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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CET

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boy, d, w ah, ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, russia, a tax civilian infrastructure as its invasion of ukraine, and it's full day bosco's forces blow up a gas pipeline and oil that power in the countries east creating what the government and key of wardens could be. an environmental catastrophe. also on the show, germany does and about face and agrees to send weapons to support ukraine's defense and a significant policy shift chunks that will actually approve a delivery of anti tank weapons. and missiles trots balls of rushes action,
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a turning point in history. the threatens the world order ah, and i man, you campus mccann and welcome to the program. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has accused russian forces of targeting civilian infrastructure are for a 4th night of attacks across ukraine. overnight, moscow hit at fields and fuel facilities, including a civilian oil depot, 30 kilometers, south of peeve. it forces also blew off a pipeline near ca. he's in the east authorities say the blast could cause an environmental catastrophe. a ukraine's pipeline operator says it hasn't affected supply. this comes the some russian forces were seen entering the city. after meeting stiff resistance, they've ordered been ordered to advance in train from all directions.
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and we can cross straight to d. w correspondent, funny if a child who's in malesky in weston ukraine. good morning, honey. tell us about the night and how things are looking way you all this morning relative o'clock called her i am right now, but people always preparing room. the next shelter work and they go to it again, they hear there's an alarm, you have to go. they are military i. there's a military base me by mid your way has about 30 to 50 kilometers from here that have been attacked on the previous days. and not last night, however, but there was a critical infrastructure attacked near keith as we have just heard an oil terminal . and also there was a lot of fighting the north eastern part of keith, apparently saboteurs addressing as a ukrainian soldiers. and apparently, also a taking a tank most likely of from a, from a military are based near you cray and iraqi,
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if that's been heavily of force in between ukrainian or russian forces. these conflicting information by the data, a military base, hostile mal is known russian or in ukrainian hands. but as we have just heard presidents lensky pointing out that there were really a lot of attacks, missiles that a beer, a, a raining basically over various ukranian cities. also attacking civilian infrastructure, and he also said that the russian forces don't even a, don't even take it to at least try to prevent to attack ambulances or anything that somehow connected to civil infrastructure. so very difficult night in various parts, once again in ukraine. and yet we've just heard, funny that a russian delegation has arrived in belarus, supposedly to off a talks with ukrainian officials. how is this going down in ukraine? was the government's response to this zelinski just stated that they are not going
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to go to buy the roots. in fact, that they see, they say, in a way almost like is a provocation, because it was from bella luce, according to ukrainian government, with huge russian. a troops were dispatched from so a to them, having a meeting in by the roost with the crate of the russians is, is basically something that doesn't serve their interest. they say they're ready to negotiate, but not embarrassed. in fact, a couple of days ago presidents lensky suggested voss saw as a possibly play. so pull and there was no reaction to that. there is a door open to negotiation from the ukrainian perspective. this was something that was put forward all the for this entire full scale invasion started on thursday, but the, the iraq, the ukranian president as an answer also makes fear, is not going to happen on any condition, but also not just in nothing by the rules for the very res, reason that i, i just mentioned because they are seen as being part of this entire escalation that's playing out here in ukraine. all right, dw carbon correspondent,
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funny fetch in ukraine. thanks so much and would join now by natalia mullen saver who is a journalist in moscow. natalia welcome. we've just heard this announcement of the russian delegation in belarus. the kremlin says it's offering talks with with ukraine. can you tell us more about this development? yes, just about an hour ago they've been, they've been information about from their russian a kremlin press secretaries to give it to be scoffed. who announced that a russian delegation has already arrived to better was to see, to have gorman, which associated close to the border with the ukraine. enter the border with russia in there already. there is to hold talks with the ukrainian side here has been this back and forth. what comes to negotiations? because on friday, a russia, supposedly, after the suggestion of ukraine to discuss the neutral status of the country. i suggested bellows as the,
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and the place. hope this negotiations and they say they even stopped this military operation for a couple of hours while waiting for the response from ukraine. and what came then was a suggestion to hold talk somewhere else. and, and after that the roughly resumed its attack. and now we heard this, that there is a negotiation going on there, but also the same. at the same time. russian president vladimir putin addressed directly to the ukrainian army into the ukrainian people, urging them to basically talk to russian government directly to overthrow government in key f. so there isn't extra enough, clear positions here on whether russia actually wants this talks and also in belarus, right? now today's important day because today there was a referendum on constitutional ref random in belarus. so baller was the static also own fate and by it path forward. but present locker shameka and biller from said has already confirmed there also ready for the stocks. all right, natalie, as well and favorite enough quote, thanks so much for them. thinking
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a ukraine is doing its best to repel the russian attack by training civilians to fight support from the u. s. and of the nato members has also bolster national defences. but few actually believe that ukraine is a match for it's much larger mate, neighbor, taking active and reserve troops together. keith can draw on more than 1000000 men and women, but russia has more than 3000000 ukraine has less than 2 and a half 1000 tanks compared to russia's 13000 and in the air. ukraine has just 67 attack aircraft, in contrast to russia's 1500. now in a major shift in foreign policy, germany has agreed to support ukraine with weapons as it resists russia's invading forces are burning back, tracked on a long running ban on weapons exports to was owns and says it will now send anti tank weapons and missiles the policy shift brings germany into line with other
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western allies supplying alms to ukraine. the decision came off, the chancellor will offshore its met, leaders from poland and lithuania to discuss tougher sanctions against russia. ahead of the meeting, holland's prime minister was highly critical of germany saying that berlin's previous decision to only send 5000 helmets. ukraine was a joke. i spoke earlier to d w's, chief political correspondent, melinda crane. and i asked her what finally pushed germany to change course on these arms deliveries to ukraine. absolutely, it's nothing short of a small revolution in the german security policy. germany had been resisting the pressure to send weapons on the basis of a law that reflects this country's very long prohibition on delivery weapons to conflict zones. that, in turn is a reflection of lessons learned from world war 2. which of course, was
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a war of aggression that germany itself initiated. so the prohibition included a town who on german weapons being delivered to a country where they could be used against russian soldiers in particular because of the suffering that germany had inflicted there during the 2nd world war. until now, the view in berlin has been that diplomacy is the tool of choice, and the commercial relations will bring moderation on russia's part. but there has been increasing recognition that these assumptions are unrealistic, not to say naive. and in fact, pressure had been mounting across the political spectrum to revisit this issue. and now in the face of valiant fighting by the ukrainian forces, who as you said, are vastly outnumbered and, and outmanned. germany has essentially beginning been looking increasingly
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you could say passive and particularly given the fact that this country is a major weapons export and that it's weapons often do indirectly find their way to conflict zones. so in the face of all that, the leading ministers from all of the coalition parties did meet yesterday. and afterwards, chancellor schultz sent out the decision by tweet saying that it is our duty to support ukraine to the best of our ability in defending against proteins. invading army, and we see this moment as a major turning point. i listed on his chief political correspondent, melinda crane. now, the russian invasion of ukraine has sent tens of thousands of people fleeing back home since last thursday. huge crowds have been waiting at train stations to travel to the border and cross into neighboring countries. these scenes from the live in western ukraine show the fear and the frustration there is not enough space on the
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trains to carry every one to safety. men of fools to say good bye to their families . they're not allowed to leave because they've been called up to fight. many of the refugees all headed to poland in our report and monica shariska sent us this report . the pool is ukrainian border, and medica and southeastern poland. since russian forces invaded ukraine around a 100000 people cross the border seeking refuge. they say there are long lines of cars trying to enter poland. many of the new arrivals are met by friends and relatives on the polish side, including oksana, dable, vent girl. she and her family have a grueling 30 hour journey behind them. most of them delivered school article. you know, we live near military airport when the pick up in the morning we heard sirens,
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which was my mother immediately hidden a bomb shelter. my parents stayed in ukraine, said armory and my brother to his serving in the army. i know they were able to leave the bomb shelter with the school, but you never know if maybe they'll have to hide again today. we always i'm just i'm really worried. like louis what is wrong with ha, also had to leave her loved ones behind. her mother is not allowed to leave ukraine because she works for the military. the 17 year old is still in shock. but with i was afraid that people would trample me for that. am i trying to cross the border? but i did it now. i believe that things will go well, why is clear? but i fear for my family and for ukraine. i don't know what will happen and i'm
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afraid of subsidy with so many volunteers are helping the exhausted refugees on the polish side of the border. they can get a warm meal here. and pollens border guards say they're ready to meet this unprecedented challenge in our history. history of police beauregard says a fit 1st situation. and in disco, we brought to a more and more stuff, all the copying, so which can be open on the board to crossing phones are open. and what we did today in the morning given we're check the pedestrians on the academy now dedicated to normally full course. the family finally reunites out of parking lot and modica oxen has husband. sergei has come from dusseldorf where he lives and works with thought. oscar obe latoya, the russians are making war shooting, bombing,
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and launching missiles on, but there were explosions in the town where my daughter lives. there, ma'am? yes. go on. yeah, we have to get them all out there. we have no choice as of yet. it says facilities now sir, gay will take his family back to his home in germany, but it's unclear what they'll do and how long they can stay. his family never wanted to leave their homeland. you're watching d, w, and use his a quick recap of what's happening in ukraine on the ground. russia has unleashed a wave of attacks as its invasion of ukraine and is its 4th day. it's targeted at fields and fuel facilities, including an oil depot outside the capsule. keith moscow's advance has been slowed . bypass resistance, guillotine, d, w, and use our black stop film visits, the philippines. a people are risking their lives to illegally mine golden corral
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for that he can and don't forget as opposed complete coverage. the brushes ball against you cried on our website. that's v w dot com as well as on twitter and instagram act. the d w. use. i'm and you can, can edit thanks so much for watching with sun or driven by merciless greed, others fighting the destruction land grabbers or exploiting. amazon reinforced people's support now briefly opposing them to report to the heart of brazil stuart's march 9th on d. w. ah.


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