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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 1:02am-1:31am CET

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ah, these women don't just look good. they also have a mission to find out more about the new criteria for becoming miss germany later in the show. and we're fat, a warm welcome to today's edition of euro max with me, your host, hannah hm. oh, let's see what else we have lined up for you today. we had to vienna, austria friend, authentic been our schnitzer. i'd. we explore the capital of tobacco pipe spin front but before we continue with lifestyle stories from around europe, we cannot overlook the current events that have left the world in shock and horror
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. war in europe is something that was unimaginable for most of us until a few days ago. now our thoughts are with the people in ukraine, which is a country that we have visited many times in the past. we take a look back at some of our reports on ukraine when times where peaceful, ah, diverse anne's metropolitan 2 defining characteristics of cultural life in ukraine, the to now increasingly under threat europe, 2nd largest country, off as impressive architecture, commonly re diversity and breathtaking nature. reasons enough to have looked at your remax reporters to the country in 2018 we visited to odessa the key port in southern ukraine. right on the black sea. until recently odessa was a popular tourist location. it's long, sandy beaches, other perfect place to relax near the city center. but uncertainty has also ruled
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the city since 2014. the crimea peninsula annexed by russia is a mere 200 kilometers away. but daily life continued, one of the city's cultural hotspots is also a major landmark. the potemkin says, it's all josephs, terry case to go upstairs downstairs to the port. it's a place for performances, communication, street, musicians. and so it's not only for tories, but also citizens are holders. i do love this place. the same goes for danny bus. if sca prominent the heart of the city, everything seemed to be fine. when we visited 4 years ago. as in the much smaller city of tennessee in weston ukraine. we also film for your max that in 2018 in locations including this restaurant specialities from the book of vino region, accentuated the good mood janet the showed that ukraine was formed by many different cultural influences. many buildings such as churches and cafes,
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are reminiscent of the time between 17751918. the city was then part of the hop spoke. empire tal guide. christina county told us how this period continues to influence the city to day. i think were kept as the boss from that's time our city is modern, contemporary but has to have those foster and traditions. and a good way. i wouldn't say that we are conservative. however, we can notice people can speak different languages, and this is normal for different languages are also spoken at the eurovision song contest. the competition was held in ukraine in 2017 the 2nd time as your max was there in keith, ukraine was proud to present itself as cosmopolitan and european but even then war was being fought, just 700 kilometers a wagon eastern regions of the country. many. so the contest does a good omen,
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including former boxing well champ, baton kitch, go now the mayor of keith is either or this is a european city. so we're happy eurovision is here your it's a good size on a good it's i him the thing off of the ukrainian entry that year, the band. 012 alt agreed. oh you were watching the e s. c gave a lot of people here hope im, i think it's a wonderful time for both believe where the chestnut blossom as well as the people who also bloom in the spring. let us get that now. i wish the 5 years nato. very nathan of this feeling remains the world is now very different independence, cultural diversity and freedom, and now that threaten ukraine. at the moment, we obviously can't predict her events and ukraine will unfold. but we hope for a speedy and to the war and a return to peace in europe. every year, the european union designates european capitals of culture. this year,
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one of the cities chosen represents a kind of mini europe for many. that's because people from lots of different european countries have made their homes here in the luxembourg region of ash, the former a centre of industry is now rapidly becoming a hub of european art and culture. the blast furnaces have been turned into a center of culture. without immigrants issue to rosetta would probably not have become a european capital of culture and shaped a steel producing region in the south of luxembourg. and the culture program under the motto, remakes culture, fabio balcony, and maria grouchy, a galati. this meant exploring here italian origins. they came to luxembourg around 20 years ago, following in the footsteps of many compatriots. it was for a new door amy of it called door just simply means i used to be
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a foreigner and you welcomed me. so that's beautiful because obviously i could resonate with it. i, i am them a 100 years after, you know, i am still, i still resonate with, if you are still empathize because i also came here was in the same conditions. we weren't starving when we arrived to luxembourg, but we were looking for a better life. today, people from italy are among the largest groups of immigrants in luxembourg, populous son. he tells this story in his film which is presented as part of asia 2022, a real italian family production. ah, the mother was the producer and his son was direct up in the italian quarter of doodles. young, they go in search of the past. early at little italy was firmly in the hands of italian minus. today, people from more than a 120 nations live in the region, bringing their cultural influences with them. natalie
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is a counter famous for son. so when the immigrants arrived that they didn't far, they didn't find san. absolutely not the so they needed to have carlos read why the painted or the hours it took the special type of person to work in the steel industries blast furnaces. as here in ash paval, since the end of the last century production has lain derelict, now the district is being transformed into a hub for science and culture with 18 other communities in the region. it's the center for the european capital of culture. this place is perfect for the whole context of the re max, because a, we talk about keeping the past, but also looking into the future. and here it's a perfect preservation of that you have the past and the future simultaneous living with each other. and i don't think there would be a more perfect place for us $22.00 to start from the mariah. the place where i
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knew was once loaded is being transformed into an exhibition space. the media, hot frenchman russell papa, is coordinating to various projects. his mission is to show how something new is emerging from the diversity of cultures while still ensuring that the old remains visible. it's not a museum, it's not a gallery. we don't have white walls. we don't have an amazing climate control. we don't have dinner like are properly an insulated place, but what we like is this id of a spaced ice poorest with surrounding who we also want to make kids as space will people to understand how to go. they used to wag. so we had to mix of both. the idea of using industrial ruins is a backdrop of is not new in the south of luxembourg. on a steel mills, cooling towels, graffiti artists alone welfare portrays the daily life of the people here. the
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imagery is now also in the cities public buses to advertise the european capital of culture celebrations. gorgeous news in the people from the south are a bit more to route. so there's a saying funder long up the song from, from the longest to the tongue, which means that people here are very direct, but also very honest. that's what i liked earlier, shows oh, much hold. van 200000 people live in the region that has now become their home regardless of where their routes lie. we're sure what feeling this place gives me. it's always that talk to the path to never forget for where we come from, where we started. h. 2020 to a beach in rich in culture. that celebrates bureau pain, diversity, diversity,
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and social awareness. just 2 of the new criteria called for by germany's oldest beauty pageant. last week, the new miss germany was crowned in a move away from the traditional beauty contest. this one focuses on women who are speaking out on topics. lake female empowerment claim a justice or the black lives matter movement. euro max headed to the final in south west germany, to meet the women campaigning for change. these women do not have to show off their charms parading in bikinis and they compete for the miss germany crown with a message. the female celebration her lawyer bid them deal about who it is. hello and alma tiller bottles. i'm a jim in brazilian and i'm trying to make topics like empathy, sustainability and social justice. i think kula be maybe even sexier. like so. got
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sex, ed, so mom got, do alma, do? emphasizes diversity is been human yet make a statement from spect and tolerance improved to people that we trans women, a strong watch me glow to night? we suffered enough. another of the finalists is geena who'd from. but baton is she is a doll. i was in a series right accident where i lost my letter, but i didn't let that get me down the chef on this. now i want to encourage others and set an example and show that adversities can be overcome. women like gina who show commitment are in demand at this year's miss germany, competition or filmy teela battleship sets. another example, she grew up in a brazilian for villa. it bears the very german sounding name, shoots linea. there she taught street children to read and write. she was honored for her dedication by the united nations growing up in the slums as what made her strong. she says, i always had lots of friends. glad i had
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a chance to go climbing. it was very adventurous. i was the anger, but of course it will select a strong impression on me. describe the house, the why? because of the violence in the for vela, the doing that taught me how to do a lot with very few resources. and that's something i value a lot of it. this competition has very little to do with the classical beauty pageant that evaluates women almost exclusively by their outward appearance. even if it has preserved the outfits of choice and the walk on the catwalk. ah, the jury includes tv presenters and actors, and they judge the contestants on professionality and of his dad and the compl. i'm happy female empowerment element. different teeth amount has to bring both into city and be supportive. the pot to stand. i have person history get on this involved in and the mit. so i think the candidates spent 3 weeks preparing for
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the miss germany pageant in a personality camp at the europa park. in fullest southwestern germany, the program included coaching and presentation, fitness and dance courses. styling workshops and photo shoots. it's just incredible how much we can learn. you. we just had a ph, so inspiring. now, in the final of miss germany 2022. the women have their chance to show off what they've learned. and the count down is on 11. very different candidates compete for the title. and each one steps up for one last chance to make their personal statement is the very early on. i was confronted with the unsustainable unfair conditions. we have in this way, they have bay to have you just because someone says you can't do something that says nothing about your potential. i'd like to fight for all people out there who do not feel accepted teeth for deborah. we don't need perfection. we need more
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humanities tides. we don't get competitive attitudes, we need more solidarity heads. germany, be bad out of the mold men. now the jury's facing a tough choice. which of the finalists will be the winner? miss germany. miss germany 2022. this is donna taylor ah, the new miss germany is 37 years old though may teela bar host scored points with her dedication to environmental protection and social justice. and this is totally unreal. people, i'm so happy. can you even imagine that they only de la balls up on the bed and nancy mantle went out from the fullest linea for villa?
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thanks to her mission and education is standing up here today here. wish there? ah and there she is, a proud don't me t labovic. miss germany 2022. no, for the historic art of pipe making. i always think of pipe smokers as calm, leisurely people hillock for a relaxing way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. for a few moments, disclaimer, smoking is obviously seriously bad for you, but you know that already. and so does it sebastian bow. she only smokes on sundays . we visited the master pipe maker in his workshop in the small french tine of saint cloud. this america pipe plays a vital role in the little french town of san killed. it's been considered the world capital of pipe making since the 19th century since 1865. the t, as you know,
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has been making pots that are known worldwide. 40 old sebastian boy is a master pipe maker. he took over the company in 2006 you are the only thing that this is where we turn the head of the pipe, that the basic material is would get a different part is finished on each machine we produce in the series, which means i set up each machine to make a specific model like this one. this is the 1st, let me add up from visit walk. i make the pipe bowl at the inside and the outside i, i carry on. so this is the job with the chips, fly. the woods condition and quantity play a decisive role. not every time is suitable that the dorothy, this is the root of a tree. heather. so it's the only would i should be made up because it doesn't burn
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easily and has no taste. our pipes are made of that. what was of how we gamble yet it takes a total of 50 production steps to turn a block of food into a pipe utility, as you know, produces around 2000 of them per year. the best jumbo it spots a 3rd of them to the usa. a 3rd assault in france and a 3rd in the rest of europe. effects we work with what we have. it's important the wood blocks are well got it. so we have as little waste as possible, while the bec, oh, the history of the pipe is represented throughout the town. it's important has greatly diminished over time. and so has the demand about $3000.00 pipes are on display in this include pipe museum, including many rarities and hancock specimens. museum director and
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one granite is also a pipe maker. in a similar danielle, her autopay is a dupree. we are the last company with more than 20 employees that produces around $50000.00 pipes a year. okay. with known to me, the van on the mean vendor, but this is ridiculously few compared to the early 20th century, off off when song club was still producing a $30000000.00 pipes a year. warfare way care, talk me on keep bol. the museums collection also includes rochelle vessels, artistic parks, had been his passion for over 6 decades. he learned to craft from his father. i succeed between sir, i made all the pipes and this showcase the year. we have the great french writers and also a british one shakespeare. here are the french presidency though, and there are the great composers clinical posey ter, ah, goofy,
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but i make portraits of people who if you want me to do a portrait of you, i'd love to but it will be expensive. a portrait as a unique piece, costs 1500 euros. i do one of these a year ago. back in sebastian bull studio. after round half now the pipe is finished, then it's embossed with the company stem. the pipe make it was optimistic about the future if his craft troop of buffer images, and i don't believe this craft is threatened with extinction. now we also train young people on the pipe is an object that people like it may not be as fashionable as it was a long time ago, but it still finds favor drew on the brake, you print the pipe has survived the centuries in old forms and variations and will most likely continue to find admires and claude and beyond time now for some traditional european cuisine. what comes to mind when you think
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of a typical austrian dash vena schmidt? so of course it's actually quite easy to make, but it does call. 7 for the right ingredients, we asked an expert in the austrian capital vienna, how it's done. it has to be crunchy. when you run your fork over a 1000 and it has this crunchiness and it gives your hand goose bumps. then it's a perfect finish. that's all. mm hm. oh i i law a, bring the hello. mm hm. you're going should be the master chef at ms. lynch addon
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domains. i'm of today. we're going to make an authentic finish. that's all. i mean, as needful is, aveena schnitzel is only ever made would feel not poor turkey or vegetable it with a good music mashonda as much needs. we need cutlets with about 180 to 200 grams. one new butterfly cut to be bought the place of smith. this is important. does i want the cutlets to remain whole? that's only possible with a butterfly cut them this week, otherwise i'll end up with 3 or 4 small cutlets. but that's not a proper vener schnitzel is only gonna be looking for a gas. the classic vanishing itself is about $5.00 to $6.00 millimeters thick. we go to $100.00 flat cycle to about $3.00 to $4.00 millimeters. we found the cutlets to make it more tender. this is some num hm. mm. so if you're good for the right coating units, salt plant, flower, fresh eggs, bread crumbs, raisal. you need
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a special kind of bread roll and not a knowledge to make the bread crumbs to some of the ones which are handmade and contain milk that makes the bread crumbs more fluffy info and the perfect bread crumbs a made by letting the bread rolls dry properly him until their drives abound. okay, so then you greater than yourself, said about m, awe of a name, and we'll use 5 to 7 eggs 1st. it's long so that they can swim in the system and like in a swimming pool, it's important not to beat the yags 100 percent as if you could still see some egg voicing the yoke snip that's very important to us in this way. the schnitzel becomes fluffy at the end entry. a shuttle always has to be salted, otherwise it will have no flavor. emit always needs to be salt, atom me. the plain flower is perfect for vinnish. that's all. that's like the glue . and it's really important for the meat to be completely covered and flour.
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otherwise, the bread crumbs won't stick. and now dip the chena till an egg in the air, they have to be completely out at anchor. ah, ah, donald press it. this is very important to know. dance just very lightly. one huh? 23 on it. if you press too hard, the coating won't be fluffy. ah, or we've got courtyard. that's the classic. then we've got clarified butter, which gives the veal that delicious buttery taste, nor we can use vegetable oil, which is mild and more neutral. it's your pick up. my recommendation is clarified butter. it's perfect. the fat has about 6 centimeters, deep, thick, so it can properly swim in it accomplish. now we take the bread crumbs with the body with all we don't need to measure the temperature as acts as though what's claps like this. it's perfect on this. so off block and now we've got to be quick
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on the machine that's all doesn't take long, is get the digested from crap of least ish little into the fat, directing it away from your body last gets you could splash on to you otherwise on it. and off we go, can you see how nicely it says linkage? keep moving the pan on, but still no time at the shrink, but come on, turn it around, keep moving the pan. and there comes the bubbles. always play session, it's all on to paper immediately to soak up the fat. it's supposed to be crispy but not greasy. your breath, the new as the garnish. for venus schnitzel always consists of a lemon slice. and then we've got a so called cable i copper thing, but basically an unco v wrapped around the keyboard emma of scanning to work too. uh huh. when you make schnitzel at home, everybody comes to visit mamma, dad, grandma, the wife for the kids. so everyone is there for the schnitzel, and that really makes me happy. if i'm under schnitzel, every one is there. ah,
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that's all we have time for today, but before we go, don't forget to visit our website for our viewers draw where you can try your luck at receiving a d. w backpack from all of us here at your max. and berlin, thanks for watching and see you next time. take care with blue. ah,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with a very i'll mark out ada. we are in, i believe, with the city long renown for smart mom will get one of the media and even by the likes of legal angela biting me either at night or the school doughty at peace today like an environmental disaster is unfolding years or perhaps the worst in europe today would all go forth when i did it to join the model,
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tories of kara next on t w o did in wide wing extremists, i suggested again world might be and coping weight and burned in south africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs independent, make black lives matter. shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries. discrimination and inequality are part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity to make up your own mind in d. w. need for mines as something or driven by the merciless read
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others pushing the destruction against not only the invaders came to present and think, shut it down to the, to the government is trying to destroy the indigenous people in with large scale versions of a project lead grabbers or exploiting the amazon rain forest. indigenous peoples are now briefly opposing them. a long term report from the heart of brazil starts march 9th on d. w with ah, 3, i'm not out. i'm gonna shoot on a sagel if we are in colorado for centuries, this city has been famous for its marble, used by michelangelo and many other artists. but for some years, cora has been not only concerned with the quality of its marble grants in today. a


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