic men's ice hockey semi final. the reigning olympic champions, team r o c, use their 1st real chance of the game to open the scoring sweden for to patch and manage to equalize in the final 3rd a match then went to a shoot outs, which the r o c one to set up a final within lamps and skiing, nickel, porches one, the free style, half pipe to give new zealand. it's a 2nd gold medal of the games. porteous mastered the blustery conditions on
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a day when many ski has struggled to perform their tricks. the new zealand escort 93 on his opening round, and that was enough to give him the golds a curling grade nicholas aiden finally got his hands on an olympic gold medal. as his swedish team beat a great britain in an epic final, aiden had a supposed game playing a shot after shot i sweden went 31 a head at briton for to back to tie the scores at 44. but they failed to dislodge the sweet stone with their last effort. wow. it meant it in who is a 5 time world champion could finally celebrate olympic gold. after he missed out at the last 2 games, i'm a more on that story. i'm to a nearby d w sir sports, jonathan crane, who is the joining from beijing. jonathan, you were that a peak final do give us
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a flavor of the atmosphere. it was a high quality final, a real tactical battle and to coin a phrase you could have a cut the tension with a broomstick, but thankfully, you know, the, the com is people inside the arena with those on the i, you know, cutting. it's actually a very intimate sports of what you can hear, everything you can hear the british teams and crude line. good line cocoa, you had, he had a 3 saying perfect alina. and in fact, the fries were little bit more perfect. in the end they had to hammer, which is the final throw going into the extra and, and that is a big advantage of course, but they didn't actually need it. they already had a stone in the center. and as you said, the brits couldn't just last dislodge that stone, so in the industries didn't need to have their final throw. so gold medal for them after disappointment in the pastoral intakes that got silva and young chang in 2018 and that bronze in such in 2014 for the brits. there was a bit of silver lining quite literally because this was their 1st metal of these olympics. it's been a very disappointing winter,
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then picks for them and they could go one better tomorrow. they're in the women's final. when they take on japan, i'm moving from the rink to the sliding thing to a german have dominated their once again, and they have a bulbs later on. cause to make history, don't they? yeah, this is francesca friedrich, he's really a king of his sport. he already piloted a germany to the gold medal in a 2 man bob earlier in the week and they are leading at the halfway point at the format bob competition. now, if redress is successful, he'll become the 1st man to have a double olympic go. he got 2 goals and p on chang for years ago. he's going for the same again and you wouldn't really best against it because as you just said, germany have been absolutely dominant in the sliding sports i usually dominate, but they've been even more dominant than usual on 7 of 8 gold medals so far across the skeleton and bob sled and we know all about the investment that goes into it in germany. they have amazing infrastructure,
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and that really is reaping it's rewards because that, you know, they are 2nd in the middle table thanks largely to the success in the sliding sports. jonathan crane the reporting from the olympics in beijing, thank you so much and you're watching t w's from glen up. next love stories from the future and more news coming at the top of the hour. you that interest the global economy, our portfolio d w business being here's a closer look at the project to analyze the flight for market dominance


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