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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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oh this is dw news live from berlin, russia and ukraine, and their 1st talk since war broke out with no break through hopes were high, but expectations, low. ukrainian delegate describe the negotiations as difficult. also coming up on the show. heavy fighting continues around ukraine's the 2nd biggest city high kids . dozens are killed by russian rocket strikes and a minute silence at the united nations to remember victims of the conflict so far. the un chief warns from entity is facing a moment of truth. ah,
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hello em claire richardson, welcome to the show. ukraine and russia have ended their 1st talk since war broke out 5 days ago without any breakthrough. ukrainian delegate says the negotiations were difficult, and the meeting was held in bella, ruth's close to the ukrainian border. the talks began later than planned and lasted 6 hours. but despite ukraine's hopes for a cease fire and a russian withdrawal, there was no agreement. and major cities, including the capital key of are still holding out bought there is no let up in the fighting. our next report takes you to ukraine, but a warning that it does contain disturbing images of the personality of this conflict. in plain sight medic say the people
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here were injured as russian troops shelves, the port city of murray. awful. one of them, a 6 year old girl doesn't make it yet another pointless loss of life crush essays. it's not targeting civilians. but pictures such as these are which ukraine says is the residential building in flames. in the northern town of china have seemed to disprove that claim as to these satellite images showing craters caused by russian artillery fire near residential areas in the city of khaki in the east ukrainian say they will do all it takes to defend their country. a civilians learn how to become soldiers. ukraine's foreign minister makes clear the extent of his resolve that they will never give up. he also had this appeal to people in russia. quarter will resume america. i would like to address
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the citizens of the russian federation. look what vladimir putin turned your country. you'll be country into here, declared an invasive war against ukraine. she sent here your sons, husbands, to kill ukrainians. capture our lands, destroy our cities. ukrainians did not want this war, but they will fight for the land and their homes. morganson, hercules. thank you, mary. apo residents, i sheltering from the fighting in an underground. jim. many have been here for 5 days. despite what is happening outside to some a trying to be optimistic minute, let's hope for peace negotiations because everyone wants peace and some kind of result so that civilians are being killed with a majority here when your beloved. for now though, there is no peace. this is the new reality for the millions of ukrainians who just
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last week will leading normal lives. some of the heaviest fighting has been in ukraine, 2nd largest city are keith, ukrainian authorities. a dozens of people were killed and hundreds injured when russian forces fired on residential areas. the emergencies ministry released vis footage, showing flames and fake plumes of smoke rising from apartment blocks. authorities say the casualties, could it be higher if the damage from monday shelling of residential areas is still being assessed? and i want to bring in. i have jenny barbara, he is a ukranian musician, also known as zach are coachman. he has fled, car king and is now on the other side of the country in live and were welcome him to detail the news and thank him very much for joining us. so you have fled across the country, but you still have many contacts who are in car give. what are they telling you about what they are experiencing there?
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well i just, 1st of all, i would like to thank you for inviting me to the show. i just had a conversation with my guitar player who actually steal jane, and hark you. ah, today's news, we have several districts in their harkey of completely destroyed. we how high rises brought down, have a number of people killed. they went to get some food. they went to get some medicine ah, the worst in lines. of course there is a big shortage in our supplies for civilians. ghost and so we have lines. so at that very mon ah, rush committed. what they committed say you have an issue as i situation i'm from there. can i asked her how you personally made it to live if i made it by car?
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ah, you believe in the center of the city? me and my wife woke up and 4 30 in the morning ah, from explosions and sounds of explosions. and we did see ah, that with our own eyes. and then i have very old mamma and she's barely walks. i also have a kid who actually managed to break i his leg 20, one thing go well myself in that range and yet, and i situation i made a very quick decision and jumped in into the car. i picked up my mother from the bottle of a boy h as a b a, a district now being that talked. and there's a lot of buildings destroyed right now was to billions. so i jumped in the car. i picked my mom. ah, the put whatever like troy was brought in into our minds in
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get back to car and be we went, i drove up to leave for about 3 days. ah, we slept in shelters. ah, actually across the country, it's very, very embrace your how people from different seed is help people from different cities. so everybody is trying to help all those wonderful. or i'm so glad you've been able to bring your family safely with you across the country. i just want to ask how the situation in the view where you've arrived compares to what you left behind. it's more quote, but yeah, right now in the hotel, i was actually provided by a company i worked for a company to h. so the company support our game, police and the rent until were several, like $330.00 or 40 people right now. however, i had
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a possibility to actually reach to walk out and be here for about 2 weeks. now i have to make the decision. i am next live in the yeah, so i have to rent an apartment. i have a lot of things. we wish you the best of luck with the steps that do come next. thanks for speaking to was under these really difficult circumstances and the korean magician musician, excuse me, to get an offer from india. thank you. thank you. thank you. so we can speak now with it, david ish to lead, formerly with the delegation in care of and now with kremlin watch investigating russian influence and dis information operations against western democracies. one, welcome to the show. and i wanted to ask you 1st about the talks today between russia and ukraine that took place in bella, luce, they ended with no major breakthrough. does that mean that there is any chance going forward for a diplomatic resolution to this conflict?
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i think now both sides as i think through their initial positions. i mean russians are requesting greens to completely surrender or into the country abandoned their europe in natal related ambitions. and this is something which is absolutely unacceptable for ukrainian saw the ukrainians are going to bribe come today. and i think that was, i would put even more military personnel and ukraine and they will try to then, you know, literally speaking on the knee. and then the talk to my kind of review the scenario that you please don't want you to expect to see more military pressure despite the fact that we've seen unprecedented western sanctions that appear to be starting to fight meet. surely the kremlin must be feeling the pressure there of good they are . i mean we've seen today the turbulent development on the capital markets, the,
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the things i know that delineation number here, joyce of a robot. boca raton, currency. but this is not phil. i would say it kind of a decisive game changer that would force russians to also make concessions. i think that we will the other see another attempts to escalate the whole situation. and as long as the sanctions really don't kind of, you know, her, the who economy a fresh president with your will for the delay and more and more that means and military power train. now a group of eastern in your state have back ukraine's request to actually join and v e u. you previously were with the u delegation in kim. so in your experience, how likely do you think that that is well, what is more likely than the acceptance of the green invocation or the membership is that you would eventually and finally grants, ukrainian, the kind of
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a membership perspective that has been on the table since 2013 that you were always very reluctant to provide to bring with this perspective. but under the common circumstances, i think it's more likely that the use of someone member said are going to ukraine perspective. the cost for the membership has its own formal criteria. there are certain procedures and what ukraine is the past for they have asked for some sort of a fast track, you know, approach. this is something that i don't think of some members say with that fact. but i talk today to some grade you know, special and that if you want to get something to always for more so i guess this is a part of the kind of big ocean prophecy, david. sure. like formerly with the delegation in care of and now with kremlin watch,
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thanks so much for coming onto the program again. at the united nations opened an emergency session of its general assembly with a minute silence for those killed during rushes. invasion of ukraine un secretary general antonio guitar has warned russia that the fighting must stop. and he had strong words for its presidents. vladimir putin, after put his nuclear forces on high alert. we are facing a tragedy for ukraine, but also a major regional crisis. we potentially disastrous implications. what i was old yesterday, rush nuclear forces will put on high alert. these is a chilling development. the mere idea of a nuclear conflict is simply inconceivable. nothing can justify the use
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of nuclear weapons. and little more about this emergency session of the when general assembly i can i welcome richard walker. he's our chief international editor. richard. this session is still ongoing. what do we know has been happening so far? yeah, well, we'll powerful words there from antonio. good parish, opening this very unusual meeting, they've only been 10 sessions of the un general assembly of this kind ever. and we heard that warning from, from him on vladimir putin threat surrounding nuclear weapons. and carry saying at this point enough is enough. there's been so much violence already. civilians are suffering. that is really time for this to finish. already. we also heard from the ukrainian ambassador, maybe we can talk about that in a moment. the russian ambassador went through many of the talking points that we've heard from vladimir putin about how this is all the fault of the current ukrainians and pointing the finger also at the west. and it was also interesting to see the chinese ambassador, who gave
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a very short and low key intervention. the chinese position has been really interesting to watch because they're trying to sort of straggle, almost 2 rather conflicting positions. on the one hand, they're trying to support the line of russia, which is become increasingly friendly with china and recent years. and particularly, even in recent weeks, those 2 countries seem very much i to i that they want to push back against united states. but on the other hand, china having to admit that it sticks to its principles, that the territorial integrity of sovereign states, which ukraine is, cannot be damaged, cannot be infringed upon. so the chinese ambassador trying to walk the line between those positions, but also saying they were really welcome to these talks, at least a happening between the ukraine or any cleanings and the russians. richard, you mentioned that the ukranian ambassador also gave a powerful state, and i just wanna see if we can pull up a clip of what he had to say. if you crane does not survive, invention use of our international peace will not survive.
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if ukraine does not survive, the united nations will not survive. have no illusions if ukraine does not have i, we cannot be surprised if democracy fails next. now we can save ukraine. save the united nations, save democracy and defend the values we believe in stretcher. that's really a heartfelt plea from the ukrainian ambassador. i mean, do you expect we will see the international community stand by ukraine and against russian invasion and aggression? well, i mean, we've already seen one vote taking place in the u. s. system at the un security council. couple of days ago that has 15 members. the vote went 11 votes,
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criticizing russia, one vote in russia sides, russia's own rose prize and 3 extensions. so that was already assigned. russia is looking isolated. of course, this now opens up in this session of the general assembly 2 or 193 states. so it's going to be very interesting to see the degree of isolation that russia experience is there, particularly as it opens up beyond the sort of power centers of the security council to, to the entire world. so i think the supporters of this resolution criticizing rush will certainly want to have more than a 100 votes criticizing, or russia position, but we'll have to see it will. it could be tomorrow that the vote actually takes place. it could even be in when, as far through the week is wednesday, and if they do get that broad support that they want and that they expect,
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what will the actual implications be for russia? well, here's the difference between a vote in the un general assembly and a vote in the un security council. if resolution had gone through in the security council that would have had legal implications for the russians. the general assembly has no such implications, but it with the isolation, if it does come to that would certainly have moral effects on the versions i, chief international editor, richard walker, thanks as always for joining me in the studio with that update. and ukrainian civilians have been helping to resist the invasion. people are collecting donations and gathering supplies for the army. she w correspondence much as bullying are met some of the volunteers helping refugees and soldiers in the city of bennett's south west of kiff. now poland, meanwhile, is preparing for tens of thousands more migrants to cross the border from ukraine. after seeing the conflict there, the polish border guard says nearly 327000 people have crossed into poland already
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some 73000 people on monday alone. and people have been streaming across the border since russia began its invasion of ukraine. the situation in some places has turned into a humanitarian crisis. they bring everything they can spare clothes, food money as refugees, move west and soldiers east to it's the front here in vineyards and century ukraine . people are organizing aid for both on natalia who doesn't want to give her last name. leave the youth center in peacetime, she's used to organizing outings and summer cams. now at war, she's busy directing volunteers and sorting donation. new paul in the last year. i never imagined i'd be doing any of this. i'm learning
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all the time. we are improving our work every minute we are getting there before the should the minutes and center ukraine has so far been bad. heavy fighting or the air 8 alarms are frequent with, but like everywhere in the country, people here have been on the shock since russia attacked. now everyone was to contribute. a wave of solidarity is running through society. natalia is out and about around the clock. the nightly curfew is the only time she's not on site anymore just to get that done. martha, i can't just sit home doing nothing and just waiting, but i'm also definitely not leaving. this is our home that we love and we're not going anywhere really shine with. it's not only about donating goods many also
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contribute that time making camouflage. and it's for the army. green and brown clothes are separated from the donations and cut into pieces. the rest is a lot of handiwork. the ukranian army has been at war for 8 years, still lacking many basic items, including protective equipment and many here have somebody at the front, a husband, brother, sister, or in natalia's case a 19 year old son. as it is, okay. yeah. awesome. and we are in touch. i can talk to him once a day. it's those few minutes that i'm waiting for all day that you guys of being active is also a way for many here to deal with their worries. as if hard, poland is preparing for tens of thousands of migrants to come across the border from ukraine. the polish border guard saying nearly 327000 people have crossed into
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poland already and 73000 people just on monday alone. and people have been coming across the border into russia began invasion of ukraine. the situation in some places has turned into a humanitarian crisis. and he does, his correspondent max xander is in poland at the border with ukraine, macs. hi, what is the situation for you training and refugees who been arriving there? so for ukrainian refugees who made it across the border here to poland. one thing has become apparent over the last couple of days is that they are not on their own. no matter how hard the situation here is. the polish government has preparing for this for days and for weeks and has put a system in place to help these people here. and let's have a look around where we are here right now. we're in church, they the board of town. a lot of the help that comes here has been done. this can carry out by volunteers on who handles donations. as you can see here,
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people here in poland, but also people from abroad have come here to with donation. so with food with diapers, with blankets, one close to bracer the cold weather and as you rightfully, or rightly pointed out to him more than 300000 people are in poland now on a few more, many more are expected. so all help is needed at the moment. absolutely, it looks like a freezing night air and a max, you touched on the fact that some procedures have been put in place to make crossing the border a bit easier for people coming from ukraine. i understand the government is also talking about simplifying those further. he tell us a bit more about what that looks like. red cross the border still very, very difficult. so hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing from violence in ukraine at the moment. so there are still long lines of cars at the borders that are moving very slowly where people spend hours, even days in cars trying to, to,
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to reach the border. the train station on the other side and live. the platforms are full of people. people are really having a hard time getting onto those trains to become very competitive. now, one thing with the trainings are doing on the other side to speed up the processes . we bring hurrying that they're stopping there. they are no longer checking the documentations of women and children, and that is hopefully going to speed up the process. here are the poll. cider is already the case at any body coming from ukraine. can come without having to extra to go through any registration or any administrative process. and what have you been hearing from the people you've spoken to who have jest, cross at border from ukraine into poland. well, the situations are very different naturally, but what we've been hearing from people we've talked to here, they're all very relieved to finally have made it. some people are popular exhausted, people are tired and just relieved that they made it here. now the 1st people who
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came here over the last couple of days mainly were people who had some sort of connections here in poland amongst the ukraine community here. now we're seeing more and more people who are just fling and to have no real sense of orientation. so that's one thing that they have to do, like reassess their situation here and see how they continue. and what can we expect in the coming days as more and more people undoubtedly across into poland? it really depends and nobody really can answer that question for those probably. i mean the situation is, is evolving very, very quickly. um, on sunday alone we had a 100000 people reaching poland. and the government's preparing for for many more. the polish prime minister said that he was actually moved by, by the, our point of help law by the polish people here. and that poland is doing everything to help the refugees. which is that pretty much how to navy return from
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what we've seen in the past. how poland was dealing with, with people fleeing flying for more. but in this case, the country is determined to take everybody in as many people as they can be this 1000000 or, or perhaps many more important point. there are correspondent max xander. thank you so much fear of finding out well, the german city column has turned its traditional rows monday. carnival parade into a mass rally calling for police in ukraine. huge crowds gather for the event. a day after a solidarity march in berlin brought over 100000 people to the streets. this is no regular carnival, but it's loud and colorful. nonetheless, more than 150000 people came out in cologne to send a signal of support to the people of ukraine for many a bit of normality during very turbulent times. and decent talking was one of the
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frog at times like these. you have to ask yourself, do you want to shut down and not allow yourself to feel anything or run the risk of letting your feelings get away on you. this helps balance that a bit. again and a minor concern on to spin these it slower. this sorrow is not a costume, it's real. i just hope that all these children here get to live their entire lives and peace. just as i have a scantily been leading lincoln this year. it's more of a demonstration than a carnival parade. the white dove of peace, impaled on a spear organizes say, people here are saddened and outraged by what's happening in ukraine was more. that is the opening day of carnival is the most important celebration of the year. for the people of cologne, there's nothing bigger and to market today with such a clear statement, it's something very compelling. and the floats are more political than ever. this one is taking aim at vladimir putin hungry to consume all of ukraine.
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that's your news update at this hour. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more headlines. if you want more before then don't forget, there is complete coverage of the war in ukraine on our website, dw, dot com. or you can check us out on twitter and instagram to that's at t w news. i'm clear, richardson and or lynn for me, and the entire team here working behind the scenes. thanks so much for joining us. with a with
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ah ah, to the point, strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. we renewed crane seems even more frightening than before, and many people have begun to think the unthinkable off to russian president vladimir putin appeared to suggest that he could be ready to use nuclear weapons. there's the conflict entering a new dimension with d w. ah,
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oh, i hate up to date. don't miss our highlights. the d w program on line d, w dot com highlight they've had no peace for for decades. the people of iraq country is devastated and there's no end ah, how did it come to this guy? witnesses reveal unprecedented story. they were the u. s. they knew what the consequence of these things are and they've liked the world about it behaved exactly like gums
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and the poisons bear with me to life. the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d. w. civilians who have never touched a gun are taking up arms to defend their homelands. more than half a 1000000 others have fled ukraine following vladimir putin's unprovoked assault on his peaceful and sovereign neighbor in russia, financial carnage as the rubel tanks. thanks to unprecedented international sanctions. and the un secretary general warns nothing would justify the use of nuclear weapons. as russia puts its nuclear forces on high alert. i'm clear richardson in berlin and this is the day.


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