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tv   Reporter - Varosha A Glimmer of Hope for Cyprus  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 7:15pm-7:30pm CET

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you're watching deed of the news from berlin up. next is a report from that divided island of cyprus. it's more news coming up the top of the ok, thanks for joining us by tuesday, june. with a they've had a 40 for decades. people of iraq. country is devastated and there's no wind turbine. how did it come to this? can i get this is revealed and unprecedented story. late.
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he behaved exactly like the dumbest and the poison spread. bear with me 3 new life. the great documentary series iraq destruction of the nation starts march 4th on d. w. ah greek cypriot, andreas lord owes his fighting for the restitution of his family's property and for reconciliation with turkish cypriots. he has been traveling regularly to ver roacha, a ghost town under control of turkish authorities. the former c side has recently been reopened to visitors, and lord o's wants to turn ver roacha into a project for the future. for all of cyprus,
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it's early on a saturday in the capital of cyprus, legacy. i like almost every weekend. recently, andreas lord, oh says albert turkish north cypress. after driving just a few kilometers, he reaches one of the check points between north and south where he will have to present his id and vehicle registration to the turkish officers. taking pictures at the checkpoint is prohibited. oh, in 1974, a coup d'etat lead to turkey's military intervention. in cyprus, the island was divided into the ethnic greek south. now the internationally recognized republic of cyprus and the turkish republic of northern cyprus recognized only by turkey. the 2 parts are separated by a buffer zone, monitored by the united nations. so far, every initiative towards reunification has failed. many greek cypriots refused to
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set foot and the turkish occupied north. florida was on the other hand, keeps returning to it. his family was expelled from their home thereafter the islands division. he believes in the importance of communication between greek and turkish cypriots. although on this morning, he's feeling outraged. the evening before he received an email informing him that one of the buildings legally belonging to his family was slated for demolition. just outside. it stands in his home town. for my gustavo, the news was deeply upsetting, but a message. so if for the future from august, i will be demolishing buildings. i belong to other people. i shall with them knowing to whom these buildings belong. and then i don't see much of a future. and i think that the public statements maids are towards the window inspect the lives and properties of the former was 5 people had already. and
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this is the building in question, a multi story residential house built in the 1970s florida has never been inside. the building is currently managed by a muslim foundation who get to read about are what appropriate fear in the use for word. so today i'm going in there is no sign of any turkish tenants. the building was reported to have become dilapidated. laur dose is an architect and has come to see if that's true. and we hope that on the other end there will be open notice in some too many of you may better will be slow.
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oh, lord o's couldn't get into the seller. and the door to the roof is locked as well. he had hoped to see more more the property is in a prime location, right. on the see, the architect worries, turkish speculators have set their sights on it. speculators who are betting reunification and with it, a restitution of the property to its owners will never happen. florida has filed suit with the european court of human rights for the building's return, but he's still waiting on the judgment thing that i wanted you to school and sure about the probate if he comes back in school behind so that i will no, no. and that this happens in a way which is going from the north has been under turkish occupation for almost 50
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years. all moves towards re unification. to date have failed turkish president regime. ty, yep, ardon and the north cypriot government regularly showcased their military strength . while at the same time, extending a hand for reconciliation, rural us, the owners of these buildings ought to be fireside during the week of the matter brought to a resolution. oh, the matter in question concerns primarily. the ver rocher resort on the outskirts of from augusta. ah, ever since the division of cyprus, it's been in an alt limits, military zone and abandoned ghost town frozen in time. i back in the 1960 s for russia was
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a high class. the 3rd resort that attracted the rich and famous from the world over only recently has music returned of a ro shown weekends. the turkish authorities have opened the deserted town to visitors, andreas lord, those took the opportunity to inspect his family's properties, one among them. this hotel, the golden marianna. it used to be one of the most elegant hotels here. this is where laura dos experienced the wars outbreak. an explosion by turkish troops in 1974. and that is what are the bomb hit the golden marianna? i remember how to escape a which happened with the year my that was driving and
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we went in the car to him to my youngest brother was when you get old and my mother is teddy fleece. he, i met a plain military out of plain timing to what it says. i will accept that card. i will let you go and i will try and shake the plane at william. come back and find you. the family managed to escape to the south of the island, where lord ost grew up. he has spent years working for reconciliation with turkish cypriots. and he would like to see a revival of ferocious golden age. but 1st, he says the turkish side, esther recognized the claims of the original greek property owners since the turkish president gave his assurance as hardly any thing, has been done to that end. in the streets of rochelle, lord ost meets other greek former residents. most of them would be willing to return to the town even with that under turkish cypriot administration. although we hear stories about our house here for more grandmother,
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we see how much he suffered told his years. and it's so, so we're good heritage so. so here we were born here. we grew up here, hudson ellen. so why not by both ethnic turks and greeks have been gathering and bringing at least some life back to this ghost town on weekends. this makes andreas lord o's happy. they can stroller ride rented bikes among the ruins. 2 street food is sold along the wide beach, many turkish cypriots say they'd have nothing against the greeks returning to her osha. i've got every one's right and should be respected, goes with him. can you miles for a very good obedient, as far as i'm concerned,
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liquid with the former owners can come back and do business here in a calibration, as long as he recognized the turkish norse autonomy. hey, look, you didn't there already come. have your book jojo? did you look at my house? is there his story, an anna mar ago was also evicted from ferocious. she too is calling for a peaceful solution to the cypress problem. there's so much that could have been done or she maintains that the greek side chairs, part of the blame that she and other former residents from the north are still barred from returning to their homes. they missed a major opportunity at the last re unification. negotiations in 2017. the turks never give back land. you know they're mottos. turks never give back, but there was an offer to give back from august, then to give back more for a month before in when mister, i can jin mister anesthesiologist met. but we don't believe it,
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people are not understanding that the major issue for cyprus is re unification. so we can function together just takes covet princeton's or would have been, i mean, we're a very little island that could have been an understanding between the 2 parties for covet. andreas lord o's is among those looking for ways to overcome the divide between greek and turkish. cypriots. a turkish businessman has invited him to luncheon from august as old town. he knows that lord o's own several buildings. if an agreement is reached for the rebuilding of rocher, there's lots of money to be made from construction contracts and tourism. that tends to encourage people to learn to get along my notion, unless you like the new, i'm convinced that for russia ship you hung up again, which a couple of them, this isn't just a question for greeks and turk saloon. oh, so it's also about the visitors from abroad who start coming back just this title
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should be open to everyone, hopefully be seen on more mature for lower dose. it's not just a matter of rebuilding old ver roacha. the architect spent years working on a vision for his home town that isn't overshadowed by its tragic history, but oriented to the future of music. although he would like to see an ecological town built by turkish and greek cypriots with united nations protection. who will be gaining glories and the way to proposing exoskeleton, the structures which can make green walls a provide salinas here the the exoskeleton can also provide a crazy here that can be used to or generally what we're from or of most very, to me here. not that andreas lord o's, once the past to be forgotten on his walk through the town. many memories from his childhood come up this way. the m main seen him over. okay. i see 2 trips, 2014 miles,
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but it's 40000 people at that time. up until now, greek cypriot property owners like andreas laura dos are being referred to a commission set up by the turkish authorities to examine claims for compensation. that's not enough for lord o's. he wants to go back the sooner the better is very important news. he's an island of less than a 1000000 people. we all know whose house is these ira and they know because the north is in control of the land registry documents as well. and so from that only of his and my thought of goodwin and if god willing, so what will be homes? one, andreas, more doses wishes that his home town will also be a home to turkish cypriots. and that brochure can contribute to the reconciliation of all of cyprus. ah, ah,
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what making the headline is and what's behind them? d. w, news, africa. the show back was the issues shaping the continents. clive are slowly getting back to normally well the streams to give you enough reports on the inside our correspondence with on the ground reporting from across the continent. the trends about the mob to you next on d, w these women are fighting a bitter battle. i me, to mr. haymans civil war day are raising their voices. goal is to liberate if they are cats to, to some of the ski mission. human mothers of the kidnapped in 45 minutes on d. w. what secrets lie behind these walls?
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discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage is 360. get the app now you ah. this as the daily news, africa coming up on the program after lead us of the african union and the european union meet in belgium. we ask, is it really a relationship of equals added to the meeting, e u and africa lead us looked to reboot ties through major investment pledges. we take a closer look at the winners and losers of this strange alliance. philip, europe is the most reliable partner for africa and by far the nice to impose and us .


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