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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news lived from berlin, russia tax civilian infrastructure. as its invasion of ukraine enters its 4th day, bosco's forces blow up a gas pipeline and oil depot in the country, the east creating what the government warns could be an environmental catastrophe. in the capital, keep residents spend a 3rd night under ground, vowing to resist. also coming up, germany does an about face and agrees to send weapons to support ukraine's defense in a significant policy shift chance that would actually approves
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a delivery of anti tank weapons. and missiles, shall schools russians action a turning point in history that threatens the world. and germany also bows to pressure over swift. berlin is now on board. as the e u and other western powers announced a coordinated move to limit russian access to the global pains. ah, my new cubes mckinnon. welcome to the program. russia has unleashed a wave of attacks targeting f fields and fuel facilities and what appears to be the next phase of its invasion, or was this eye witness footage shows. flames rising from the sight of a civilian oil depot, 30 kilometres south of keep up to reported. explosion. net put rebekah russian troops have been ordered to advance in ukraine from all directions. while this
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shelling has reportedly intensified, huge explosions, lighting up the sky. civilians have sought shelter, expecting a full scale assault. russian forces have been met with fierce resistance road. and we can cross now to our correspondent furniture whose and canal nit ski in a western ukraine. fanny tell us about the nights, how worse things, how a things looking where you are this morning. we are a 1000000 ski and people are nervous. you really sleep on alerts. there is a military or bi airbase, nearby military warehouses that been striked a during the past couple of days. not tonight though, so our people are starting their morning as the curfew just ended at 7 am local time and try to go about their day as much. this is possible, but a lot of into internal displaced people from keith and other parts of ukraine,
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arrived here in hamlin sky, about a 3 hour drive to a romania. but again, also people who lithia very much nervous in the trying to consider a plan out of ukraine as a tens of thousands already have left the country. can you give us a sense of what's happening in keith and new trends capital? there wasn't this major shelling, in fact the people, unfortunately a bracing for even expecting an oil terminal was attacked, 50 kilometers outside of the city center. so this is still in all blast, keep in that state and there was some a fighting going on in the north eastern part of keith, a longer different people that you referred to as saboteurs. this could be people are dressed in ukrainian military uniforms, but actually the russians, but all around compared to other nights, it was relatively calm in keith. and people are actually hoping, even though they are bracing for another day in keith and in other parts of ukraine
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. the things are going to advance in the interest of the ukrainian forces. now we do here, however, just right now that the russian troops are advancing how to keep and that apparently, russian soldiers are right now on the ground in the city of hockey. if so, nothing is nothing is far from over right now in ukraine. in fact, this escalation is major innovation is started a 4 days ago on a service to you and ukraine just started and people are bracing for more to come. you are talking about of the many people on the, on the news, but many are still staying dealing with what's going on. can you give us an idea how people are a coping with having to hide on the ground with being faced by, by the sound of these explosions? how are they dealing with it definitely puts an emotional, a mental strain on them. i mean, this is going on for weeks now, even before this invasion started, their way, the messages that is a imminent threat,
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people need to deal with this summer mentally. but on the other hand, also they try to stay united and motivate each other. in fact, those people who stay, they say, okay, i'm not just going to stay at home or stay in a shelter, but actually i'm going to take up an arm, man, women, different generation, and defend my country. they are, they are people who want to resist that want to fight. and this is something that president zalinski also underlined in his appearances and social media that everyone is really needed to fight the russian troops again. others of course, are panicking their long lines at gasoline stations, the supermarkets, the few that are open in major cities. also i have a huge crowd of people in front of them. so it's a mix of panic, but also a mood of resistance among ukrainians. here, they hoped also with the help of the western allies that this entire invasion can be still won against russia. but of course, nobody knows,
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as we know of the russian troops are so much superior in terms of numbers in terms of military gear, in terms of being able to invade his country by all on all fraud, spies on sea air and, and via land. so it is of very, how should i say i an equal or uneven a fight here to say so between russia and ukraine. all right, honey patch on can that nit ski in the west of ukraine? thanks, i much and ukraine is doing its best to repel the russian attack by training civilians to fight support from the u. s. and of the nato members is also bolsters national defense. but few believe ukraine is a match for it's much larger neighbor. taking active and reserve troops together. he's can draw on more than 1000000 men and women. but russia has more than 3000000 . ukraine has less than 2 and
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a half 1000 tanks compared to russia. 13000 and in the ukraine has just 67 attack aircraft. in contrast to russia's 1500, a russian president vladimir putin's calculation seemed to have been that his forces would secure a swift clean victory. and is that going to plan? we put that question early at her paddle falcon, how're an analyst based in moscow. he specializes in the russian military, but so low known and often repeated in the american military, especially that the best finest military plans go to rubbish as soon as you meet the enemy in the field because the enemy has his own plans. so that's exactly what's happening. lou, this be even decisive right now. it's not too early a bit to say that russia and france, the 1st seems to be a bit off schedule though,
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the russians are still have the image should have that. so she for sure. and the opinions are just pushing back the resisting, but the russians have the initiative and can use it. was the summer, especially troubling. is that ukrainian, maria, military and political structures are somehow still holding. and with you, premium resistance is still organized. actually, the pentagon general's believed that in 72 hours, 3 days, the ukrainian organized resistance would collapse, and then it would be maybe guerrilla warfare. so they were providing actually weapons before the war broke out. weapons that can be used by guerrillas shoulder launched a sting gears and javel and the other such anti tank weapons. but the opinion, the military, their staffs are still working. it's an organized resistance, and that's not good. that's not good at all for the russian strategic plans to take
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over ukraine and rewrite their constitution, rewrite everything. because if there's continued and maybe even successful, organized resistance that will raise the morale of the korean soldiers and population. and they will be harder for russia to operate, and that's true if it drags on it could be a war of attrition address. you can actually in the end, lose a couple 1000. however, russian military analyst in moscow. now russia is still fin demonstrations against the invasion, despite the crops down on descent, police and from petersburg, detained a belgian during a 3rd night of action and independent monitoring groups. because over 3000 people have been arrested since thursday. authority say the protests are illegal because they were not approved in advance, but anti war demonstrations are unlikely to receive official approval.
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and we can cross now that to natalia mullin, favor a journalist in moscow, the russian capital natalia, thanks so much for joining us now. russia, the invasion appears to have united west and allies support an ages pouring in. germany says it will now deliver weapons directly to ukraine. how has russia and its government reacting to all of this? well, russia's official position stay the same, that russia is strong and is prepared to 5 bear to fight in this military and military operation. that as this is a term used here, not a war, not an invasion, but a special military operation to actually protect and free people of grade. that's what it says here on the russian. they tv and in the official of shows, pictures of latin report and his missiles. so there is not, hasn't seemed to be
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a change of how it's portrayed here in the light of the new weapons delivered to ukraine. am russia and you said it's strong and it's going to be there and the em every hour here a yesterday and today hasn't been any, but there will be during the day. we have updates from the ministry of defense about how many military targets haven't captured or destroyed. and actually we have received the 1st information about the 1st person from the rational side, who actually for wicked him to his, for before that we haven't heard about any victims on the russian side. on the contrary, deep ukrainian side m is telling us that they have been around 3. so holland, a russian men captured acute, sorry, through some russian men, killed and around 300 captured. understand. now, russian banks are also now facing a ban on access to the swift international payment system, which would make it harder for companies in russia to do business. how much of a blow is this to moscow? well,
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russia says he has been preparing for sanctions. the sanctions are nothing used since 2014. in fact, yesterday the deputy on the minister of economic development and said that there will be a symmetrical measures toward the west where you have been unit of the u. s. after this sanction, especially after this wicked doesn't use of this if it's, it came early this night. but actually yesterday i think everybody was expecting this to happen. and this he says, it's naive to things. russia didn't count on that and one to anything. and he said, the central bank will be prepared to help all the russian banks in this scenario. and this is this, this has been counted on since 2014 and russia won't. russian citizens won't notice this, he said. but it's hard to have to know what exactly is happening in the russian, probably because i think everybody not this way worried what's happened to the assets. we've seen people going to banks cash machine to withdraw cash interchange rebels into dollars in euro's so it's
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a russian public is way worried about welcomed. all right, natalie asthma and favorite in moscow. thanks. i much was making to us a large crowds of turned out and cities around the world as well to show support the ukraine. thousands of russians living abroad have joined the protests. they're saying vladimir putin's decision to launch the invasion does not represent them. taking to the streets with blue and yellow flags and calls for solidarity from crowds of people in cities around the world. ukrainians, living abroad have joined with supporters of ukraine o, calling for more help to defend ukraine against russia's aggression in tokyo residence called on japan to step up actions to stop russian president vladimir putin and end the war. oh,
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in several australian cities, people also raised their voices, my family's allowing to you and they being hiding in the shelter, waiting to be bombarded and he died. rushing to notice the dark military stations, they attack child's guess andras hospital schools, any shelters. they search for those shelters. people hiding men's good. i don't know. what else i can do. i'm trying to gather as many people year as possible. 3 year old boys. we need to help from either countries alongside ukrainians abroad. some russians overseas are also joining the rallies to publicly show. they don't support hooton's war for many ukrainians. far from home, the support is heartening,
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but the feelings of helplessness are still overwhelming. everybody scared everybody suffering. the women and children are not agreeing to leave their man behind. men are fighting and it's it's, it's scary and is devastating for everybody in the night. from friday to saturday, it was widely reported that russian troops were about to take over ukraine's capital give. but they didn't. i am like proud of our ukrainian military because they're defending our country and i am sure that they will steal till the end. right now we face one of the strongest armies in the whole world, the russia and importing is not a human being. well, the fact that ukraine is still defending itself against russia's aggressive


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