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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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indigenous peoples are now briefly opposing them because it's not only the earth's brain models that are going to be reinforced. restrictive and or people don't long term report from the heart of brazil starting march 9th on d. w. ah ah, with hello and welcome to focus on europe. thanks for joining us today. rush us, war against ukraine is one that will have major repercussions for the entire continent. the imprinted will leaf on europe is unforeseeable, even today. ah, russia's military began attacking its neighbour in late february upon the orders of president vladimir putin. thousands of troops that were masked at the border have
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been mobilized. the invasion of ukraine has led to protests and demonstrations around the world like this one in building through chat spic church and video's social media is allowing ukrainians to share their experiences with the world. the brutality of the war is visible to people across the globe. anna maria, listen odessa and she documented her family's experiences in the 1st days of the invasion for german television, 10 days filled with hope and fear. yesterday was really hardy for everyone in ukraine. we were copying scary things, but or we were asked to seek home in odessa now. anna maria's father is a pastor. he tries to reassure members of his congregation on the phone while her
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mother prepares the food for a community kitchen that she runs with her husband. we're okay, but we're scared. but i was trying to see call and there are many people who left. we my family and i are staying this flat belongs to all anna. a russian missile hit the building on day 2 of the war. household follows foam. oh, you 100. i want you to show this video so that the whole world sees what aggression and more are to give you the peace must be preserved. tom and i really wish we have to do every thing to ensure that there is a piece somewhere. because this is a tragedy with the, with so many her flood to western ukraine numer as
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a volunteer seeking to help get out of it. but this is a camp for the displaced were collecting lots of things for them. take a look abominably for like we have a discussions in possibly the streets are almost empty, but there are lots of people at the borders. men are not allowed to leave the country, only women and children. this is what we have just in case of an emergency. so i have some medicine here for everyone from anthem. we actually thought it's unlikely that the war was goodness, fred, so fast. and then maybe we will have to leave, you know, in case of an emergency my dad and my mom will drive us to
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arnold over we don't really wanna leave them here. so yeah. and then yes, so we brought her bag bag and her luggage is out here. from our own basement. was events moving fast? the family takes action with what we're doing. anna maria, across the border, safely at the weekend. hundreds of thousands of ukrainian surf already
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flit the war. the european union estimates there could be millions of refugees and so neighboring countries like colon are preparing for their arrival at the board. our reporter traveled to the crossing in premise, shall poland, people there are rallying to help their neighbors who arrive exhausted and traumatized, but others in poland. lag sergei are looking for refuge. he wants to cross it to ukraine to defend his country. more and more refugees are arriving at p. michelle station in southeastern poland. there are plenty of children and elderly people, but hardly any men. ukrainian government has banned them from leaving, urging them to join the war. instead, sergey skibo wants to do just that. he's a ukrainian wizard, as to living in poland, who wants to go back to defend his country too, as the refugees had west. he's trying to go east bowling with opinion. you
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will get over to phillip haines. we hear. i can't just watch one as a war in my country. i have to go there. when i watch tv with haines me here, bullets of yours, my brother. there's hey us at the train station. one train just arrived from a leave in ukraine. the trip usually lasts one hour and 15 minutes, but now it can take more than a day. the train drivers have to keep stopping, while repairs are made to the tracks which have been damaged by the war. people are exhausted, including ana rada, from the vive region. if it was a jack, william, it's difficult at all. so we're very grateful to the polish people for helping ukraine as well, but the cues at passport control are long. this is
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a european union external border. in front of the station volunteers are doing everything they can to help those arriving, offering free transport and accommodation. most people here are outraged about putin's war in ukraine. they want to do anything they can to help and simply show a little human, kindness or leg smile is going to drive several people to his home in krakow about 3 hours west. if they are, they can stay with him and at a friend's house. the 26 year old is himself ukrainian ladonna with her. i'm you fitted with a doctor. i've got 2 places free. he says. back with all my origins. so my whole family is in ukraine. her father, mother, my brothers and their wives and children. her son, they all stayed there. steering reviews, love and it's not
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a good situation. but we're trying to do what we can to help people understand and that's almost a little possible based on you. many ukrainians here are glad to be out of the country away from war. but reserve soldiers, they are gay ski by remains determined to go to the ukrainian capital back in 2014 . he took part in demonstrations on maiden square against the pro russian government. that was in power at the time that's done with says yolanda lindsey barzon with his boss called us and i was at home and i saw 200 students being beaten up by the police police. that's how it all began vis you also. i felt so bad about that, but yeah, that's why i joined the revolution because i felt sorry for my country to name both as me. chicago as on we cried yet in krakow where, oh leg small has now arrived with his car full of refugees. there is a pro ukraine demonstration taking place on the market square. gra,
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no hurry up was gra. but oh, lab is keen to get back on the road to pick up more people from this station at jemison. and maybe he too will end up going back to ukraine. marcia lay bunch of islam out on mud and say, i think if my brothers take up arms, i will definitely drive over there. i want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them . besides vertical lark, very production movie, the drawbridge, the chaos at the border station is not subsided. reserve is sergey still hoping to get a train heading east. but there are currently no trains going to the ukrainian capital . as the city is under fire, his girlfriend, who is at home in the small polish city of big goose,
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keeps contacting him. she is understandably worried. with all i mean is younger, i'm younger than she asked me where i was going, what was happening we as you mom, i told her that there are no trains and so i will wait about. she asked me to go back to, but gosh, but i said i couldn't go as news comes in that keith is under attack, he says that he will do everything he can to get there. so he can help defend the city. protesting putin's war in ukraine is not without risk for russians, many their feel compelled to speak out against the war their president started. but like here in saint petersburg, that can mean ending up in handcuffs. those who dare to criticize the kremlin fe, severe punishment. still, people across russia are showing their courage,
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rising up to show solidarity with ukraine. yes. hooton's invasion of ukraine is reviving memories of world wars scattered throughout this collection put together by artist alexandra pet laura, or relics of the former soviet union pet. laura comes from an area of eastern ukraine where there's heavy fighting laws, nieces on the phone. both are worried about the family. oh my god. as far as russian troops are on the hill here again. mm hm. oh, it's right near home on the top. it's lighting breaks out. of course, he would be really bad. it is up, there was no good. no grainy them up again. if i were to find out to morrow that my sister in ukraine has died 3 away. it would cause me so much pain that i'd put on a bullet proof vest gonna take up any old rifle and go down there myself. either
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thought him was that fit political. we were yet kirkwood, but for now life goes on in moscow. he lends objects from his collection to other artists in theaters to day, like any other day. the performance is by the independent tier to a dock are known for their social criticism, a liberal audiences. their latest production examines the stolen personality called and asked how somebody can turn into a tyrant who will stop at nothing. silence was that a law a plainly them cruise? sure. because under stalin we won the 2nd world war e under crush here. if we flew into space under gorbachev, we had perestroika, like boris yeltsin was the 1st democratically elected president. gall obviously person needed a main event that would place them on a pedestal. as the alpha male saw something he'd be remembered for, for evermore, for yes, thought that she would have thought that the appointment set him that shit that with that i know. but in the meantime theres planning that put him would rather the
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russian people not know about it for days. the state run television denied there was any fighting and keys got, but it didn't say a word about a tax on civilian targets if you'd like, or even use the term war. and yet people bring donations for the refugees being evacuated to russia from ukraine. separate is controlled areas. many russians think the tanks are only being sent in to defend these regions. yet, by general, of course, i support our putin. this isn't a war, it's only a special military operation to get at senior. but younger russians in particular are hearing other news reports on social media. shortly before the invasion, ukrainian president followed me as a lensky. i had a direct appeal to russians for support. but he has lat saw at the my, your, i know back that my address won't be shown on russian television, natalie, or he, but the russian citizens ought to hear the truth. and the truth is that we have to put a stop to all this here. last night,
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as the ladies dmitri murat of recently won the nobel peace prize. his newspaper, the nova, rosetta came out and both russian and ukrainian last week with the headline, russia bombs, ukraine. shortly afterward, the russian government banned all media from referring to the invasion of ukraine as a war. as she's given last torture to wiley. russia's leadership wants war because dictators always want more than an adult, but the russian people don't want warming a boy. and so with the start of the war, the leadership last, they legitimacy, various professional groups had been expressing their anger and open letters to president putin. doctors, teachers, and scientists are saying no to the war. thousands of people are signing each letter a solid, even among the members of parliament loyal to prudent disaffection. as growing mikhail mcveigh followed his conscience when voting to recognize ukraine's
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breakaway regions as independent people's republics. but when the invasion started, he was shot almost a 1000000 whistled us yet go. so out of the usual doctor as our, as a member of parliament, i voted for peace. not for war, i fear. but obviously those in russia who were in favor of going to war decided not to wait and see how vince would unfold here. it's a shame the status of the new republics was never really put to the test take. it was formerly, well brackish in years that i bought our tour. solomon off is the author of the play about stolen. it's been translated into 7 languages and performed in israel, in the united states. but staging it again here in russia with a war on as a risk yet. absolutely. my youth he had years to was only blizzard, like many others. and i'm scared of, and i don't want anything bad to happen to me or no, i'm not willing to sacrifice myself for it. but at the same time,
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i don't want to be dictated to william gaston. by the way, he thinks true mass protests against russia's war, a new cream will not materialize. and so they express their criticism on the stage while they still can the freedom to criticize the kremlin without fear of reprisals is reality, justice stone's throw away from russia. marva is in estonia just on the other side of the border river. estonia is in the european union and nato, but russia is carved into his identity. st signs in navarre are in estonian by people. they are speak almost exclusively russian. the overwhelming majority of residents and navarre, like alexander cal chunk of our ethnic russians and their ties to the country are strong. alexander clo jenko of always has his camera with him when he's out and
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about in his hometown of nava. on his stony as eastern border the russian town of yvonne gorilla. eliza cross the river, nato and e u. member. estonia is connected to russia via a bridge. these days, even less traffic than usual, is passing through here. that makes 36 year old blue chunk of sad people, like most of nerve is inhabitants. he is russian. the war against ukraine is a thorny issue here. before the little cupid, that is a, was this? yeah pull. i think that most russians who live here in estonia say this is our homeland. but there are many opinions here on this ukraine issue. some are against it yet. others afore it look like there are fierce discussions, especially on social media with below the lowest tech good than you for years with many russians here have relatives on the other side. they greatly distrust the
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western media. many watch russian tv channels and their propaganda shapes the image of the ukraine war the awesome little after 8 years of suffering and on boston, russia has liberated these territories from the ukrainian nationalists. they just launched a special liberation operation, who, hulu. if russia had not intervened, the situation would have only got worse as well. okay, so what alexander co chunk of does not necessarily share these views, but he still believes it's good to follow russian news sources on the war and ukraine. you look at the grill forming, so it's important in this conflict to get your information from different sources. you can only get information from russian t v. stations through, but also not only from cnn, bbc or deutsch avella flu fall. the truth lies somewhere in the middle. rope is 4 point. thank you. but for most estonians and the government, the responsibility for the war lies squarely with russian president vladimir putin
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. estonians these days are glad to be in nato. this small country hopes that its nato membership or protected from russian aggression britain has increased the number of its soldiers in estonia in on independence, day and talent. in late february, the country defiantly displayed its readiness to defend itself. the estonian foreign ministry says put in his probably trying to win over the russian minority in estonia, but insist that has no doubts about the loyalty of the russians. in estonia, the national community mustn't a strong in a we have no concern with regards to any estonian citizen. and at the same time, it is true that divisions that we have within our societies, which are normal because we are democracies. these divisions are always being used by those who, con russia, i shall say. but more and more russians in estonia are distancing themselves from
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moscow. inova, estonians and russians demonstrate together in front of the russian consulate, general members of the younger generation in particular, see themselves as estonians of russian descent and want nothing to do with prudence . war i'm going to send a little, i am really shocked him always. i follow the news all day on various kinds of media and all sorts of different channels to watch. and i am shocked that in the 21st century wars are still possible in europe to where you could get a shuffle which i had. so i think it will effect through every one because of which will not stop on this. and he already said that for he will goal for them. we us is 30. my sister was born in 1940 during the world war 2, where you see my parents experienced during war to you. my entire family was affected, but as in the greenville we,
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none of us want your to leave you. but we are against the war and against those who started it or what you would do that. i agree, you are pennies, love trevino, for alexander clue chunk off. there is no question of taking part in any demonstrations. he believes that would only create more unrest. inova, he prefers to concentrate on his work as the photographer. both in regards to the good were the courtyard, but yeah, the demonstration seemed like food or productions to me would you scope, but of course it's still important for people to express their opinions. it's always better to talk to have a dialogue and not a war who wanted to recall would, which are 3 double clue. jenko feels the same as most russians in estonia. they don't want aptitude between east and west, and the war in ukraine has not changed. that ukraine's invasion has prompted many european countries to re evaluate their priorities. this
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includes defense spending. germany announced their 100000000000 u. a package to modernize his army. sweden already reacted with increased military spending after russia annexed crimea. in 2014. the nation is also urging a citizens to be prepared for an emergency. by molars, candles, yes. batteries, and hygiene supplies are on migail, aguiro shopping list for an emergency. he got it from a pamphlet that the swedish authorities distributed to nearly 5000000 households. it's the kind of handbook for surviving war and crisis. then all we intend on mediately. i thought it's probably not a bad idea to start preparations now and get everything together. how could buy maybe pack it in a box? you can bring out of something were to happen to him suddenly at, and i don't know if i really needed in weeks to come man, but getting ready can hurt. guerrero works for sweden's armed forces at present.
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he's on sabbatical and keeping a close eye on the international situation. math as to what out mom. i realize that especially people are worried who believe there never be another war in our region or mad or middle other. the warren ukraine has shattered the sense of security for many sweets and influence this stance on nato. now, for the 1st time, ever more swedes favor membership and later than oppose it got land is sweden's largest island. even in the middle ages, it came under frequent attack, as these fortifications attest. in recent times, it's been more destination for tourists than would be conquerors. that changed in late january, when sweetest military units arrived to hold maneuvers, bringing tanks, heavy equipment and hundreds of soldiers. from here, it's just 300 kilometers to colleen and grad home port of russia's baltic fleet.
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as forgotten as dory, than all good line as a big island in the middle of the baltic. sea harrison with some say it's like an unsinkable aircraft carrier. if you so desire dell that you could decide who passes through the region by shipper, by plane. so gotten a strategically important all in has been so for a 1000 years, the maneuvers also served as a show of strength aimed at russia. many of the soldiers had come to got land to stay sweden's, be building up. it's military for years massively. it's invested billions and re introduced compulsory military service planning to add $30000.00 soldiers to the force. sweden has long been a close partner to nater, but stopped short membership. in makin stockholm, people are demonstrating against the war. many a worried about what could happen next. when i want to take, we've always thought that war and things like that we're far away. i the, now it's building closer that pains me than valid or,
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but actually the russian regime is unpredictable. and we can't know how great the danger is for us on get it. one of the speakers as sweden's defense minister pay to hoot christ. so now his government has no plans to discuss nature membership, but national elections of jew in the fall and nato could become an important campaign. as you may go, aguiro heaps, fit, he'll soon be returning to act of service. he says the discussion about nato is more important than ever. i can think him out more. i can well imagine that many people are starting to waver on the nato issue. that we should have thought about this much sooner had our young calling events keep developing as they have been an awful needle membership would be a very reasonable course of action. if sweden does join nato, ironically it will be vladimir putin who gave it the decisive push. well, there saw from us that focus on europe will be back next week with more coverage on
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the war and ukraine. thank you for watching life and ah, ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian rushes, president putin has reminded the world of his massive nuclear arsenal by placing it on fire is the nato alliance of credible determined. but how real? this is the 3rd world war generals, richard sheriff, former deputy supreme commando of the nato alliance and my guest this week from london in conflict zone. you have in 30 minutes on t w with
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in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes some young children work in mine, jobs. instead of going to class, i can attend classes. i have to leave finish. ah, the millions of children all over the world can't go to school with them. we ask why? because an education makes the world more just a make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines, they've had to pay for it for decades. the people of iraq, their country is devastated. and there's no way to define how did
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it come to this in key witnesses reveal unprecedented story. they were presenting the you as they knew what the consequences of these sanctions are. and they've liked the world about does he make it that someone could kill his friends and as a fee and so easily was a really he behaved exactly like have durmit and the poison spread from their homes. ah, much, my 0 in the great documentary series destruction of a nation starts march 4th on d w. ah
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ah, ah, this is day w, news live from per live tonight. the world united in its condemnation of vladimir curtains was today at the un, $141.00 countries voted to condemn the russian invasion of ukraine and called for an immediate withdrawal of russian forces. the resolution revealing that the kremlin now has a few friends. also coming up french president among norma clump caused the russian invasion to be crime, a new era for europe and analysis of boost in defense spending and civilian casualties, mouth, russia.


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