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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2022 4:00am-4:16am CET

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and reach your god, given potential as i just demonstrated, often appears we do not agree and that we are, we do agree in a lot more things and we acknowledge i signed 80 bipartisan bills in the wall last year from preventing government shut down, protecting asian americans i'm still to common hate crimes to reform military justice and will soon be strengthened, advised against women act that i 1st wrote 3 decades ago. it's important it's important for us to show show the nation come together new big thing. tonight, i'm offering a unity agenda for the nation for big things we can do together in my view. first,
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bt opioid epidemic so much. we can do increased funding for prevention. freeman, farm reduction in recovery, get rid of outdated rules and stop doctors and the stat stop, doctors versus prescribing treatments. stop the flow of willis and drugs by working with state local law enforcement to go after the traffickers. if you're suffering from addiction, you know, you should know you're not alone. i believe in recovery and i celebrate the 23000000. 23000000 americans in recovery. second, let's take on mental health. especially among our children whose lives in education had been turned upside down. the american rescue plan gave schools wanting to hire teachers and help students make up for lost learning. i urge every parent to make sure your school, your school does just that have the money. we can all play
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a part, sign up to be a tutor or a mentor. children are also struggling before the pandemic bullying violence trauma and the harms of social media. as francis hogan who is here to night with us has shown we must hold social media platforms accountable for the national experiments are conducting on our children for profit booth. thank you. it occur, you say it's time to strengthen privacy protection ban targeted advertising to children demand, tech company stuff, collecting personal data on our children. and let's get all americans, the mental health services they need. more people can turn for help and full power
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to between physical and mental health care. if we treat it that way. and on the 3rd piece of that agenda and support our veterans, veterans are the backbone in the spine of this country. they're the best of my boy to wear the sacred obligation crypto as we send to war and care for those in their family. when they come home. my registration provided assistance, a job training housing, and now helping lower income veterans got via care debt free. and our troops in iraq, a faced and rap cancer, faced many dangers. one being station a base is breathing and toxic smoke from burn pitch. many of your vendor. i've been in and out of iraq and afghanistan over 40 times. these bird pitching and
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generate waste. the waste of war, medical and hazards material, jet fuel, and so much more. and they come home. many the world's fittest and best train wars in the world. never the same headaches, numbness dizziness, a cancer that would put them in a flag drag coffin. i know one of those, one of those soldiers was my son major bo biden. i don't know for sure. the bird pit that he lived near that is, which was near in iraq and earlier that in kosovo is the cause of his brain cancer. the disease of so many other troops. but i am committed to find out everything we can committed to military families like daniel robinson from ohio,
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the widow of sergeant 1st class heath robinson. he was born a soldier, army national guard, combat medic, in kosovo and iraq station, near baghdad, just yards from bern, pitched the size of football fields. danielle is here with us tonight. they love going to ohio state football game, law building leg goes with their daughter cancer from prolonged exposure to burn pitch, ravage he longs in body. danielle says he was a fighter to the very end. he didn't know how to stop fighting and neither did she . for a pain, she found purpose to demand that we do better to night, daniel,
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we are going to do better the da da as far a new ways of linking talk to dispose of disease. already helping more veterans get benefits. and tonight, i'm announcing we're expanding eligibility at veterans suffering from 9 respiratory cancers. i'm also calling on congress to pass a law to make sure veterans devastated by toxic exposure in iraq and afghanistan, finally get the benefits to the comprehensive health and 4th, last, let's in cancer as we know it. this is 1st me
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this is person the main to jill and a comma. and so many of you. so many of you lost someone you love, husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad. cancer is a number to cause a death in america. second only to heart disease. last month, i announced the plan to supercharge the cancer moon shot, the president obama's be lead 6 years ago. our goal is to cut cancer death rates by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years. i think we can do better than that. turn cancers from death sentences into treatable diseases, more support for patients and their families to get there. i call on congress to fund will i called r p h advanced advanced research projects
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agency for health pattern. after darpa, the defense department projects a lead in darpa to the internet, g p. s. and so much more than make our forces moore's safer and be able to wage war more with more clarity arbor will have a singular purpose to dry breakers and cancer. all timers and diabetes, and more a unity agenda for the nation. we can do these things. it's within our power, and i don't see a partisan edge to any one of those 4 things. my fellow derek is tonight we've gathered in the sacred space the citadel of democracy in this capital, generation after generation americans debated, great questions, made great strife of done great things. we fought for freedom, expanded liberty,
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debated totalitarianism and tear. we both the strongest frisch and most prosperous nation, the world is ever known. now as the our, our moment of responsibility. our tests of resolve and conscience of history itself. it is in this moment that our character, this generation is formed. our purpose is found. our future is forged. well, i know this nation will make the test protect freedom and liberty expand furnace and opportunity. and we will say democracy as hard as those times have been. i'm more optimistic about america today than i've been my whole life because i see the future that's within our grasp. because i know there's simply nothing beyond our mask, our capacity. we're the only nation on earth that is always turned every crisis we
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face into an opportunity. the only nation that can be defined by a single word possibilities. so on this night, are 24050 years, a nation. i've come to report on the state of the nation, the state of the union. and my report is this. the state of the union is strong because you, the american people are strong. we are stronger today or stronger today we were a year will be stronger years from now. then we are today. this is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time. and we will, has what people want american united states of america was sure. god protect our true. thank you. go get in.
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that was joe barton's, the state of the union address, all 64 minutes over to a joint city of congress, the frame sanctions going off to putin and he's ugly ox, the u. s. economy health care wages, manufacturing, coven, response, guns, the plot of war bits. we thought this address would be dominated by the crime and its effect on the economy. but that speech very much stopped at all stations. there was a lot to take in and equally a lot of us to talk about and so we shall if you're just joining us, that was you as president joe biden, giving his 1st state of the union address. the doubly correspondence defends a month in washington dc. and us analysts with him glue croft
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a still with me. steph, and let's start where biden started his speech. and with you, it was a rousing staff that you think he performed when addressing the russian invasion of ukraine very much as the chest thumping commander in chief i didn't actually did the, i think he did very well. it was anticipated that he was thawed with the ukraine, that this sir speech, this state of the union will, at least at a 3rd, and it turns out it was a 3rd of the speech a will circle around what is happening right now in ukraine. but he took it up a notch. it's not just ukraine, and what america duster your crane, even if america, as the president said, cannot sent troops under no circumstances. because that would mean world war 3. a. anything else? 1000000000 in, in, in help in military help in humanitarian help in, in anything else the united states can do with it's allison,
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with his partners. and he actually did them the right thing of peeling for unity. not only internationally, because that speech now is of course, a top chance for the top opportunity for the president to be hurt by a maximum of americans maximum and want to america and the reaching really a lot of the public space in america, but also internationally because there will be a lot of countries in the law leaders around the country having watched this speech for that very reason, what does the president said about the ukraine? and he is mentioned message was clear, but there are 3 fault number one. we stand together with our allies, we stand to get unified, we stand together with ukraine and do what we possibly can, which is not putting american soldiers on the ground, or have nato fight in ukraine against russia. but secondly, a stern warning against russia or for letting me put into not try anything
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um, in terms of it is seeking a fight with any nato country that would trigger a full response by the entire treaty by the entire nato, by the americans to so that was very, very clear, very clear a and a i think in that regards in terms of ukraine what he had to say. unity are fighting for freedom and liberty. the typical almost. and i don't mean this joking the luke skywalker versus doth rader here being americans and the allies and europeans are being luke skywalker and bottom if wouldn't of course. all right, but anyway, so good versus evil. that was the main theme and a west which is unified against a, a grain, an aggressor named logging me, put will i want your thoughts to on biden talking tough about america's position on this invasion and his role as president taking on,
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put and taking on the ox, the woods, stood out to the ugly ox. we are coming for you. we're coming for you. yeah. the, i mean, it's really important here to, to note that president is not a wartime president, because america is not at war. and there needs to be very careful messaging here that, that biden is trying to balance, because he's communicating to an american public. he's communicating to an international public, his allies, and he's communicating to russia. and we've seen that vladimir putin is very unpredictable right now. that he can see threats as he likes to see them. and there is a, there is a risk of the economic and the financial penalties that the united states with its allies are taking right now against russia. be seen as an act of war as a threat, which means russia could then escalate. and that is something that, that the bite administration is trying to very much manage by talking tough by showing unity, but by not going so far as to make it look like an act of war against russ.


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