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of it is still not an occupation, old war or invasion, but this is an abrasion of debt, not to vacation of ukraine. this is the official word used by both letterman and the climate rescue secretary admitted miss cough or furthermore, the mystery of or nefarious spread. secretary money has, however, said that this is not the beginning of the war, but actually our attempt to prevent the war and the end of the war. there's been going on there and you claim for 8 years. this is what the official position on this, on the russian televisions. it's interesting that the word defensive is used in advance as defensive advances. how are the russian media actually portraying this whole scenario? so to lou, to talk about the russian media will have to an actual look a little bit back. this has been a narrative that has been there for a month. and maybe even years of the narrative is about the russian being the cause of the attacked by the west, by the nato. and so the russia, in that sense,
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according to the official position, is causing the defending itself from the nature advances. and this latest escalation in ukraine is the last step that which in said that he has had no other option. how to defend russian russian people. but to launch this mildred operation any great it's, it's not the hates against the ukrainians, rather, the hate against the us. isn't it? the e u. n. u. s. have imposed more sanctions on russia or are they already being felt in the country in any way? i think a little bit early to really feel less anxious was felt sure is frustration and, and chalk and, and you're a, what is happening? an anxious are obviously one of the biggest topics discussed on the state tv. and even more me what that was happening right now in ukraine because it's still early
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in the morning. and now we will see that the sanctions is a big concern among russian population. and among russian business circles, because yesterday there was a meeting of present landra brewton with their representative of russian business and industry. and he promised their support of russian state. and she said a sanction will be tough and the drug is prepared for those sanctions. and he asked them of their support in exchange, it was just watching a pictures of those protests and of some demonstrators being taken away. is there opposition to hootin within or how loud is the opposition? would you say within russia when it comes to this invasion? well, i think the feeling yesterday in moscow and in russia seat is, was the feeling of shock and people did not certainly expect this displayed so quickly. and as we see them there were, there have been people who went out to the streets to protest this despite this
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u. s. consequences they're facing because just going out, the massive protest in russia is illegal and it can and the by severe consequences . so that there is definitely in opposition in the voice that is against it. but his heart estimate how many people actually do feel strongly about it. because not every one went out to the streets. a lot of people who are posting stuff on social media, even a lot of prominent russian figures, even a percentage of their an estate, media bosses, something on their private twitter and instagram account condemning the invasion in ukraine. but so far it's hard to estimates and there haven't been any polls, and i think in the station they cannot be any polls because people are just so shocks. so shocked and devastated to ways there were binion on this journalist natalia wanted see about in mosque, and thank you very much. well, just to bring you up to date on the latest on this invasion. he's a look at the latest sanctions that have been announced by the international
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community since last are invaded ukraine. the united states is implementing sweeping sanctions, the target russian banks, as well as the aerospace and high tech sectors. president biden boarding that further measures are on the table. you leaders also agreed on sanctions targeting 70 percent of russia's banking market and key state companies. ukraine says these sanctions aren't enough and is pressuring both the u. s. and e. you to disconnect roster from the swift banking system. as you heard earlier, it serves as the major pillar of global financial transactions. it's also something that would countries around the world. but let's get to that in a moment for 1st to bring together the events of the last day is the w chief international editor, richard walker. richard, it's been 24 hours since russia loads the invasion of ukraine. where do we stand? well yeah, so we're looking back on an extra 24 hours. so we, we sat here a day ago, and so russia heading towards the maximum of the scenarios that have been laid out
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as possibilities, is this crisis emerged in recent weeks and months. and i think what we've seen so far, russia has gone for that is given up on any attempts and diplomacy. then in the last 24 hours we've been talking about here at the west has been kind of gathering itself together. announcing sanctions the next stage and sanction so early a started with sanctions in response to the russians, recognizing those separate regions in the new friends independent. now there's a 2nd stage of sanctions in response to this invasion. and i think really the focus now is like, where is the ball now? is to see on the one hand, how quickly does rushes attempt to take over in ukraine to topple the government. how quickly does that proceed very early day. still, do they suffer setbacks?
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are they able to sweep in very quickly? that's on the one hand. and then on the other hand, we see what the western responses how does the wider international community respond to this? and we've been looking at how china is responding how india is responding. countries that have quite distinct positions. and i think this can be a lot of interest later on friday. so early off, new york time, un security council is expected to, to hold a session. and there will be a resolution put forward the condemn russia, this military operation. so how did china and india act within that un security council session? so, but really interesting, they've been quite soft in their response. there's been a failure of china to condemn these actions of response as well from india. those response is a very telling, considering the rest of the world is looking on in horror. it doesn't sound like
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they are well. yeah, it's interesting. so we should certainly separate them out there very different cases, but on looking at china festival, will china, it's been a lot of focus recently on china and russia moving closer together in order to push back what they see as, as american attempts to undermine them. so a little bit of a sort of a sorting of the world, potentially into democracy is no talk receives in rival camps. and a vladimir putin was in beijing just at the beginning of the winter olympics. just a couple of weeks ago, a big fan, fair, big meeting with jim paying his chinese count and a huge statement was published. essentially laying out all of the many, many ways in which the country c i c y. no talk of a formal alliance or anything, but certainly close alignment between them. so as expected, the chinese have been very much on message with the chinese with the russians in terms of what's been going on for extensive briefing yesterday. the foreign
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ministry spokeswoman almost really laying the blame for what's happening on the door of the united states saying that it is hyped up the risk of war, essentially portraying russia is sort of backed into a corner. but at the same time, there is nuance to the chinese position. china has always said that things like territorial integrity are important to it. sovereignty is important to it. the idea that one country should not meddle in the affairs of another. is that trying to play the good guy or the good cop in the work? well, i mean, they're trying to be consistent with their overall positions on international affairs. and this spokeswoman of the chinese firm history was asked yesterday, does she regard ukraine as a sovereign country? because vladimir putin speech at the beginning of this week, when he sort of says how his vision for ukraine made very clear that he does not view ukraine as
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a legitimate sovereign country. was she answered with ukraine is for sure, a sovereign country. so musing, see how china manages to, to sort of straddle these positions on one hands of standing up for sovereignty and territorial integrity. on the other hand, standing by russia, in what it sees is it's sort of why to fight with us. india's position is why the different india has long standing ties with russia that go back many decades. has a huge defense relationship with russia. russia is, is main supply of defense equipment. but at the same time, it is trying to work closely and increasingly closely with united states in asia to push back against china. but there's india feels massively threatened, particularly in his border region with china. so it finds itself in a difficult position of the same try, wanting to keep america and russia happy at the same time. that is a very difficult position. lorenzo modi, the indian primary,
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spoke to vladimir putin yesterday in the indian. what they call the read out of the cold, the press release that comes after a cool like that. on the one hand, it said the prime minister reiterated his long standing conviction that the differences between russia, nato can only be resolved through honest and severe and sincere dialogue. but also saying that he appealed for an immediate cessation of violence. so also a message. this is, you know, the americans will like bits of that the russian and like other bits of that. but it can be really, i'm really interested to see because india has a, a rotating seat on un security council at the moment. how does it act in this session? because joe biden, in his press conference last night, indicated that there are, there are ongoing consultations going on with the indians. and of course, the americans would love to have the engines on the side for any resolution which
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chris russia. it's a complicated and fascinating situation when we talk about alliances here, which is yesterday we were talking about a new security order. what are we talking about a new world order that's galvanizing, i mean one that's already been developing but is now becoming extremely clear through this situation. well, yeah, i mean essentially we kind of vladimir putin is doing. europe is trying to clean up what he sees is some unfinished business of after the end of the cold war, where the soviet union broke up with extremely weakened during the 1990 s. you had ukraine and other former soviet republics becoming independent states. as an impression from vladimir putin that he's now over 20 years, no faces in his late sixty's. he probably wants to stay in office for as long as he possibly can. but he's certainly well, very likely. he's in the 2nd half of his period of time in office and thinking what
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he wants to leave a legacy where he is restored, some of russia's former glory as not necessarily as a nation, but as a form of them. but he's caught in the past, isn't it? and india and china looking forward into the future. he is basically what threatened here is russia's role in this new world order at all. well, the question is, well, is that really the case? if russia is increasingly pinning its colors to china, then are we beginning to see? so go back to the end of the cold war. essentially, we ended up with what was called a unit polar moment that the super power russia was brought to the soviet union was brought to its knees broken up. china has not yet risen to the place. it is now. so there was this period of a couple of decades where the united states was totally dominant in world affairs. and what we've seen of the last 10 years or so is china rising to challenge that.
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china is emergent as a super power. huge investment in its armed forces, huge economic development. it now has a larger navy than the united states since. so up until in the last couple of years, there's been a lot of talk about whether we're entering a new cold war between the united states and china. so what we're looking at more now is potentially a new cold war, not just between the united states and china, but also more widely between the west and russia and china. the other side. i think, especially european views of russia have been quite shattered in many european capitals at the moment. there was such an effort to get diplomacy as a solution to this in berlin, in paris and other capitals as a sense of they tried everything with putin. he's now invaded a huge country, putting many, many lives at risk, putting the stability of the whole continent at risk. and that a total rethink is,
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is needed of relations with russia. and that is going to mean some kind of deep freeze you heard from richard walker. or chief international editor. thank you very much. good to talk to recapping the latest developments on russia's war on ukraine, ukraine's capital. he has come under renewed attack, has russia ramps up its invasion now in its 2nd day air raid sirens have sounded in kiev and other cities this morning and blasts. the hours before dawn, an apartment building was partially destroyed. government says at least 137 people have died since the invasion began, and hundreds more have been injured. ukrainian government says at least 137 people dead and hundreds wounded. russia is continuing its s. c, land assault, which is launched in the early hours of thursday morning. the printing president
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floated mister lansky, says the fates of europe is being decided in his country. ukrainian soldiers on the outskirts of the eastern city of khaki inspecting just some of the carnage from day one of russia's invasion of ukraine. then after dusk, the destruction continued. so ensure he's civilians took refuge in subway stations looking for whatever safety they could find. also in the crime capital, keith, people headed for the underground, fearful russia could launch airstrikes. most of you got some higher because i think it's one of the only places right now where you can hide in here. all the other places are terrified. austin at a strategic air base just 20 kilometers away from the capital reports of russian forces and control i. however, ukraine says that prevented
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a complete takeover of the facility. ukrainian troops have set up roadblocks throughout the cities government quarter. late on thursday night, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said he was aware of the danger, but that he was remaining in the capital than the alone lessons learned, much of will, according to our information, the enemy has listed me as target number one and my family in as target number 2, no matter when the, which they want to destroy the country politically terminating the head of state nation. a level delta satellite images also showed the destruction. russia is writing down on ukraine here, the damage to airfields and the east of the country. and russia is proving it's not only interested in military facilities. ukrainian officials confirmed that loss control of the decommission should noble nuclear power plant. the scene of the
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world's worst nuclear disaster is now in russian hands. dw corresponded mathias building, a joins me from keith, at his city residence, have been spending the night in air raid shelters. there are reports of explosions in the capital. what is the situation there right now? yeah, people are coming slowly out of these shelters now, but as you can see, there few people on the streets, many people have left the capital. we've seen these pictures of for long columns of, of cars leaving the city. um there, there was intense a bomb being last night. american intelligence says that russia fired $160.00 rockets on ukraine and part of them on the capital. there was also a defense or destroying some of them. we are not sure. not right now. what exactly happened, but there were,
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there were clashes in the air when air defense hit something and the debris fell down and hit one residential building or people had been evacuated from there, but the building was burning and we don't really know about casualties yet. um, so the whole night there were there were, there were attacks on the capital and today there is the expectation that russia will try to move with tanks on to the capital again. can you give me an idea of the mood among ukrainians or the family members? i've spoken to. a staying at many have been fleeing, and others want to fight. what it's tara. people are afraid of what's going to happen next. and they're trying to do their best to, to protect themselves if they don't enlist in the forces. we've also seen
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a pictures of people queuing up in front of the recruitment bureaus of the territorial defense forces. that the volunteer a battalions that are supposed to act behind the lines in support of the a, the army, and we know that they have been mobilized. also, there are numerous reports that suggest russia could enter the capital even in the coming hours. they've already taken control, as we mentioned of the should noble area around under 50 kilometers the north. will they be met with resistance? the ukranian next the government expects them to come from 2 sides north west and north, east ham and has announced fierce resistance. what we've seen so far is that the ukranian army has been countering this attack quite forcefully. they are much, ah, the russian army is, of course,
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in terms of technology numbers and everything much superior to the ukranian, but the motivation to defend the country is there. and we've seen these battles around the air field that we are mentioned before, where russia was able to almost take control of it. and then it has been, it seems to have been out according to our information that we have now have been completely driven out again. so there is, of course, a desire to, to defend the country. and these weapons that ukraine has received the javelin ins and the stingers, of course, they would be put to use. but he has one about the situation in the east, which has been so key to the fighting over the past 8 years. describe what you saw on, on your journey after returning from the east to the capitol. more we left pretty early in the we left the east pretty early so we didn't witness any of the fighting
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there. there were a bomb, but yesterday morning there were rocket artillery attacks, but we didn't see them. what we know now is that fighting has intensified along the line of contact with the self proclaimed republics. and also the city of hark of the, which is not part of the don boss, that part of the east that people, that ukraine has be and, and the separatists backed by russia have been fighting about for years. but one another region closer to russia. this has been also been under attack, so attacks on ukraine happening from all sides and from the south as well. so we have reports of heavy fighting everywhere, but he is building a if thank you very much and stay safe. a resident phase analysts constantine get joins us again for billy as can the west step in to negotiate
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a cease fire at this stage? i mean, where we've been reporting on the deaths of civilians and soldiers is, is, is one day enough, is they to hear enough and can the west to really do something. and step in robin frankly seeing these horrific pictures given one hour long. but i think that it will be quite difficult now for anyone to step in one simple reason for the russian leadership should feel that city is answering a debt in only then probably there is a very lean chunk of change. and i can't even imagine who can be a good between group could be immediate, probably the pope, i didn't know. i think that's it for now. it is pretty much impossible. and i also think that for the ukrainian condition will be different. now i think
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that i think the green gums will then probably the russian is withdrawal from the fatality of the ukraine. well, i don't know where they can talk about the crimea, but definitely conditions will be different. a country that already stuck with capital whose minutes as we've been defending every day. it's a different country. i can tell you that it's a different country in terms of spirit, with different countries in terms of the month. so i do not see any kind of mediation. and now what i do see though, is that it's not enlightening war that many people from the imagines in moscow. it may be quite difficult contained in that actually i think it could be co food ukraine strategically because what to do probably would put it will be quite damaged with that political. it is that if it turns into port directed war and we
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just are in the beginning, it doesn't look like your brain enforcers are going to surrender the situation at the moment, the focused way of watching pictures of bummed out parts of the capital. kiev, how does all of this serve roches, long term interests? would you say it doesn't? i think that it is a b r for the front. nothing like that happening european compliment. soon. it's actually the 2nd world war. and i think that this is something that will stick in my many for, for a very, very long time. and i suppose that this pretty much creates a situation in which in, you are incredible. now, we'll divide russia on the west. and this is actually being lowered now by the europeans of the americans and what we keep hearing. and i think that may
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happen that the coming day is that 1st and foremost, all russia may be checked from the capital of europe. secondly, it is a very fair assumption that today nature will decide on obligating the nato, russia founding out of $997.00, which actually put some limits on need to deployment. close the russian borders that will be re armaments. and the reason that there is ation significant increase in naval forces in the european region and the baltics, i think that's and now we keep hearing also, you know, then that finish and british empties. i don't pressing for debate on the 2 neutral countries joining rachel. they can have it well. they are actually covered a little time bigger for the ascii. so does it sub, even the current interest as we know the grams day? i doubt that you mentioned the baltics. where does this leave? the former soviet republics of estonia, latvia and lithuania,
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where you are which never recognized it was something that republic stooped to put it in the ritual. expect it? well, it leaves them very nervous. yesterday, the prime minister, all vile is ready in getting the ship when you get between the state of emergency detector. but it's really a, that's not a martial law, but that gives the government ample power to basically change the work of the state structures in both your regulations and stuff like that. also falling present biden's announcements. the expectation here is that the american post drug forces and therefore, will basically arrive very soon and supports of the natal poor presence battalions of the 3, both the countries. and actually, what the municipal authorities were coming both with radios here is that please try and 7 days, please avoid traveling by call between the cities because the maybe traffic jim's because actually all the deployment. so people here i prepare them yesterday they
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saw a massive, absolutely mass demonstrations supports of your grade, people marching through the central, through there on the capital, and then holding a concert, and the big rally in front of the russian embassy. and while we think by this morning, a 1000000 euros was collected for ukrainian refugees by small donations, don't like 510 years of mobile phones. so here there is a mood of i would say, mobilization as the moral psychological. what was seen a good thank you very much. the analysis. great. talking to you again today. thank you. your opinion leaders have agreed to impose new sanctions on russia over its war on ukraine. but they help back from counting russia from the global swift payment system after resistance from some countries, including germany, european commission, president, also the funder line, says the agreed measures would have
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a major impact on russia's economy. we will hold the kremlin accountable the package of massive and targeted sanctions. european leaders approved tonight, clearly demonstrates that it will have maximum impact on the russian economy and the political elite. and it is built off 5 pillars, the 1st that the financial sector. second, the energy sector, the 3rd is the transport sector forth our export controls and the ban of export financing. and finally, visa policy, christina, one blah is in brussels for us to talk about these sanctions and other rounds. how far do they go though this time been the european council president shall. michelle said that these sanctions were massive and painful, and by all indications they will be been, they will be felt by ordinary russians as prices go up because of inflation.
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ordinary household items are going up in prices and we can also expect at been that some businesses will not survive as the economy goes into recession. because of these sanctions beyond the sort of medium term impact ad, this is also going to effectively destroy industry. some industries in russia, as, as they're not able to access at certain technologies that are required to power modern day future. so it is certainly looking like these sanctions will have an impact in the medium term, but also in the longer term been christine, we've had a whole raft of sanctions now a whole series of them are from week to strong and now massive. but the harshest of them all would be cutting roger off from the inter banking system called swift. but we're hearing that germany in italy held off on that. why? that's right. and then you've got to understand that for the sanctions that are
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going to be imposed on the russian economy. and they're also going to hit european economies to and some more than others for berlin and rural. and perhaps there is self interest at play here for, for, for germany. it is of course, as those that, that dependence on russian gas, germany, is a major russian gas importer for italy. it's those increasing business ties between italy and russia. the swift payment system is a messaging system between banks have been and cutting russia off of that would effectively make it impossible to send money to russia and out of russia and cause that makes doing business with russia difficult. germany and italy have been accused of pursuing self interest at a time where, you know, lives, i'd risk in fact, the ukrainian, a foreign minister. i was before that meeting, anticipating that this would happen. say that anybody who wouldn't a dis, a vote to, to ban russia from so effectively had the blood of ukrainians are on their hands. but there is a.


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