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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] hey, this is dw line from berlin, more civilian casualties, as russia steps of attacks on ukrainian cities, buildings in khaki, bar a blaze after renewed bombardment, and russia claims control of the port city of cason. so ukraine denies it saying that fighting that is continually also on the program as hundreds of thousands of flea some return to fight meter ukrainian,
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wanting to risk everything to defend his country. and racing to escape international students attempt to flee the fighting with some indian students. they faced hostility from ukrainian border guards. we meet some of them relieved to have made a i'm feel galle. welcome to the program. as ukraine enters, it's sad, the war in ukraine enters its 7th day. russian forces are intensifying attacks on the countries main cities and russian forces claim to have taken control of the port city of carson close to crimea in ukraine. south ukrainian official has disputed the claim saying that fighting for the city still on going up to the east, the port city of mario pod is under heavy attack. quoting the city's mer, the reuters news agency says russian forces are actively preventing civilians from
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evacuating that matter. holds water supply has been cut off. crane 2nd city talkers is being shelled again and cares. murray has warned that russia is gathering troops close to the capital. you. craig says dozens of civilians have been killed by russian asteroids over recent days. numb from shock. this woman sits just 2 meters away from a dead body. one of a number killed in rushes, sustained attacks on hockey, ukraine, 2nd largest city, nazaburundi, a refill. we've been shelved by russians. we are all scared. why us? why us regular people? russia has continued to bomb both residential areas and administrative buildings in
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the city. a local hospital has also been damaged knowingly bully mcgruder. we had injured people in the hospital. the basement served as a bomb shelter. people were hiding here from the shelling of the so called peacemakers . let's put it like that. ah, emergency services in the city of their hi, tim year, spent the early hours of wednesday morning trying to control raging fires. local authorities say a russian air strike hit the city, which is west of the capital cave. in care of itself, people are desperately trying to leave. they continue to flock to the central station as they try to escape the capital. on tuesday evening, a miss i'll hit the city's t. v. tower killing at least 5 people. it's
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harry's close to bobbin. yeah. a memorial site to one of the biggest single massacres of jews during the holocaust. oh, this is a country under attack with no one really sure when or how it blend. as to andy w correspondent, nick conley, who's in the village in weston ukraine. welcome, nick. let's saw with his a 60 kilometer russian military convoy. that was spotted yesterday advancing on cave. what's the light? he said. well, as with all these facts and figures, we're hearing this. we have to be quite careful because of on both sides. there is a military attempt to kind of sell your respective line a successful. there are various kinds of government laws banning reporting on what's happening, but it is a big column of military hardware heading that way. it doesn't seem to make
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a whole lot of more progress yesterday, actually in kind of hand to hand fighting the grains all doing very well. and there is an endless stream of images on social media or destroyed russian tanks. remember that the u. s. and the u. k supplied and to check missiles, javelins and a lot more coming from other countries now. and they are proving to be very, very successful in destroying that russian tanks of the home and vehicles. so the russians seem to be moving over to tactical, just aerial bombardment. the kind of things where you claim doesn't have much in the way of all those to basically destroy civilian infrastructure, attack, heating, facility, teaching plants, electricity, water, numerical, basically to make the military price so high that maybe that would then put pressure on government to capitulate or at least to accommodate some of those pretty extraordinary aggressive demands that russia has made you can. i'd like to talk about the possibility of further talks. next. we've had 6 hours
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a couple of days ago. the future looks in doubt so nick will hear from you crane's a foreign minister, dimitra cool labor, and then we'll come back to you. want to see i'm going to do size rushes, demands remain the same as putin announced in his address before the war started. where he basically declared the war on the new us. now we are ready for talks for diplomacy, but we are not ready to accept any russian ultimatums at all when new talk will take place is on at the moment, lose a as in the middle. ok, so nick, commonly no one knows when these talks will resume, but people are bound to ask what can be achieved in good faith. if shells are still raining down on the country and indeed that's very hard to see what can be achieved . and i mean, just as a side note, it's kind of something that has gone down to under just but quite how it externally, this boy that those negotiations were happening in pre k,
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at the 50 next to the job on the power station that goes town. when no one is listen, 86, this is kind of fiction stuff and that's where on the border of ukraine and these totes going on. i think about the texas is about the side wanting to be accused of not being open for discussion. so the russians tend to be delegation to a better russian city, where the russian, where the remaining, sorry, refuse to go, but others helping russia attack ukraine. and they basically wanted to create senior pictures for the tv camera. the ukraine is open for debate. we are willing to negotiate, we're willing to stop that, but the, the just being maximum amount and the other way around. now, the ukraine, you have seen that engaging without much hope for progress, neither solid yet really willing to make major concessions. and you can put that kind of clear, why should ukraine now given to these pretty far reaching the month, it has to be room in russia to mon, the military. they should be great. you have to make pills totally vulnerable to
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attacks and do not scale whatever that means. the russians haven't made much attempt to explain that basically, russia claiming that we claim democratically building in the judgement. i need to be replaced without election by somebody about using as an a. can you give us an idea of what day to day life is like for people as this war rages? it really depends what part of the country you're in. so i'm hearing that even the far west, near the border with tones and the european. so you're been union nato so far. they haven't been much in the way of attacks on places like leave and it is actually become a center for people fleeing from other parts of the country. transportation is filled with people arriving here then trying to get into cause had to that polish border supermarkets. austin, operating some parts daily life, but there you can see all of the menu and there is a few here before that we were in place when it was for the eastern, closer to the action and we were in and out of the cellar of aero star. and coming on a couple of hours that you couldn't get
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a decent asleep because that would cause company that anxiety and those farms for the re so much, much, much worse. get people left without the trinity with our people dying in their homes, being, you know, coming, falling victim to bomb schooling on residential areas. now, marable, basically, students surrounded bundle sides except the sea. people really wondering where they're going to get food, where they're going to get supplies. and as you not report to meet the russians, not allowing military court or not allowing me to leave the thing, getting extraordinary desperate that people it is a very big i think the most important thing. but actually for now is that mobile phone networks also lots of people still have access to information and outside world is still able to check up on their family. their friends stuck down in the key of metro 100 meters below ground. they still have that sense of being able to see and find out what's going on around them. i think as soon as those mobile phone networks blocked, as is to be expected, as everyone here expect stop. and i think that will really make people a lot more anxious, a lot more worried about their survival on
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a day to day basis. ok, thank you for that. stay safe and nic conley in leave. well that to me, a person strategy and his ultimate objective remain a mystery. but his invasion of ukraine doesn't appear to be going to plan, despite having one of the largest miniatures in the world. the w. william blue cross has the data. thanks very much. as we've been reporting for days, ukrainian forces have been putting up impressive resistance. i'll be at a steep cost. russian advances had been slower than many expected, including russia's own military planners been taken a bit by surprise. the thing is, given russia superior strength in terms of sheer numbers and the resources they can throw into this fight. even small advances on the russian side can have devastating effects on the course of the war for ukraine. so let's have a look at the front lines as best as we can tell from the latest movements. now military analysts suggest that russian forces are re supplying and reinforcing
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their troops all around the country from the point that they have invaded from the north, the east and the south for a renewed and harder push into those 3 parts of the country. they've entered. now possibly, some, the most dramatic movements are in the south, where fresh and forces have come up from crimea. that's where vladimir putin annexed illegally in 2014. and their hope here is to create a land bridge along the coast from crimea. tameria pull into that don bus region, and that's the region already controlled by separatists that russia supports. now russia says they have actually established this land bridge here if that's true, and if they can hold on to that territory. what it would mean for ukraine is not good. it means that you can then connect russian forces in the south and the east trapping ukrainian forces encircling them in that area. which of course, could then put them at risk for being completely destroyed, or even just helpless to help up defend against attacks further west. it's also
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allowing russian forces to spread out to those a strategic port. cities like maria poll like odessa. those are strategic port cities for ukraine. now resuming on keith, right? the capital russian forces do appear to be moving in at encircling the capital mainly from the north. but even from the north, they're moving in from multiple points. you can see that they've crossed an iep or river and they're trying to move around to the east to come back around and circle the city. and with force is coming in from the 2nd largest city car cave. we've heard so much about they might be able to come in and swoop in and encircle keith. now that would be a spell some very, very difficult days ahead. analysts think that we could see things get more intense over the next 24 to 48 hours as rest russian forces regroup, and move to pisses besieged these cities like eve, like other places. if they can't enter them outright,
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that means heavier bombardment of populated areas for both the air and the ground, putting even more civilians in the crosshairs with him. thank you for let me talk you through some more headlines from this war, a hundreds of civilians are defending europe's largest nuclear power plant from russian troops. video on social media show civilian built road blocks around the plant in the south, east, ukrainian town of and a honda and russia claim to a claim to this week to have taken the town. but you cried denies you as president joe bible says, united states and its allies stand united in the face of russia's aggression towards ukraine. in his 1st state of the union address, the president said ukrainians fight was an inspiration to the world on that vladimir potent was now more isolated than ever jailed a crumbling critic, alexei nevada has called on russians to stage day the protests against the invasion in a statement on facebook,
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he urged russians to fight for peace and to not be afraid of going to jail. mister val is the country's most prominent opposition figure and has millions of russian followers of social media. on santa shabba served as ukraine's ambassador to austria until a year ago, he joined me from kevin. we talked about the situation for civilians in the credit capital. if you'll say right now in ukraine, this to close from time to time to time. there are a couple of hours for people rush to the bank, so i'm running back and forth. i stay home. ok. so this is what i went out to to buy food food for the 1st time in 4 days.
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a lot of people are very polite and small grocery, most of the class and some food. still, there are some semblance of normality. military analysts seem to be agree that russia is making slow progress than would be expected. why do you think that is how you define law progress? we have this but the most formidable army in the world for after 7 days. claims. then the based on one big city of 21. so i would say it's absolute so august army, it's cumulation of russian army received. russian soldiers has seen more no sense whatsoever. and why think they're losing face to face,
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fight the only times when they, when they, when they just press the button and sell the residential area in the big see, this is barbaric, this is cowardly. but this is what they do with a level. this is what they mean. it's not the 1st time that they're doing this. you believe russian soldiers that demoralized? absolutely, this war has no one for us. if this war has no pushing pulling for him, because he won't win here, these people on our way any kind of government should install any government that would be it would be worse. less absolutely. we just a week ago we were divided into russian a nationalist international. now we're spending as wow, now the most for people who are the most for russian or no. whoa,
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whoa. so did this is all about the ukranian people, whatever their language old old standing together. and yet we, we have the ukranian president, i'm saying, well, i'm ready to talk. we have both sides ready to talk. although no one seems to know when these talks will actually happen. what is there to compromise on, on each side? well, a started this war with certain conditions, a certain demand, the demand where basically a season exist. so the current government to be replaced was the, was whoever, with a restaurant reserves a vacation with the russian terms, but it doesn't sound like something on which ukraine would ever be willing to compromise. no,
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the vacation means that russia reserve the right to remove physical if whatever it doesn't like in your brain or the only thing where i personally see some possibility of compromise, is it? but it seems like a reality that he will just, they don't think he's here. busy keep killing ukraine. well, the whole world watches hines, a former ambassador to austria, alexander shabba. the united nation says more than 830000 people have fled ukraine since the invasion began with the majority crossing into poland. but some ukrainians are travelling in the other direction and who were out of harm's way, returning to defend their homeland
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t w's mac santa reports. hamish the train station is no place to stay. those who can keep on going inland and away from the border. not these men, they are heading in the other direction. let. i'm not risking anything a month on the road. you need all jack their moms. how could i live with myself and to stay here in a sketch to play? sir gay has a wife and 2 daughters in ukraine, leaving his job in poland and returning home to ukraine to fight was not a hard choice for him. not all will. i was just in shock. mow my yard. you not so which us door more. my family was home, my wife called me when you and i could hear the bombings over the phone says, telephone or your girl. she's got on the ball were purchased. he has a bullet proof vest and 2 helmets organized by his friends. i ask him if he thinks they are going to keep him safe, not doing it or not with the girl,
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i am going to put it on and i'm going to shoot russians until i find out a job watching you. tough talk to cope with the situation. sir gays scared, he tells us who would be on the platform. the train to warsaw is expected. any minutes? here we meet katerina. she just arrived from ukraine in my susie, i have mother and grandmother and they're, they're probably coming to here. my father trained to defend as well as missing proud of him and of course and worries like most ukrainian men. her father had to stay and fight. the 21 year old is moved by the volunteers returning to ukraine to join her father's wrecks. i admire their etiquette and courage, like us said, they're going from other countries to our country to defend it, and that's admirable. their time has come together with his
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comrades. sergei makes his way to the bus. he doesn't know if he will ever come back. but for now, there's only one thing on his mind defending the homeland from the russian invasion . well, ukraine is home to thousands of international students, many of whom are trying to get out of the country, but some are struggling to leave saying they face hostility from ukrainian border guards. blocking the exit d. w has been talking to students from india who managed to make it home. these parents are waiting anxiously for flights, bringing their sons and daughters home from ukraine. it's been a tough week for them. brought that up in the past 3 or 4 days. we were very stressed, we couldn't eat properly. my wife was depressed. but now i am thanking the lord that my son is finally coming back home to his country and not by 21 year old. proud, cheap young with a is also here, excitedly waiting for her brother to return. she and her brother was separated at
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the ukrainian border and she made it back to india just the day before. she still shudders when she thinks of the time she spent at the border. there was no place to stand, no place to breathe. avi was suffocating. we were playing, we were fighting, we were shouting. we are doing everything. she describes the experience as hell as the flight land and passengers arrive, ratty spots, her brother. those who have returned home, consider themselves lucky. the situation is, what is it really, really bad? and like, there are gun fighting's on yours, on people offending their losing the passports in that yours. those who arrived here to day have brought relief to their families. but thousands of fellow students are still stranded, like gentle folk online who has not been able to get of light to india. he managed to cross the border into romania where he has been caught up in
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a sports complex. there's like lots of people. oh yeah. it's more than $200.00. 0 yeah. and there's lots of centers here. and he never, he says there's, there's like more than $200.00 plus i think this is and more slides on waited more sooner or more easier or more convenient. gentle also mentioned that the border guards are getting preferential treatment ukrainians from exclaimed the what thrashed at the border. some indian students have alleged hostility harassment and raises them at the borders by the ukrainian security forces. they said that india decision to abstain from the un. what against russia could be the reason they're thing that i turned it into the side. so between the sheer new grain and your citizen, this is to us be opened. the order over $1.00 to $2.00 are reporting is turned on. florida you're getting in folders, they're both the open orders, but now their ordeal is over. they are glad to have each home safely. they are now
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hoping and praying for the safety of their friends. still stuck in ukraine or at the borders. the parents, meanwhile, are thrilled to have their children back, some welcoming them with hugs. others that deals with war, ukraine's also disrupting the entertainment industry are pro stars with ties to president. putin have been shut out of western opera houses, and hollywood top film studios of cancel the release of films in russia, including the new batman movie, which hits sentiment this week. it's one of the biggest movies of the year, but not for every one. the batman will not be shown in russia. warner brothers and other top studios protesting rushes war against ukraine. the batman star, robert pattinson, and co stars at the premier in new york. it's an impossible situation so many ways to say an an unbelievable tragedy. i cannot fathom what the people in ukraine are
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going through. it's important signal sense. so boise brain. but not all the film stars agree that pulling the movie from russian theaters is the right move. stories are such or healing force, or that i think it's very important that old people should be able to watch stories i see. share our stories as wide as go though is, are really our most powerful or most powerful weapon. but hollywood studios are resolute. pixar parent company disney canceled the russian release of its upcoming films and pledged humanitarian aid to ukrainians. more strong responses across the atlantic in france, the cannes film festival announced a ban on russian delegations when the red carpet rolls out again. come may in paris, a symbolic boycott, putins a likeness removed and put in storage at this wax museum. ah,
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the world of classical music has seen one of the biggest shake ups, star conductor, and kremlin ally valeri. garry give was fired this week from the munich philharmonic for failing to condemn putin's war russian soprano on a trip co was also under pressure to denounce her country's authoritarian leader. instead she canceled engagements in europe and the u. s. that included a concert at new york's metropolitan opera, the met now saying it's severing all ties with putin supporters. ah, tuesday night met, singers performs the ukrainian national anthem in a show of solidarity. ah, this is doubly news line from berlin is a quick recap of what's happening in ukraine. russian forces are continuing their attacks on the countries main cities and regional government building khaki was
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ablaze following days of air strikes. and russia claims it has taken control of the city of cash on a new kind south after fist fighting the more coverage of the russian invasion of ukraine at the top of the hour and around the clock, of course, on an act and on the website, the w dot come of the day with ah ah, ah,
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especially and victims of violence in labs and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah, with ties to many partners cuts over its war in ukraine. russia is trying to reorganize its economy and china could be playing and even bigger role than it already has been. we'll get analysis from our correspondence also coming up, missing vital parts and components. the karone of ours pandemic has been straining supply chains. we'll take a look at how russia's aggression is making


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