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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, ukraine's president says, russia's actions best signs of genocide, laudermill zalinski calls for russia to be stripped of it. see to the un security council. this often, moscow's forces target civilian infrastructure, including gas pipelines, and step up the efforts to push further into ukraine. also on the show, germany does and about face and agrees to send weapons to support ukraine's defense in a significant policy shift. chancellor la charlotte's approves a delivery of antique tank weapons and miss files. charlotte,
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schools rushes action, a turning point in history that threatens the world order and long lines have formed a train stations and borders as ukrainians flee. the war we report from poland. what tens of thousands have already crossed the border from u. k. from ukraine, plus protests held in cities world wide to stand up against the invasion in russia itself. authorities detain hundreds dead descent against vladimir putin. oh, mm hm. i'm a new cops mccain and thanks so much for joining us. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says rushes military advance on ukraine verges on genocide. in a short video, he condemned to brushes target, sang of civilian restaurant. jeff should saying moscow had lost any right to remain
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on the un security council. he also said he was willing to hold talks, but not in belarus, which is russia's ally overnight. moscow hit at fields and fuel facilities, including a pipeline near a thief in the east. some russian forces was seen entering the city of the meeting, stiff resistance. moscow has ordered its forces to advance in ukraine from all directions. and we can cross straight to dw correspondent, funny if a child who's in malesky in a western ukraine. good morning, funny. tell us about the night and how things are looking where you all this morning brought to the cloud. com for i am right now, but people always preparing where is the next shelter work? and they go to it again, they hear there's an alarm. you have to go. they are military. i am. it is a military base me by mid to warehouse, about 30 to 50 kilometers from here that have been attacked on the previous days and not last night. however, but there was
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a critical infrastructure attacked near keith as we have just heard an oil terminal . and also there was a lot of fighting the north eastern part of keith, apparently saboteurs addressing as a ukrainian soldiers. and apparently, also a taking a tank most likely of from a, from a military are based near you, cray and iraqi, if that's been heavily of fought it between the ukrainian or russian forces. these conflicting information by the data, a military base, a hostile mal, is done russian or in ukrainian hands. but as we have just heard presidents lensky pointing out that there were a really, a lot of attacks and missiles that a beer, a, a raining basically over various you, q pregnant cities, also attacking civilian infrastructure. and he also said that the russian forces don't even a, don't even take it to at least try to prevent, to attack ambulances or anything that somehow connected to civil infrastructure. so
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very difficult night in various parts, once again in ukraine. and yet we've just heard, funny that a russian delegation has arrived in belarus, supposedly to offer talks with ukrainian officials. how is this going down in ukraine? was the government's response to this zelinski just stated that they are not going to go to buy the roots. in fact that they see, they say, in a way, almost like is a provocation because it was from bella roost, according to ukrainian government. where use a russian, a troops were dispatched from so a to them, having a meeting in by the roost with the crate of the russians is, is basically something that doesn't serve their interest. they say they're ready to negotiate. but not in ballard was in fact, a couple of days ago president zalinski suggested voss saw as a possible place to pull. and there was no reaction to that. there is a door open to negotiation from the. 5 ukrainian perspective,
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this was something that was put forward all the for this entire full scale invasion started on thursday. but the a, the, a, the ukrainian president as an answer also makes via, it's not going to happen on any condition, but also note just in nothing by the rules for the very res. reason that i, i just mentioned because they are seen as being part of this entire escalation that's playing out here in ukraine. all right, dw carbon correspondent, funny fetch in ukraine. thanks so much and would join now by natalia smile and say the who is a journalist in moscow. natalia welcome. we've just heard this announcement of the russian delegation in belarus. the kremlin says it's offering talks with, with ukraine. can you tell us more about this development? yes, just about an hour ago they've been, they've been information about from their russian, the kremlin press secretaries forgive me to be scoffed. who announced that a russian delegation has already arrived to better was to see, to have gone, which is situated close to the border with the ukraine. enter the border with
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russia in there already. there is to hold talks with the ukrainian side. here has been this back and forth. what comes to negotiations because on friday, a russia, supposedly after the suggestion of ukraine to discuss the neutral status of the country. i suggested belarus as the and the place hope is negotiations. and they say they even stopped this military operation for a couple of hours while waiting for the response from ukraine. and what came then was a suggestion to hold talk somewhere else. and, and after that the roughly resumed its attack. and now we heard this, that there is a negotiation going on there, but also the same at the same time. russian president vladimir put an address directly to the ukrainian army into the ukrainian people, urging them to basically talk to russian government directly to overthrow government in key f. so there isn't actually not clear positions here on whether russia actually wants this talks. and also in belarus right now,
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today's important day because today there was a referendum on constitutional referendum in belarus. so baller was, is the static also own fate and by it path forward. but present lucas shameka and biller from said has already confirmed. they're also ready for the stocks. all right, natalie, as well and favorite in moscow. thanks so much for them. thinking as we've heard, belarus is holding a constitutional referendum that asked voters to extend the term of its full force, her leader, alexander lucas shinkel. it would also see better us as neutral status removed, allowing the country to host russian forces and nuclear weapons on a permanent basis. the referendum has been widely condemned by the opposition and international observers. the threat to better assist sovereignty. now, in a major shift and foreign policy and germany has agreed to support ukraine with weapons as it resists russia's invading forces. berlin backtracked on
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a long running ban on weapons exports to war zones, and says it will now send anti tank weapons and missiles. the policy shift brings germany into line with other western allies supplying alms to ukraine. and the decision came off to transfer that will actually it's met, leaders from poland and lithuania, to discuss tougher sanctions against russia. at the meeting, poland prime minister was highly critical of germany saying berlin's previous decision to only send 5000 helmets to ukraine. was a joke. and for more on this decision, i'm joined now by database chief, political correspondent, melinda crane. melinda, thank you for joining us. that this is a major, you turn for the job and government, what was it that finally pushed it to change course? you know, as you, as you said, germany has steadfastly resisted appeals and also criticism. saying
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that it does have these long standing laws that prohibit any delivery of weapons to war zones. and those laws essentially reflect lessons learned from world war 2 when germany initiated its own war of aggression. and they even include a taboo on sunday, particularly on sending weapons anywhere where they might be deployed against russian soldiers, because germany inflicted so much suffering on russia. however, as you know, germany has been facing increasing pressure for its resistance. it is a major weapons exporter and the fact is that german weapons often do find themselves to war zones. so, to many people, this looked almost hypocritical, certainly in the face of what we are seeing in ukraine. the valiant fighting by slee out numbered force. many people also within the german coalition itself were saying this prohibition really needs to be re examined. and chancellor schultz said
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yesterday, after meeting with his leading ministers from all of the coalition parties that we are seeing a turning point in history. nothing less than that. you could even say this is the end of the post world war 2 era. and therefore, he said, we will now do what we can to arm ukraine and a mental decision. let's talk about swift. and if we can the global payments network, this is also a big decision while you lead, as they will. of course, lining up to ban of russia from swift. germany wasn't willing now, it has agreed again, was the pressure on the left shows just to grace in the end. you know, in this was a case where it was indeed, becoming extremely uncomfortable. germany was the last hold out on this up until yesterday. other countries that had been resisting like italy, cypress said they're willing to go along. germany was holding out not only because of concerns about the effects on its own economy because excluding banks from swift
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will affect both sides of the transaction. and there are a number of german banks that have outstanding debt in russia. a lot of outstanding debt. that's the same for italy in cyprus by the way, but also politicians here, including the foreign minister, were very concerned about collateral damage as she called it, to partners in russia like civil society organization that, that received financial support from germany. that will be harder to channel, potentially, at least if there were a broad band on swift. but it seems that they have now agreed on very targeted measures that will exclude certain, but not all russian banks from swift that apparently has assuaged some of the concern here in berlin and made it possible to go forward. but there are already calls for wider action on swift, for a more broader swift exclusion. so again, there will be ongoing concern about collateral damage both in russia and of course
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within the u. member countries. alright, t w's chief political correspondent, belinda crane. thank you so much. now, ukraine is doing its best to repel the russian attack by training civilians to fight support from the u. s. and other nato members has also bolt bolster. national defense is but few really believe ukraine is a match for it's much larger neighbor. taking active and reserve troops together keep control on more than 1000000 men and women. russia, however, has more than 3000000 ukraine has less than 2 and a half 1000 tanks. compared to russia's 13000 and in the air, ukraine has just 67 attack aircraft, in contrast to russia's 1500. i'm joined now by professors and can knight said he is a military historian at the university of puts dump of as
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a night at night. so thank you so much for joining us. ukraine. it was one of the major battlefields in world war 2. now again, it's at the center of a global crisis. it's history repeating itself. can you put into perspective for us, how great a trauma is this for the nation? i think it's a tremendous trauma. so we have to remember that the german war and the 2nd both german attack on soviet union was mainly force on the soil, be russia both states and do crating, not so much on the russian so, so, so if we're talking about the war and lation and conducted by the gym, so we talk about the holocaust, the, the mens destruction, the enormous amount of casualties. there's very much a history of the, of the ukraine. so in this, this takes, again, a major war, major attack. this is when we, we all couldn't imagine this,
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this would happen again in the year in 2022. so it's, it's definitely a shock. it's has been said, this is definitely a turning point and good. the germans step by step now realize about their illusions and come along to help you. great. let's talk about let in a police and now he's cemented conflict with georgia and he's assisted autocratic and belarus. catholics dom d. stabilized mall though, that course that was the annexation of crimea, and now perhaps other parts of ukraine. where is person coming from? in your opinion, does he want to revive the tradition of the russian czarist empire? so it's very difficult because we can't really see in teams that we thought we thought until last thursday, that to team is of course, or vision is of course want to secure its own interest. but that is not a gambler,
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and that is not stupid. so we all thought, all, you know, consultants, experts, whatever, both he's not going for a walk into interstate, or we haven't seen interstate or so long. and so, but in regard to, to be in events since thursday we obviously will see that wall, even a proper interstate, major war is in school books. and with that, we'll have to recalibrate or, or our security policy is especially the case with germany, professors, and cannot send military historian at the university of potsdam. thanks so much for your insights. you're welcome. now the russian invasion of ukraine has sent tens of thousands of people fly in the home since thursday, huge crowds have been waiting a train stations to travel to the border and cross into neighboring countries.


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