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tv   Doc Film - The billion tree plan - New forests for greater climate protection  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2022 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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ah, a flock of drones is lifting off, carrying thousands of c there on a mission to plant trees and help save the climate. in july 2019 researchers at the swiss federal institute of technology e th zurich made global headlines, planting trees could help mitigate climate change. they said, but it would require a huge number of trees to be planted worldwide. reforestation covering an area about the size of the united states a massive undertaking. but the idea was an appealing one,
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a promise to save the climate with a simple act planting trees. but the initial euphoria soon began to ebb. critics included scientists who called the idea unrealistic in germany, the university of barnes i called luling was one of the 1st scientists to speak out, skipped them some. i'm in their studio, let me go. there are a number of questions. the authors of that study need to address is all of that land actually suited to planting trees. in that time, they see a lot of potential in the taiga, in the tundra, in regions that are too cold for trees, yawn. they want to plant trees in the savannah, which is nothing like a forest. a savannah has lots of grass land and just a few trees. osland mccoy tanisha winter ships and have to be realistic if the
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trees would need watering, tending to muddle with millions or even billions of new trees. who's going to do that work at the fun semester and was a human fit and that is all come you run him in western australia, a huge tree planting project is already underway. it's a landscape that isn't exactly welcoming for young saplings. the soil is dry. the terrain is uneven. salinity can be a problem for staff members of the environmental tech startup, lord of the trees. the work here is a challenge. planting trees by hand here would be extremely time consuming. that's why david tenant and ma mode. hussein are using drone technology. a drone can distribute seeds evenly from the air quickly. when it comes to planting trees,
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can it believes drones are the future? it's a great, big balancing act. you know, can we replace the trees faster than people have destroying them? this technology that we've developed is going to be fantastic and doing that. this is really the future for saving the planet. for each patch of land can, it creates a special mix of seeds. but distributing the seeds is just one step towards planting a forest. technology is, is going to bit play a big role. and just for instance, in drones, not only do we, you know, map the area we, we are, you know, so the said we monitor. but we can actually plant, sees where in the human it be us, and congo it oil, dangerous for that person to do a drone can. so almost $7000.00 seeds an
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hour, a job that would take a human 6 days. david kennedy burst planted trees here. 20 years ago, now he's testing various planting methods on different plots of land. like many countries, australia has been selling woodland to make way for agriculture. can it says that's a mistake. groundwater levels have plummeted. a problem for young trees. the mood, this is one of hundreds of varieties of eucalyptus, of drawing on the property. and i choose them specifically to be salt tolerance, which is important because as soon to such a big problem in this area, right. and also i like um, with large leaves because with a lot of the leaves of the most common sequestration takes place to address climate change. while it's a double whammy david tenet, only plants trees that are native to australia. they're suited to the local land
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and climate. non native species and mano cultures would further damage the soil. but even local species don't have it easy here. this is a bit of a sad specimens. this could seem mode. it was dod. um, it could have died for variety of reasons unsuitable for the soul tide, or could be been completed for neutral to tetra from the street. but when, by sewing seeds that term you'll be sewing with your drones, will be sewing varieties, which of particularly suited to the sol taught? did a good thing. the drones is that we can monitor. so a 2 month late a 3 month lead to a fly. the same flight path, right? or we can tell how they progressing. now that is one and we will be able to give you a report which says that particular trees healthy this one down the road is not this drone as taking off with seeds from a type of acacia tree native to the region. this technology could help plant
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millions of new trees. if all goes well, a new forest will soon take root. here. in ireland, new forests have already been planted, but climate protection isn't the only goal here. landowners, such as brandon lynch and county liter um wants to harvest their trees back in the day lynch, his father was able to earn a living from cattle farming. but those times are long gone. it's not possible to make full time live and i just us, it a faith production. and any more, it's just it's just income as soon dropped to watch over the past 3 or 4 years. that isn't just not possible without a job here in a to have a job as well as farm. lynch has placed his hopes in the fast growing sitko spruce
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. he's planted vibe, hector's, of them on his land. the moist rich, rich soil is well suited to the evergreen species where the sickest rose is, as they were said, the bride and bought a really off off day plantations. you have to look at the economics of it as well. and there's no point in planting something that you can't sell down the line, you know, and years to come when it's caught down, i hope to get anything from 8 or 9000 euros an acre for december, which is hex free. like brandon lynch, thousands of irish bombers have planted spruce trees for harvest. the irish government says these plantations are also a bone to the climate. it was all settled, but many environmental activists say that's not the case. and a lead from citizens initiative agrees that they say the monoculture plantations do more harm than good. not too long ago, adrian kelly's farm was surrounded by spruce trees. then the entire plantation was
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clear cut practically over night. it was a disaster for the soil ecology and the land now lies palo. but there were problems even before the plantation was clear, cut will shadow on my end cuz weird the northern say the show and said well, the feed though, good. 3040 meters, oak the feet. so this was, had become useless. if i want to take, spend the hold and i can't expand because as you can see, i can't go so i can't go east either. soon, new spruce trees will be planted here. for the local activists monoculture, plantations are nothing but greenwashing their moneymakers. yes. but the health of the soil, biodiversity, and even the beauty of the natural landscape, don't factor into the equation. he can see here that and it's really a dead zone, like nothing grows on the 1st floor. he can see down at our feet that there is like
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3 or 4 centimeters of pine needles gather and he can seem like, you know, living to like look, everything is just not going off dead and nothing, nothing lives here. it's not a place that we want to come, walk in or want to see next to us. it's no good for, for anybody by the people who are making money. the economic arguments don't always hold up monoculture. plantations are particularly susceptible to climate change on the plantation belonging to brendan lynch. his brother, a storm did major damage. no, said the wind come in. they are the helper high coroner, unless the mid pe he went grown, the fair so seemed to talk hope that live in corner of a day or the rest rest. the sand is fairly good. it's all old. stand on, you know,
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ireland shows that more needs to be done to make the timber industry, climate friendly now, sadly, from one of which wasn't finding us, the disadvantage of mono cultures is that they aren't particularly stable ecologically speaking. if i plant only one species, it's often vulnerable to pass the thrive on that species fietta effect. allin, they're a climate stresses like drowned sport, and that's in yarmouth in recent years. or what we've seen is that a forest with a mix of tree species is more resilient or seen different species provide more balance. if one suffering the other might be a bit more robust and best off. this is i, this for all spelling theater in germany, policy makers are already putting that knowledge into action. they're planting trees to help restore healthy, mixed deciduous and can never as forests, forests sequestered carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. through
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photosynthesis, the trees transform it into bio mass, mixed forests sequester more carbon than mano cultures do. ah, today, i could do. the thing is in a forest south, east of bon. he's carrying out measurements on various trees, a trees height, the diameter of its trunk, and its age are an indication of how much c o 2 a tree can remove. conf. forest trees absorb less. c o 2 than de sensuous, once a 40 meter spruce with a trunk that's about 60 centimeters in diameter, removes about 4 tons of c o 2 from the atmosphere. a pine tree of the same size removes only 5 tons and oak of similar size removes 6 tons of c o 2. and the front runner is the beach at 7 tons.
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ah. ready this is a beach tree service hidden and i've measured the diameter of this tree at about chest height, about 1.3 meters from what was ground level them body, the actual flesh of object. here we have about 2.31 meters for the diameter for that would be about here on summit on the i see vows on the 5th. yeah. and it's 0. so i can look here to see how much bio mass that corresponds to view about 4 tons also has all my own b. and here you can see the corresponding amount of c o 2, writing the magnet. so we can assume that this tree removed something like 8 tons of c o 2 re. so an extra eye on the ot on see it's white of nominate about one 3rd of germany is covered in woodland, but the carbon sequestered there only makes up for some 7 percent of the country's
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c o. 2 emissions large old trees are a boon to the climate. a giant, like this beach can remove around 15 tons of c o 2. but a forest with a mix of young and old trees is most effective. for any country, think on some of our fi fi, imagine a forest filled with huge trees like this. then of course it seems like it would remove a lot more c o 2 arm as as i went out. but of course that's impossible. this huge tree doesn't just have a big trunk with lots of carbon in it up to where it also has a huge leaf canopy here. when you look at the ground here, you see what happens near a huge tree like this, or not a whole lot can grow. he exon deadwood is another important component of a healthy forest. when a tree is felled or dies, the carbon stays sequestered in the wood for quite some time. so it's still climate
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friendly. that's no longer true if the wood is burned. he vargas, it says mrs. mars persevered from c. a question is, what will happen when this would leaves the forest sacrifice as long as it stays here, the carbon is sequestered. if it's not a gas, it won't see power overnight through the system to p. if we let it ross, the carbon will be released of course movement, but we've got plans for this would unless we can make furniture out of it or wooden beams that way the carbon stays sequestered. awesome. so the overall impact is positive, con, veering. conceive anglers transported chief back in australia. the focus is on scientific research and the hunt for the perfect future forest. at the australian plant bank, near sidney emerick, mo, do wants to figure out which seed mixture works best or drone. reforestation projects with botanist, gram errington,
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who matches seed mixtures with soils and ecosystems helps the work the weekend by going out and collecting nice things is helping to understand. not so much know we might be able to establish here it is as substitutes for partners. but to supplement what we hackers and to assist, let bye diversity to my science. so i think those are way as well to integrate, due to so the to could work together. the better suited the seed mixture is to local conditions. the more likely it is that trees will thrive. but what's the best way to bring a new forest to life? emerick mo, do and his team are planning to test that in the blue mountains near sidney. their strategy is to mimic what would happen in nature. when cleared land regenerates,
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trees don't grow right away. first come grasses and shrubs. look at grand over 1st year before trips. ok. so you wouldn't just plant a tree, you have to recreate to horses them by planting a native crisis. like we're gonna do to be a little shrubs fill you. i tried small coordinators such as these, but a fries, a juicing term to shrubs for by were and room have fruits. you got charged the burbs and when the foods arrived, they all did men cerio football season. it the forest experts want to use drones and special seed capsules to mimic the way birds dispersed seeds we selected today and go stony, sits off of indigo pharaoh australia's, which is a beautiful little shrub that flowers purple when we look and we select a couple of seats that we want to use for landscape is the topography of the rent
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for ah, the wind and the salinity of disorder. it's time for lift off. each drone will distribute about $120.00 seeds a minute, a prodigious amount. when the shrubs start to grow, conditions will be ripe for trees to follow. but the path from field to forest is a long one. we had to india and the state of shut his car near the city of ripe war a large scale reforestation project is underway. india is the 3rd largest emitter of carbon dioxide worldwide. the country hopes trees can help change that.
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but reforestation programs here don't always meet with approval. the indigenous of asi people are vocal critics. of the governments or radical reforestation measures. they say that the state is stealing their land, planting trees on fields that rightfully belong to indigenous communities. amolla buckner, they deny grandfather's and their forefathers lived on this land and farmed it. i've already shown my papers, the judge snobbish war and i farmed this land, but now they're digging holes for their plantation and knows this land is our livelihood. the rangers are just doing the bidding of the plantation owner. milton . milton. ah, there are nearly $800.00 similar land disputes taking place in india. but the state and tends to plant forests across a 3rd of its territory. none the less forest rangers say the government's policy will create jobs for the od obasi people and
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benefit the environment. one kiko, mika, dick viejo, grove, bolo, ottoman beach from egypt shall india has a lack of forest, and that's contributing to global warming to sun jokey. i got, i had plantations like this will make a difference security abducted dachelle. it will definitely be useful in restoring the balance of nature, grow modem, ottoman could buy the man. besides the hundreds ally, when i was a monoculture have been recognized as a problem in india, that's why the government has switched to mixed forests with fruit and timber trees . but the out of asi are determined to fight back the indigenous forestry laws here. give them the right to farm the land. it's a situation rife with conflict. now, look at the sesame plant. they up routed it. why do that? they took our oxen and farming equipment, so we planted these with our bare hands,
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the small tools they took, every thing. the ranger keeps denying it. he says he took nothing. indian authorities built of border fence for their plantation here without asking the permission of the local and of asi community. now the forest rangers, say the on obasi deliberately destroyed the fence. they get in get good. they have movie and they are also saying, this is their sacred gro, have it? yeah, this land was never used for any family plan because you live, there are no wealthier, i think we had no farms knowing what this land was reserved for forest. and we were given permission to set up a plantation here, brundis income, land theft, reforestation, policies that ride roughshod over local communities. accusations like these are heard frequently here. one thing is certain, the tensions between the out of asi people and forestry officials are getting worse
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. the united nations is well aware of this kind of problem. climate organizations fund projects that seek to resolve such conflicts. but so far, these projects have little to show in india or anywhere else. the out of asi remain wary. over the years they've suffered repression and discrimination and they fear the reaper istation programs are not what they claim to be is that i was happy miami, who's the got it. the problem is not that we cut down trees for our farm was the real problem is that the rangers clear cut old forests and give that land to industry. not that he'd go there, hollowing out the land from within there, mining the minerals, factories and industry are the main reason why the climate is getting hotter and why the seasons are changing so much. oh,
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i see that that thought brought up we audi vasa protect mother earth by farming the top soil rather than digging it up with all that while i'm on the what we said the core of the earth by only making use of the outer layer was i could i haven't let alone you're done with it? i am developing nations are being pressure to plant more trees. but do state sponsored reforestation programs ignore the needs of local people? i colluding worries? the answer is yes. i samar proceeded by showing you what often happens. what's happening right now is that industrialized countries emit endless amounts of c o 2 . and yet somehow we expect developing countries and poor countries to counteract those emissions through reforestation projects. and you know, when governments decide to go ahead with such projects, or when big investors come into play, the rights of local people are often ignored, silvan,
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and yet our planet desperately needs more trees. something that the younger generation has also come to appreciate. here in germany, young students are planting trees as part of a school project. a hi, this is leanne sandy fee schedule. my number is 800. 9 forest rangers, elizabeth hurting, and lars for yawn work with the nonprofit prima klemmer association. they organized today's project. them sued, i abs. yeah. i dont when school children take part in a project like this, it has a special impact and doesn't. the idea is really take root any snow over the next years. they'll be able to observe what's growing here, and they'll develop more respect in nature. but all that is hugely important, and they're having fun. they're really into it it's. it's a joy to watch off on her funds, not how long garcia doesn't very often, celine,
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i hope it will spur them to reflect on things that they don't go to climate demonstrations here and, and stop at mcdonald's on the way home on his arms are maybe they'll ride their bikes to school, though small steps can help make the world a better place signed and have an impact on their life lesson for beth on them i've . that's the most important. less melbourne, florida says misty service, my young reforestation projects and germany must include a mix of species. the children here are planting common oak trees and a birch called the common horn beam. they can only read a forest in a flood plain like this with the kinds of species with planting today and create one of the most diverse bio totes we have here in europe. hogans comes there really special. the children may not know that yet it's, but over time they'll learn more about it often and eventually they'll realize they created something really special, comes from that experience, will stay with them with the filing law. protecting the climate doesn't always mean
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planting millions of trees on massive plantations and reforestation. can't be a big leaf for massive carbon emissions. some fema rhonda read some not a cure all in the fight against climate change. members, few trees can remove huge amounts of c o 2 to yeah, but we amid far more than they can ever cope window. so trays, console of our problem is on to mitigate climate change. we'll have to tackle our energy usage and our consumer habits in all sorts of ways understand. simply planting trees is not enough to combat climate change. but done well. reforestation programs are a step in the right direction. mm hm. ah ah.
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ah. with ah. ego africa. it's extraordinary and not for the faint of heart a bike ride from cairo. the city is dominated by cards, but activists are pleading their best case with clearer street and better air. for go
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on dw, welcome to the land i can spare. so from bothering fortune that between our treasures clubs and luxury vehicles. lucas stay go get the coolant airy delights, bad, and good, and bad, and cultivated, capricious. checked in 60 minutes, d, w, with dogs are more intelligent than most people with psychology. professor john pillay has proved, did help you out with scientific studies, of course,
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with the good girl called out of the secret of a friendship with dogs and starts february 25th on d w. ah, ah, ah hello and welcome to these, especially edition of equal africa ongoing transport. and that means today show will focus on clean solutions for getting people and things from place to place using both more than high tech and tradition a means. i am sandra tween a video here in compiler. uganda. thank you for joining us and go we'll walk out
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