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tv   The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africas Youth  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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ah, 25 minutes on d, w ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin, looking for peace. that's all his country is doing. ukraine's president is the lensky says, after arriving in munich, after talks with the u. s. secretary of state, he said to address world leaders as a security conference dominated by the threat of a russian attack on his company. ah,
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monica jones well come to the program. the ukranian president vladimir salon ski is about to address world leaders and other major voices of global security and foreign policy at the munich security conference. the annual gathering is taking place this year against the backdrop of growing unease about russia's intentions towards ukraine. with as many as 150000 russian troops surrounding his country, zalinski walks a fine line between pressing his case for support and solidarity without causing panic back home. dw steve international editor richard walker joins us from them. unique security conference, sir richard her as we're waiting for vladimir zalinski to take the stage. what do we expect? ukrainian president to say? yep. monica woke? well, 1st and foremost it was really touching go whether he was going to be coming here
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to munich today. just last night, joe biden, in an address from the white house kind of voiced a questions about whether it was really advisable to leave ukraine for the president, you know, given the current situation, given the warning says coming from the united states would bluntly from joe biden, saying that he believes that, that vladimir putin has made the decision already to go ahead and mount military action. so there were questions last night really about whether zalinski was, was even going to come here. whether he might think it would be a safer for, for him to remain in kiev. but of course now we do know he'll be here. he'll be speaking very shortly. and as you just mentioned at the beginning of the show then monica, we did catch a glimpse of to lensky meeting of vice president of us. com la harris just before his event begins. and him saying that he simply wants peace out of the situation. as you mentioned in the introduction that the ukranian president has been very
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cautious not to necessarily try to do anything that could create panic within ukraine. he's generally tried to lower the temperature, sometimes contrasting very starkly with the warnings that have come from the united states. but the situation really does appear to have a worse than dramatically at this stage. so will be interesting to see how he pitches that message or the other message that he said that he will have. all that we're hearing from the ukranian side is that they want really come concrete commitments on the supplies of further defensive weapons of from western countries . and also money. because ukraine is increasingly going to be getting into a very difficult financial situation. is economy as being hut in many ways by this intensifying crisis at the moment. you've just mentioned something, there are the need for weapons or we suddenly know the german chancellor, germany as a whole, and jim and chance solves reiterating his fans. ah,
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that has been no weapons to ukraine. any change on site? do you think yet? well, we don't anticipate a change from the germans are on that policy. and alina burbock, the foreign minister was also talking about this yesterday, the way she framed it was quite interesting. she a slightly nuanced explanation that she put out there yesterday, which was that germany does have a very long standing policy of restraint in terms of arms exports of not wanting to export arms into conflict regions. and that now is not the time in the mid thick of a crisis like this to do a, a $180.00 on that position. and it's sort of hinting and that, that part of the issue would be a maintaining political support for such a 1. 80 within germany, itself, and avoiding you know, whole big political argument breaking out in germany about that. a rather staying focused on the problem at hand, which is of course, the, the way that russia has been threatening ukraine. so that was the message from an
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alina burbock, also, because people have been going back further into history. we're talking about germany's special responsibility coming out of the 2nd world war. that being the background to that policy on arms deliveries. but one moment yesterday, which was very interesting during and alina bab box in appearance, was a comment from vitaly, clint go, who is the mayor of the ukrainian capital key, of course. and he made quite a pointed comment to an early in a bad book saying, well, thank you very much for the 5000 helmets. referring to one thing that the germans have approved to send to, to ukraine, which was simply 5000 a military helmets to provide protection headwear protection to soldiers. there. click go saying that is simply not enough. and i think that that view is certainly wide spread among many western allies. also the germans thinking,
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why went the germans go further than but so far the german government staying safe house on that position at richard were just getting some breaking news in, namely that germany calls on the earned to all germans in ukraine to leave the country. ah, that seems to be the next level of, of drama unfolding. there are the warnings of joe biden, actor, russia suddenly plotting to put in, decided to invade ukraine. that also seems to be the stance of germany now or how imminent is that threat to what are you hearing? well yeah, that's not necessarily something that the germans have said, mean they sent acknowledge the very high risk but, but it's true that that advice coming from germany is foreign ministry just in the last few minutes is a step up from the previous advice where we're at which was a travel warning saying that people should only be in ukraine, german sits, and should only be in ukraine if, if,
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if it's absolutely essential business. now they're saying point blank or german citizens should leave ukraine. so that is an intensifying of the of the german travel warning that is a sign of the increasing concerns here. my colleague, terry schultz was just speaking earlier to yen sultan back. he is the secretary general of nato, and she asked him, what nachos assessment of the situation is of it chimes in with the u. s. position . and he did talk about an increasing risk and an increasing likelihood that the russians will be making a move. so the nato secretary general speaking to d w, just a few minutes ago or so, a seeming to confirm, at least we're not going quite as far as joe biden, where he really point blank said he thinks the putin's made that decision. but certainly moving that direction. okay, richard, i just see that the chair of the munich security conference is, sheena has taken the stage. so as you that we are joining now and listening to i am
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extremely relieved and delighted that how do i say this? against some odds against some odds? the president of grain has actually decided not to cancel his trip to munich, but to come here and to talk to us and have a meeting. so the way this is going to work is that the president will make his, his speech, his address. and then he will then have a moderated discussion with christiane amanpour of cnn. so my only job is now to welcome the president of grain. here again, things in life.
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i think dad is old or not pull me for your brain and for our soldiers. thank you so much. thanks so much. you have to prepare our lead on the technically because i've always been in our native english in your brain on someplace. if it's possible, thanks so much. i will wait 15 seconds because i want to be understandable from the very beginning.
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again. thanks so much. oh, graham. fortunately, rain is longing for people. euro is long in the world is saying, it doesn't want any war while russia is claiming she doesn't want to intervene. but if someone is here, is lying. hello, this is not yet an axiom buzzed upon my far north. i have only a hypothesis to i visited the separation line in the dawn bus just a couple of days ago in legal terms. this is line separating ukraine and tam preoccupy territory. but in real time, this is the line separating peace. and that was the line with a kindergarten on the one hand and the shell, flying into it on the one hand to school. and on the other hand, the shell flying into the school playground with 30 kids nearby. on the other hand,
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we have the kids who are not heading towards ne, so they are heading towards their classrooms. some of them might be having them physics class. and with the elementary knowledge of physics, even these kids will know that alleging that it was ukraine to how great shell these objects is. just silly are the kids might as well be having the amount last. they don't need a calculator to figure out the difference between the total number of shelling of the last 2 days and the number of times ukraine is mentioned in the munich security report. yes, some kids might be having the history class. and so when they see the shell crate in the playground instead of their school playground, they might start asking questions. has a world currently leave for go to the mistakes of the 20th century where appeasement policy usually usually leads to how did we get from the question?
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was the point of dying for dan? we say to thousands of millions having to die way, give away the allows for don't, can, as well as dozens of other europeans it is. these are horrific history lessons. with this, i'm simply trying to make sure we have been reading the same textbook so that we are all on the same page about one main question. how do we get to this point in the 21st century where the war is being waged and people are dying in europe? how come the time wise? it's already longer than world war 2. how did we end up in the biggest security crisis since the end of the cold war? to me as the president of the country, which last bartlett's territory, thousands of all the countries surrounded by a 150000 army with heavy armament and machinery on our borders to me, this sounds so obvious, the security architecture of our world is brittle. it is obsolete and the rules
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that have been agreed upon by the world thousands of years ago are no longer working there and either catching up with you threads not being a factor in overcoming them, just like a cough syrup instead of a good callback vaccine. this security system is slow and failing us time and time again because of different things when i go to is in arrogant and irresponsibility of countries on the global leno as a result of some countries committing crimes. while others resort to indifference didn't difference that emily turned them into accomplices. and it is symbolic that i'm saying this here. 15 years ago and was raj in federation? who made the statement here need putting the challenge to the global security. how there is a world respond to my appeasement. well, do we have as a result of the annexation of the crimea and aggression against my country? at the very least the un, which was initially called has to say without reason,
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security cannot protect it easily when its own charter being violated. as one of the security council members and exit the territory of another founding member. while the un itself is ignoring the crime in class for establishing to di, occupy the crimea, and advocate for the rights of the crime in tatters. it was here 3 years ago when angel america said he can pick up the pieces of the world to puzzle only all of us together. she said, and i tried to rush in to her, our show whatever excitement in the room which stood after lord. unfortunately, in a collective ovation, fail to transform into collective actions. so now that the world is talking about the thread of a big war, it begs the question, is there anything left to pick out the security architecture of europe and beyond is almost destroyed. it's too late. now, to talk about fixing it is high time for
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a new one. the mankind did so on 2 occasions, having paid an extensively high prize, it is and the 2 world wars. and we do have a chance to break that trend video before it became a trend and build a new system before we pay millions of casualties with her own based on the experience of the 2 world wars without the 3rd one to come in here in you and i already and in the you and i already mentioned that there is no such thing as in it is not my law in the 21st century that annexation of the crimea. and the warrant down boss is a blow to the whole world that this is not about war. a new korean, this is about the war in europe. i mentioned this in 201920202021. my name will there. well, be able to hear me in 2020 to me. this is no longer hypothesis, but not yet an axiom. why not? because it requires proof. it requires something more than just to eat and
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statements and mass media action is needed and the world needs this action lot new crane and we're going to protect our country with or without support of our partners. so be it. 100 pieces of the contemporary armament of 5000 helmand. we equally appreciate this support, but everyone needs to understand that this is not some kind of donation ukraine should be reminding of bagging for. this is not just the broad gesture that ukraine should be bowing down for. this is your contribution into the european and international security for which ukraine has been serving as a shield for 8 years now. reliable shield holding back, one of the largest arm is in the world. that same army, which is now poised on the ukrainian law. human, the state is borders, and the missiles were flying into the mario pl knowles, of the european cities. and thanks. and after the fights and destroyed a port,
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internet, internet's not in prime, ford and it is always blazing in the industrial zone which is being shelled. there was very hot, not in more modern, and none of the countries of europe know what the military funerals are around the country in all regions. and none of the european your leaders knows what is in them to regularly meet with families of the dead soldiers. no matter what, we're going to protect our beautiful land, so you know, doing on our borders. i, that we have 150000 or 1000000 soldiers of any army in order to help ukraine. indeed, we don't need to hear how many of them are there and how many arm and, and they have, we need to hear how many either of us together to help ukraine. we don't need to be reminded of the day. and so we close a bowl intervention,
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we're going to protect our land on the 16th of june of february on the 1st of march and the 31st of december. we need other days, march more than these dates and everyone understands what kind of dates tomorrow is . the day of commemoration of the heavenly 180 years ago, ukrainians have made their choice, and many of them have sacrificed their lives for that. do you think that 8 years later my ukraine should keep calling you before. busy the acknowledgment of our european perspective since 2014 russia is convincing everyone that this was an erroneous past part for ukraine, that no one is waiting for us and you really isn't it, you are url that should be saying and proving them wrong, isn't it yours that we should be saying today that our citizens have a positive attitude towards ukraine joining the union. why are we avoiding this
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question? doesn't ukraine deserve to have direct? and frank answers. the same is true about nature. we're told the doors are open but he said well, but so far the strangers are not allowed to if not all and members are willing to see us. yeah. oh. busy that's board members don't want to see as they are, be honest about it. open doors are good, but we need open answers. but the years and years of close question is, is in the right foot. true part of our open unities. and the sooner the better, the soon as some ends in madrid, for example, garage and penetration is saying that ukraine is, he wants to join nature to bring the crimean back by force in school to hear them bring back the cry. may something that they mentioned their rhetoric, but they didn't read carefully. article 5 or can i, to charter,
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the collective or actions are for protection on tag. the crimean they will provide lens of don bass will come back to you. great. but only to piece will process. ukraine is consistent about normandy and minsk agreement. their foundation is the recognition of the territorial integrity and independence of our state. we want to have diplomatic resolution of the military conflict exclusively. i would like to emphasize based on their international law. so work in reality is happening now in min skin, the peaceful process. 2 years ago with the president of france and russian federation and, and german chancellor, we agreed about a fully fledged by and ukraine is committed to these agreements we observing then we're, we're here not responding to the vacations, we're submitting proposals to the normal, the foreign trilateral contract groups and
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w. c. instead shelling and bullets our soldiers be not dying on the peaceful population is dying. several infrastructure being destroyed. the last 2 days have become very a symbolically massive middle shelling from the armament prohibited by the means. ke agreement. it's important for us to allow for. busy the observers for those see to visit, they are being threatened. there beings, a scared done all the man is harry, in questions of business being blog to eat with years ago, i've signed into law the unconditional access of humanitarian organizations to the detainees. but on the temporary occupied returns, they are simply not allowed leave after to exchange of prisoners. this process has been stalled, although, and block told the ukraine has been sharing by the approval is the torches until
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the death in the notorious is alexia, the prison, isolation, reason indonesia now is the symbol of human rights, no violation in november, and there are 2 new and crossing points that we opened in luke and scope last have not been put into operation and we see this and there as an obstruction under false pretext. and ukraine is doing its best to push this discussion. was discussion for political questions as well and lead tcg, the mens pro says we absolutely made said the proposals in the drop of law, but everything is blocked and no one is talking about them. green boomerang ukraine is demands urgently to unblock the negotiation process. at the same time, this does not mean that looking for page is limited and restricted only by that. we are prepared to look for the keys in 2 and the war in all possible formats and all
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possible platforms are in paris means stumble age in barcelona. it doesn't matter where in the world will we will agree about the pace in ukrainian. 4 countries will be the 70 countries with a 100 countries. it doesn't matter the most important russia and ukraine to be there. what is important is the understanding they winnie not only are you who need bailey, the well need space. we need to restore. busy base and the integrity, the internationally acknowledged borders. and i hope no one is thinking about ukraine as a permanent barbara between the russian federation and the west. this will never happen. no one allows it to happen. otherwise, there will be a question who uses next. later, countries will have to protect each other. i would want, i want to believe that the north atlantic treaty and article 5 will be more effective than the budapest memorandum. we'd move. the great was for the
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refusal and in general the fact that we refused for from the biggest nuclear power we received the guy and security guarantee where we are no longer we don't know, we no longer have the weapon lie that we have the security. we have the last part of our territory, which is bigger in territory than union, switzerland, netherlands, about millions of citizens who have been long, all of that has been lost. but we have to still have something we have the right to demand, to move from their p man policy to ensuring the guidance ease of security in since 2014 and 3 times ukraine has tried to call for consultations for the guarantors of all the countries who guaranteed the buddha pencils agreement 3 times
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0 with no success. this will be the 4th time to day that we're going to do this as the president for the 1st time. but both ukraine and yet lee is going we'll do this the last time we're initiating on the budapest mom, a random a call for the a and ask the foreign minister to have his meeting and a friend at the result. at least we're not going to guarantee of defendants. after this summit, we will think that would up as you. memorandum is not working, it's and all the package decisions of 1994 have been put in question and compromised, squeak again, the nearest wakes. i propose to call the summit of the countries of the security council with the participation of europe, germany and turkey to resolve security challenges in europe, and come up with new effective guarantee security, ganges for ukraine. the guarantees that and i'll other than windy or yes before we
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become the members of the defense counsel being in this grey zone in security. vacuum so, so jim wanted to speak. what else can we do now? we can continue the fact of the support of ukraine and aids defense capabilities providing the european perspective. providing the support as are provided to the candidate countries and providing specific timelines for ukraine possible membership in their alliance. we need support for the transformation in our country to greater stability and restoration, fond the land lease program, a supplying new armament and equipment to an army, the army which is protecting the whole europe. and effective preventive sanctions package is what we need to restrain the aggression and the energy integration of the ukraine into european union in the times when not for him to has been used as
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a weapon. all these questions require answers instead, there is silence there and he, he, wild, there is silence. not who persist. there will be no silence in the east of ukraine weaver, indecent of european and in the whole world. i do hope. finally, the whole world will understand this in europe will understand the 2. ladies and gentlemen, i am very grateful to the countries who have supported you. cringe with their words with their declaration and pacific support. those who are on our side, on the side of true jan on the side of international law, and i'm not calling my friends out by names. i don't want some countries to be ashamed, but this is their business. this is their matter. these are the countries, the karma, and this is their consciousness that they have to look into. i, although i don't know how they will be able to explain these actions to the,
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to people who were killed and 3 wounded, ukrainian soldiers to day and 3 early girls from k u t n 6. and one years old, who don't have a father any longer at 6 o'clock in the morning, is european time when ukrainian or scout her officer who was killed from they'll terry would the me jennifer shell prohibited by men sky to know what he thought about in the last 2nd of his lives and he didn't really for sure understand what kind of agenda we need for the meeting to stop the warning days. but what he knew is the answer to the question that i asked at the very beginning, she very well knows who is lying here. you, me a rest in peace, swim swan to him and to the all those who have died for the in, during these years of all in the east of our country. thank you.
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the rain in president, not him is uminski there in a very emotional speak as a speech of a unique security conference lot of historical references. he made their committee appeasement. he started his speech by pointing out one is lying, clearly referring to only russian president vladimir putting referred to ukraine as a shield between europe in a kind of grace own asheel between europe and a massive russian army on the other side. that it's not just a ukrainian crisis, and he was several times calling for action, a dad dw, so she fer international editor, richard walker is standing by for us at munich security conference. richard, what was your main take away from that speech? yeah, well monica, i would certainly agree with some of your summary, just that emotional tone and i'm frustrated tone from low to me as
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a lensky at various parts of his speech and just ending there on an emotional note . talking about 2 people recently just kills it. in the region where the turbulence is going on and asking how he explains to how he would have explained to them what's been going on in terms of diplomacy in terms of the international support that ukraine is receiving or in his eyes not receiving sufficiently. and i think maybe what i would pull out of this speech by landscape is maybe he knows what his audience here that he's audience is not necessarily the russians, but then his audience is the countries which are ostensibly supporting ukraine and sort of throwing down the gauntlet to them, to some extent on some of the key questions here. for instance, nate ukraine's desire to join nato. now, the western allies, the nature alliance have been insisting in negotiations with vladimir putin. that
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the idea that nature has an open door.


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