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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2022 12:15am-12:31am CET

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rep stressed the answer, the answer gray by but by the u. s. and the a u. is there a red line? what would would see boots on the ground? well, only if, if a protein does not stop in ukraine, but would set foot into a nato members, let's say the baltics. then of course, the nato would be obliged to defend these countries. but the, the hope and the calculation at nato is at least that she rude not dare to do that . so far i felt rigate and brussels that, thanks very much on the cranium. president says, ukraine is not prepared to give up its freedom and will defend itself against the russian attack. let's take a look at how the early hours of the invasion played out. with dawn came the bombs, russia attacked sites across ukraine. the russian troops that had
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been amassing on the border for weeks started rolling in, recorded on surveillance cameras by ukraine's board a police brushes, leda. vladimir putin announced the military operation in a broadcast on russian t. v. he disparaged ukraine's democratically elected government and asked ukrainian soldiers to surrender. ukraine's president followed amir soleski introduced martial law. and he made an emotional plea to russians. questions can i'm addressing you, the russian people as the ukranian citizen, bullied, we are separated by border stretching more than 2000 kilometers. and right now there are 200000 of your soldiers. there are a couple of your leadership has authorized them to move into the territory of
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another country. and this could mark the start of the major war on the european continent. now you can continue black smoke from a ukrainian military airport and to give in the east of the country. russia confirms that they bombed the site for housing block with hit and destroyed residents were left grieving the 1st casualties in a new war. they did not want as the world condemned russia attack on its neighbor. the e u commission president said all of europe is under threat. give over the good news. the russians target is not only done by the target is not only ukraine. the target is the stability in europe and the whole of the international
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peace order. and we will hold president putin accountable for that. germany's chancellor laughed shalt promised. more sanctions will be coordinating closely with our international partners in nato and in the european union today. in order to place further severe sanctions against russia now, but clank sions can't come soon enough for many ukrainians. in the capital cave caused jammed the roads as the residence tried to flee the city. a correspond terry schultz. now, with a debrief of an exclusive nato briefing she attended a little earlier. so what i've been told by this western intelligence source is that they very much fear that if the piece of the invasion continues as it has up until now, that key of could be encircled and fall to the russians within 24 hours. of course,
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i mean that is not a 100 percent certain assessment, but this is what it looks like now from the success that the russians have had in taking over the country all the way to the capital. they now control this official says, all of ukrainian air space. they controlled both the military and the civilian airport in a near cave. so this of course is a very, very key asset for the ukranian government that has been lost. this official also fears that that putin does intend to go all the way into the capital and try to remove president zalinski and replace him with a puppet president that would carry out moscow's wishes. so the assessments are very, very dire at the moment. nato is not going to go in and, and joined the ukrainian side by side in this combat. today we heard secretary general silverberg praise, the ukranian men and women in uniform for fighting bravely. i think everyone's
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hearts are breaking as they watch this, but there is simply would never be an agreement by 30 allies to go in and, and fight for ukraine. that was never going to happen. i stayed harrell is a full, my u. s. naval intelligence officer and he joins me now saying welcome to the program . if we're hearing now, could fall within 24 hours. how do you see this playing out? what, what does putin want? that's the 24 hour us. obviously, a very worst case, but i think what we've seen, and there's a lot of debate and discussion when russia just had troops mast, whether it would be a full scale invasion. i think, unquestionably it is talking about multiple axes from bill roost from, from russia through cur, key source is but also north from occupied premier. so this is a major, major invasion, and i think you're corresponded. speaking from, from nato there,
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highlighted the intent is to truly decapitate ukraine and to replace the landscape, probably with a, with a new government that will be more of a integral to, to, in the kremlin and russia wishes. is it likely? do you think that will stop at ukraine, or do you think if he's successful in taking the country that he'll, he'll continue i think he's probably very well deterred by, by nato membership and collect defense than an attack on one nato member would be an attack on all but there are other potential victims in the past, victims of russian aggression. so ga, for instance, on the other side of the black sea, there are russian peacekeepers in moldova is trans, nice dressed, which is just across the border to the french west. assert potentially more actions, but i think i think it's appropriate to have some high competence that nato and
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click the defense. and the concrete moves that nato is been taking, moving troops to the eastern nato members, should be. it should be a solid to turn against that particular action. who now ukraine is showing unity and determination, but nevertheless, it, it does same as a david and goliath sort of battle. what chance does the ukrainian military stand against brushes, old? i think, you know, there's definitely an over match in terms of the capabilities that russia has, despite being on the offensive in the invading force. we saw that from the very beginning, with the initial strikes that opened this special military operation that preceded the troops coming across the board. i think i saw something like 160 missiles fired on ukrainian targets. and so they were able to get at some key capabilities,
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air defense, air airports, some of the navy ports on the black sea. that's the advantage of russia started with one. and then you get to the more modern equipment when you talk about tanks and armored warfare. hopefully some of the military assistance that the west gave to ukraine in recent weeks and months. i can in blunt some of those key capability, advantages. thinking of the anti tank weapons javelins from the u. s. as well as anti tank weapons from the u. k. shorter fired steer type missiles can be effective against russian helicopters and even it's attack. so ukraine grinning, armed forces have certainly showed fortitude when they have not rolled over, but yeah, definitely a capability advantage to russia. now we keep hearing from all sides,
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us all the nato allies, and they will be no boots on the ground in ukraine. today is in a 2nd round of western sanctions, but i can sanctions have anyway, media effect as boots on the ground. so it's a different effect. i think that you're going for sure you've got your imposing consequences on russia, on russia's economy, on key sectors of the economy and on p actors, sir, for sanctions against specific banks. and then i think the escalation of that should include sanctions against individuals and is inner circle. certainly have interest that can be, can be attacked with sanctioned imposing consequences rather than shifting what happens on the battlefield is important for the west for the us, nato e. u. and to continue with security assistance with your answering assistance as well. so i forget, as these are
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a lot of ukrainian lives being put at risk as infrastructure as damaged, as people's housing is damaged, a lot of displacing and a lot of managerial assistance being required as well. so those, the other things that we can do to impose some consequences on russia but also to continue to stand with you. great. c stephen burden has been preparing this for moms and some speculate perhaps even years now. it has come to a full scale. was there anything? do you think that the west could have done to prevent this attack? it surely looks like, as you say, this was not a last minute decision. was the build up of forces going all the way back to the do a year ago, march and april of 2021. started building up forces, left equipment in place. moved forces back as we saw in november and december,
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and then continued to mount up to 75 percent of brushes, ground on that power capability. so that was a certainly an investment in this. i certainly had other options than a full scale invasion, but it does seem that this was what was input in mind along, right. save and thank you will have to layer there, steven harold, from the center for european policy analysis. miss re recapping our top story. fist fighting is taking place on multiple fronts as you crime battles of full scale russian invasion. the a you and the u. s. are imposing a range of new sanctions targeting russia. the ukranian government says dozens of people have been killed and many others wounded. after russia launched a full scale attack by and say, and land in the early hours of thursday morning,
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western intelligence sources fe, that key of could fall into russian hands within 24 hours. a statute for our continuing coverage, all brushes or guides ukraine. there's also more news and analysis on the cross is on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm rebecca races, thanks for watching. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with who to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, inter, actual perspectives with russia has loans to full scale attack on you crate. the assault was ordered by vladimir putin ukrainian president vulgar. miss lensky says, posing wants to wipe you crane off the map. is the west, powerless against hooton's expansionism. find out on to the point shortly
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with static tragedy. ah, they've had no peace for, for decades. the people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end to the violence. how did it come to this key eye witnesses review? an unprecedented story with theory no more than life, much of the great documentary series iraq destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d. w, put
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through the world looks on as russian president vladimir putin launch his a full scale attack on you crying. and now it's becoming clear that he is to use his country's military might in a bit to rewrite european history. the west, meanwhile, has been imposing what have been described as the toughest sanctions ever but polluted is clearly not impressed. so is it time for europe, democracy to face up to some new and uncomfortable truths, and perhaps fight for their future?


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