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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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oh, it's february 25th on d, w. ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin. an appeal for democracy coupled with a warning dill hole. that diplomacy has not spoken its last word. we hope for the best, but we are prepared for the worst. at the munich security conference, you commission president funder lie entails d w, that russia will face severe consequences for any military aggression at the door to diplomacy is not closed for self declare to leader off a russian fact,
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separatist enclave in ukraine tells people there to evacuate to russia give denies his accusations that it is shelling the territory and the winter olympics, sweden strike gold as they beat britain in an epic mens curling final. we get the reaction from beijing. ah welcome. am monica jones? good to have you with us. the ukraine crisis dominated to the agenda of the morning session of the munich security conference, as russian troops continued to mass on ukraine's borders, western leaders stressed a message of unity in the face of a possible russian invasion. in every speech, one theme was clear that europe is currently facing the largest military build up since the end of the cold war. in an interview with
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d w's initial law. christina european commission, president, also left on the lines that nato and its allies are united in their resolve to find a diplomatic solution. but she also had a warning for russia commission president fund allen. you were in that conference call with us president joe biden. he expects an imminent attack by raw, so on that ukraine. where does europe, where does the you draw the red line at this moment in time? so we are completely aligned with our friends and partners. the united states, the u. k, and canada on the very simple fact that in case there's any further military aggression by russia against ukraine, we will respond with severe consequences of massive costs for russia. and here there is a complete alignment. we still hope that diplomacy has not spoken his last word. we hope for the best, but we are prepared for the worst. the assessment at the moment is that russia's
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trying to create a pretext to actually respond to something that happens in ukraine. this is potentially hybrid move fair. so when would be the moment that the, you have a decide has to decide to take action? well actually, if you look at the past week's month and for ukraine even years, there's been constant hybrid attacks. for example, cyber attacks that have intensified now are building a full to narrative, trying to find a pretext for increased pressure by russia towards ukraine. and therefore, what we do is the moment we see the development of a false narrative for false flag, a pretext for an operation. we debunk that, we make it public, to make it almost impossible for russia to build on these false narratives. and the 2nd part is so important, we are offering on the podium to speak together and to let diplomacy work and to find a solution. i think these,
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the nation is the most and how much is the policy you policy? how much does your policy have to be driven by its high energy dependence on russia? because 40 percent of gas imports come from there? indeed, 40 percent of the imported gas is rush and gas, and this is a dependency that is not sustainable. mainly we saw the irrational behavior of gas from not to deliver increased gas when demand is rising and prices are rising. and therefore, we have been reaching out to the world or to have more diversified suppliers and reliable supplies. and the response is good. we had read a record high of elegy deliveries from other parts of the world. now in general, we know we can count on our friends and suppliers or from elsewhere, but russia so that we now know that we, on the safe side for the rest of this winter, what russian gas is concerned in case that days accompanied disruption. very,
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very final question. what are the chances of a real hot conflict at this moment in time? what's your assessment days? a real danger? but we do everything possible to have diplomacy be dominant and find a solution or telephone align commission present. thank you very much. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has also now joined the munich security conference saying the only thing his country wants is peace tensions and isa ukraine of flaring up as moscow backed separatists running the region. i've begun evacuating civilians to russia. they've accused ukraine of artillery shelling and they are now calling for larger mobilization, but key if denies any attack saying it's villages near the separatist control areas have been under bombardment. on friday, the separatist leader in one of ukraine's breakaway regions, was telling people to evacuate the area and had for russia, claiming ukraine was planning an attack within a day, in what appears to be
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a further escalation. the self proclaimed head of the than that the people's republic made a call to arms the way of the miracle. but my whole on fellow country men who are in reserve to come to the military comm, his area. it's to day i signed a decree on general, mobilize ation, woman, good girl. i appeal to all the men of the republic who are able to hold weapons in their hands to stand up for their families. that children wives and mothers run together. we will achieve the desired and necessary victory for all of us. we will protect storm baths and all russian people. this and a large scale evacuation of the rebel controlled area, looked like the president for conflict and a new russian invasion of ukraine. women, children, and the elderly were among the 1st to be evacuated from the nets, packed into buses, headed for russia's neighbouring roast of region. but keith has denied the
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separatists claims of aggression stressing instead a diplomatic route to a resolution or type of duty. i reiterate that the military and political leadership of ukraine do not plan and are not conducting offensive operations in ukraine's east. the only option that is acceptable to us is the political and diplomatic one. and according to keep it, it's the separatists to have up the attacks shelling homes like this on the front line in lou hunt's local say the separatists attacks have increased your new rule. so we're him recently. it has been quiet. and then the last 2 days, every now and then they shoot voter rocher. there have been incidents in doormats could to a car bomb exploded in the heart of the city on friday evening. the reported owner, the head of the separatists military was not inside at the time. this just days
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after the us and its allies warned about potential false flag pretexts for an invasion by russia. russia's president vladimir putin, meanwhile, is overseeing military drills in neighboring bella, luce, while world leaders meet munich, security conference to discuss the crisis as diplomacy and war. hang in the balance . and d, w correspondent, fanny for shar join says, now from tier for funny. so we just heard in the report a pro russian separatist and isa ukraine ordered a general mobilization to counter what they claim increased ukrainian aggression. how significant is this? it is a drastic rise. intention, it is significant just how significant really depends on how you crane is going to react to that announcement. now, all of this, what's playing out today or in these ours is a prelude,
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of course. what was happening during the past 2 days. this massive op search of violence in the eastern part of ukraine across that line, dividing ukrainian forces and the separatists both boss blaming each other to be the origin of that shelling. what is a sign of concern for people here actually on the ground in key of that president zalinski is on the way to the security conference in munich. josh, right now, he wants to be back today, but people are really wonder, what's the situation going to be look like in a crane when he returns the w funny fashion, they're reporting from kiff. and he has a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world. at least 13 people have died after a deadly storm swept across northern europe on friday. emergency services are battling to clean up the wreckage of the strong winds, paralyzed transport across the continent. the united kingdom has been the hardest hit with hundreds of thousands of homes still without power. wildfires are still
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spreading in northern argentina after burning more than 6000 square kilometers over the past week. merging c teams are fighting more than a dozen places that are destroying farmland and to ravaging a major national park. the region are suffered, months of drought and high temperatures of the winter olympics in beijing, the russian olympic committee team beat sweden in a dramatic men's ice hockey semi final, the reigning olympic champions, team r o. c. use the 1st real chance of the game to open the scoring we the 4th back and managed to equalize and the final 3rd. the match then went to a shootout which the r o c one to set up a final within land. in skiing, nicole porches swan, the freestyle half pipe to give new zealand. it's a 2nd gold medal of the games. porteous mastered the blustery conditions on
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a day when many skia struggled to perform. detrick's, newsheel underscored $93.00 on his opening run and that was enough to give him the gold curly grade at nicholas it in finally got his hands on an olympic gold medal. as his swedish team beat britain in an epic final, aiden had a superb game playing shot after shot as sweden went, 31 ahead. britain fought back to tie the scores at 44. but they failed to dislodge the sweet stone with their last effort. it meant it in who is a 5 time world champion could finally celebrate olympic gold. after he missed out of the last 2 games are more on that story. i'm joined now by the w sir sports, jonathan crane, who is the joining from beijing. jonathan, you were that a peak final do give us a flavor of the atmosphere. it was a high quality final, a real tactical battle than to coin a phrase. you could have
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a cut the tension with a broomstick, but thankfully, you know, the, the com is people inside the arena with those on the i, you know, cutting. it's actually a very intimate sport. what you can hear, everything you can hear the british teams and crude line, good line cocoa, you could have had a 3 saying perfect to linear. and in fact the fries were little bit more perfect. in the end they had to hammer, which is the final throw going into the extra and, and that is a big advantage of course, but they didn't actually need it. they already had a stone in the center. and as you said, the brits can just last dislodge that stone, so in the industries didn't need to have their final throw. so gold medal for them after disappointment in the past, lympics had got silva and young chang in 2018 and that bronze in such in 2014 for the brits. there was a bit of silver lining quite literally because this was their 1st metal of these olympics. it's been a very disappointing winter, then takes for them and they could go one better tomorrow. they're in the women's final. when they take on japan, i'm moving from the rink to the sliding thing to german have dominated their once
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again, and they have a bulbs later on. cause to make history, don't they? yeah, this is francesca frasier, he's really a king of his sport. he already piloted a germany to the gold metal and the 2 man bob earlier in the week and they are leading at the halfway point at the for man bob competition. now, if reissue success, so he'll become the 1st man to have a double olympic. oh, he got to goats and p on chang 4 years ago. he's going for the same again and you wouldn't really best against it because as you just said, germany have been absolutely dominant in the sliding sport they usually dominate. but they've been even more dominant than usual ape on 7 of 8 gold medals so far across the skeleton. and bob sled and we know all about the investment that goes into it in germany. they have amazing infrastructure and that really is reaping rewards because that, you know, they are 2nd in the middle table thanks largely to the success in the sliding sports. jonathan crane the reporting from the olympics in beijing. thank you so
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much. and football now and the weekends. one does like an action got off to an exciting status. mine's hosted live across and the upcoming carnival festivities meant the home fans were ready for a party. and the players delivered a goal frenzy on a stormy night with covet restrictions, partially lifted in germany. 10000 fans were back in the stands and mines all dressed up for carnival season. however, leave up who isn't? we're not clowning around early on. patrick, 6 shot in the 34th minute gave them the lead. thanks to a big deflection. minds fans, prayers did get answered in the 2nd half. aaron, marching with a beautiful, direct, free kick curling at right through leave, a qu, isms, wall. the visitors reclaimed the lead. thanks to lucas elario. the argentinian scoring his 2nd of this season, but 10 minutes later it was all square again. john paul boyd seals scoring. just
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moments after being self done and minds were not done yet after chaos and sued and live occlusal sparks markers ingbert and kept his coolest scoring the game winning goal 3 to 2 to mines. a well deserved win for the home side. let the celebrations begin. watching dw news from dylan. shortly we'll be back with a live coverage from the munich secuity conference in 15 minutes event. ah, the munich security conference, 2022. and the question over what russia will do next in ukraine is overshadowing all the talk. see, those talks are about the pandemic security in the saw hel, region, the indo pacific and but also the wrong nuclear deal. but russia really is on everybody's mind. the media security.


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