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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm CET

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin brush, how launches a full scale invasion of ukraine. the russian military is using air strikes and artillery to attack targets across the country, including major cities and the capital key f. reports are coming in of multiple casualty ukrainian. president volota merciless. he says the ukranian army is fighting back. he urges people in russia to come out and protest against the world . and were leaders respond with outrage. german cesar or lateral says vladimir
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putin will pay a better price for the invasion. french president, my call bows to respond without weakness to russia's act of war. ah, i'm soon so was gonna, it's good to have you with us. we are monitoring russia's full scale invasion of ukraine at this hour. the russian military are using air strikes and artillery to attack targets across the country, including big cities and the capital key of ukraine says it's army is fighting back civilians are trying to flee in some places. there are reports of casualties that are starting to come in. nato's chief is called the act of brutal act of war and has raised the alert level for alliance forces. the e. u has vowed to impose severe sanctions. you leaders will be meeting later.
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let's go right to key of our correspond funny for char, standing by forest. funny. bring us 1st of all, up to date on what you've been seeing and hearing there, what's happening in the ukrainian capital just before i've been hearing, once again, sirens blaring the food quite often today. in fact, for the very 1st time, shortly after the 1st explosion here, here around 4 am or shortly after letting me put in declared, quote, a military operation against ukraine. now that military operation actually turns into a full scale invasion of several rocketed various cities and invasion by land by f by see that is what is happening, right? and you crane and people here and keep the ones who are staying out, hoping that maybe what we had experienced this morning, the explosions, the sharing that maybe this is it. but if you ask me to be so many things happening
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over the course of the past days that nobody thought is likely and turned out to be real politic. for example, the recognition of the 2 self proclaimed states in the dumbass region, who has and don, yes, that have been a claim that have been a basically taken as a declared as, excuse me, as an independent region. and also letting me put you saying the basically ukraine doesn't have the right to exist as a state. so that clearly signals that, unfortunately more likely more is to come. even though this point things seem to be con. behind me we have seen a lot of ukrainian or security forces. we cannot independently verify actually water, those shelling. so what does explosions have hit by their reports that the military airport just 50 kilometers from here. when also attacked as well as a building, which is supposedly the military intelligence headquarters. yeah,
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that's some of the information that we've seen coming here as well. funding can you give us an idea? we mentioned that there are some reports of initial casualties. what can you tell us about that? i would be careful to talk about any numbers at this at this point, simply because we cannot verify them, but according to ukrainian, ukraine's official sources are they are saying that several soldiers have been killed or they have been people have been injured. i do not know at this point about civilians, but unfortunately a regardless of the numbers to say. so already the shelling there in the don't bus region was so have the over the course of the past days, that it's very likely, unfortunately, that we will have those numbers. and even those numbers increasing when it comes to casualty. so both among civilians and military grania military forces, people here actually kia, it's been really astonishing for me how they reacted differently. they react to the
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assault that are being carried out by russian forces at this point. some people have been praying here in front of across others. again, we're trying to leave a lot of people are actually stuck in traffic right now. because the way out from keith is really a difficult to take. people have been lying up at gasoline stations filling up that gas tube be prepared. oh, if there's traffic, they have to go another way, whole to get out of the country to various scenarios here by people on the ground in terms of how to react. well, again, i've also met people who say they want to stay here. they want to defend their country. and in fact, president lensky said everyone who just able to hold a gun should join and defend ukraine's sovereignty. yeah, funny. we have seen some of those remarkable images of that long convoy of cars and people who are trying to leave ukraine indeed and get out if they can particularly cars leaving t. as you mentioned, the recruiting president border. mister lansky,
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tell us more about what he has been saying and what the government is doing right now. we saw that pretty interesting speech from him last night where he spoke directly to the russian people to also appeal for peace. now he is a issued or implemented marshal law. and what is the government doing right now? it wants to present itself as being here and being present. in fact, president lensky is using social media twitter account to be as transparent as people maybe would like him to be because there was a lot of criticism that during the past days and over the course of last week, he wasn't actually directly talking to the ukrainian people but rather to either international media or international diplomats, but actually not people he, on the ground. some also have criticized him. he was not really strong enough to to, to say that that ukraine is, is, is ready to fight. but rather, i think the thought is really a my statements. he and that he's not a strong statement to, to help through these crisis. now i,
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president zelinski is making clear via social media for example, that the either of those people who are hearing those sirens a should a stay at home and stay put. but the ones really are capable to fight are of a fighting age. should join these cause the cause he calls in the meaning of a free country, free ukraine, and of course is regularly posting all the support of verbal solidarity, but also the military equipment and other a boast by international of forces by nato allies that are supposed to arrive here in ukraine, he's trying to basically keep the other the ukrainians job today, but also sure don't panic. i'm here. the government is functioning well at the same time warning people to stay at all. look for the close a shelter. and once again, they hear those sirens blaring again. all right, funny, thank you for bringing a phillip there from here or speak to you down the road. a little that
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we heard a nato secretary general against oldenburg speaking earlier. he's called a summit for friday, inviting leaders from the alliance as well as finland and sweden to discuss a response to the invasion. and here's what he said. that it important to remember that there is one that is to wrestle 11 state to that is responsible for what is happening now in your credit. that is russia, russia, easter country, which is responsible for the loss of voice under groups of actions against the ukraine. on the, we have reached out for rashaw to rochelle for many, many years sexually. and especially during the last months to engage in political donald to try to prevent this conflict. but at the same time you are a, so it was filmed on said the girls have been absolutely prepared for the worse. well then that's what's happening now. so i, we have to remember as well,
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my grocery, that sort of sean rochelle, is responsible for to see a welding in a criminal. let's go right to terry schultz. she's our correspondent there are at nato headquarters. she was at that press conference a little bit earlier for us. terry, when we spoke earlier, you said it was an unusually emotional statement from yan stillberg. something you don't usually see there at nato headquarters does more about what you, you made of what we've seen coming from nato today. that's right. when the secretary general spoke earlier, he called it a brutal war. he said, war has again been unleashed on this continent in a way that we never expected to see again after the 2nd world war. he made clear as he did in that sound bite, that we just listened to, that russia is to blame for this. but also that everyone here feels for the ukrainians, what he called the brave ukrainian men and women who are now fighting back against this attack. but at the same time, everyone here knows and in ukraine as well that the ukrainians are on their own. when it comes to the military battle, no boots on the ground is come,
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are coming from the west. what exactly is nato doing in response, particularly to strengthen its presence on its eastern flank. nato is reinforcing its own territory. that means the baltic states, poland, romania and, and that is because they are afraid of a spill over of the violence here. the violence that they very much hoped would not come to pass, but the instability very much could creep into nato territory. and, and that's, it's also true that they're preparing for refugees to come on. we had the you leaders, european union commission, president ursula of underlying and you council president shaw michelle here just after stoughton burges initial press conference. and they were also talking about preparations. the european union is making that the frontline states are ready to welcome people coming from ukraine. so this is certainly all hands on deck here in brussels. but terry, as you said, you know, ukraine is not a member of nato. i mean, what exactly can nato do here to make a difference?
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if this conflict does not spill over, you crate orders? i don't think anyone thinks they can make a difference any more inside ukraine. there was a lot of defensive weaponry sent to ukraine. there were trainers in ukraine for many years. teaching the ukranian military. how to better prepare themselves, how to be more efficient. i mean, i don't know that anyone expected this to come to pass, but you know, they've been training ukraine for years, knowing that ukraine did not have this article 5 guarantee that a nato ally would have, that other countries would come to fight alongside the ukrainians. but as it turned out, all the offers of dialogue, you know, we're useless. and that was something that i asked secretary general still to bring about. and you heard the answer to it earlier when he said, don't put any blame on any other country. it's only russia who's caused this problem, and now what's needed, what nato is left to do is make sure that its own member countries, the baltic states in poland there on the front line, are not affected by this conflict. so what will the next steps look like?
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for nato, terry, what has happened to day is that the alliance has activated some defensive capabilities that it has many of them in, in the hands of the supreme allied commander, todd walters. and now if, if the supreme allied commander, the secular, as we call him here at nato, sees that there is an immediate threat to nato territory. he has the power to move some, some rapid response forces without even coming back to ask the allies. so that makes it a lot a lot faster for him to respond to, to any immediate threat to nato territory. that was changed today in a meeting this morning. so that's something that will be different going forward. and the alliance is looking constantly at whether it needs to send more troops to, to allied states. the baltics and poland have both received thousands more troops in recent weeks. and there may be thousands more that go if, if nato believes, if nato military, military planners believe there is a threat to nato territory. or even if the allies themselves feel like they need
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more reassurance, more nato backup. that something that they're looking at every day and that's something the leaders will discuss again tomorrow. yeah, and terry one more question on that meeting tomorrow. we've heard that done non nato members, finland and sweden will be present. also at that meeting, tell us about the significance of that. we know that you were also reporting in sweden, about the perceived threat of russian aggressions. right? that's right, those finland and sweden have were extremely offended by president putin's threat to them that they should not even think about joining nato. these are 2 countries that actually don't want to join nato at the time and for decades. have been against it. but being told that they would not have the right to do so as something neither of them would stand for. so they'd come out very strongly against moscow making statements like that. it's very important for them to be at this meeting. and the you leaders will be there as well. so as i said before, a very united front here in brussels and somewhere you know, they, they want to make sure that standing on virtually as it will be. but standing
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allied alongside the americans, the fins, the swedes, and the european union, and nato. tomorrow, that's the image they want to present to the kremlin. you've gone this far, but we will make you pay for your actions. mister terry shows at brussels, the nato headquarters there in brussels. thank you. ok, let's remind you of what the latest state of play is. russia has launched a full scale invasion of ukraine with attacks and targets across the country. he says, dozens of people have been killed. many have been injured in a large scale air and ground assault by russian forces. russian president vladimir putin says he is launched the military operation operation to quote, secure the future of russia as a sovereign nation. western leaders have vowed to prose, crippling sanctions. all right, richard, i want to pick up on what terry was just talking about how we saw this united front there in brussels. the commission president was left on the line. you are being
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council president, michelle nato secretary general. yes. started. what did you make of the messaging that we heard from them we, there were some questions asked in the previous weeks and months how unified the western front, if you will, was against russia this moment it seems that they are in lock step. yeah, i mean, there was 2 questions around that particular questions, for instance, were referring to germany about whether germany was really going to be tough on russia. in this scenario, given germany is very significant dependency on russian energy, particularly russian natural gas, which is very important for heating german houses in winter for powering german industry. but we saw earlier this week even before this escalation. now, it, even before this invasion will have sold the german chancellor going ahead and saying what will the north stream to pipeline, which would be the focus of a lot of controversy linking russia to germany for natural gas delivery which has
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been completed, but not yet come into operation that he's suspending the certification process for that and so it needs completely fresh ice in the, in the eyes of what's going on at the moment. so that was one example of, of a european key european state actually being tougher than many expected in this scenario. and what we see today, obviously a lot of real kind of optics being presented here. this is an unusual situation for the 2 heads of the european union to go to nato to hold a press conference. really just minutes after against open book had held a press conferences of his, of his own. and yeah, absolutely, they will really want to get this message of unity cross, but we'll see tonight what sanctions do actually get confirmed because there's a lot of talk about each individual country having its own interest in certain areas with sanctions not being affected. so for instance, whether it's lee, what might want to some reporting that actually wants luxury goods exemption from sanctions? we know the russian customers are big fans of gucci and product. the belgians,
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apparently some reporting saying that they don't want diamonds to be fact. each country has its own interests about, well, could be maybe not sanction the thing that's important to our economy. so be very soon see, you know, how those question marks get ironed out tonight and just how serious the package of sanctions does most tonight? yeah, it'll be interesting to see that indeed, how does that line up with what ukraine actually needs right now? because we saw the ukranian foreign minister essentially putting on twitter a list of need that ukraine has, which is from military systems to financial assistance in humanitarian assistance. what can the west actually offer that ukraine is at the moment? yeah, well obviously the west has failed in its primary objective with these sanctions and threats or sanctions in deterring for letting me put in from doing this in the 1st place. so in a sense, it's already too late, but there are things that the west could do to help you create. and we've heard
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those requests coming in from, from the ukrainian side. now, in terms of finance and if you manage harry and moves, i mean certainly there will be a lot of focus on what happens with the borders are due refugee flows start to come to people try to escape but i mean, i think it would be illusory. to think that supplying crane now with further weapons would significantly change the outcome that we're very likely to see. it looks like christian is going for his own version of shock and, or here with a very significant invasion and hoping to finish off at least the 1st stage of this, of toppling the government as quickly as he possibly can. so that means that the sanctions have a slightly different purpose. they are partly punishment for, for russia, for, for going ahead with this is trying to deter him from bad, potentially doing further aggressive acts, for instance, against nato member states. and according to the economy, minister of germany,
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rober, how big, who's just been speaking recently, hoping to then give russia an incentive to, to at least end the escalation and potentially a path back to talks. but talks feel very far away. but let's just underline that point, stay with what you just said at stopping to turn at this point. but it could still turn for this conflict to expand wider. but at this point, it already looks like this has nothing to do with just the dumbass region anymore. yeah, as you said, this is about to president putin. perhaps we can tell the situation of the moment seeking to topple the government in kiev. would any of those measures at this point? could they actually stop him from doing so? what they serve as a deterrent ne, i think that i'm likely, i mean the europeans in the west stress that they've had a long time to prep, prepare the sanctions equally. vladimir putin has had a long time to prepare what he's doing. all the signs are that vladimir putin has decided to accept the risks that he faces. he has prepared the russian economy
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to some extent for this. russia has very large foreign exchange reserves that it's built up, the sort of things that can help keep an economy relatively stable. but despite that, we've seen the rubel crashing in value. we've seen the stock market in moscow crashing despite the very absolutely self evident risk to russia and also the risks of a blood bass in ukraine. he still done it. so that's the reality. and i think this is partly why there is such this sort of this dramatic as an epoch or kind of language coming from some of the leaders here. now my manual, my con, the french president, saying that this is a turning point in european history. it is, i mean, certainly this is a change from the post cold war order that we've seen gradually build up until now . this is now a turning point and where we going, we don't know yet. we cannot that if say that enough, richard, this really does seem to be a turning point in a wake up call for many certainly here in berlin. ok,
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we're going to keep talking about that a little bit later. but as we said, you know, dozens of ukrainian soldiers are reported to have been killed. the government is mounting an all out defense at this moment. and russian, president, putin launch this invasion of the early hours of thursday morning. let's get an update. with dawn came the bombs, russia attacked sites across ukraine. the russian troops that had been amassing on the border for weeks started rolling in, recorded on surveillance cameras by ukraine's board. a police brushes leader vladimir putin announced the military operation in a broadcast on russian tv, where he disparaged ukraine's democratically elected government, and asked ukrainian soldiers to surrender. ukraine's president
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followed amir savanski introduced martial law and he made an emotional plea to russians. questions can i'm addressing you, the russian people as the ukranian citizen, bullied, we are separated by border stretching more than 2000 kilometers. and right now there are 200000 of your soldiers. there are a couple of your leadership has authorized them to move into the territory of another country. and this could mark the start of the major war on the european continent. now you can continue black smoke from a ukrainian military airport and to give in the east of the country. russia confirms that they bombed the site for housing block with hit and distraught residents were left, grieving the 1st casualties in
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a new war. they did not want as the world condemned russia attack when its neighbor, the u commission president said all of europe is under threat. give over the good news. the russians target is not only don bus. the target is not only ukraine. the target is the stability in europe and the whole of the international piece order. and we will hold president putin accountable for that. germany's chancellor love shalt promised more sanctions will be coordinating closely with our international partners in nato and in the european union today. in order to place further severe sanctions against russia now, but plank sions can't come soon enough for many ukrainians. in the capital, keith calls jammed the roads as the residence tried to flee. the city
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president putin's announcement came just as the un secretary general antonio cherish was speaking at an emergency session of the united nations security council urging him to give peace a chance. while the late like televised address from bruton came shortly after a self proclaimed separatist leaders and eastern ukraine, asked him for military support. it is the latest culmination a series of escalations that started on monday when put in, recognize the independence of 2 regions in eastern ukraine, including territory controlled by jeff dawson about a keep the queen i'm addressing the ukrainian army. please lay down your arms, your grandad's and your great grandfathers did not fight the nazis and defend our common fatherland. so that neo nazis would seize power and ukraine. yamazik made an oath to serve the ukrainian people when they went to place. if they are a fascist hunter who have seized power in that old mcclintock,
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there was wondering ukraine and exploiting its people who don't fulfill their criminal orders to lay down your weapons and go home. he's away was mimi and in less less w e. d. the morning we were able to get some voices from moscow. we some mixed reactions for you from people on the streets of the russian capital. listen it the hi jill is knowingly. i wouldn't want a full scale war in europe or in the world. i hope that the problem will be sold soon and there will be peace again, we're sorry. i'm slipping out much though no one knows what's going to happen with the currency with our economy. and it's not clear if we're able to survive the crisis like in 2014 or our situation will only get worse. posing other good. with those to normalize on say that this situation makes me happy, rather extremely concerned. was there no otherwise ukrainian and russian actions seem logical from voters perspective. so it doesn't allow you to choose who's right
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or wrong. hello to browse for me. it's a brotherly country. the brotherly people, raska loveretts cannot ord yesterday. wish that if wouldn't thinks it's necessary, then it should be done. the certainly some concern from one man. what is your sins? how concerned are people there in moscow? well, people in moscow and then russia are very divided on this very topic. and some people are very concerned and their boasting on the social media there and talking to their neighbors, to their friends, they even going out to protest. so far we've seen, we haven't seen major progress was we've seen a small protest in a different seat is also here in moscow, but also in the far east and around 50. people have been detained so far in this protest, and we expected to see more and more people coming out this evening. but on the other side are also people who support the actions, offering government, and not even the actions, but the, the narrative that's in this in told here on the,
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on the television. and that's for 2 days and have been preparing this, these events. and it doesn't frame it as a war against you green yet. tell us more about that. natalia, how is the media there betraying what is happening right now in ukraine? so just a couple of minutes ago, their representative of ministry of foreign affairs. but he has a heart of i went on t v and she m coding is saying that it is not the beginning of the war. it is the end of this war because we are now preventing a global war. and the war have been going on for 8 years. so she is and russian m r. so he was trying to frame this as the narrative, as if russia is actually protecting the people over so cold, domestic and lucon square publics, and protecting the rush of rome and they to aggression. and this is not how it's, the west sees it. and this of the now to the have been going on on russian
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television for the whole day and also before and accordingly they in demand media. i know, fearing that they will um, there will be consequences for them if they continue reporting on the situation based on the other sources rather than rush by russian official wondering of comments or, or descent that they only can base their reporting on the official sources of 1st duration, this means that people here will have less and less information about what is exactly happening there. that is a chilling piece of information natalia. and certainly the message that you're hearing from officials or to day reflects what we heard from vladimir putin and his announcement of the announces invasion going forward. and i think it's, it's important just to come back to that, to that speech that he gave, that address that he gave. we talked about the demilitarization and di, not suffocation of ukraine. i mean, what did you make of that? well, that speech was a continuation of this lecture on history he gave
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a couple days ago when in now's the recognition of so called low hands and honest people, republic. and this is his attempt to rewrite history basically. and to frame this invasion in the way that it feels and seems legitimate. and oh, why sickly? what he was saying is that a, he's gonna free the people of ukraine from the i'm from the government that is in, he's of you illegitimate. and this is also compared to them to nazi and cautious government. and this is something that it's not a, it's not viewed like this in the world. and he's trying to portray this invasion in this light. oh, russia the savour. so to say, and lot of people here are also, i think quite am quite worried about what's happening and calling them for their relatives, their, their friends, and a lot of enemies. don't you know?
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what makes this am on the strength of weeks because the right folks is going worse and worse with them every, every day. and natalia. one more question we've heard that the, the west stands united and preparing a package of massive sanctions that they said they said that these sanctions will be crippling to russia as the economy, industry technology. what are the concerns there in the kremlin? it doesn't seem that these have acted as a deterrence. so are there concerns about what might be coming from the west? well, according to the, to the official right, regular say that the sanctions will come and that will prepare to this. but this is only part of the the.


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