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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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works on d w ah ah, this is d w news coming to live from berlin, russia and ukraine due to hold peace talks, his vladimir putin war rages, all the negotiating table is set for a meeting later today. ukraine says it has little hope for a resolution. the battle continues for control of the biggest cities with russian troops seen closing in the capital. kia will hear the latest from our correspondence. also coming up the european union steps up in response to the war, funding weapons for ukraine, closing aerospace to russian plains and banning some pro prevalent media.
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ah. hello and terry martin, thanks for joining us. peace talks between ukraine and russia are due to start in a few hours as russia's invasion of its neighbour enters its 5th day. ukraine's president polonius zalinski says he does not expect to break through, but is willing to take any chance to try and end the war. the 2 sides are meeting and battle roost near the ukrainian border, but a roost officials published this picture of the room where the discussions are set to take place. meanwhile, ukrainians have been forced to take shelter as the russian onslaught continues, the crane says it's still in control of all major cities, but the pressure is growing on the strategic port. city of mario, or chia and khaki are also bracing for pressure. tank's. ukraine says over 350 civilians have been killed so far. weapons of war at
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a children's playground in khaki, as all these images uploaded to social media, purportedly show russian soldiers, the person filming, since they are shooting at houses for nothing. but they run into fierce resistance . a trail of russian reconnaissance vehicles is left smouldering as ukrainian soldiers drive the russian army back out of ukraine. second largest city. the regional governor says khaki is back under ukrainian control the capital key if is also putting up a fight while explosion after explosion goes off near the heart of the city. a war just outside the window. many fleet to subway stations when they hear air raid sirens is my family. i moved to our relatives place because they are closer to the metro station. and there is
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a better opportunity to run down the metro station itself is heavy bomb being take place in the east apartment buildings in ruins, a gas pipeline, and an oil depot in flames. in an effort to stop the destruction, ukraine's president agrees to peace talks. the man is still green scott, the ukrainian and russian delegations was we'll meet without any preconditions. jordan, frankly speaking, i do not really believe in the outcome of the meeting young those of you to visit betsy's official. meanwhile, new satellite images show a convoy of hundreds of russian military vehicles approaching the capital. a sign that the fighting there may become even more intense. we have correspondence on the ground in ukraine. one of them is funny for char, she's in western ukraine in the city of melanie. it's funny. how has the situation
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developed in ukraine overnight as if people had a couple of hours of sleep without that sound of sirens or shelling in keith and in car keith. but that started to change again, just before dawn when bo cities specifically also had a key for fighting is really a going on intensely where that shelling intensified. what we can see currently for the current situation is, is a lot of conflicting information circling around here. one, a referring to a, a major, a very paul for nuclear plant. indeed, one of the most powerful nuclear plants for europe, which is located in the south east of ukraine. russia claims that they're controlling this power plant. ukraine says that's not the case. also, a russia is now saying that there is a passage, a safe way out out of keith. if people want to leave, where as ukraine says, people should stay at home. so as things start to escalate even further, so is the conflicting information between what is being controlled by which country
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people are really bracing here for more for an increase of attacks despite the announcement that today around 12 am local times at noon. look, a time at that ukrainian and russia and delegation is supposed to meet at the ukrainian, bordered by the roost and half talks. the question really is with what results. and in fact, some people still down here. why am right now in the western part of ukraine, whether those talks are actually going to take place in new satellite images funny show a huge russian military convoy outside the ukrainian capital care that convoy is nearly 5 kilometers long. this suggests a major assault could be eminent. how is clear, preparing to defend itself. kiss is prepared in terms of they know that the bulk of the russian troops has been all around here for days. now the question really is,
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is it as russia claims that they 1st want to have every civilian outer as many civilians, l before they flatten this entire city on be that the major institutions that belong to the government? or is it that actually ukraine is trying everything still with the forces they have to repel the i rush in aggression. we do not really know to be honest to tell you for a fact what is going to happen to in key f. and in terms of the crash and how prepared ukraine is, of course, if you look at the numbers, russia is much more prepared in terms of quantity, people on the ground military equipment and so on. bought ukrainian c o c on the ground. do not underestimate the motivation of people regardless of age and gender, who are ready to stay here ready to fight. so that bulk of rushing through that he's ready to actually invade and ed the entire city day and key f is confronted also with people who have taken up arms are ready to resist at any cost to defend
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their city, the capital city of ukraine. and i would say other cities as well judging what unsafe behind you that a p, they appear to be sand bags in front of that in front of the building or correct me if i'm wrong. what about the humanitarian situation? fanny, i'm seeing reports on social media, food shortages supermarkets with empty shells. what can you tell us? the army, by the way, is a theater, or that used to be a theater, a tour now into the hat, quarter for id piece, internally displaced people who are i fear from key for other parts of the country . even though i have to add load of people who stay here in kinaski are also trying to leave. nobody really feel safe, no matter where they are located in ukraine and those sand banks have been prepared for a if debris flores basically from the sky. if a drone has begun, been taken down by you, cranium forces, or there's shelling by russians. so everybody here also here, 100 skip are i am right now is bracing actually for routes development also for
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this part of the region as far as the food shortage. if you go to supermarket, you still find very basic things depending on where you are because in some parts, if you crane, you may have may have only one supermarket for one town, meaning long lines of people trying to stalk up on the essentials. but as far as i can say, so far, the essential, appropriate providing essential, is, is, is still as filled. they are also adding to that the people are donating a lot of food, for example, here to those who do not have anything. so it really depends little bit on the municipality, how it is being organized that people are receiving what they need right now, especially if they cannot leave ukraine for very practical reasons. no gasoline, no car, simply no way to leave. and that was our correspondent, funny part char, speaking to me from western ukraine just a short while ago. now the european union has decided to finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and equipment to ukraine. it's the 1st time that he was sending
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weapons to a country under attack. european commission, president ursula phone line says the block is also closing its airspace to russian aircraft and will ban state own media channels. russia today and sputnik she also when else new sanctions targeting the regime of devolution liter. alexander lucas shanker, her for supporting rushes invasion and her. we will target the other aggressor of this war smaller, let's bring in our correspond, christine, what in brussels. christine, tell us more about how the e was moving on ukraine. what are these latest steps mean terry? it means that are for the 1st time ever, the european union is going to supply a 3rd country's military with lethal ah, ammunition, essentially to, to fight a war at 450000000 years have been set aside at to procure and, and purchase and supply the ukranian on forces out were there, for example,
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anti tank and systems air defense systems, as well as ammunition. the european union has been known to, to get involved in, in conflict, but it doesn't supply lethal ammunition. for example, with the african union assisting in, in various missions. it supplies assistance, but not lethal ammunition. so the, the significance of this and cannot be under and stated. and it is expected that it is of course, going to help the ukrainian military forces. this is a significant amount of money, in addition to that member states that have been donating to the ukrainian armed forces and at a bilateral level are going to be compensated by the european union at joseph barrel. the use of foreign affairs chief said that the idea behind this was really to incentivize these member states to continue to do that. but also add to encourage others to do the same. but effectively what this is, is the e you saying we stand with ukraine and we're willing to supply ukraine with the necessary ammunition to defeat the russians if at all possible or ukraine is
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aspiring to join the european union. or that aspiration is a key source of tension between ukraine and russia. assuming ukraine does retain its independence when this war is over. what are its prospects of becoming an eel member state terry, i'll come out outright and say that the prospects don't seem very high. and i'm going to point out to something that they're council president. i have said the european council prison, shar michelle said a little earlier, essentially saying that we have an association with ukraine and an association agreement that we would deepen. so he is already taking as some kind of accession into the e u. off of the table because of it in the last few days we've heard it from the polish president for example, or we've heard it from the silver kins calling for the ukrainians to be granted as some kind of accession into the european union pathway to accession. i'll point out that most member states have been reserved about that they've not publicly come out
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and said that and of course this comment at a very high level is shar michelle basically saying, let's continue on the corporation. the existing operation that we have, for example, the eastern partnership. but it doesn't appear there is appetite in the european union for most states just yet for ukraine to be given e u membership. christine, thank you very much. our correspondent christine runway in brussels. or hundreds of thousands of people are protested against the russian invasion and cities around the world. here in berlin, a huge rail, replace, earthy, landmark brandenburg gate. on sunday, there were big demonstrations in paris, madrid on a string of other capitals as well. people have also been attempting to protest in dozens of russian cities, but they've been met by a police crackdown. a monitoring group says at least 2000 people were detained. standing up against vladimir putin war they were chanting no to war. in russia from st. petersburg to siberia,
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protesting their country's invasion of ukraine. and in so many places, the script was the same. inspired chance followed by action from security forces, often in riot gear. ah, what it can't be any worse. we're the aggressor state and people are dying because of us. i'm ashamed. i haven't been able to live normally for several days. i'm burning with shame. oh ukrainians. well away from russia where, meanwhile, burning with pride, their national anthem played outside the russian embassy in berlin. and over at the brandenburg gate, police left more than $100000.00 people to chide vladimir putin and support ukrainians. it is our backyard. they are neighbors or brothers or cousins,
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or co workers. put in this bond in my county, which is ukraine. is the killing people killing children. i wish i could do my but coming in showing our solidarity, showing that we really want the people of ukraine to be saved. the attack on ukraine is an attack on us on all our ideas, just like the ukrainians have been telling us for the past 8 years. such support for ukraine was also found in cities as varied as paris. oh, her beal in courtesy, rock santiago, chile. wow. and the lithuanian capital vilnius were ex pat bella. ruins protested their country support for the invasion. also without police interference. but back inside russia, india caterine berg, east of the euro. mountains. the voices of protest. quickly muffled.
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ah. you're watching dw news to stay tuned for a special coverage of chancellor. allah schultz is historic speech to parliament on sunday in which he announced a major change of germany's foreign and security policy. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families please on the reason for these correct only with extreme ross getting 200 people with.


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