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tv   Arts.21 - The show must go on The 72nd Berlinale  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2022 8:30am-9:00am CET

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this, you know, i mean, nino min noticing goin yes. wedding ca. yep. what goes up on was that what am put concerning the pseudo but i'm wondering what im, what can i said, i know what is the term won't of plan because he is se from sas. in canada go and he said, but i got going on what they're doing, funding, imprecise job. you cannot see felice george lee bush. no. just to getting in. please don't defy tom. cast via ish o cinema makes us feel better. miss us. happy with awe
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at the height of the arm upon weight, the 72nd bell, and all the celebrated the magic of cinema with you were stars on the red carpet, but 256 films and live streams after just 7 days, the golden and silver bears were awarded in here too. there was a surprise in store in this berlin. allah, the women stole the show. the golden bear for best film went to spanish director carla simone. her drama, i'll cut us accounts the struggles of peach farmers in her home village. another woman, filmmaker, clad to need to come this year's silver bare as best director. her film starring julia panache tells the story of a love triangle. the silver bare for best screenplay went to layla stella for her
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political drama for b. a corners versus george w bush film that also took the award for best leading performance. comedian melton compton, in the role of a courageous mother. i will dedicate this award to her abbey a corners in all the mothers whose love is stronger than border. thank you. so much thank you. the film with melton captain, revolves around a nearly forgotten story of a terrible injustice. the case of move to coordinate a turkish citizen born and raised in germany, wrongly accused of being an islamist terrorist. he spent 5 years in the u. s. detention center in guantanamo bay, years of trauma for him and his family, back in brain and germany. this is the aspect that german film director
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andrea stories and decided to focus on his very realistic film, looks at murat corners as time in jail. through the eyes of his mother, lapierre corners she attended the premier in berlin back in 2001. she looked up a lawyer for her son in the phone, deblanco and landed upon band half dock. like it was a stroke of luck and the beginning of an incredible story. i was converted side national by to z m t m. you might the company funny, this is the for road to screw its english last year. he should i be there. they miss him. you haven, if i show you, but i will describe it misty. who is this? it gives you. the gum is though, because really it's her re hire is there what it is i love is, is it more the advisor come eagle eye? these existed set cylinders. and again, this is a very universal story because it's about how ordinary people can fight back men.
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even against overwhelming political power and mr. deputy if im typed us. the film shows that a turkish housewife from blaming human linen can take on and when against the u. s . president and con oversized job. you couldn't us the following. george bush? no. just looking in please identify doncaster via ish o robbie cornell's suddenly found herself in the limelight together with human rights lawyer bernard stocker. she fought her way to the u. s. supreme court. in the end they achieved due process for the wronged prisoners of guantanamo with. yeah, we're showing it like regular for them. i think it's robbie cornell's the sense of humor that makes the film she's never reduced to the status of victim. despite the adverse circumstances i did with
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endless while a dish. finally, a role that shows a strong turkish woman and a powerful woman and emotionally intelligent woman. again, we wanted to depict her as she is in real life. she has this lively positive way about her a way of seeing the glass half full. and she really makes people laugh human rookie, some lamb, you that gave him him. vice house. i repeated. pity. young i loud, brief and afford on. m. company been put, she can do you had ins on that humor aside. the film makes clear what a bird in the family experienced advice and the injustice that was done to them. tom put a ticket and is a decision this entire episode. politicians did nothing that was positive. my mission was nothing was done to good morocco, nose out of that torture center when i was in actual fact when i'm back he was actively prevented from returning to germany. a human rights via ation, ignored for far too long now brought to life in and he asked reasons fill
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the barrel. another has long stood for cinnamon with a message like this animated term that one of silver bare slam of his he fully danina dunning. ah, imagine a future in which animals conquer the human race, and avenged themselves for the wrongs inflicted upon them. you can and would they be more or less compassionate? more or less ruthless, the left for my persecutors? the title, everything will be okay was inspired by the death of a pro democracy protester in myanmar in 2021. so the jolly the go that the 3 to protest and she brought in her t shirt that everything we, we okay. i am, she goes to resist again to military, and she was kill hands still combine static models and sound
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design. with hard hitting archive footage, it's clear from the imagery that the film took shape during the early pandemic. for pon cobit 19 and humanities, destructive influence on nature are inseparable. why? the virus? oh, that where it's come from. a come from the baths and why the come from the but we could, maybe you could there 3 and they cannot leave anymore into flores. and then finally, they come next and make do you live as in george, all wells animal farm ponds revolution is led by pigs. he has a deep respect for their intelligence and complexity. but the tools of this uprising also include modern technology like mobile phones and nodded to the dangers of this information. like pons previous works,
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the film takes its cue from his biography. he has 1st hand experience of totalitarianism, way better. i can be reached pon, was born in canon, penn, in the 19 sixty's his life was turned upside down by the cruelty of the cml rouge. after most of his family perished at the hands of the regime, the teenage pon fled to thailand and later france richie pon is no stranger to the berlin ana in 2020, he won the festival prize for best documentary. he says his latest offering can be summed up in just a few words. it detailed enough about the, about the pond, make about total total. to 30 dad yanez m. m. no idea how we can resist software. everything will be okay explores the nature of evil and whether it's unique to humanity that reaching ponds. imagine dystopian also offers
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a glimpse of hope between for an alternative future. in which concord in conqueror han co exist, suggesting that perhaps everything could be okay if we wanted it to his address. ah, the honorary golden bear, went to isabel, burst an artist who was in a class of her own a ceremony with how the guest of honor, isabella bell, one of the gall downs of french cinema has tested positive for coven 19. so she can't accept her honorary golden baron parson. you might me thank alone in this room and not of surrounded by the 125 tim makers who have been with me since i started acting today's own hall, the world premiere of her latest film. which i said, john upa plays a successful publisher on the spending kind of
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a few lot. your courts regarding her she's entangled in a love affair with a younger writer. aloof, yet tender, classic isabel, you pale, cool, glamorous, intellectual, mysterious, her illustrious career spans 5 decades. and most every genre film at age 19, she was already playing alongside such great as even tanya and jimmy schneider the just door. then she became amused for new velvet legend, clo, chipotle, a gun at all. she often plays women with fractions fishes such as this neurotic piano teacher in the hell hancock film. the piano teacher caught in an
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agonizing relationship with a young student or exuding a certain remoteness but radiating passion to the performance, one her best actress and can in 2000. and one later she was nominated for an oscar and won a golden pillow for her rolon l. a thriller about to women who subverts the role of a rape victim. tickets with julie? 20 feet for oh, come on. his own, as you bear, has long been regular at international film festivals, including the berlin arlin, 7 of her films have run in competition in berlin over the years. each one capturing a fresh aspect of her unusual versatility. like a note of rec, comedy in the musical 8 women so far print one,
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which one the silver bare. oh, he but you walk into the pandemic means she's not on the red carpet this year. but even virtually a passion for film shines through the audio. now windows on their work. yeah, thank you. thank you. now, to african filmmakers at the berlin ali and their perspective on a continent emotion. this year's bailey and allah was also a stage for african storytellers whose documentaries explored their hopes for the future. like in south sudan, before mentioned out the unit to government is long overdue. it is crucial that new government works okay. then we'll also daren emerge from the coast wolf, a glimmer of hope in a homeland torn by conflict, to film, no simple way home follows. now vice president rebecca yon dang to my bure as she
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returns to south sudan after years of civil war. ready her late husband is considered one of the country's founding fathers. oh, unit. going down. yeah. yeah. now what your god jewel, why, why do you, when i did was or done. i, her daughter, the film's director grew up in exile. south sedan is the world's youngest country, and we've been at war for most of our short history. so it was questions around identity. what does it mean to close out it on home? i'm struggling to reconcile. being ambitious, being a woman, and being from south sudan. my mother embodies this paradox. there is an expectation in our country agenda expectation to take a back, a back seat and i wanted to flor ground her contribution because the vice
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president's daughter see herself her future, her dreams in south to down. and she still looking for an answer zimbabwe, an author and filmmaker to dunker rambo, sat on the jury of this year's belly knowledge. as a girl, she returned with her family for england to their home countries. and to a racist regime. it wasn't easy for people of color to go to the movies and ins in barbara, which was rhodesia. but then they opened and drive in. and black people were allowed to go to the drive in because we stayed in our cars and didn't mix with other people. now and internationally recognized filmmaker duncan ram goes pushing for better funding for african cinema. one of the sad things about african filmmaking is that although we have many wealthy and very wealthy africans on the continent, they do not put their money into filmmaking above us or fewer
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opportunities for young african filmmakers don't mean fewer dreams in we students 24 year old director refigure formula follows his friends in the central african republic wake up in the middle of the night to fight for seats and class. who say their marks are based on the whim of their professors. and yet the filmmaker and his friends dare to dream of a future when they can free their country from corruption. baba, academic alo, masika gay, gayety, k, above, buswell and dia, available by many dream of opportunities abroad. as a young man, nigerian filmmaker e can knob away crossed africa in hopes of reaching europe. his documentary, no, you turn retrace is that journey from nigeria to morocco. along the way,
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he meets young african, still willing to risk everything for a better life in europe. and others like him who turned back i wasn't liberal in one bit, but he said feel his name was there with his beholden base handle whom i'm be under his do. his to watch is all walk ins just because of the yama and was told. so he did what because of this period as i, i stopped at the liberals, i don't want to continue knob away, wanted to understand why so many people put themselves in danger, trying to start a new life. because of bad leadership. there's not a lot of phone, a nebling environment for people to dream in their home countries. i just don't subscribe to people risking their lives just trying to migrate to wherever. you know, i just want to let people know that you can the, to the dream and the where i started running and the moon started running with me
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right there and day i knew i had found a friend guiding me through the part o m series are increasingly popular in the film industry and on screen and the berlin allah is no exception. he says sign of the times series are taking a new space at film festivals. it's a space of innovation and experimentation that allows for exciting cults and fresh perspectives. this year's burden allah was dominated by self confident female characters from police officers to midwives, and suspected serial killers. the medium allows for a more nuanced portrayal of characters and topics beyond the mainstream. signaling
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a shift in storytelling. because she read stories are being told with more complexity from multiple perspectives. and that's a huge advantage of our time that today, nothing is unthinkable yet articles t, it's the router quality of saying we need to produce in a much more radical way. that has been a real change clothes. it's been an amazing quantum leap forward. story telling has become more diverse. take the german series. dunk, for example, voted best netflix series of 2020 worldwide. yet the left field mystery had little hope of success on the big screen. streaming platforms have disrupt the market and diminished the power of a few big tv stations and powerful studios a prime example that series 4 blocks the opportunities are bigger than ever. but so is the competition against marcus that is it, that the entire market has just exploded in the last 4 to 5 years. isn't all the
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pressure is enormous locally. if you're producing a t v show in germany today, did you run the international stage of that? and with the whole world, watching times are creative, but tough in this competitive $1000000000.00 market. more series than ever are being made in the berlin area. there was $6000.00 days of shooting last year. that means him could have also become a hot commodity. as bit of course, it's a great opportunity for young, talented and forgetting all women into the really weak budget directing projects. the required the coffee, although the market was increasingly global. i fresh settings are in high demand on the shift view as get a glimpse into everyday life in a danish maternity ward, a local take on the existential topic of birth, and then, and localised account, only for local show as well made and has some local flex of it's probably going to work anywhere in the world advisory assistance done since the semesters offered us
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. this was, it was country figures, german lehman. okay. when you bring a show to the international market, it does my misty it. you don't want to cover a cost identity and it's place of origin. and i've got a farm layer to conceptualize, produce, locally, think globally than the recipe for success also worked for the german cult series, babylon, berlin, sat in the german capital in the tumultuous, 19 twenties and thirties. the late middle of either in her living in a society that is constantly changing and that has to be reflected in the way we work. and the stories we tell with any series are all no good city. tackling taboos such as homosexuality in india disappeared on mostly deserted good money or violence against women like the story of a gang rape on the streets of delhi. oh, very good. right, left, the world is becoming more open and international i. i definitely think
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storytelling benefits from that, or if you're star studded shakespearean dramas, told and sophisticated ways have also found a big audience on the various streaming platforms, series and the diversity and immediacy of the stories. they tell them they are finding ever larger audiences at the burden allah and around the world. maryland. allah talents, a laboratory for the cinema of to morrow to young towns. describe what moves them. 200 talents from window cyrus to talk you meet on line. a creative filmmaking community. the anniversary edition of the berlin talents network had to be held as a hybrid event. but it was still an opportunity to network also for young women in the filmmaking industry, like pile city of india,
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who takes on the violence directed at women and girls in her country. natalia tailed or she ever comes from north macedonia. there's se european republic with a tiny film industry, even so it's so regular on the international festival circuit and to country that places great value on ensuring equal rights for women in the film industry. women got dear paternity to feature dirt, towel and their point of view and their work are behind the camera. so that's what i, i would say it's good. think about mustard on in film industry ah, mythical ah, in willow natalia till dos whoever plays an expectant mother forced to make a painful decision. and look at her in a norma. she will and is that hasn't he let alone in
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the computer? but that didn't render them what other surprises human radical kim was. i would tell you wouldn't be worth a good deal. you had him. all of us are usually a play characters that are pigs for those women who have no courage to voice about their decisions. they have to make their own and not someone else's. so that's what excites me about doing this job. because is a burden to put more in future, i would like to play roles like more empowered women women
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who fight for their rights are few and far between india's mainstream cinema, bengali filmmaker per yard city is changing that in leaches. pion city exposes the custom of temporary marriage, affinity, veiled, institutionalized form of child abuse in india. as a fin may garb, i'm interested in social justice. i am interested in women's empowerment. i am interested in the female expedients. venica ha ha mccarthy, which is always been alba seen abs older sister is worried about her being married off at such a young age on law that has has have cooper. my 1st looking ready for young girls are married off to very lloyd our cheeks were visiting the city and i'm setting up a wallet for would she am?
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what am i doing? well, good manners. mom a wood eats a marriage that lasts a day a week, a month, it's very short, and then she sent back home because the divorce papers are drawn up. ah, even at the same time as the marriage papers, ah pion city also works as a producer and helps raise awareness of south asian films worldwide. her main characters are mostly women who fight to gain their freedom. you know, it's not necessarily like a grand fight. it's not necessarily a dramatic fight, but in whatever sort of quiet way or whatever where that they are fighting against it. i am interested in looking at that and putting that on screen. i had city of india and natalia told us, yeah, well north macedonia to young talents for determined that their films will make
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a difference in their home countries. and to round the world a smaller format. but every bit as important. the 2020 to berlin. other good by and see you next time with
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one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. ah, more life 15 minutes, d w. we have something to celebrate. the 77 percent has reached
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$100.00 show. 100 times, we've tackled the issues that matter most to you. with boundless passion, i'm the lot of energy. the 100 episode of the 77 percent the 77 percent 90 minutes on d. w o . o one, continent 700000000 people with their own personal stories. europe. mm hm. everyday life with what europeans feared and what they hope for
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focus on europe in on d w. m. no matter what secrets lie behind these walls, discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage site. d. w world heritage is 360. get the out now. the munich security conference 2022. and the question over what russia will do next in ukraine is overshadowing all the talk. see those talks are about the pandemic security in this saw hell region the indo pacific, but also the iran nuclear deal. but russia really is on everybody's mind. media security conference, 2022 here on t w. news. ah
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ah, this is detail. the news live from berlin. an impassioned plea from the ukranian president or cham lorraine is longing, folk pay, use your own, is long and at the munich security conference you crane's president, valid amir cholenski calls for more international support and a meeting with vladimir putin as tensions escalated, eastern ukraine. our correspondent visits attire, that's already been the target of artillery.


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