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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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[000:00:00;00] ah, this is deeply news. live from fur lit the world united in its condemnation of vladimir curtains. at the you, in $141.00 countries voted to condemn the russian invasion of ukraine and called for an immediate withdrawal. russian forces resolution revealing that the kremlin now has few fritz also coming up, conflicting claims over whether russia has taken control of ukraine, southern port city of his aunt, in spite of russia advances president vladimir lensky urges ukrainians to keep up
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their resistance over a 1000000 refugees have now fled the country. ah m. anthony held welcome. much of the world has declared it is against the war of russian president vladimir putin. the united nations general assembly has adopted a non binding resolution, demanding russia immediately stop using force against ukraine and withdraw its military from the country. the historic resolution was backed by 141 out of 193 members states with only 5 countries voting against. before the vote ukraine's ambassador to the un accused russia of seeking to commit genocide in his country and called on the world to stand together against moscow's aggression. he is un secretary general,
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antonia who tells us speaking after the but the general assembly has spoken. a secretary general, it is my duty to stand by these resolution and be guided by its call. the message of the general assembly is loud and clear it. and though steal it is a new crane now silenced the guns, now opened the door to dialogue and diplomacy. no. the territorial integrity and so for entity of ukraine must be respected in line with you and chart that we don't have a moment to lose the brutal effects of the conflict airplane to see. but us, where does the situation nice with the people ukraine right now. it's threatened to get much, much worse. thinking clock is a time bomb. a fascinating moment, the specter they dublin washington bureau chief in his poll in as the resolution is non bonding. so what does this vote achieve? well, this was,
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this road was mainly really to indicate that put in russia this isolated on the global stage. but indeed, anthony has to say the resolute resolution is not binding. so it does send a strong symbolic message, especially probably to those countries which used to stay on the side with russia that they might end up on the wrong side. but it is more of a reassurance that the really a mosque majority of the world condemns puddings. war and ukraine without any immediate consequences, or like more sanctions or military actions at hardison the down thought of symbolism. we will ask the next question. can the un do anything effectively to stand in rushes? why to keep ukrainians safe? well, no, i mean, not like in an immediate way, as i said, they are
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a consent in military or they can't ascend and weapons or agree on more sanctions. but what they can do, they could increase the pressure on a vladimir put in. and that also does send the message into russia itself. it's more and more clear that put in stance totally isolated. and countries which used to be on his side, or rather, or choose the other way. know which countries enos which countries vote or, or lack of a vote for you stands out from the $181.00 that were cast, which tells a story well, on the one hand or it was really china. they weren't not. they were not loading against or put in, but they are, were abstaining. so many people expected them to be keep standing on the side of put in. so that proves again that the relationship between china and russia is much more complicated than many expected,
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especially after the meeting between shipping and volume you're putting at the beginning of the winter olympics. and then there is another very interesting country. and this is cuba, anthony, you might recall that there's a putin said, a view of the united states or nato, implement or weapons along my border, or my russian border than i just put on some missiles on the, on the cuban island, which is really close to the u. s. border, but cuba did not whoa it on the side with the russia that also indicates that the wind is changing. and then that some countries, as i just said, might reconsider if put in still is the right bet they w. washington bureau chief in his perfect symmetry time one traditional russian ally that didn't take part in the u. n vote was venezuela. the country's voting rights at the u when have been suspended because it hasn't paid membership
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juice following years of crippling international sanctions. so 5, in as well as left as president nicholas medulla has refused to condemn russia's invasion. instead, he described the sanctions imposed by the west on russia as economic war. merely look a 1000 not look at what they're doing with russia. it's a crime what they're doing against the russian people and economic war. they took them out of the swift system, africa. they closed their ass space later they closed all commercial links. they closed and prohibited the use of the dollar. it is madness. you know what they're doing with russia? it, when i look good, i look at them within the on growth you french president, my mobile call has said the russian invasion of ukraine is the beginning of the new era for europe in an address to the french nation. all said, he only plans to step up investment in defense of france and the european union. the president also warned that the war in ukraine will hit the french economy hard, adding,
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this is the price for freedom. and democracy is surely possible. and as the war and your crime enters its 2nd week, president vladimir zalinski is urging people to keep up their resistance even as russia intensifies its attacks on major cities. one ukrainian official has disputed claims that russia has seized control of the black sea port of his song. further east, the cities of ha, keith and mahdi pole are under heavy attack, quoting muddy pulse mer, the reuters news agency says russian forces are actively preventing civilians from leaving. and that by the pulse water supply has been cut off and came, smith has warned that russia is gathering troops close to the capital. in old ukraine says, 2000 people have been killed in russian est right so far. and emotional reunion, this ukrainian man embraces his family for the 1st time since they were separated by
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a russian missile strike on cave. his wife and children had stepped out of their apartment, moments before the capitals tv tower was hit. but on the soldiers shouted ran quickly, which it was very scary. my youngest son ran and shouted faster, faster were being shot. we're not going to make it. and we came here to the shelter . now he's afraid to got side and can stop crying. my oldest son shouted in his sleep. he shouted, mom, we have to go to the shelter. people have been sheltering and caves metro stations for days. the young and old pets and humans alike. they don't know how long they'll have to spend down here. or what will happen when their food runs out above ground. the invasion continues.
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shelling and street fighting between ukrainians and russian paratroopers have left ukraine, 2nd largest city park give in ruins. hundreds of fear dead in the port city of mary paul. after a 15 hour long russian bombardment and russia says it has taken full control of his son in the country south. one resident recorded the moment, he opened his curtains to see a russian tank in the street. they're telling people to stay inside. shooting, you hear the sounds i think they should stop recording before. so shoot through my hand. has air raid sirens blair at a cross keys. the battle for the heart of ukraine continues.
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the un refugee agency says the number of people fling ukraine has now passed the 1000000 mark, making it the fastest exodus of refugees. so far the century must be heading toward poland, but other neighboring countries like romania are also taking in refugees. but as date of the correspondent family for shar discovered some of those who are eligible to leave a having to wait longer than others to cross to safety. finally, here, thousands are pouring towards the ukrainian border with romania as word spreads of the tale. back of refugees of the polish crossing with harrowing image is still in their minds and few items in their hands. they arrive at the last checkpoint to safety oksana and her kids needed 4 days to get here from keith. on her mind. what's ahead. they are going to look for work she car because i need to provide for
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my children. they and my husband stayed to defend his country. you know, men of fighting age between 18 and 60, have to stay there also many none. ukrainians who want to leave students migrant workers? about half a 1000000 according to you and estimates. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing for their lives, heading west for the border. not all these people from across ukraine are running from the same thing. but are they all getting the same treatment? i've met flat from heavily bon pad, keith, a student from egypt. he says his growing frustrated about being made to wait in freezing temperatures while ukrainians are led through the lay. let us only put up to like old hundreds of coons. we will was i can say anything or others. what's that? we are humans also like visit us any this should care more about us. our met says he has already been to live if, but was not let through at the border with pool and there we are far away from
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other countries as the same situation swore also on us. i don't think we should be for them to live on to live. right. his friend also from egypt disagree this way. i feel the world's as people. they have no home to go. and actually we have home. we have visits, we can go now like to see, but they don't have any list to those. officials here do not want to talk on camera about why they are 2 lines, one for foreigners, one for ukrainians. but they tell us, their goal is to maintain con, here. there is concern that the situation might get out of control as more refugees take the alternative route to romania. we are not allowed to firm i've met and his friend crossed the border. but after a few hours, they do just like thousands of others finally to safety. now when russia invaded ukraine, experts worried that cyber attack,
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as would wreak havoc. but that hasn't happened yet. you drank defense council says the number of cyber attacks has gone up significantly with hackers targeting critical infrastructure and the energy grid, but it's less than was expected. internet giants like microsoft have also helped repel attackers. meanwhile, hackers around the world, including the anonymous collective at declared cyber war on russia and taking aim at russian government networks to the world sport. now, an russian oligarchy, roman abramoff, which has confirmed he will sell english premier league football club, chelsea, abram of each boat. the club in 2003, and that set off a wave of foreign 1000000000 is snapping up teams as investments, has been accused of having close ties to vladimir putin and could become the target
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of sanctions that target both his wealth and his property. watching daily news, he's a recap of our top story. the salad un general assembly has voted overwhelmingly on a resolution demanding russia withdrawal. all its troops from the crank and denouncing the station in the foot strongest of 241 countries voted yes, with 35, stating on the full voting with russia against your up to date. i'm forgetting welcome to state i believe dot com for more coverage of russia's invasion. the crime for now will leave you with some images from of week
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with sun are driven by merciless greed, others fighting the destruction land grabbers are exploiting the amazon rain forest indigenous peoples for now briefly opposing them. to report from the horde, brazil stuart to march 9th on d. w. we're all set


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