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tv   Doc Film - Glacier Express - From St. Moritz to the Matterhorn  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2022 2:15am-3:00am CET

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hosen as host 3 years ago you, i says it is monitoring the new trans situation, but has no plans to change the venue. reacting to the decision, british prime minister barak johnson said it's inconceivable that major european for both tournaments could still take place in russia. in russia and watching daily news that your news update as plenty more on our website at www dot com were interested the global economy our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the flight for market dominance, do the still ahead with the w business beyond on youtube. welcome
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to saint moritz. the elegant and extravagant high alpine resort town in switzerland has long been a favorite among those who can afford it. it's a cradle of winter holiday fun. oh, it keeps traditions like the al, torn alive. oh oh oh oh
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o. some visitors stay just one night, a stop over so to speak, to be at the railway station in the morning. sunk. moritz promotes itself as top of the world, and it's up here that one of the world's most famous train journeys begins the glacier express was set on the rails in 1930. it followed and still follows the tradition of pre world war. one luxury trains quietly, mechanically with common glassy explained in lungs. i'm socially hook devin hello and a warm welcome to the glacier express. the slowest fast train in the world brochure, a definite avoided glare. $600.00 pre owned him on the train takes its time. it needs about 8 hours to travel,
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300 kilometers. but speed isn't the point. those who board the glacier express aren't in a hurry. they want to enjoy every moment of the journey. the route winds through the splendid alpine world of switzerland along the abilene line 2 corps. from down in the ryan valley, the train makes a slow climb up to descent us, under much and brig are further stations before the glacier express, reaches its destination so much. by the matter horn. especially in winter, passengers can catch a glimpse of life in the mountains through the windows, the direct journey has existed for more than 88 years. after half an hour, the train reaches some aiden, one of the main towns in the n nadine region. back in the days when temperatures still drastically dropped in winter, some aiden was considered one of coldest places in switzerland. over the
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years, the attraction of the glacier express has somewhat paled. in particular, fewer german passengers come because of the strength of the swiss franc. in winter, the train is the only means to travel through the of will a pass which is otherwise closed from november to june. the train goes beneath it in spin us, the route passes by the construction side for the new album or tunnel. the old tunnel opened in 19 o 3 at an altitude of around 1800 meters, which made it one of the highest tunnels. going through a mountain in europe. parallel to
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the old tunnel at a distance of about 30 meters. construction of the new alba tunnel has been ongoing since 2015 minor is work in a 3 shift system. the main method being used for advancing the tunnel is blasting. mm. a bit further up, the track lies what's known as the most beautiful spot in switzerland. swiss television viewers gave this moniker to the mountain lake. the lie that pipe worn ya into thousands, 7 ah,
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4 passengers. this is the 1st of many highlights along the glacier express route. set within this glorious alpine panorama, several spiral loops and tunnels or a helical tunnels, help the train lose about 400 meters of altitude. this is done with such grace that the umbrella section is considered a masterpiece of railway construction. even those who aren't trained experts are impressed. train routing that's in perfect harmony with the landscape sites. why does the elbow le route has been a eunice? go world cultural heritage side since 2008. and we're really proud of that.
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the entrance to the spiral tunnel is up above and the exit further down. this happened several times along the route. the i believe valley is always remote, but especially during winter when a pass is closed. idealized alpine life almost seems to be reality in the region like here in the swiss village of beg, june. there is no daily rush, just time and quiet. ah stunning scenery. and cow boonton, architecture. at times, the good can nearly look to it did like ah,
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ah, the gentle downward glide of the glacier express fits right in . first of all, what do i try to drive the glacier express, especially smoothly so that nothing slides off the table during lunch, give me a photo of it or that's a given for sand with you. as long as the train is on time, hopefully we're allowed to slow down as we pass scenic points with his tongue to give people a chance to take nice vote awesome so far, and also in the fold those numbers. so gaming, train driving with a personalized touch and there's a lot worth photographing. the breathtaking scenery, or particularly on the upper last section of the track. one of the many beautifully designed railway structures. one of the most famous is the curved, land fuss a via duct. it said to be the most frequently photographed railway bridge in switzerland. if not the world
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looking out of the panoramic windows, it's easy to see why unesco made this a world cultural heritage site. the organization describes it as an architectural and civil engineering achievement in harmony with the landscapes. 60 kilometers further, the world cultural heritage root ends in to sis. a special passenger sits at platform 2. she's a genuine cow boonton resident and has been waiting for the glacier express since 1995. ah . the artist, the whole but in them out created the lady at his studio nearby. ah
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. when it's in the mid frog when my children ask where's mom? i tell them she's at the station in to see some help. i used my wife as a model because i've traveled with her a great deal for you. good. i was going, as my mom re gifford, octo, and my husband asked me if i would sit for him as a muddle up. i picked out an old long dress that i was dro hat and a few old suitcases. and then we set off out and i sat myself down once, if you lost good sold will be not me by him cassettes. and there she still patiently sets, watching for the glacier express. after tuesdays the route is almost flat. but the winter mountain panorama continues
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even when its already spring in the valley. during this stretch, the posterior rhine keeps the glacier express company. castles, bear witness to the areas historical significance as a transit route. before long passengers have reached another highlight of the journey, the source of one of europe's lifelines, the rhine. ah! at high chanel 2 tributaries, the posterior rhine and the anterior rhine join to become the alpine rhine. ah right next to the river stanza, hi,
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hannah castle. the property has been in the hands of one family for 7 generations except for a few interruptions. ah, a good 10 minutes later the glacier express rolls into the oldest town in switzerland, cor. it's the capital of the canton of co gooden. people have been living in the fertile valley of the alpine rine for 3000 years. chua has a pleasantly quaint atmosphere, perhaps because of the many fountains, pubs, bars and cafes. for a city of less than 40000 residence, there is quite a lot on offer here. the fountains
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contribute to that me and that i think scott can we've got wonderful drinking water in this alpine town which can be drunk from a 135 fountains. vi court is rich and that we have a lot of fountains and the water contains lots of minerals, medallion, and 10. there is now plenty of water aboard the glacier expressed to the train is divided here and takes on its final sequence of cars. many glacier express passengers only board the train in corps
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at $1126.00. it sets off for and i'm at the trains galley is now working at full steam. the chef has little time and little space to prepare a great number of meals. sometimes we're serving $150.00 mails at the same time. so for about one or 2 hours, we're really working quite hard. this time the glacier express, travels in the opposite direction to cross the bridge over the posterior rhine near . hi chanelle for the driver and every one else on board. this marks the start of the unique journey through the whole we now a temp, which is what locals here called the rhine gorge between hi chanelle and elan
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for 13 kilometers the glacier express wines its way along the anterior rhine tourists dubbed it the swiss grand canyon. it's a sight even the driver never grows tired of opening in terms of construction and nature. this is one of my favorite sections. it's hard not to appreciate this part of the journey. also for the passengers, who at this point have completed a 3rd of their alpine trip in the glacier express. ah, but the train also crosses political and cultural borders. if it goes through 3 can tones and grub linden murray invalid. oh, and we've got the languages, rita romance and german boy, so it's a train that goes through several language re genuine fed. at this point, we're still in the canton of ga boonton in the sore silva area, which in rita romantic means above the woods.
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the tracks continue to run next to the anterior rhine. the trip is genuinely spectacular. the gorge is up to 400 meters deep. many places can only be reached on foot or via the railway. decent is most terr was stair comes from the latin word for monastery. monastery of the town has always been important for the glacier express. the rails of the re sheehan or i'll buller railway and here and the train gets a locomotive from the matter horn. got our bond from here, the ascent to the oba. i'd pass the 1st cock. we'll section begins with
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hello muzzle massey the train will now climb 900 meters of altitude. by mid day, the train is above the snow line. there's an interruption in operation towards the over at the past, even for the glacier express a few times a year, the section becomes impassable and the snow has to be removed with special equipment. we joined as snow removal team as they set to work at 5 am. to my guido mon is responsible for safety on this part of the route. as snellville and recent views, ne, yesterday we had quite
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a bit of snow between 50 and 70 centimeters up on the mountain rhonda. bigger than because of the avalanche risk that was a bit too dangerous to her home to live in guns and bus. that's why we couldn't give the all clear for the whole pass. they still get volumes daily. mo, we'll drive up to the dangerous section and see how things look. then i'll be robin will analyze the avalanche threatened, and then we'll see if we can open the pass to day. the bus by gave him a rail yard at the oba i pass is being cleared at 2033 meters above sea level. these tracks crossed the highest point on the route. they look up there, that's the 1st dangerous spot. the snow removal equipment from under much in the canton udi has also arrived red, i'm in a moment at around 8 am. that will make a reconnaissance flight with the helicopter, but then we'll do some safety blasting. and after that,
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we'll decide when we can reopen the section i gave him coding. ensuring safety up here isn't easy. a team of specialists looks for dangerous spots that could pose a threat to the railway. any that are located or blasted avalanches are intentionally triggered out for me. those. the section from net tional to shimoda can now be open to blue skies and plenty of snow. perfect weather for a trained journey through the alps. untouched nature.
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during winter time, only the train crosses the border here between the cantons of cowboy indian and early we are approaching under mat. from here you can see the game stock ski area at an altitude of nearly 3000 meters under met, lies further down. what's hidden from view is that the mountains here in the god pass, i like swiss cheese. countless bunkers and tunnels have been drilled into them. ah, just passed and i'm at the oldest in valley begins the prolific german poet and writer johan voice gun from greater said that among all the places he knew it was his favorite and most interesting
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the fork, a base tunnel starts emily up. the tunnel was opened in 1982 after that operations on the forecast mountain rail route, which turns off here were suspended with hinds. zeiler forgot drove the glacier express back when it still followed the forecasts mountain route i. he's also a model train enthusiast. the former engine man can get enough of trains. hubert reca. if norfolk look for you to pay for the mountain route that i used to drive as an engineer could only be used from the end of may until mid or late october 5th. and the rest of the year it was closed for the winter because of the
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huge amounts of snow into scary and volumes. i could also name asi this india, south of that's on the for occurs war that would be june or early july on phones. you go leaked immuno even then there was still a little snow sister are humble, that's one of the mountain phenomena here. but you can also have snow in summer margin. a gave him come this can pose a threat with on him. then i was driving a commuter train with the engine in front when i drove into an avalanche and derailed and flies back in willie i have a year after operations were suspended on the mountain route. the association for the 4 come mountain route, steam railway, also known by the initials d, f. b was set up in 1983. it's aim was to maintain and run the railway.
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most of those taking part, our volunteers, known as for niece. they work without pay, but with plenty of passion. ah ah ah, ah. i esteem railway line from lee i've to over on the journey has been possible since 2010. it took the railway fans about 3 decades to get the entire fork a mountain group ready a proof of the saying patience pays off.
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many of the volunteers are real railway professionals. the swiss engine is from vintage to up at over 100 years old. the steam locomotive is part of the mountain roots inventory, but it was sold to vietnam in 1947. in the early 90 ninety's the df be brought it back. the rails on the stefan bar bridge have become shorter again. for income from fairs covers only about half of the operating costs, so donations are always welcome the summer season up here is just 3 months long. still around
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$30000.00 railway fans enjoy this alpine steam experienced each year. the highlight is the forecast sun, a tunnel at 2163 meters when the glacier express 1st took to the rails in the 19th thirty's passengers could see the wrong glacier from the train. that's no longer possible. ah, this is the wrong glacier to day you should hear number on this were standing at the edge of the rhone glacier, the glacier that gave its name to the glacier express. express like thought in 2012, the tongue of the glacier was still down here by the lake's outflow. we'll get saw the see the letter since then. it's lost more than 170 meters and like,
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ah, during the summer of 2017 alone the glacier last 8 meters in thickness. by the end of the century, it's estimated that only 10 percent of the glaciers will be left in switzerland. get all done. okay, give me the slogans in the future. we're going to have less precipitation here in the swiss alps in the summer, on the fish that will have a range of impact. also you have the ground water level will sink down in the wrong valley. you'd open up and we'll have less water for farming, energy supply, and for tourism dolphin. then today's most around 90 years ago, the glacier express still rolled alongside the roan glacier. today, there's only grey stone to see a century and a half ago. the rhone glacier extended to here tourists could easily walk to it from the hotel by foot. 3 down in the
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oba vite, the mouth down to the train journey reaches the boundary of the canton of venice. this is also where the glacier express exits the 15.4 kilometer long, 4 cub base tunnel and comes back into daylight. here the rogue river is called the rotten ah the area is known as gums. next, the train travels over the grandiose via duct and further down towards brick. the town is an international railway hub. par excellence ah,
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but the town itself doesn't look like it. ah, yet bricks, central location brought affluence this is most evident at stuck up our palace. it said to be the largest, privately owned baroque building in switzerland. it's named after the man known as the foger of the alps, casper sh dock, eyebrow. he recognized briggs central transportation function and used it for trade the gun since he was looking for transit routes to crossed the alps and found them here. the great son, bernhard, and simpler, passes in, ah, during the 30 years war, the simpler past was a key artery between the great powers bladed immeasurable wealth bladed
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immeasurable wealth. in the mid 17th century, he even had a monopoly on salt, and he increased his fortune through speculation. struck about, lived by the sang sauce bas lou cra carpet. god's favorite shall skim the prophets to day, his family line no longer exists. the shock up a palace isn't far from the train station where the glacier express is already waiting. isn't far from the train station where the glacier express is already waiting. ah ah, ah. our trip on the slowest express train in the world now takes us along the rhone valley in switzerland trains have
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also always been important for tourism. ah, england middle france also did the english and the french some of home came on. the simpler orient express express. wanted to get to the best and of course, to surmount animal. and so so a steam train was built from fisk to zermatt, relatively early on in 18. 91 north terrible that drew mountaineers leaf. they went on holiday up there and climbed the peaks on the bed keepers, teegan, home, trains and tourism have long existed in a 2 way relationship as the route from brig to them. ut features really diverse landscapes, the facebook, the river is always flowing alongside the train and there are many bridges and tunnels. down here, the train moves along quite quickly. the notebook bridge is
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a popular subject among photographers. a short while later, the train driver has to reduce the speed. the steepest section of the glacier express route starts between us and, and shy. then the cogs engage during the ascent special wine glasses are used it's a steep incline with a rise of 125 meters per kilometer. above the rail line in this bet, amena lies the highest vineyard north of the main alpine rich
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ah grapes grow here at an altitude of up to 1150 meters that are on board and just put that in mind making as a very old tradition here and vis. returning almost every family in the village, has one or more parcels of land that are distributed over the entire rine regions around from down below. and to right up talking to the reverend biscuit, the holborn, the grape variety is called haida. in malaysian german, that means something like old and odd, but the wine is produced in a modern cooperative winery. the grapes are small and don't yield much. in marketing speak. the wine that's made from them is called the pearl of the alpine wines. the hi debra reek is special. it ages for up to 5 years in these original 225
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leader oak barrels from france the hydro wine, aboard the glacier express ages here in good ears. it contests at up to $100.00 on the extra scale. it frequently has an alcohol content of up to 14 percent, which is why hide a wine is also known as the bone breaker. drinking it is said to lead to feeling as if you can speak cleverly without end. are very happy and rich and have the strength of a giant and the glacier express keeps on climbing. here is just a place to grow good wine. it's also home to its own breed of cattle, the very sure footed elena
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track walkers also have to be good on their feet. hello, hi mr. i'm checking a section and the section is from sarah mata, to piss ne, the at luncheon has another source of income besides his job with a railway. he moonlights as a farmer and breeds cattle that are typical of venice. the animals are strong, nimble, and well suited for the mountainous terrain cow fights where the cattle compete or a tourist attraction. but the cows are also very trusting and gentle with people. these days it's almost impossible to live just from raising animals live, and we're continuing our journey on the glacier express.
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like a model railway, the train rules over bridges, along valleys and through tunnels. the train is still an important tourist attraction. pre pandemic, more than 200000 passengers used it in a year. but the numbers have been dropping slightly of advisor for how he pl travel behavior has changed on him before most would do the whole route from sun moritz to them out. it's all the other way around. now the trend is to do shorter sections like because people just don't have that much time fight. we call it the world slowest express train. so it's there to help people slow down. more and more people
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have no time to take time anymore. above styled in the glacier express rolls on 425 kilometers through the matter valley to summit. untamed and craggy. this sections been immortalized in the guinness book of records. you can't see it from the train, but the matter valley is the deepest valley in the alps. it's surrounded by 33 mountains that rise up to heights of 3900 meters above sea level. a short way up the slopes. there's plenty of tranquillity to be found in another picturesque swiss village. toby is at an elevation of 1500 meters. tourists are rare here. oh, ah.
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our train ride takes us further through the matter valley we're just about 10 kilometers from summit. mm hm. the landscape becomes spectacular again. and the matter of this book shows tourists, it's wild side near ronda, there were devastating rock slides in 1991, which also damaged the glacier express railway. it's estimated that masses are rubble with a volume, 13 times that of the great pyramid of gisele slid into the valley, burying among other things, the rail line, which was then rebuilt in another place. some say worsening global warming is posing a growing threat to the railway as well. a problem that isn't exclusive to the alps . one thing that shouldn't be missed on
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a trip is especially port grappa. wow. i oh, the glacier express continues to climb higher. once past tash, the railway has a monopoly on transport to some of the town has been close to private automobile traffic since 1931. meaning the railway helps protect the nature here. this was a wise decision because without the train, mass tourism would never have been possible here. after 300 kilometers the glacier express has reached its final destination. the train has climbed 1000 meters in elevation since it left click. summit is located at an elevation of nearly
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1610 meters. lou appear. the so called cathedral of rock. the matter horn is very close for. ah . these small vans are almost as typical ford, so much as the view of the matter hoary. there have reportedly been electric cars here since 1947. the electric bus business grew in the 1970s. before that horse drawn carriage is we're used to transport people. the usual auto traffic associated with mass tourism would simply be unimaginable here. the most photographed mountain in the world is ever present in summit. its majestic
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appearance has always had a magical pool on people. when the mountain was 1st climbed in 1865, a chaplain was part of the team of mountaineers, yet tragically together with 3 other climbers, he fell to his death. since then, partly a year has passed without a fatal mishap on the matter horn. yearly of 23000 people try to summit on its unique peak, its mass tourism at an elevation of 4478 meters to get even closer to the matter horn. those who know recommend taking a ride on the corner grot, with a corner garage railway. the station manager joins the 1st trip in the morning. for many taking the corner, grat is the natural continuation of the journey on the glacier express. window
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spots can be hard to come by. the corner grouch railway was opened in $1898.00, and after the young fowl railway it's the 2nd highest in europe. ready in just half an hour, the narrow gauge railway transports passengers into another world. if you're lucky, you may even get to see sham law from up close. ah. ready ready ah. ready even from the train, the view of the matter horn is divine and moving forward. ah, the matter horn is switzerland's biggest tourist attraction ah ah
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. ringback the garner garage railway climes 9 kilometers at a slope of up to 20 percent. after all, there are about 1500 meters of elevation to surmount. located almost above the clouds, the governor garage railway was the 1st fully electrified cog railway in switzerland. it made a significant contribution to the development of so much for any one who can visiting this world of alpine glaciers, at least once, is well worth the trip. ah, and a trip on the glacier express should either begin or end with this. a view of the matter horn, also called god's pyramid,
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ah ah, voices from the street forbidden. ah, mahogany music isn't it? should mix of bunk, electro and round. it's lyrics are about drugs and women, the song speak to the soul of the younger generation. oh. but now that on performing is linked to it. in 30 minutes, aunt d. w. o africa. it's extraordinary.
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and not for the faint of heart of bike rides. in cairo, the city is dominated by cards, but activists are pleading their best case for clearer street and better air eco, for ago. 90 minutes on d. w. ah . with in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes. some young children work in mind. jobs instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish working with millions of children over the world. can't go to school with we ask why
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and because education makes the world more, just make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this is daily news and these are our top stories. russian president vladimir putin has signed friendship tracy's with the law hans and the nets grange and in east and you crime a day off to recognizing them as independent states. the russian parliament has also voted to grant potent commission to use military force in new crime. u. s. president joe biden has announced a 1st tranche of sanctions on russia targeting financial institutions.


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