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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. peace talks over, you cried even as war rages on ukraine and russia agreed to meet and negotiate as they battle for control of ukraine's biggest cities. we'll get the latest in just a moment or so vladimir putin put nuclear forces on alert. the russian leader blames western sanctions. usa, he's making up threats. ah,
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i'm jarrett rate. thank you very much for your company. ukraine and russia. do to start holding peace talks shortly. it's not clear exactly when negotiations are supposed to begin, but it's understood. the 2 sides have been arriving at a location somewhere on ukraine's border with bill ruth, he came ukraine's president florida. miss lensky has said, though he doesn't hold out much hope of a breakthrough. on the ground, russian forces are trying to push deeper into ukraine, and there's been no late up in fighting the mirror. key of earlier said that the capital was surrounded by then he later retracted that statement. battles are still going on around other population centers. weapons of war at a children's playground in khaki, as all of these images uploaded to social media, purportedly show russian soldiers, healthy person filming,
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since they are shooting at houses. but they run into fierce resistance. a trail of russian reconnaissance vehicles is left smoldering as ukrainian soldiers drive the russian army back out of ukraine. second largest city, the regional governor says khaki is back under ukrainian control the capital key if is also putting up a fight. while explosion after explosion goes off near the heart of the city. a war just outside the window. many fleet to subway stations when they hear air raid sirens, it was my family. i moved to our relatives place to chris. they are closer to the metro station. and there is a better opportunity to run down the metro station itself is heavy bomb been take place in the east apartment buildings in ruins, a gas pipeline, and an oil depot in flames. in an effort to stop the destruction,
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ukraine's president agrees to peace talks. the man is still green scott, the ukrainian and russian delegations as we'll meet without any preconditions. holden, frankly speaking, i do not really believe in the outcome of the meeting, jani, those of you to visit betsy's will stitching. meanwhile, new satellite images show a convoy of hundreds of russian military vehicles approaching the capital. a sign that the fighting there may become even more intense. and d, w correspondent mathias bowling is in west in ukraine at the moment. and i asked him earlier, what could we expect from these plan talks between ukraine and russia. trust in russia is understandably very low. now we have the impression or we can say that the war has not gone so far as russia had expected it. the offensives are stark.
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they meet with fierce resistance from the ukrainians. and the best guess would be that these negotiations are about winning time for russia. from the russian side, it's not very logical to build up an army for a month with the purpose of attacking a country openly, basically displaying its power, then attacking. and after 3 days, rethinking and offering some other kind of solution. so either russia things, they have already pressured ukraine enough into agreeing to their terms, which is not the case from the ukrainian perspective. or they're just winning time . i was my ts bowling in west and ukraine debt will. russian president vladimir putin has put his so called deterrence forces, including nuclear armed forces on high alert in a video distributed by the kremlin,
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putin said nato powers have made aggressive statements towards russia. you'll save pointed to economic sanctions that will cut off russian banks from international transactions in prudence, blaming the west for his decision on this nuclear announcement was really believe you lose. it is not only our western countries taking unfriendly economic steps against our country that i mean the illegal sanctions that everyone knows about very well with what the top officials of leading nato countries. those are also making aggressive statements about our country receiving. therefore, i order the minister of defense and the chief of the general staff, but to put the deterrent forces of the russian military room to a special mode of combat. duty. biddies dw correspondent, emily sherwin is here with me until recently she worked in our bureau in moscow
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until of course russia withdrew her journalistic accreditation and shot d w's operations there. emily, it's great to have you here. we just heard vladimir putin just speak. what's your main take away from what he said? well, he said that russia's deterrent forces were to be placed on standby. and he said that that was in response to the fact that the leaders of nato were kind of making aggressive statements towards russia. so it was very much him saying that he was responding and also kind of throwing his weight around, i think, but this isn't the 1st time that we've heard similar statements from him recently last week. for example, he also said that any country that metals in what's happening will face consequences that you've never faced in your history before. so i think that's a pretty clear nuclear threat as well. and i think it's a clear message to the west as well that ukraine is russia's sphere of influence and that they should keep out of this. so some very clear message is there,
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as you say. now, emily, for the 1st time, rational authorities have admitted that russian soldiers have been killed during this invasion. what does this tell us? who i think that this could be a change in narrative because so far on state tv, the narrative is very much ben. this is going to be a, a quick operation, or we're going to go in and stevie has been talking about. i heard them saying scalpel like accuracy. they said that they're not going to be hitting any civilian infrastructure that they'll just be hitting a military. um, you know, infrastructure institutions and so on, on the perfect operation was kind of are to day they had to admit that there have been victims when it comes to the russian army. they didn't mention any numbers. so they've been quite vague. they did say that the numbers are much, much lower than the victims that there have been on the ukrainian side. but i think that this could become a real p r problem for the russian side. because, you know,
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at the moment we are seeing quite a lot of opposition to this war to day. for example, there were huge protests across the country with almost 2500 people arrested according to rights groups. and i think when it comes to the people who are currently supporting this operation, people who are watching state tv, they could kind of change their tune when the body bags start arriving back in russia. now you just talked about piano messaging, or russia is cracking down, or media outlets and social media. what does this media landscape in russia look like in the midst of a war today? or it's, it's, it's been rather confusing because there's quite mixed messaging. you know, if you look at state state media outlets, you get one story. if you look at critical media outlets, you get a completely different story. and i think that's going to get, you know, even harder, you know, even more confusing for people because critical media is facing a bit of a crackdown and we'll probably face more of a crackdown internet freedom as well. we've already seen on facebook facing partial
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restrictions. and user users complaining of a partials of a slow down of face of facebook. instagram and twitter and russian media was also told only to use official sources. several critical media outlets were told not to refer to this as a war. and also the general prosecutor's office today warned that any sort of help to a foreign government could be considered treason which could mean up to 20 years in prison. potentially, also for journalists, potentially also for, for journalists working at critical media outlets, many of which are already labeled for an agents in russia. so i think we're going to see a crack down on the media sphere and on, on the internet as well. going forward. okay, emily show and thank you. the european union is organizing a huge logistical operation to deal with hundreds of thousands of ukrainians fleeing their homeland,
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your paying commission president o'sullivan de lion says the block welcomes them with open arms. huge queues have form. does people try to leave? now most of the refugees are hitting for poland. we have this report from our correspondent mcsaunder, who's at the border exhausted, but happy to have made it to poland. for natalia cook's and her son, yvonne, an opportunity to finally rest their group, lift you crane with the 1st alarm and only got her now. i'm not scared to about simeon, my son might skate ice care about my my husband, my parents, natalia tells us her husband had to stay behind. he may have to fight into, of course, my son ryker. i ran as a here because his separate a separate entity i, he wanted to, she's a husband all this call him and i say i wanted to be with you. a former
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warehouse now serves as a provisionary shelter, a safe haven for those who don't have anywhere to go. there is no shortage of donations including food, diapers, and blankets. most of it is handled by volunteers. people from all over poland and even abroad are pitching into help with rides out of town, and even places to sleep upon. hey, is this, you know, we have very concerned about everything that's happening. this is great injustice, and i think everyone should help has accosted moving into my god. joseph eric and frances are also need of help. in a during students barely made it across the board. they tell us, this is not the only report of africans having been sent to the back of the queue by ukrainian border guards. there was a lot of this confusion going on there where we actually had to like beg people to like take us into the border so we could find a way to escape. well, of course racism discrimination. no one listened to was gone. of course can call on everything back inside of gaining keep,
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the jenko is waiting for his wife to reunite with him and his son ilia. eat to us, mary clark. treat for me. for his mother. the trip isn't over yet. she is still stuck at the border after a night out in the court. mamma, those are graham. his mother is also under huge stress, but she is holding up. she is very strong. she is now helping other people with her at the borders. yeah. william hall and trying to calm them down and offering her course so they can keep warm. so when you said a wireless massena together, they planned to carry on to latvia and then perhaps to england, just far enough away from the war. well, hundreds of thousands of people have protested the russian invasion in cities around the world. here in berlin, there was a huge rally at the landmark brandon gate. it would be g demonstrations also in paris, madrid, and a string of the capitals where police mostly left people aligned to march. but
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that's not something that can be said about the protests that happened in dozens of rush and cities. a monitoring group says at least 2000 people were detained. they were chanting no to war. in russia from st. petersburg to siberia, protesting their country's invasion of ukraine. and in so many places, the script was the same inspired chance followed by action from security forces. often in riot gear. ah, what it can't be any worse. we're the aggressor state and people are dying because of us. i'm ashamed. i haven't been able to live normally for several days. i'm burning with shame. oh ukrainians. well, away from russia were meanwhile burning with pride. their national anthem played
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outside the russian embassy in berlin. and over at the brandenburg gate, police left more than $100000.00 people to chide vladimir putin and support ukrainians. it is our backyard. they are neighbors or brothers, or cousins, or co workers, put in this bond in my country, which is ukraine. is the killing people killing children. i wish i could do my but coming in showing our solidarity, showing that we really want the people of ukraine to be say, the attack on ukraine is an attack on us on all our ideas, just like the ukrainians have been telling us for the past 8 years such support for ukraine was also found in cities as varied as paris. oh, her beal in courtesy, rock santiago, chile. oh,
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and the lithuanian capital vilnius were ex pat bella. russians protested their country support for the invasion. also without police interference. watching d. w, stay here for our special coverage of the chancellor, old of historic speech to parliament on sunday. i'm going with ah, they've had no peace for decades. the people of iraq countries devastated. and there's no end to the buying. how did it come to this? can i get this is revealed and unprecedented story late
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he behaved exactly like the dumbest.


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