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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CET

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in this dictatorship, this warlord called row you put in house to face consequences. whatever should or now decides it is this relationship more than anything that will define his legacy? i his a recap of the current situation in ukraine. president volota may zalinski is urging people to keep up their resistance even as russia intensifies its attacks on major cities. russian troops are in the black sea port of her san, though they are, there are conflicting reports about whether they have complete control further east the cities of her cave and mary pole are also on the heavy attack. and ukrainian officials say a powerful explosion has hit central kiva, close to the defense ministry. these satellite images from u. s. company mac saab here to show some of the destruction caused by the war so far. we've been craters, destroyed bridges, and factories and damaged homes. the companies, as the pictures were taken over the past week,
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and that heavy cloud cover has prevented its satellites from taking you images in the past day. and clearly the consequences of the war after one wake, a staggering death and destruction on the ground in ukraine. a massive exodus of refugees sees a fierce resistance from ukrainian soldiers. an ordinary paypal anna president who is rallied much of the will around his cause. meanwhile, russia has become increasingly isolated and its economy is in free fall. let's take a closer look now back at the events of the past week, old movies we'll, we'll get started with the speech brush and present. apologies that we don't seem to have that report for you, but we're going across now to aid arnold. he's a research fellow for european security at the receipt defense and security think tank in london. it when you look at this war,
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what are some of the things that stand out to you from a security perspective? so i think the 1st thing is the preparation on the russian side has been very poor . it's worth noting that since 2018 when the russians worth and the military offensive in georgia, there was that sweeping wish in modernization of its forces arms. we were expecting the russians to fight her for better than they have this fall. i think key to that is being poor, political, and military leadership. and ultimately that the soldiers on the ground were no actually told much about the operation in the scale of it until the 11th hour, just before they invaded her last thursday. and in contrast to that, the ukrainian, her will to fight has been exemplary their moral components in terms of their leadership. morale has been excellent, naturally has been decisive in the initial stages of this war. i'm but now we're
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moving to a, a deal more difficult stage for the ukranian on forces. and this way you want your thing. thank published an article warning, a frustrated potent is a dangerous one. what do you mean by that? and are we seeing signs of frustration from the russian president? yes, i believe so being that this operation has not gone according to plan i from duty. and i think he was very difficult for the military to turn his political objectives into realistic military objectives. they made assumptions about the ukrainian will suffice and also assumptions about how quickly they would be able to take. he f and the new fair president zalinski and probably put in and they government that was more sympathetic to moscow than us had real consequences. the fact that they were not able to do it so quickly is caused out of their issues. and really now they
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will try to move to actually fight our little devotion way of warfare suggests, which is the heavy use of faults and read the heavy use of our power use of overwhelming force. i don't think they went there initially that the focus they wanted to limits of issue civilian casualties and destruction of critical national infrastructure. because they wanted a new government to be able to go from the country to the more indiscriminate the attacks in the more greeted they're fighting gets for the key population. senses is actually more, less favorable political options. old putin. so is a bit of an issue here with timing that the russians need to secure objectives very quickly to prevent the lowering of even already low morale um, but this takes time and they're taking for heavy casualties and they thought they ever would. oh, what about further escalation? i, how concerned are people in, in your field, for example,
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about the threat of nuclear war? one thing the 1st point to note is, did this is not a nuclear crisis. i believe that the de nuclear posturing, goldman all wish inside is very much to day waves. you trying to war nato off a shred escalation and further support to ukraine. so i think the 1st point to note this is not a nuclear crisis. however, this is a, a, a situation that could escalate further very quickly. so for example, but nato, we supply nice delayed nature, country, sorry, look, supplying miscellaneous t crane. i'm, you know, it, it's not inconceivable to come up with some certain scenarios. the actually good solution forces and nato forces very close together. um and then that that could escalate in it a number of ways or inserted the risk is there and the thing plan is on the western
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side is taking that very seriously. and an escalation could also is also linked to the, the calls for no fly zone. there have been many calls for no fly zone over ukraine, including including from ukrainian presidents lensky himself. many on the other side saying that's not a good idea. explain to us why that wouldn't be a good idea. the thing to it just makes the riskless escalation, even greater. i mean that do all multiple ways of enforcing gonna fly zones in terms of what's allowed in and what's not. and whether sets an ad crafter that allowed to in the home, it's just a blankets i'm ban on or off on the air space. but essentially would mean that's whoever was enforcing the no fly zone would have to potentially suppressor defense assets which are located in washer. i'm been a rece um, so in order to protect that, that they weren't bad personnel and fight pilots. so it's,
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it's town amount to ready declaring war one, russia and one very recent example, though fortunately, yesterday a romanian, mig 20 warm went down over the black sea and also the search and rescue helicopter that went to retrieve the pilots also went down due to weather however, it said it said it's an event. unfortunately that just shows how escalation could a cab because you need to verify the information and verify how it went down. it will cause remain use the native member. so i think enforcing and i fly saying this just the significance escalation and i just don't think you'd practically work a ukraine at the moment. and thanks very much for breaking that down for us in arnold european security analyst at the receipt defense st. tank as we've been hearing, the un refugee agency says, the number of people slaying ukraine has now passed the 1000000 mark, making it the fastest exodus of refugees so far the century mazda heading towards
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poland with other neighboring countries like romania, also taking refugees. but the sama having to wait longer than others to cross to safety. as de w correspondent, fanny fashion observed a pro now on the border. finally here, thousands are pouring towards the ukrainian border with romania. as word spreads of the tailback of refugees, of the polish crossing with harrowing images still in their minds and few items in their hands. they arrive at the last checkpoint to safety. oksana and her kids needed 4 days to get here from keep on her mind. what's ahead we are going to look for work she car because i need to provide for my children and my husband stage to defend his country. you know men are fighting age between 18 and 60. have to stay there also many none. ukrainians who want to new students,
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migrant workers. about half a 1000000 according to you and estimates. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing for the lives heading west for the border. not all these people from across ukraine are running from the same thing. but are they all getting the same treatment? i've met flat from heavily bon keith, a student from egypt. he says he's growing frustrated about being made to wait in freezing temperatures while ukrainians are led through the they let us only was of to like, oh, it's hundreds of coons. we will was i can say anything about this. what study or humans also like visit us? any bishop care more waters of met says he has already been to live if, but was not let through at the border with pool and there we are far away from other countries as the same situation. swore also on us. i don't think we should be for them to live own to live. right. his friend also from egypt, disagree on his way. i sheila rhodes as people they have no home to go. and
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actually we have home, we have user to, we can go now though to see but see don't have any bliss to those officials here. do not want to talk on camera about why there are 2 lines, one for foreigners, one for ukrainians. but they tell us, their goal is to maintain con, here. they're concerned that the situation might get out of control as more refugees take the alternative route to romania. we are not allowed to firm i've met and his friends crossed the border. but after a few hours, they do just like thousands of others. finally to safety and database correspondence on a fashion who filed that report joins me now. fanny, you're about 50 kilometers from the border with romania and moldova. how is the situation where you are people in chattanooga to which is yes about 50 to 60 kilometers from the border with the romania trying to gather basically our
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1st of all the belongings and the energy to make it through this a next challenge to get across the board of the people who arrive here in chat nifty have been through a lot already. some of them have been actually traveling for the past 4 days to make it from keith, or from keith all the way here to the southwestern part of ukraine. so the next just to them tried to make it across to buddha and as we have seen in that report, but also yesterday being at the board of romania. there are a lot of people who are now trying to look for alternative routes, as we know at the beginning of this food get evasion. that started last week that just the week ago and thursday, lot of people are pouring towards said the are western the border with paul and, but now as more and more people, i tried to make it through a pool at which is getting more and more difficult by today, doors to looking for alternative routes be through romania, moldova, hungary. there is a tense, a com tense, add the board that we have witness yesterday because you have to imagine once you
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make it to the buddha, you really, i've been through a lot of, regardless by the you are a doll to or a child and obviously being a child you experience things on a different level even more so, but people are just trying to get across the board and bring up their own life and that of their families to safety. while you've obviously been speaking to lots of people, they're trying to flee a, a. we're hearing this harrowing stories. what kind of stories have been painted the picture if you will, of, of what people, what people, stories there, people who are, were coming from a key for example, that one family. i the mother of, of it for children. she was basically telling us if she didn't have any children, she probably would have stayed with her husband. now we hear that from a lot of women who really are justa. it's inconceivable actually for to all of us. what this means that you are trying to save one part of you family while you have to leave another part behind. because obviously, if you're
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a man of fighting age between 18 and 60, you have to stay in ukraine. you have to be ready if you got the coal to actually join this flight and go to the front line even though a lot of men will tell you, have already done so because they don't want to give up any land. they don't want to give out the sovereignty of their country. oh, so i, we see a lot of children at the board are crying ad they are of, in the waiting there, in freezing temperatures with their mother. and you don't even want to know what the eyes of these children have seen already. it's really a very hard frenching situation, even for us, just observing it and having to, to film this, obviously to keep everyone informed, let alone what, what, what will about the mental stage about the mental state. all of these people who have been through this as. 5 some really are needed not just for days to arrive from how to give to the romanian border. but actually there were also people who tried to make it across to parties. buddha, so they were already in live it,
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which is the major town before crossing to paul and they didn't get through. so they came to you to this part of the country, a lot of, lot of extort exhaustion there that we could see, but also a lot of fear and concern in the eyes of the people standing in line, trying to make it out of this country. and funny, where most people headed, what have they been telling you? do they plan to stay in romania or those border and countries that are they want to travel further into western europe? depends if you speak to foreigners, the about half a 1000000 students and migrant workers who are here and ukraine and they are selling us to truck to actually make you told them so home could be anything from egypt. nigeria, if they actually get the support from the government, because obviously it's very difficult right now to navigate anyone out of this country and to safety. but most people i be speaking to are just happy to make it across the border. bean romania be booked at us in the capital city and then move
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further north move probably to germany or poland because in poland this is where there is a significant ukrainian minority. so the ukranian, especially ukrainians, especially rather they want to make it to pull and actually where they have relatives. so it depends where your family bought the priority of people who are at the border here, the germania their priorities. now, just to get out of the country without having to stay in line for alice as well. witness yesterday. here in chan, if she hfc, which is basically the last stop before you exit this country. funny, thank you, dana, but he's funny fashion in weston ukraine. the consequences of the war after one wake are staggering. death and destruction on the ground in ukraine. a massive exodus of refugees is we've just been hearing scenes of faith resistance from ukrainian soldiers and ordinary people as well. and a president who's rallied much of the world around his cause. meanwhile,
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russia has become increasingly isolated and its economy is in free fall. let's take a closer look back now at the events of the past week. nettled movies per week, it started with a speech. russian president vladimir putin announced a special military operation in ukraine, but he said he would demilitarize and d nazi fi. the country oh and an all out assault on ukraine started people took refuge wherever they could. like here in caves, subway stations. while the bombardments above grew more intense across the country. this is the result of relentless airstrikes and rounds of shelling. hundreds of thousands of people have fled ukraine. what the un refugee agency is calling europe's greatest refugee crisis this century. having to neighboring
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countries, they're mainly women and children. save my life. life of my baby. and my husband's life skills was new when you thought bombing. well, for the 1st time i saw a field strewn with missiles and a forest that is just raised to the ground. all night long, we have had planes flying all the time. air raid alarms. so live in the shiny. when us it was the my lord, the retired men are required to stay and fight. no, no, no cleaning. i'm going to ukraine. i will not say more glory to ukraine. glory to the heroes. ukrainians have put up a stiff fight. both sides have incurred heavy losses. russian morale is reported to below and some forces are reported to have surrendered were sabotaged their own
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vehicles. meanwhile, ukraine's president volume is a landscape, refused to leave the capital with lady when the us offered him safe passage out. he said he needed ammunition, not a ride. he spoke movingly to western leaders. worse than ever. we are fighting for our rights for our freedoms, for life, for our life once, and now we are fighting for survival. and this is the highest motivation. but we are also fighting to be equal members of europe. we should we so prove that you are with us, prove that you will not let us go to prove that you are indeed europeans and then life will win over death, and light will win over darkness. glory be to ukraine. europe and the u. s. have responded with crushing sanctions on russia. cutting off its
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banks from much of the world. regulators close to the stock market to stop panic. selling russians lined up in cash machines afraid the economy would go into free fall was very likely as the sanctions piled up potent put his nuclear forces on high alert and escalated bombardments a week into the war. and armored convoy more than 60 kilometers long is moving slowly toward ki, if hundreds of tanks, artillery and personnel carriers for those still in the city, the fight may have just begun and the worst may be yet to come. the united nations general assembly has adopted a resolution demanding russia immediately stops using force against ukraine and withdraws its military from the country. the historic non binding resolution was backed by 141 out of 193 men. the states with only 5 countries voting against before the vote, ukraine's ambassador to the you,
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an accused russia of seeking to commit genocide in his country and called on the world to stand together against moscow's aggression term. his un secretary general antonio terror speaking after the vote. the general assembly has spoken. as secretary general, it is my duty to stand by these resolution and be guided by its call. the message at the general assembly is law then clears, and those steel, these ukraine. now silenced the guns, now opened the door to dialogue and diplomacy. no. the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine must be respected in line with you m chart that we don't have a moment to lose. the brutal effects of the conflict airplane to see. but as bad as the situation nice with the people ukraine rights now, it's threats to get much, much worse. the thinking clock is of time go looking at it.
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i will continue to do everything in my power to contribute to an immediate cessation of hostilities and urgent negotiations for peace. people in ukraine desperately needs peace and people around the world demanded. here as some more of the latest headlines from this war, hundreds of ukrainian civilians have blocked straits to stout russian troops reaching europe's largest nuclear power plant. a video on social media shows civilian built road blocks around the plant in the south, east ukrainian town of in a hot out rush. i claimed this week to have taken the town that ukraine denies that claim in moscow, have detained a group of children. so laying flowers at the ukrainian embassy, according to a social media usa somewhere as young as 7 people were also arrested in saint petersburg. a monitoring group says that more than 8000 anti war protesters have
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been detained in the past week. more than 40000 people gathered in the jam and city of munich on wednesday to protest the wall. the crowd was 10 times larger than organizes had anticipated. and one of the biggest demonstrations the city has seen in used to live with the war in ukraine is also disrupting the entertainment industry. oper stars with ties to president potent have been shot out of western oper, houses, and hollywood top films. kiddos have canceled the release of films in russia, including the new batman movie, which he hits cinemas this week. it's one of the biggest movies of the year, but not for everyone. the batman will not be shown in russia. warner brothers and other top studios protesting rushes war against ukraine. the batman star, robert pattinson, and co stars at the premier in new york. it's an impossible situation, so anyway, so i'm on believable tragedy. i cannot fathom what the people in ukraine are going
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through. this important single sense, so going to the brain. but not all the film stars agree that pulling the movie from russian theaters is the right move stories or sort your healing force or that i think it's really important that people should be able to watch stories. i see shear our stories as wide as elbow is really our most powerful or most powerful weapon. but hollywood studios are resolute. pixar parent company, disney cancelled the russian release of its upcoming films and pledged humanitarian aid to ukrainians. more strong responses across the atlantic and france, the cannes film festival announced a ban on russian delegations when the red carpet rolls out again, made in paris, a symbolic boycott. putin's likeness removed and put in storage at this wax museum
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. ah, the world of classical music is seen one of the biggest checkups star conductor and kremlin al i valeri dare give was fired this week from the munich philharmonic for failing to condemn putin's war. russian soprano on a trip co was also under pressure to denounce her country's authoritarian leader. instead, she canceled engagements in europe and the u. s. that included a concert at new york's metropolitan opera, the met now saying it's severing all ties with putin supporters. ah, tuesday night met, singers performs the ukrainian national anthem in a show of solidarity. ah, the water sport has also been effected russian oligarch, roman abramoff, which has confirmed he will sell english premier league club chelsea, abram that she bought the club in 2003 and set off
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a wave of farm 1000000000 is snapping up, tames as investments he's been accused of having close ties to vladimir putin and could become the target of sanctions against his wealth and property. noting de w news. his a recap of the current situation in ukraine. russian troops are in the black st port of her song, but there are conflicting reports about whether they have complete control other large cities or also on the heavy attack as the war and has its 2nd wake. ukraine's president is calling on citizens to cape comp. resistance is plentiful analysis of the war. and i website that's ebony dot com. we'll be back in a few minutes for more continuing coverage for now. thanks for watching. and c, as in ah
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ah, with
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into the conflict with sebastian, russia, president po to is reminded the world of his massive nuclear are slow by placing it on the higher alert is the nato alliance of a credible determine how real business specter of a 3rd world more general sir richard sheriff, former deputy supreme commando of the nato alliance and my guest this week from london conflict zone,
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ah, this is the deputy news live from berlin. russia intensifies attacks on ukrainian cities as the war enters its 2nd week. there are conflicting claims over whether russia has taken control of the strategic port city of her song. despite russian advances, president vladimir zalinski urges ukrainians to keep up their resistance more than a 1000000 people have now fled the war and the un warned. this is just the beginning. more help and more money will be needed to.


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